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American Airlines Pet Policy

Carry-On Pet Policy:

American Airlines accepts small cats and dogs in the cabin of the aircraft (no other animals are allowed). The fee for pets traveling in the cabin is $125 per carrier (each way), and the combined weight of the pet and carrier may not exceed 20 pounds. Pets must remain completely in the carrier with the door closed and under the seat during the entire time that the pet is in the aircraft. American Airlines does not accept pets in cabin to or from Hawaii, Transatlantic destinations, Bolivia, Chile, Uraguay, Argentina, and Venezuela. Passengers traveling with pets must check-in at the airline ticket counter. At this time, curbside or self-service check-in is not allowed. Please allow extra time beyond normal check-in guidelines.

Checked Bagage/Cargo Policy:

American Airlines restricts pets in cargo to cats and dogs only. The fee for pets traveling in cargo is $175 per carrier (each way). However, travelers (especially dog show participants) should be aware that capacity is sometimes reached, and checked pets are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. So, it is best to check in early. However, checked pets will not be accepted more than four hours prior to your flight time. Passengers should also be mindful that American Airlines will not allow pet travel in cargo if extreme temperatures are anticipated. Please visit American Airlines' website for more information.

Carrier Guidelines:

For pets traveling in the cabin, the maximum size for pet carriers is 23" long x 13" wide x 9" high. Animals must be able to stand up, turn around and lie down in a natural position in the kennel. Soft-sided pet carriers are accepted as long as they are constructed of water-repellent, padded nylon with mesh ventilation on two or more sides. Also note that the pet carrier counts as either a passenger's one carry-on bag or personal item. For pets traveling in cargo, pets must have room to stand/turn around, sit and lie down in a natural position while in their carriers. Carriers must be constructed of wood, metal, plastic, similar material, leak-proof, escape proof and door must fasten securely and need ventilation on two sides in addition to the door. Carriers must also have a water container with outside access for filling, in case a delay occurs. Collapsible carriers (those which can fold down flat) can not be accepted due to the risk of collapse during transport. The maximum size for checked carriers is a series 500 kennel with the following dimensions: 40" long x 27" wide x 30" high. However, this size carrier is not accepted on the Boeing MD-80 (S80). Pet carriers in cargo on MD-80s must be able to fit through the cargo door while remaining in an upright position. MD-80 cargo doors are 29" high x 53" wide. Series 700 carriers are not allowed on any aircraft. The maximum weight of a checked pet and carrier (combined) cannot exceed 100 pounds.

Pet Reservations:

American Airlines limits the number of pets permitted to fly in the cabin to seven per flight (a maximum of two in first class and five in coach), so it is important to book your pet's ticket as early as possible. You should call 1-800-433-7300 for reservations, and tell the agent that you are traveling with your pet. A maximum of two pets per ticketed passenger is permitted on American Airlines flights. The pet fee is based upon the number of pet carriers, not the number of pets. American Airlines permits up to two pets in a container as long as the pets are between eight weeks and two months old, and weigh no more than 20 pounds. Otherwise, the limit is one pet per carrier. Special pet guidelines apply for travel to international destinations and Hawaii. Please refer to American Airlines' website for more details.
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The American Airlines is rated # among airlines based on 46 guest reviews.
has great service for pups
louise in shreveport,la.
A.A. can be trusted with animals. most people love animals & treat them well. These animals depend on humans for their care. Love you A.A.
My emotional support dog loved them!
Belinda in Houston
American Airlines was very accommodating and let us bring our dog, who is an esa, onto the flight. They usually make you take your dog in a carrier, but as an emotional support dog, they let us sit with our dog. The process is so simple. #1 - Get a letter from your doctor (we used "ESA Doctors" - also very easy) #2 - Have your doctor fill out the form that American Airlines provides (also used "ESA Doctors") #3 - Pack your bags and your dog's bags and fly. So easy and very convenient. The flight attendants were also very nice and gave our dog water at the beginning of the flight. Thumbs UP!
Perfect trip
Marianne in Little Rock
I booked my father,s flight to move closer to me along with his cat! Although the cost was higher than I thought it would be the trip went without a hitch. Taking the cat out of her carrier at DFW security was uneventful and the gate agent let my elderly father board early to get situated with the cat.
