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2000 S Lakemont Ave
Winter Park, FL, US 32789
(407) 599-3334
Fleet Peeples Park Overview
Hours: 8:00 am to sunset
Fleet Peeples Park, located along Lake Baldwin in Winter Park, Florida, is a pet-friendly 23-acre park with plenty of room to roam, as well as two pavilions, a boat ramp (no gas engine boats), picnic tables, and restrooms. Dogs may run off leash in the fenced area from 8am until dusk.
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Average Rating:
Fleet Peeples Park in Winter Park, FL, US has an average rating of 4.4 based on 48 member reviews.
Great dog park
Otto in Maitland
Took my GSD puppy Kojak there today. He's 6 months old and had a blast. He really enjoyed running off leash and playing/meeting the other dogs. I was worried at first at the amount of dogs there but every one was very friendly. The park is huge, I'll definitely be returning again. My only gripe was that someone took our tennis ball after we tossed it. They just picked it up, tossed it to their dog, and left. No biggie though, I was just happy to see Kojak having such a good time. Definitely keep all your belongings with you though.
Lesline in Orlando
Went to this park for the first time with my friend. I was so impressed at how big it is and they even have an area to wash your dog after they jump in the lake. Just make sure to bring towels and soap!
Best park in Orlando area
Lana in Orlando
By far the best park here. I've been to multiple other parks with reviews about how great it was only to be disappointed when comparing to Fleet Peeples. Biggest land area out of close to every park nearby, with waterfront area for dogs to swim. Wooded area is about 1/4 of the park with little trails (I use these as a cool down phase for my 1yr GSD and to train in as well!). Plenty of shaded area with picnic tables but not near the water front. Washing stations adjacent to bathrooms and a kids park. There is a small dog area as as well. Of course, watch your dog! That should go without saying as plenty of people who go dont have well behaved dogs.Most are usually well behaved with the occasional few. I think this varies based on the day, with Saturday being the worst.
Almost Equal to Tampa Bay's Fort DeSoto Dog Park
Jennifer in Saint Petersburg
Although this park is smaller than the one I normally take my dogs to at the off-leash beach dog park at Fort DeSoto ( that is why it is almost as good! ) my dogs thoroughly enjoyed this park. It is very crowded at times but people are nice overall! For Laurel from Orlando, check out Fort DeSoto - rated n top 3 dog parks in country. Has fenced areas, off leash beach area which is very large so can find space if you want. Has plenty of parking, restrooms, and wash down/showers in both big and small fenced areas which are both very large in space. The only downfall is that 2 years ago the Governor started the paying for use policy of parks so now is $5.00 a day or can buy an annual pass.
Thank You for This Park
Patti in Maitland
I couldn't believe this place the first time I saw it. Walking paths, a lake, bag dispensers, and a really neat bathing station. The people and dogs are friendly. My beagle needs a nap after an hour at FP. :-)
Best Park in Orlando
Sabrina in Orlando
My husband and I often bring our 3 year old GSD, it's a great park! We love the size of the park and the ability our dog has to go swimming in the lake and walk a small trail.
AMAZIBG park but it does have its issues
sara in mt dora
My husband 2year old son and 1 year old GSD. Go here quite frequently the only issue we've have has been from a couple of teens and there aggrestive pit bull(not saying that all pit bulls are mena, cause there NOT).
Jacqueline in Orlando
I was shown to Fleet Peeples by a very good friend of mine. Boy was I amazed. The people and their dogs were quite nice actually. I felt as though I was at the beach. My 2 Pugs had a ball playing with the large and small dogs. The people I met were very friendly and pleasant. I have no idea whatthis Bianca, Mary persons are speaking about. All the dogs get along regardless of size. Bianca how would you knpw there was poop in the water. Were you swimming in it ? Because there is a sign that says no swimming plus dogs don't poop in water People do, Hello. Oh and Mary sounds like the dog was trying to greet you and your pomeranian not acoste you. Sounds as though you need to entertain your dog in your own backyard for you yourself sound very anti-social. The people and the dogs at Fleet are very fun.Everyone had a smile and were not afraid to say hello or conversate. You too are probably anti-social or just were having a bad day like everyone else has said in the posts. anyhow, I definetly will be back because my dogs had a blast.
