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Corrigan Drive at South Park
Pittsburgh, PA, US 15129
(412) 350-7275
South Park Dog Park Overview
This fenced dog park has drinking water, pickup bags and benches. Dogs on leash are allowed in most of the rest of this 2000 acre park.
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Average Rating:
South Park Dog Park in Pittsburgh, PA, US has an average rating of 3.0 based on 5 member reviews.
best dog park in allegheny county
ambet in waverly
My dog and I visited this dog park today, and it was by far our favorite. There were over twenty very well behaved dogs there today. No fights, or fuss. Plenty of room to run, places to sit, a water fountain, and it is completely enclosed. There is mulch and grass throughout. I will definitely be coming back more often!
Visit Woody's after the dog park!
Ann in Pittsburgh
After visiting the dog park stop over at Woody's Self Serve Dog Wash & Boutique for a doggy bath, healthy treats and more! Only 1/4 mile from the dog park!
Largely Good Experiences
Kerry in Pittsburgh
This is a well-used dog park, and thus the grass is patchy in places. During dry weather, you'll get a bit dusty, and during wet weather you'll want to carry towels in your vehicle to towel off your dog after park use. My dogs span a range from 11 pounds to 150 pounds, and we've never had a bad experience with other dogs or their owners. We spend time in the park at least once weekly, usually more often than that. I recommend the park to anyone who understands that dog parks are an excuse for dogs and people to get a bit dirty, and knows that not all dogs will enjoy being with all other dogs and knows how to pull their dog(s) out of potentially difficult or dangerous situations (true of ALL dog parks).
Would not recommend
Jen in Pittsburgh
My sister and I tried this park once with her dog. We found the park to be dirty and muddy, and there were several dogs there that acted in an aggressive manner. We eventually left because her dog kept getting jumped at and snapped at by other dogs, and at least one of the attacks was completely unprovoked. The owners of the aggressive dogs did not appear to be keeping a close eye on their dogs or correcting their dogs at all. My sister is a regular at dog parks with her dog, and said that this was the worst one she has ever been at. I would not recommend this park.
michele in pittsburgh
We tried this park 3 times. It is mostly dirt or mud. Also, the last time on the way out my dog ended up on the bottom of 3 dogs [shortest]. A pit bull had it's ear torn by whatever the tallest dog was. Obviously, it could have handled the situation, but was a therapy dog and left the area without a fight. So much for the bad rap they get. Bottom line: dirty, on a hillside [unless you like mud] and watch out for dogs that attack.
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