Question Boston Terrier Mix
Ryan in Vineland
I have a boston terrier mix 16 lbs. Would he be able to ride with me in the cabin? Has anyone ever flew with a bt or bt mix? Thanks
No problems...
Brenda in Las Vegas
For once, the reservations department people did their job. I was given record locator info & had zero problems while at the ticket counter. They saw my 11 pound dog do what he needed to do (mainly as he was nervous and couldn't be still). I paid the pet fee & filled out paperwork. All was fine. I got to TSA and they had me pull my dog out just to run a strange plastic black wand device over both my hands. I'm guessing it was to ensure neither me nor my dog were involved in any suspicious things. I had a great time using American Air. Zero issues. Now, let's home my Sunday return flight is just as lovely.
International Travel
JVC in Jacksonville FL
Had a great experience. You can read my whole post here. So many nuances I had to write about it in a long blog post. https://vandopres.wordpress.com
pet owner
liz in santa cruz
I thought they were great! Everyone was very helpful and nice.My cat did just fine under the seat from california to Pittsburgh.
Wonderful service for beloved dog
Leslie in upstate NY
In November 2013, a relative with limited physical mobility was moving from Texas to upstate New York, and needed to bring her dog, who was too big for the passenger cabin. We booked a flight to Cleveland (the closest domestic direct flight, so she wouldn't need to worry about making the connection), and drove to pick her up. She and the dog both arrived safely and both my relative in her wheelchair and the dog in her case were brought safely and quickly to the baggage claim area. Everyone at American Airlines was so friendly and helpful towards her and caring towards the dog. Booking the ticket in the first place also went very smoothly- we had to pay a service fee to use the phone instead of the web, but the representative was friendly and courteous (and obviously located in the U.S., which meant I wasn't trying to explain the speical issues over a crackly transocean phone line and a language barrier) and tried to think of everything we'd need to know and to make sure both my relative and her dog could travel comfortably. If I had to travel with a pet, I wouldn't hesitate to use American Airlines again.
Cargo Temperatures
Lilly's Person in My Town
If you are traveling with your pet to a destination that may have higher temperatures or during the summer -- it's Fido's person who is responsible for finding out the restrictions. I have traveled with my pet on AA several times and have had NO problems.
Carrier for in Cabin
Eva in NYC
Hi Everyone, Sorry but this is slightly off topic....(but there is no other section) Could you please mention the brank of the carriers you are using as well. It would be so HELPFUL! See my little Jolie grew a bit and i am considering a new carrier...i will be taking her on American as usual (good service) and would really appreciate help in peoples output of their carrier experience and fit for this airline....I am aware of the size dimensions but could use the extra suggestions... Thank you!!! E
Carrier for in Cabin
Eva in NYC
Hi Everyone, Sorry but this is slightly off topic....(but there is no other section) Could you please mention the brank of the carriers you are using as well. It would be so HELPFUL! See my little Jolie grew a bit and i am considering a new carrier...i will be taking her on American as usual (good service) and would really appreciate help in peoples output of their carrier experience and fit for this airline....I am aware of the size dimensions but could use the extra suggestions... Thank you!!! E
Carrier for in Cabin
Eva in NYC
Hi Everyone, Sorry but this is slightly off topic....(but there is no other section) Could you please mention the brank of the carriers you are using as well. It would be so HELPFUL! See my little Jolie grew a bit and i am considering a new carrier...i will be taking her on American as usual (good service) and would really appreciate help in peoples output of their carrier experience and fit for this airline....I am aware of the size dimensions but could use the extra suggestions... Thank you!!! E
Price for Cargo Pet is Wrong
Vicki in Livermore
The price for my dog (Basset Hound 50 lbs) to fly in cargo was $175. from Houston to San Francisco.
Price for Cargo Pet is Wrong
Vicki in Livermore
The price for my dog (Basset Hound 50 lbs) to fly in cargo was $175. from Houston to San Francisco.
No Problem
Danny in Los Angeles
We have flown several times on Amercian with our dog Bailey. Her carrier fits perfectly under the seat. Each time we have been greeted by friendly attendants that allow us to take Bailey out of her carrier and lay under the blanket. She sleeps the entire trip.
florent in elmhurst
i always take my pet dog with me on vaction. i was a little scared the first time. but my experience with american airlines was wonderful. had no problems to get on board, neither during the flight. i even got water for my dog. i fly two to three times a year, and my dog goes with me, every time on american airlines. never a problem, always friendly, upbeat staff from aa. the best airline to take your pet on. i dont fly with any other airline besides american airlines. all my fingers up for american airlines. the best.
