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24 Rd & I-70
Grand Junction, CO, US

Canyon View Dog Park Overview
Cost: free
3.2 acre dog park at the north end (nearest I-70) of Canyon View Park.
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Average Rating:
Canyon View Dog Park in Grand Junction, CO, US has an average rating of 3.1 based on 9 member reviews.
good swimming for a hot day!
jack in Brooklyn ny
had a nice time at this park. a good amount of dogs around lunch time, conveniently located right off the highway with a bathroom and plenty of water to splash in on a hot day!
awesome park!
Anne in Washington, DC
Great dog park with plenty of green space for both big and small dogs, all fenced off. The bonus for us was a stream/pond in the middle that our tap dogs learned to swim in! Nice people, great views, right off 70.
Spacious park
Carolann in San Jose, CA
Located in a new community park just off the highway, its the perfect 'rest area' for dogs & humans alike. The pond area was very popular and full of friendly pooches.
Traveling Dogs
Robert in Westlake
This is a good park to let your dogs get some exercise on a long road trip. It is located right off I-70 which makes it a must for a break in the road trip. There are two areas one for large dogs and one for small dogs.
Nice run
Crissy in Riverside, CA
The dog park has three fenced areas - including a small dog area. One of the areas has a small water reservoir. Large enough for Fido to swim. While traveling through, it was a nice stop for Fido to stretch their legs and even take a swim.
Parasite infested & irresponsible dog owners
Melanie in Grand junction
Initially, I was thrilled to find this park. That is until my dog got giardia TWICE and kennel cough from our visits. My vet informed me that at least 50% of patients was a result of this park. Irresponsible owners abound & oblivious to their dogs attacking my puppy several times. They are mostly locals. Also many don't pick up after their dogs so watch your step. It's large but the pond is a cesspool of parasites and bacteria.
THE FIRST TWO REVIEWS I THINK ARE FAKE!. I have heard nothing but horrible things about this park. Anti-freeze soaked hot dogs and mean pit bulls. I wouldn't in my life time take my dogs there. HEED MY WARNING..
keep people updated
Ashley in Chico
Closed for maintenance. Driving cross country, very I convenient when this happens (not the first time on this trip)
Viscious Dogs
Debbie in Grand Junction
Be careful taking your dog to this dog park. Some people have taken large, viscious pitt bulls. My schnauzer was attached this morning (12/17/11). The owners of the pitt bull did not speak to me and barely got their dog off my animal before he was killed. There were other animals around, even small ones, and some small children, I thought it was safe!
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