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4700 Old Pearsall Rd
San Antonio, TX, US 78240
(210) 207-7275
Nomahegan Park Overview
Hours: 5 am to 11 pm
Pets are welcome to run and play off-leash inside this fenced dog park, which includes water fountains, picnic tables, waste bags, agility equipment, and fire hydrants. Open daily from 5 am to 11 pm.
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Average Rating:
Nomahegan Park in San Antonio, TX, US has an average rating of 4.3 based on 12 member reviews.
Jeri in San Antonio
The park is just under a mile south of Military Drive headed out toward 410. From 410 it is almost two miles headed back toward town. Owners, please realize that if you unleash your dog inside the double gate, it is much easier to get in. Other dogs come to greet newcomers, and sometimes a dog on leash feels threatened. When they are off the leas, the mingle instantly and nothing bad happens. There are regulars (humans) there who are very helpful in diffusing any potential problems. It is the DOG's park, please allow them to enjoy. Jeri
Dog Park and Trails
Evelyn in San Antonio
My four dogs LOVE this park cuz its a lot bigger then the others theyve been to. But more then the dog park they love the off leash time they get on the trails just next to the dog park. Its very isolated except for the few joggers that yell at me about them being off leash. Although if they thought about it, theres no way a sane person would let an agressive dog off leash. Mine are all ppl and dog friendly. So aside from an occasional jerk, the trails and dog park itself are an awesome place to go! =)
The dog loved it
Dennis in San Antonio
My first trip here will not be my last. The park is well laid out with seperate areas available for smaller dogs ab well as large dogs. The grass is well kept, and there are many items for training a dog. The regular "customers" made my dog right at home, and their owners were friendly and helpful. San Antonio has made a great place for dog owners that is "almost" on the south side. Good job guys!
had a good time
Debi in Bioxi
We went back during daylight hours and had a good time but there is no small dog area but lots of grass and play equipment and seating for the parents
Great Park
M in san antonio
We take our chihuahua there and she loves it...she may be little but she can still do almost all the agility course. For those who couldnt find it...its between SW Military and 410. If coming from 410, take the Pearsall exit and go East (toward SW Military) the park will be on your right. If coming from SW Military, take the Pearsall exit and go West..the park will be on the left.
Old Pearsal Dog Park
Aubrey in San Antonio
i love this dog park, i take my boys ut at least twice a week, great people for the most part, and my dogs always have a blast
Lillie Lou's Mom
Janis in San Antonio
We highly enjoyed our visit to this facility and would recomend it to any dog lover. Besides our dog having a great time, it was fun to converse with other dog owners who share the love for dogs.
Parks and Recraetion has slow responce
Leigh in San Antonio
The park is basically one of, if not the best off leash dog park in San Antonio. But when something goes wrong (Broken gate, leaking water, out of bags, etc.) the Parks and Recreation Department seems slow to respond. I also use the Madison Square park, and problems there seem to be addressed more quickly. the one glaring fault with the park is that the water feature cannot provide enough water for the many dogs that use the park. People bring their own buckets, kidde pools, and other water containers to aid the situation. Widespread change of the park is due soon thanks to a bond issue, but the summer will be hot and water relief is needed now.
Water World
Dennis in San Antonio
A leak near the baseball field has made an almost half acre pool in the off leash dog park. I, and others, have called about it, but it as of Monday is still not repaired. While my short haired hunting dog thinks this is the greatest thing in the world, longer hair dogs get very muddy. (And their owners are getting a bit disturbed.) Other than that is is a 5 bone rated park every day.
poodle paradise
Dolores in San Antonio, Texas
My Daisy (miniature poodle) had a great time just to get out of house out of the same back yard day after day. She did meet two other dogs her size so every one got along. The only thing I wish is they would put a playground for the small dogs and not just for the bigger dogs.
No lighting
Debi in Biloxi
well I found it using GPS by typing in a street address near the park and the park says it is open until 11pm but there is no lighting at the dog park so I would say it is open until dark. It looked nice in the dark so far lol
Can't find it
Brenda Welty in San Antonio
I've tried to find this park twice with GPS, NO LUCK!! So, I can't really say it's bad, just no findable. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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