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280 Riverside Cir
Naples, FL, US
(239) 213-7120
City of Naples Dog Park (Central Bark) Overview
Central Bark, Naples dog park is at Riverside Circle near the intersection of Central Avenue and Goodlette-Frank Road. The park's site is on the northeast corner of Goodlette-Frank Road and Central Avenue. The park is within walking distance of downtown. The park is approximately 2.5 acres and has separate off leash areas for large and small dogs, benches, water fountains for both man and beast, a shaded structure, dog washing stations, poop-bag dispensers, waste cans and plenty of running room.
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Average Rating:
City of Naples Dog Park (Central Bark) in Naples, FL, US has an average rating of 4.3 based on 15 member reviews.
My Doggy Paradise
Gracie Justice in Naples
This is a very nice park. It is well kept and a safe friendly place for dogs to play off leash. I have been coming here since I was 3 months old. I love it here because all my friends go here , they have water bowls and a fountain, a dog wash and toys!! The people are pretty nice too!.
Pam in naples
It's a great park. Some more benches in the sun & shade would be nice & also a rest room would really be convenient.
Marsha of in Naples
This park is not located on Goodlette south of Pine Ridge. It is located off of Third Avenue and Goodlette tucked in with city buildings. The park was nice. Separate big dog/small dog areas with grass and mulch, water bowls and drinking fountains for people. A covered area with picnic tables is between the big and small dog areas.
@pat in Maryland
Bill in Naples,Fl
Any local vet in Collier County should be able to provide all your shots and a dog license, that should be enough to get you into any park in the State. Some shots are annual, some are bi annual, check with your local vet.
VERY nice!
Julieta in Miami, Fl
Great place for dogs. I have an American Bulldog and a Shiba Inu. Both very different in size and they both LOVED it! Very well kept. Even a shower for the dogs before you put them back in the car! GREAT!
How to get Dog Tags
Pat in Maryland
Hi! Could anyone tell me where to go for the Dog Tags and what I need (immunizations, of course). This is wonderful for the dogs of Naples, and those of us here for a few months. Many thanks!
great park!
Megan in Naples, FL
What an awesome park! This park is a dream come true for my big dog that lives in an apartment! It is clean, shaded, and comfortable for owners too! My dog absolutely loved it. Thank you to the people who planned and paid for this...it will be enjoyed by pooches for years to come.
A fun hang-out
Angie in Naples
A beautiful new hang-out for dogs and their owners! The only thing needed is a Park tag which comes free after registering (also free)! Your dog only needs any county tag to apply! The small dog section needs more shade, but the city's planted trees that will provide that in a short few years. Dog water bowls could be closer to the ground but some don't seem to mind. Dogs and owners and friendly and helpful!
New Dog Park for Central Naples
Marianna O'Hanley in Naples, Florida
The park is still undergoing some finishing touches, but it's wonderful. We are so thrilled to have a dog park in the City of Naples.
Our favorite in Naples
KC in Big Canoe
Of the two in Naples, this one "seems" to have the better behaved dogs and humans. This may be because the dogs are licensed, maybe it's location, or whatever. There's water, benches and shade. The grass in the middle area (where most of the dogs seem to play is completely gone and has been covered in wood chips which works out pretty well. Away from that central area there's plenty of grass. This park (actually both dog parks) get VERY busy late-afternoon and early-evening. If possible, I suggest you go at some other time.
The dog park itself is fantastic, particularly the wash down area. Most everybody & their dogs are friendly and considerate. Recently, I am noticing owners who prefer to not watch their dogs and not pick up after them. That's disappointing, but I guess goes with the territory. Much thanks to the wonderful people who financed the dog park.
Best park in Naples
Jennifer in Naples
I bring my puppy (10 month old shepherd) to the park almost every day if I can! She makes many friends and can meet new people - great for socialization! Most owners are very careful about watching their own dogs and picking up after them as well as still being friendly towards you and your dog. HOWEVER....BE CAREFUL about the very few dogs and dog owners who should not be there. For example yesterday there were 2 ladies with 2 pit bull mixes (I have nothing against put bulls but I know how they are if they are on the aggressive size). One dog was black and had a limp (you could tell it got into a few fights as it had lots of scars on it) the other was a golden color. These dogs decided to chase my puppy (who was scared to death of them) and while she was trying to run away from them they both ganged up on her and started trying to take her down by biting at her neck. The owners did nothing, but attempt to call the dogs over to them and then tried to say "oh, they aren't aggressive, they are just playing" - well when a dog is growling, chasing, and trying to take down another dog...to me that's aggressive! I had to take my dog and leave because they would not leave. I think they need to have someone whether its a volunteer or a worker to walk around every hour or so during the "busy" times to make sure there are no aggressive dogs in the park.
Fun but keep an eye out
Jerry D. in Chatham MA
my wife and I have visited the park dozens of times. Every experience is different. Sometimes our two Golden Retrievers have tons of fun, other times they stop playing to avoid some rough players. Some owners bring their dogs and don't care how they interact with other dogs--so we just leave. So sometimes it's hit or miss for us. Otherwise great place for dogs to run around in! except after it rains...mosquitos and muddy dogs are a bad combo.
Lou in Naples
The dog park itself is nice. And it's a great place for dogs and people to socialize. When some of the people are socializing, they are not watching their dogs. I sit on the bench & see plenty of people not picking up after their dogs. Funny thing is, they immediately dont watch their dogs when the dogs 1st come in & are most likely to relieve themselves. It would be nice if people would be more considerate and pick up after their dogs.
People do not respect the rules
Linda in Naples
People are supposed to have resident tags to enter and many do not. People let their very small children and dogs run loose in the big dog area....not a convenient place given all the traffic you have to go through to get there.
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