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8th Ave N & N Ocean Blvd
Myrtle Beach, SC, US
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Myrtle Beach (Dogs on Beach Policy) Overview
Hours: Varies Seasonally
Cost: Free
Most public beaches in the Myrtle Beach area are pet friendly during early morning hours or during late evenings year-round. From May 1 through Labor Day, dogs are allowed on the beach only before 10 am and after 5 pm. Dogs and bicycles are allowed on the boardwalk only between 5am to 10am from May 1 through Labor Day. From the day after Labor Day to April 30 each year, dogs are allowed on the beach at any time of day. At all times when dogs are allowed on the beach, they must be on a leash that is seven feet or shorter, and dog owners must pick up and properly dispose of the droppings.
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Myrtle Beach (Dogs on Beach Policy) in Myrtle Beach, SC, US has an average rating of 4.2 based on 14 member reviews.
A Very Pet Friendly Beach
Patrick in North Carolina
There are rules about keeping dogs on their leashes at Myrtle Beach. One of the "lifeguards" (who rents chairs?!) admonished me for having my pup off his leash on the crowded beach in front of one of the resorts. As a result, I walked 1/4 mile up the beach where there were only private homes and few people and removed his leash. My pup made more friends than I did! People love a well trained and obedient dog chasing his ball and swimming in the surf.
Myrtle Beach w my dog
patty in murrells inlet
We moved here to SC after we visited Myrtle beach a couple yrs ago. We still go to Myrtle Beach to stay ON the beach once a year....always with my dog. I go during the dog friendly seasons so that she can enjoy the ocean. She is voice command trained so she would not need to be on a leash except that it is the rule. BUT what I do is once is gets dark, I bring her onto the beach and we run for a few minutes. No one has ever bothered me. Here in Murrells Inlet, off leash is allowed May - Sept. :)
Reply to no pets allowed if you please
Isabel in Canada
I would take most pet owners and their pets over most people and their children. 1-all good pet owners clean up after their pet. wish I could say the same about most parents and their children. My dog does not take temper tantrums yell scream or run around wild in stores, restaurants or any public place, no he sits or lays at myside and never bothers anyone I wish I could say the same about most children. I have had other peoples children throw sand and get it all over me or run by spraying sand all over me while I was sitting reading a book. I have been splashed by other peoples children, no one has ever let their dog do this to me.. I can honestly say I have never had my shopping experience or dinner spoiled by anyones pet or my personal quiet time, I cannot say the same when there are children around. In conclusion; maybe we should let responsible pet owner bring their pets every where and keep the children at home until they are 21.
what happen to the good old days?
magda in socastee blv.
I have been living in Myrtle Beach for the last 25 yrs, I remember going on the beach w/ my dog and let her run free, I can say it was lots of fun watching her running in the water or chasing the seagulls. Now days they have to be on the leach even after the tour crow is gone. Sad for no longer our four legs friends can express themselves, for they can't run but so far. Is not fun when you have trow the ball and you have to run right alone w/ them for them to get the ball is almost stupid. But it is what it is. Myrtle Beach is not beginning all that fun. Another big disappointment, when they shut down the pavilion, what a Down that was...lol
Jordi in Lawrenceville, GA
When booking my vacation to myrtle beach I saw on the city site that dogs were allowed on the beach after labor day. The morning before we left I started freaking out because bringfido.com said that it was after the 15th of september. I want everyone to know that I called the city and they said that as long as they are on the leash within the city limits of myrtle beach they are allowed. Can't speak for north myrtle or surfside, but myrtle, YES. Hope this is helpful to everyone. Now going to go enjoy the beach with my best friend!!!!!
pet friendly
kathie in oak hill, ohio
my extended family and i stayed in north myrtle beach last year because we have a family dog that has to go with us ( no if's or but's) . we wanted ocean front and most places would not allow a dog in south myltle beach, so, we decided to try north myltle beach. BEST vacation ever !!!! Talk about pet friendly, i think the dog was more welcome then me, HA HA had a great time and will be going back next year for our FAMILY VACATION !
Myrtle Beach & Dogs
sue in ridgeway
"North" Myrtle Beach is a great place to take your dog. There are normally doggy bags provided at the entries but we always took our own anyway. Plenty of off road free parking spots and a lot less people.
fun for pups
Maria in Princeton, NJ
The time constraints of before 10 am and after 5pm worked fine for us. Our pups had more fun without the c.rowds and during the cooler hours. Bring whatever you'll need for your pups though, no baggies or access to fresh water
Monika in Nierstein
I am from Germany and sure all the regulations about dogs. But we've spent a nice time in North Myrtle Beach with our dog in 2011.. Arrived at the 15th of Sept and the sign said we still have to keep him on the leash. But was no problem, cause everyone had his dog off the leash and I love the American way cause everytime a familiy with or without a dog passed by the Americans called their dogs right in time and nothing happened. Was very relaxing for us. We will be back in Sept 14. My husband is an American and would like to stay forever in SC. Ok, have to look around. Where are places where the dogs are allowed to run loose? In Germany I do dog training in a Club for German Shephards but only for the small and mixed breeds and we do it under aspect to have fun. It is a mixture between agiltiy, obedience and whatever! Ok, will stay in Myrtle Beach for at least 4 month and I am looking for a place to let my dog (15month male) to run loose. Would be nice to have a companion to play with! Will arrive on the 15 of Sept. Sorry for my English! Greetings from Germany Monika and Donny
So much fun!
Amanda in PA
We took our dog during peak season, and the beach was awesome for early morning walks and walks after 5 pm. He wasn't a fan of the waves, but looooved digging in the sand! Everyone was so friendly and excited to see him. Can't wait to take him back in May!
Revise ealier comment of Fun, Fun, Fun
Sandra in Springfield, Va.
I meant to say I would def go back to the beach w/ my dog. Had loads of fun w/ him, and he enjoyed playing putt putt also!
Fun,Fun, Fun
Sandra in Springfield, Va
We stayed on the South side of Myrtle Beach and went during "Peak" Season. Although, our dog couldn't go onto the beach until after 5pm, he had loads of fun jumping in the water, and most people were friednly or excited to see our dog. Would def go back w/ out dog.
To Isabel in Canada
Jill in Juno
Maybe *you* should stay in Canada, Isabel....
No fun in surf
Greg in Aiken
I was informed by a sheriff's deputy that dogs are not allowed off leash (6 foot max) when on the beach. My labs were retrieving tennis balls from the surf before the deputy put an end to their fun. Looking elsewhere for our next vacation.
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