Alyssa in Orlando
I have never been to fleets but I have heard a lot of good thing. My black lab use to go to dog parks all the time before we moved 8 hours away. Now his socialization has changed and I slowly wanted to get him back into being around other dogs . To avoid accident I am asking what times are best to go when the park doesn't have very many dogs there.
Best dog park in Florida!
Laurel in Orlando
Just want to say that I've been visiting the Fleet Park since 1986, and have NEVER seen any serious encounters between dogs! Sounds to me like "Bianca in Orlando" was not having a good day and wrote the message out of spite. Personally, I am retired now and was considering moving to the gulf, but after endless research, I cannot find a dog park in the entire state of Florida even a tad close to Fleet! As long as I have "my girls", I will NOT leave Orlando because of the absolutel JOY my girls have playing with their friends at the Fleet park! They LOVE Fleet park! Also, I have NEVER seen or heard personally of aligators! There is a warning sign there because it's the law they have to post the sign there because of the lake. However, I did see, but only once, a pair of friendly otters swimming in the channel in the lake. Wonderful surprise! I would bet money there is no better dog park in the entire state of Florida!..I've done the research..I know! Try it! Fleet has multiple clean water fountains for dogs and people, free poop bags, great safe pathways through the woods, showers, bathrooms, many chairs, benches, picnic tables, shade trees, boat launch, totally fenced in, including the entire wooded area, it's friendly, And it's totally free! The covered pavillions all have picnic tables and benches, and are a great place to rest a tad if it starts to rain. Rain doesn't stop the fun! Also, I should add, safe parking is never an issue. There are more than enough parking spaces available. Treat yourself and your four legged friend to a great day!
Our favorite place
Sandy in Winter Springs
Cannot say enough about this lovely park, it is huge, with a clean lake, sandy beaches, grassy areas and wooded trails for my dogs (and their humans) to explore. We have never seen problems with aggressive dogs in the 6 years we have been going. Most owners are great about cleaning up after their dog, volunteers clean up as well. On a nice day it is full all types of dogs and owners. Again, our favorite place.
Barbara in Altamonte Springs
Wonderful park. Lots of dogs just having a grand ole' time running free and happy! Wish I had known about it years ago. Highly recommended.
very nice
Tracy in taxes
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Melissa in Kissimmee
I live in kissimmee fl and im looking for a great doggie park to bring my dog to and this park sounds great. Can anyone tell me if there is a fee or not?
Archie in Winter Park
This is a dog park not a people park. It is an outstanding theater for all breeds to act out their instinctive virtues and individual characteristics among their own. They come to play, exercise, meet, greet, bark, snarl, hunt , gather, swim, chase, fetch and love. They cannot pick up their own poop nor refrain from an accidental confrontation...that is the job of the people whom they bring along as their "best friends".
Violet can't wait to get out of the car!!
Sharon in Orlando
I can't even drive by the park with Violet without her going crazy---she has such an amazing time there. We are only here in the winter and I have not found anything like it up north. We enjoy it immensely and find everyone friendly, and considerate about cleaning up after their dog. Can't help but wonder if Bianca is really who she says she is or just someone who wants to take this part away from us????
Laurie in Orlando
Bianca - you must have been having a really bad day. Sorry for you. I recently moved here to the area and checked out many parks - not putting any of them down- a park to let your dog play free is great. I have to say my two dogs chose Fleet Peeples as their fave because they can swim and run the grass or in the woods and I can rinse or bathe them off before we head home.... I love it.
Love this park!!!