Great to Travel on AA with pet
Anna in Tx
I've never had a problem flying with a pet on AA. People are friendly and they gave me water for the pet - very good service in cabin with pet.
Bradley in Lawrence
What kind of information are they looking for?
looking for a direct flight with two cats in one case
Rita in orlando, florida
I traveled AA coming from Orlando to New york it was a great experience. Now i want to go back home to orlando but my two boy cats are 22 pounds the maximum weight is suppose to be 20 pounds. Do they weigh the animal because in orlando they didn't weigh them but i know they were 20 pounds with the bag. I wanted a direct flight to go home but southwest and spirit don't offer a direct flight to orlando. Does anyone know what airlines flies direct to orlando and accepts two cats in one bag and doesn't have a weight requirement of 20 pounds.
Consistancy may be issue....
Gail in Chicago
At one airport the ticket taker refused to allow my 11.2 pound dog in cabin as he is tall for his weight and he could not stand up and turn around in his crate. At another airport, I was going to check him as baggage, and 3 American ground agents thought that was awful and went way out of their way to find me an in cabin carrier and get him on the plane. They were extraordinarily helpful, and admitted that sometimes some agents could be rather picky about dogs, so it was best to usually have a in cabin carrier and a cargo carrier when traveling. So, that is what I plan to do, though it is not too easy to carry a hard sided crate around....
No Problems Flying on AA
Dave in San Diego
We just traveled on AA to Tampa with our small chihuahua mix under the seat. We had no real problems in our travels. One minor issues is the carrier we used for the dog was somewhat tight on the MD Super 80 aircraft. Fit perfectly on the 757-200 aircraft. No problems - dog slept the whole trip.
Fly Delta with a large pet
Sara in New York, NY
Just fyi, Delta is the only airline with climate control in their cargo holds. Fortunately, my pet is small enough to fly in the cabin but I would never allow a large dog to fly in cargo with no controlled oxygen or temperature levels. And I assume this solves the problem in cold or hot seasons. Consider looking into this next time you travel.
Living in Fear
Pennie in Raleigh, NC
I have traveled muliple times with my two Brussels Griffons in a soft sided carrier which comes to about 23lbs. Most of my travel has been AA for this reason. Now they are saying there is a 20lb limit although I don't know how strict it is being that I just flew with the same two dogs and bag in August with no problem. I am planning a trip to see family I haven't seen in 3 years and I am horrified that I will be turned away at the last minute.
Please Contain Your Pet
Deborah in New York
Though I love dogs and cats, I’m currently pet-less, so this is NOT a review about my experience flying with a pet. It’s about sitting next to someone who was. I recently boarded an American flight, seated in the middle of a 3-seat row. After I settled in, the passenger in the window seat arrived, with a dog carrier. My husband (aisle seat) and I got up to let her in. I cooed over her adorable dog, asked his name. Though the pet-owner answered me, she seemed annoyed and tense. She put the carrier under the seat ahead, then proceeded to spread a large raincoat over her lap. After takeoff, she slid her hands under the coat, bent down, fiddled with the carrier, then lifted out a wiggling bundle (under the coat) and placed it on her lap. An attendant came by offering beverages but didn’t notice the commotion on the passenger’s lap. Then the dog’s head emerged from under the coat, and he began sniffing my knee while his Person was engrossed in her book. More wiggling, then a paw emerged. Here’s the problem: I (a woman) wear a urinary catheter with a urine collection bag strapped to my calf, which happened to be on the leg of interest to the dog. The thought of sharp little dog teeth or nails puncturing that bag -- well, you can imagine. Another attendant came by offering snacks, and I directed her attention to the dog. She told the pet-owner to put her “baby” in its carrier. The pet-owner put the dog away, then angrily told me that I “should have discussed” the matter with her first, and that “now you’ll have to listen to him cry all the way.” I said I was sorry her dog was unhappy but those were the airline’s rules, not mine. We proceeded to fly in angry silence, while she sat with her legs spread very wide, touching mine at times, to accommodate her large carrier. This is my last trip on American unless I can be assured I’m not seated next to a pet. (By the way, the dog didn’t cry at all but it was obvious by the smell that he did poop a couple of times.) Never again.
