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960 Morehouse Hwy
Fairfield, CT, US 06825-0000

The Cascades at Lake Mohigan Overview
Hours: Dawn to Dusk
Cost: Free, must be on leash!
This is a beautiful dog-friendly recreation area in Fairfield, Connecticut. The trails surround a lake and waterfall/creek called the cascades on acreage donated by the G.E. corporation. There are waste bins for doggie cleanups, so bring your baggies.
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Average Rating:
The Cascades at Lake Mohigan in Fairfield, CT, US has an average rating of 4.8 based on 20 member reviews.
Katie in fairfield
We go to Lake mohegan everyday (lucky dog!) And have never ran into a problem. Everyone is friendly. Weekends are very busy. Early morning is your best bet if you want a relaxing hike with your pooch. Lots of trails to explore!
absolutely awesome
Ryan in long beach, ny
Great off-leash park. Plenty of trail for everyone with great swimming spots along the way. I make the trip a few times a month from Long Island just to give the pup an energy outlet!! Highly recommended
AWESOME Place it heaven for dogs
Jake in NJ
This place is the one of a few places my dog can enjoy in the summer period. Lake Mohegan is heaven for dogs. Off leash, nice trail and clean stream. Oh also kind dogs and people. I took some video last visit with my dogs :) https://youtu.be/g-lsaWlKsAo
Great spot for a walk
Mike in Norwalk
Just went over here for the first time today. The overview is incorrect as off leash is allowed in the park by rule as long as you are 100 feet from any parking area. They even mark the 100 foot point on the trails. This is a great spot for the dogs to swim as well. There are many points to get in and out of the water. There are a lot of dogs so if your dog is not well trained off leash you might wish to keep them on a long one to keep them from running off to greet. The trails aren't super challenging though you can find some steeper climbs in the park back from the lake. All in all a beatiful place to Taje your buddy for a walk through the woods
Love Hiking
Jennifer in Fairland, CA
It's a lovely place to be with your best friend. My dog loves it!!!
Great Place to Swim
Kobi in Peekskill, NY
My pup had a great time swimming, water is clean and easy access around the lake. The hike around the lake/river/cascades took about 1,5 hours. Very scenic. Legally off leash, so there are lots of dogs off leash and there is no luck of play mates. All dogs we met were friendly.
Great Swimming
Stacy in Norwalk, CA
It was such an amazing spot for dog walkers. We brought our shiba inu for her first mini hiking and swim. Recommend for everyone to explore.
Perfect Dog Park
Gitte in Virginia Beach, VA
Came by on a road trip. Went for a walk around the lake 11/2 h...Our dog did a lot of swimming, cooling down on this hot day. Meet nice dogs and owners. Beautiful surroundings.
Far from traffic
Karen in Milford
My dog listens and returns to me 99% of the time, but those birds...This park has everything the previous reviewers said it does. The people were friendly and easy-going and every dog we ran into (and there were A LOT) was the same. The trails I was on were also well into the woods, so if little Fido takes off after a bird you can at least know he won't dash into traffic.
great hike!
Jill in Poughkeepsie NY
Took my 6 year old basset hound here for the first time and it was worth the 90 min drive! We let him off leash and he had a blast, other dogs were very friendly along with their owners and the river and lakes were great for cooking off! Definitely returning!
Best place to bring dog off-leash in CT
Kristin in Manchester
This is the nicest place we have found in CT to being our dog for off-leash hiking. Beautiful running water for dogs to swim, long trails. We drive an hour to come here.
Calvin and mom at Cascades at Lake Mohegan
Jeannette in Danbury
Paradise for dogs! Brought my 11yr old lab there this afternoon... He just loved it was able to swim and walk thru several streams of water! What a gem of a place!
Andy in Rockland
Lots of water and logs of Dogs! The walk around the lake is relatively short (~2miles), but there is much to explore and many dogs to play with. I am definitely going back.
Awesome hike and lakes!
Julia in Greenwich, CT
Great place for hiking and for dogs to run around and swim
great place
charlene in fairfield
this is a great place to bring your dogs. and humans too, bring good walking shoes and be ready to walk, the water is clean and the streams are running. the best 4 seasons to go. our dogs love it.....
water and hike
NCD in New Haven
It's a wonderful little hike with your pup and I love to go the entire way around the lake. Nice little area for the pups to go swimming too!
off leash
Ann in Fairfield
Lake Mohegan is a great place to take your dog...and unlike the overview, dogs can be off leash as long as you are 100 ft away from the parking and picnic areas.
great place
Jim in shelton
This was a great place for your dog to walk and swim!!! It is a leash off place so if your dog doesn't like other dogs or is aggressive, stay away. Dogs come running up to you at all times.
Donna in Meriden
Best place I have taken my dogs in CT yet! Hiking, swimming, waterfalls, beaches and best part...off leash in the woods for doggie run sessions. They swam in the water with 8 of their new best friends...going back within the week:)!!!
Water quality
Emily in Stratford
Do not let your dog drink the water! My mastiff got very sick a few days after swimming down by the lake and when I told my vet we had been to Lake Mohegan she immediately said the water was the cause. I got very lucky and got medical attention immediately but she has seen some cases where the dog can be sick for several months!
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