Joy in Orlando
Best place in Central Florida to bring dogs!! Lots of happpy dogs loving life!!! We have been bringing our dogs here for many years and hope to continue for many more!! Thank you to all the responsible pet owners who faithfully clean up after their pets!!
Dog Nirvana
Teri in Winter Park
My dogs love this park. Not ideal for tiny dogs, but pure heaven for big dogs. Where they can run, swim, chase and even take a nice off leash walk in the woods. Watch for a gator that visits now and again, and if you go on weekends...expect there to be rude people there. Many forget to pickup after their pets. I go during the week...your best friend will love you even more!!!!
I love this park.
Brian in Hamilton, Ontario
Each year I travel to Florida. This park and the park & beach at DeSoto Park in St. Pete's Beach tops my list of dog parks. I just hope the City Council in Winter Park doesn't make it more difficult to use this wonderful park for people and their dogs.
nice place to take your dog
dave in Altamonte spring
Wonderful place for my dog he enjoy alot he has lots of fun at the park he made alot of dog friends it a wonderful place to take your dog i love the park alot it also a very clean beautiful place the dogs are well behave owner are always watch there dogs so if anyone is read my comment bring our dog to park they love it dog friendly
Puppy heaven
Josh in Altamonte springs
I love this park! Peyton (my pup) will not go anywhere else because she loves to play with other friendly dogs, swim in the lake, and hike through the woods. Never had a bad experience or saw any owner who did not pick up after or watch their dog. Bianca is way off. P.S. Shouts out to Triton and Shelby!
A favorite for my dogs
Ginger in Saint Cloud, Florida
We JUST found this gold mine after living in Central FL for over 30 years. I can't believe we never knew it existed. My dogs ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! The other pet owners are wonderful - everyone was carefully watching their pets; it was clean, fresh water available, an area to bathe the dogs afterward. What a find. My dogs, who were both afraid of water, now excitedly run and tromp through the water because the excitement of the other dogs helped them overcome their fears. An incredible play-place for the dogs.
Michelle in Maitland
This is a place where we can take our dog and she can have hours of fun. Their is a lake to swim in as well as pleanty of place to run. They even have a little forest for the dogs to exsplore. We love this place
Great Park
Jeff in Orlando in Winter Park
I have been going to Fleet Peoples since my dog was a puppy and have recently adopted a second dog. The the park is wonderful, people pick up after their dogs, there is rarely an owner who doesnt ensure their dog behaves and its a great place!! Bianca is not correct in her assessment. Keep the good reviews coming!
Best park
Peter in winter springs
Awesome park..great place for dog socialization many responsible owners. Been coming here over a year and have met many nice people and dogs. Glad its staying open.
Great Park
Larry in Orlando
Bianca is probably from the group trying to rid the park of dogs. They often spread propoganda like the garbage she posted. Fleet Peeples is a great dog park. Dog owners do clean up after their dogs, there are rarely issues with aggressive dogs. The park is huge with plenty of room for the dogs to play in the water, run in the grass, or "hike" on the nature trails. Let's fight to keep Fleet Peeples Park dog-friendly!
Karen in Alpharetta, Ga
We had a great time! First time there, passing through town. The people and their dogs were absolutely wonderful!! It's fenced in and has a "dog shower" area. Will go again!
Pure Joy
Kristina in Winter park
Our favorite place in Winter Park. At Fleet my boys 5 and 7 can chase and play with our dog Edgar at full throttle. Since we have a small back yard Fleet means everything to us.
On-Leash Rules
Lindsay in Orlando, FL
The City of Winter Park is trying to turn Fleet Peeples Park from a dog friendly park back into a "people park with dog privileges." What's the difference? As of the 28th of February, the city of Winter Park will start enforcing the long-ignored on-leash hours of 10 am to 4pm weekends and holidays. The city is also remodling the complex in order to encourage families and picknickers to use the park and the lake for human-only enjoyment. If you are a dog owner and a user of Fleet Peeples Park- we want to know what you think about these proposed changes. Please fill out the survey below and PASS IT ON to your friends. You're invited you to fill out the form Fleet Peeples Park User Survey. To fill it out, visit: http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=cGc4ei1LMlZIdno5bkdzNnVwQ1JwZFE6MA.