Carrier in Cabin
Gia in Chicago
I fly recently with my mother who was in first class and a dog. The carrier was an approved Sherpa carrier and he is a sikly terrier, 12 lbs and has flown before in the carrier. Ticketing agent saw the dog and gladly accepted the $125 fee, then when we get to the gate and the dog was peaking out of the carrier the agent said that she needed to see him stand and turn around in the carrier because he appeared to not fit and needed to go in cargo and if PETA were around....blah blah blah. I told her the dog was not going in cargo and that the ticketing agent saw him and the carrier and took our money. Then she said that he was not to be out of his carrier because there was another dog in first class. The other people/dog, which was a beagle and bigger than my dog was never questioned. Ultimately because lovely AA screwed up the flight and everyone had to be boarded quickly the crabby gate agent never talked to us again. Funny enough our dog stayed quietly in the carrier in the entire flight yet the beagle was walking around in first class and barking.
Return to Sanity
Michael in San Francisco
Last week I flew on flight 1499 from Miami to San Francisco. I sat near 3 children under 5, 4 cats and 2 dogs. I do remember when flying was about making a passenger comfortable. Flying has become much too stressful. Please create policies that allow humans to pay more to avoid these sources of stress. I would gladly pay more to fly without small children, cats and dogs.
Poor Organization/management
rescue volunteer foster in Tampa, FL
I volunteer with a rescue that has shipped a couple of dogs across the country on American (an expense that is the responsibility of adopters, but must be paid up front by volunteers on American, vs. other airlines that take payment prior to releasing the animals from cargo). I made a reservation via phone for a foster pup's flight. When I arrived at the airport, I was told that the layover was not going to be long enough (it was 50-55 minutes - an hour minimum is what is required by American - shouldn't they have known that when I made his reservation?), so I had to wait a couple of hours at the airport with the pup for the next available time with a longer layover - 2 hours. The 2 hour layover in Dallas turned into more than 4 hours. Even though we have volunteers in the area, we were not allowed to go in to let the young pup out or see that he was okay. His very long day turned ended up with 2 extra hours at the departure airport followed up by 11 hours total locked in his crate. Thankfully, he has a great personality and arrived at his new home happy, but tired. I would never have used American if I had known that the other dog shipped by our rescue just the week before had been incorrectly routed in Dallas to Seattle instead of Portland. American wanted to ship him back to Dallas, then reroute him to Portland. Thankfully, volunteers were able to get him released to them in Seattle. He was then driven to Portland by volunteers. Not sure I would even trust a direct flight shipment with American.
They Never Know!
Angela in New York
I've flown with my two little dogs in a soft-sided backpack probably at least 20 times in the last year. We're flown on AA a few times and every single time, SOMEONE stops me and says my carrier is too big. It's the exact dimensions listed on their website and it fits perfectly under the seat. But it doesn't matter, every time I ever check in, someone calls a manager. Yet they NEVER have measuring tape on them! It's such a hassle that I've started flying with just about anyone else.
Just don't do it
Rebecca in Los Angeles
Flying AA with a dog is an incredibly stressful experience. My dog is just at the edge of the weight limit, and I'm always getting grief about his size and the size of the carrier. Some agents are fine but some really like to throw their weight around and threaten that we can't board, even though we've flown with them literally DOZENS of times. JFK is the worst. I can't take it anymore. Also, if you don't insist on getting a separate record locator for the pet reservation on the phone (which the agent will tell you you don't need), they sometimes lose your pet reservation.
Protecting perverts
Lisa in Chicago
I run an agency that assists sexually abused children. One of my staff members has a highly skilled facility dog that has traveled with her to numerous trainings and conferences. American is the only airline that has denied the dog access to the cabin. The staff member who called was both rude and insisted that the cargo hold fee was $250. (Website states ($175) This dog is valued at over $50,000, it cannot be shipped in a crate. So now sexually abused children will be denied services the dog could have provided, had it been able to attend this training. This will be the last time I book anything on American, personally or for any member of my staff.
Don't do it
Brett in Atlanta
Worst airline cargo on the planet! Wasted a whole day! Worst staff! Rude, incompetent, nasty
Denied my dog boarding on RETURN flight!
Maggie in Tampa
We flew out of TPA to TYS through CLT. The staff in Tampa were very nice - wanted to make sure he didn't weigh more than he was supposed to with kennel (FYI he is a 12 lb Westie and was in a Sleepypod air - he is full grown but was the runt of the litter so is a little bit smaller than most Westies). After weighing him in his kennel, we were good to go. Security folks, super nice. Flight attendants, very nice as well and commented on how well he did (very quiet, not a peep, occasionally rearranged himself), and they gave us a cup of water and let us give it to him under the seat on a longer flight. When it was time to return home, TYS would NOT allow the dog on board. They insisted he was too tall for the kennel and he didn't have enough room to turn around. We explained their airline flew him up there in the first place. Their response? "We're not responsible if Tampa decides to break our rules." They refused to talk to us further, and actually went to the back to hide while we stayed at the check in desk area and talked to customer service on the phone for 30 minutes. The flight was supposed to leave at 7:30 PM. We both had to be at work the next day. My husband is an attorney and had to be in Court! So, we rented at car and drove for 10 hours back to Tampa, arriving at 6 AM. Thanks for nothing, AA. I've heard the smaller airports like to nit pick about dogs, toiletries, etc. to feel more important. I guess it's true. Lesson learned.
HORRIBLE Reservation experience
Lindsey in Houston
We haven't gone on our trip yet and we have already experienced an inconsistent reservation mishap. We are calling a week before our flight to make sure we have everything we need for our dog. The reservation representative gave me every other reason that to have American Airlines PROFIT from us - she said the weather was 20 degrees LOWER than it actually was and so it would be tough to travel with the dog (i went on the weather.gov website that AA provides and she was still 20 degrees off), compared her travel with her dog vs my travel with my dog, argued about FAA approved carriers, and how it was inhumane for me to make travel plans with my dog if my dog could not be comfortable (WHAT?! I would never do that)and was overall very rude about the whole call. I just wanted to know the difference between the Airbus 321 and Airbus 321s, and if they were the same plane. I've worked in the airline industry before and this type of customer service is sad. She could have provided the information vs ridiculing me on every reason NOT to travel with my pet. It would not have been so off-putting had she been nicer, from one dog owner to another. Thank you for nothing!
No Shih Tzu in cabin?
Lesley in Saint Louis
Just called to make reservation and was told that Shih Tzu cannot fly in cabin!! The website specifically says not in checked baggage, which I get, but the lady insisted that they were forbidden anywhere. Ridiculous!
No No No No
Marie in Trion, Georgia
Flying San Jose to Atlanta. Never ever fly out of San Jose trying to bring your pet with you. The ticket agents are incompetent first of all and refused to take my dogs crate. I have flown out of many airports with the same crate same dog and I have never had a problem. Just San Jose Airport. They are not willing to help. They told us first of all that we were over there 100 lb. limit. Which was a lie! Our dog and crate together weighted in at 87lbs on the scales where you can weigh your luggage. I just cannot believe the attitude of the reservations people. We waited for an hour to talk to a supervisor. Luckily we arrived way in advance so we had plenty of time. We did finally get a refund on our tickets. It would be nice if the web site for American Airlines listed the restrictions on specific planes as well.
Belgin in Maryland
I fly many times with AA especially from Dallas with my Malti-poo, I traveled with my son and my dog from DFW to LA it was fine agents were fine I paid my fee ,my dog is little taller but he sleeps under the seat and he is fine. on the way back from the LA airport floor agent on AA said my dog is to tall for under the seat and his carrier had a ticket from provouis flight but she said it was DFW agents fault they were not carefull, after arguing long time finally superviser allowed us on the plane last minute ! my dog was beyond upset, all the people around him touching him, measuring him !! anyway now I am going to take another trip from Washington DC to San Francisco, I really don't want to take my dog with AA !!
Pet Reservation
Elizabeth in Freehold, NJ
I am flying from Philadelphia to Denver to pick up a puppy to bring back in the first class cabin. I have been sent to the web site to read about regulations and then on to the telephone number. The telephone number sends me back to the web site. I already have a confirmed ticket for my self but can't seen to get one for the puppy. Now I have to drive an hour and a half to Newark airport to try and get a reservation for the puppy. This is a very frustrating experience and no assistance seems to be available.