Joann in Orlando
Absolutely great dog park--fresh water available for the dogs, lots of room to play, plenty of shade, and responsible owners!
Brian in Kissimmee
Great place to bring your pets! Only wish the "on leash" hours were a bit shorter..
dog park
Sabrina in Kissimmee, fl
awesome place to take you dog for a swim and a trail walk...
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very nice
kelly in Winter park
This is a very large dog park,It seems to be pretty well cleaned up after as well.It is open to the lake,so if you have a dog that likes the water,be aware that they will be getting wet.I have a Lab ,10 month old neutered male 75lbs. .The only problem is some of the other dogs play really,really rough and can be somewhat aggressive.My dog loves to play with any dog,but not all the dogs here are neutered and that creates problems.If you get lucky enough to go when it's not too busy (EARLY morning) you will probably be fine. I wouldn't recommend weekends ,too much out of control activity.This park would be perfect if there was fenced off area for non-neutered males,they are just too aggressive and try to show dominance constantly.It is a beautiful large park,in a beautiful area
Great park but one issue
stefanie in altamonte springs
He absolutely loved running around off his leash and greeting all of the people and dogs and I loved the beautiful view of the lake. It may have been a one time problem or it may be seasonal but my dog picked up mites from this park. I just suggest rinsing your dog immediately before leaving the park and then giving him a good wash once at home. He (or she) will be dirty and sweaty from having fun anyway.
Great dog park
Steve in Orlando
We visisted for the fist time a few days ago and loved how large it was- however the size can sometimes make it difficult for other people to watch/control their dogs. A few large dogs ran around chasing my two smaller ones barking at them and pinning them down to the point that mine were squealing and I had no idea who owned the dog or where they were. However the park has lots of trails which is a great way to spend time with your dog off-leash without having to worry about other dogs.
My Blue Heaven
Janet in New Smyrna Beach, Fl.
Ii cannot imagine an experience like Bianca is talking about. She does not even sound like a "dog person" to me. I can bet she did not adopt. she doesn't "get it" if she is trying to put something like this down and take away the joy that my two boston terriers have at these dog parks.
Beware of pit bulls
Shay in Winter Park
I took my dog to this park for the first time on a Tuesday as it is very close to where I live and thought it would be a nice treat for him get out and socialize. The small dog area is very isolated and far from the water and all owners with dogs of all sizes where by the lake so I thought it would be ok take my dog to that area as well. All was good and my dog was playing well with other dogs until he was attacked by a large pit bull. I was able to pull my dog away before any serious injury and the pit bull's owner seemed horrified that this happened and immediately took the dog home. I will take my dog back to this park, but will stick to the small dog area (we will probably by alone so I will bring toys) or keep him on a leash and close if we decide to go by the water.