Carrier in cabin
mary in SanDiego
It was the Worst flight we ever took. We paid $900 for 1st class so my pet and I would have more room. Going to Chicago, stewardesses were great! Coming back to SanDiego I just sat down & stewardes started complaining about the dog for the next 1/2 hr. They were still loading plane always flew AA but will now start looking for other flights. The same dog & carrier have been on multiple other AA flights with no problem.. Because of that stewardess my dog cryed the whole flight,she constantly watched me to make sure I didn't open the dogs case. Horrible stewardess, worst I have ever met and NO NAME TAG on! Of course!
Discrimination by a Flight Attendant
Ginger in California
Went on my first vacation with my service dog. I made sure that I carried all necessary paperwork (ever more so than needed for a service dog); checked in at the ticket counter and boarding counter ... and STILL had this flight attendant verbally attack me about my service dog as we were taxiing for takeoff. My poor 7.5# medical alert service animal was lying perfectly silent underneath the seat in front of me thought she had done something wrong! Luckily I didn't get sick and we took off. I called the following day to complain, but it took me making a formal complaint and sending the letter via certified mail to the customer service, ceo, coo and dot before I got a call a week later. HORRIBLE. If price weren't a factor for me when traveling, I would NEVER choose to fly on AA/US Airways again.
Lucas in Hastings, MN
American Airlines is the worst for shipping your beloved animals. They have twice "lost" my animals and they don't ever even notify you when they put them on another flight or anything else. They seem great for military because they offer a military discount but if you want your animals to be taken care of don't use American Airlines. They did not even take my animals out of their crates to go to the bathroom when they were delayed 5 hours after a 8 hour flight. Whatever you do, do not ship with American Airlines.
forgot my cat!!!
katy in gilpatric
We were transporting our cat from Las Vegas to West Palm Beach. Brought her to the cargo terminal, did all the paperwork, everything was fine, except they FORGOT TO PUT THE CAT ON THE PLANE!!! She ended up sitting in the terminal for hours and we had to delay her transport. AA is not trustworthy!
Beware O'Hare!!!
Karen in Sunnyvale
I have flown with two different 18-20 pound dogs over the last 20 years, most,if not all of it,on AA. For most of those 20 years, my dog has flown just fine under the seat in a Sherpa (airline-approved) soft-sided carrier. She just sleeps and is never a problem. On two occasions, this year and 5-7 years ago, the check-in agent at O'Hare made a big issue over my dog being "too big" to fly under the seat. This despite the fact that she arrived FROM CA under the seat and that I have been doing this for 20 years and have the documentation to prove it. They almost made me miss my flight and only "let" my dog fly in cabin for the return trip because some obviously ignorant agent in CA was foolish enough to allow me to fly to IL with her in the first place. I will do everything I can to either change this issue (I'm pretty sure they marked my record for future flights) or do all I can to avoid AA in the future. And don't even get me started on how my first dog did not make a connection 20+ years ago TWO DIFFERENT TIMES prior to bringing her onboard with me. To be fair, this was not AA, but certainly two good reasons why I don't want my dog in baggage!
Gail in MA
We have flown with our dogs in cabin for 13 years. It frustrates me that airlines are hiking the fee for pet travel, yet screaming kids are free! Also you can not reserve online, aNd must wait in the baggage line where they are no more than two agents behind the counter!
erin in pickens sc
we shipped a puppy as cargo from South Carolina to Washington State. The attitude of the airline people was terrible, the flights were delayed, they provide no services for animals stuck waiting for late flights. My advice is to use Continental..they have built kennel facilities at their hubs and will provide walking and feeding services for an additional fee. When you care for your pets extra fees are no problem!
Horrible, misinformation.
GIrl from NYC in New York, NY
The dimension requirements for the kennel and kennel type are just incorrect. They do not make sense. We called before booking and afterwards and they are just bunch of incompetent liars.
Will NEVER fly AA again!!!
Danijela in Milwaukee,WI
My husband is in the us army and we were returning from our visit back home to his duty station in El Paso.....after buying my dogs ticket and checking us in I am told that my dog isnt allowed to go on the return flight to El Paso because it will be 87 degrees at landing and it cannot exceeed 85 ......It would of been nice if someone from their airline would have told me this before we decided to fly.......after doing all I could and being yelled at and looked at like I was crazy we had no choice but to sent my husband back as he had to sign back to the army and me and my dog had to stay back with my parents for two months until it cooled down and we were allowed to fly.....I WILL NEVER FLY THEM AGAIN!!!!!
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