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Jyhunak in BoDuy
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The Good & The Bad
Kayla in West Melbourne
I am a frequent reviewer on other sites, but I struggled with this review because I feel like there is a lot of really big pluses with this park but a few major minuses with this park as well. First of all, I should say that my dog REALLY enjoyed this park and that I very much wish we had a park like this in our town. My husband and I, along with our Golden Retriever, Pineapple, were in town for the weekend and we visited this park on Friday afternoon and Saturday afternoon. When we came for the first time we were struck by how big the park was and how well it was thought out. It has both the grassy/wooded area, as well as a sandy beach area with the water. Our Golden loves water and jumped right in with the other dogs playing. There were probably a dozen dogs when we arrived and they all got along really well. My dog made friends with a tiny dog and even would lay down when she was in the water so that they would be on the same eye level to play. The one thing I didn't like is that I witnessed a dog pooping directly in the water close by where the dogs were playing and then of course my dog was drinking lake water a few minutes later. I honestly didn't know this was even possible and I though the one reviewer that mentioned it was probably wrong, but I witnessed it, not once, but twice, by two different dogs on two different days. There were lots of humans wading around in the water with their shoes off so it kind of grossed me out! However, my Golden loved playing both days. There were way more dogs there when we returned on Saturday and we stayed for almost three hours. I love that there are plenty of chairs and shady places to sit to watch all the dogs play. Everyone we encountered was friendly, and best of all, I took some terrific pictures of Pineapple. And, as other reviewers have mentioned, the bathing area was a really big plus. However, what ruined it for us, is that someone STOLE our dog's harness. There is a wall with hooks inside the park gates to hang leashes and harnesses and when we went back to get her things, the leash was there but the harness had vanished. I don't think it was an accident as the harness was clipped to the leash. It's really disheartening that a fellow dog-lover would STEAL another dog's harness. Overall, this is a very nice park but my advice would be to make sure you keep all of yours and your dog's things within sight at all times.
Big Dogs only
Marisol in Lake Mary
Most dog park have a small/big dog sections. Not this one I took my morkie she loves it at fist until the big dogs chase her inside the lake. Unless you own a big dog dont take your dog
Great Place, just be careful with smaller dogs
Ed in Orlando
Fleets is a really nice place to bring your dog. The area is huge and your dog will have plenty of open area to run and play with the other dogs. There is a nice lake for them to cool off and swim and catch balls and sticks which are usually on hand. Just be aware that there is no segregation between large and smaller dogs and just because one person has never seen violence between a small dog > big dog doesnt mean it doesnt happen. My 25lb Boston has been attacked twice going there by much larger dogs showing domination, and like one of the other reviewer stated, the owner did nothing...I had to free my puppy from the jaws of an attacking dog. I would love to bring my dog to this park but I don't want risk injury or pay for an expensive pet bill because people with aggressive dogs want to bring their dogs to have fun too. I am not knocking the place, the place is really great place and dogs have a blast but if it was segregated I would give this park 5 bones. Just be careful :)
Big Dogs only
Marisol in Lake Mary
Most dog park have a small/big dog sections. Not this one I took my morkie she loves it at fist until the big dogs chase her inside the lake. Unless you own a big dog dont take your dog
not for smaller dogs
Lori in Winter Park
This is a great park if you have large dogs but I won't be taking my 10 lb. pomeranian back ever again unless they make a section for smaller dogs. As soon as we got into the park I was greeted with a large boxer/pit mix that wouldn't leave my dog alone and that wouldn't stop jumping on me and we had no clue who own the dog because no one did anything about it. I had to pick up my dog because I didn't feel she was safe and we left. Which is a shame because we were looking forward to having a good time. And just because someone doesn't see any encounters between dogs doesn't mean it doesn't happen. Its a dog park and just like every other dog park everyone should keep a good eye on their dog which at this park it doesn't seem like people watched their dogs..
Mary in Winter Park
My family and I used to bring our dog to this park, usually once every few months. However, we will NEVER bring our dog there again because he was brutally attacked by two dogs while their owners stood by doing nothing. I was forced to try to pull 2 70 pound dogs off my dog, got scratched and bitten in the process, and all the owners could say was "wow, my dog has never done that before." Well, after speaking to other people at the dog park, apparently one of the owners WAS on notice of his dog's vicious propensities. It's disgusting to think what would have happened had I not been close by. Bottom line - be wary if you go to this park. The dogs and people are quite rough around the edges.
Bianca in Orlando
2009-We just came home from Fleet Peeples Park and it has become a filthy place. Poop on the beach, in the grass and in the lake water. A large dog accosted me and my dog, his owner did nothing. We left. Will not return.
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