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Sun Country Airlines Reservations
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Sun Country Pet Policy

Carry-On Pet Policy:

Sun Country Airlines accepts small cats and dogs (16 pounds or less) in the aircraft cabin on flights to within the contiguous United States. Sun Country does not transport pets on international flights or on flights to or from Anchorage. Only one pet per ticketed passenger is allowed. The fee for a pet traveling in the main passenger cabin is $125 per flight segment if booked in advance. An advance reservation is recommended as a maximum of four pets as carry-on baggage will be accepted per flight. Your pet in its carrier is considered a carry-on item and must be included in your regular carry-on allotment. Only one pet per carrier is allowed.

Checked Bagage/Cargo Policy:

Sun Country accepts cats and dogs as checked baggage in the contiguous United States. A reservation must be made for each flight segment and must be made though Sun Country Reservations with a $199 non-refundable per flight segment fee. If you have more than one kennel, the $199 per flight segment fee is applies to each kennel. Sun Country requires a valid health certificate for each pet transported as checked baggage Please note that pets are not accepted on flights to Anchorage, Laughlin, Miami, New York, San Juan, St. Thomas or any international flight. Pets are not accepted on any connecting or multi-stop flights. Kennel and pet must not exceed a weight of 100 pounds combined.

Carrier Guidelines:

Pets traveling in the cabin must be contained in a carrier that does not exceed the dimensions of 16" long x 11" wide x 8" high. Your pet must be able to stand up and move around in the carrier with ease. Only soft-sided carriers designed as pet carriers are allowed. The carrier must have a leak-proof bottom and be well-ventilated on at least two sides. Your pet must remain in its carrier and stowed during the entire flight underneath the seat in front of you. If the pet is traveling as checked baggage the kennel must be hard sided plastic. Pet must be able to stand and lie in the carrier with ease. Kennel must not exceed 34 inches in height or 48 inches in width. The carrier must have a leak-proof bottom and be well-ventilated on at least two sides.

Pet Reservations:

Sun Country requires you to make advance arrangements for travel with your pet. Availability is limited, so it is important for you to reserve a ticket for you and your pet as soon as possible after your travel plans are confirmed. Just call Sun Country Airlines Reservations at 1-800-359-6786, (Mon-Sun, 5am-Midnight Central Time) and advise the agent that you are traveling with your pet.
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Incorrect info on this site.
Jessica in San Diego
Sun country does allow pets as cargo. It costs 199 each way and it must be a direct flight. Check out their website
Big Dogs
Levi in Blackduck
That is inaccurate They DO allow dogs in the cargo area if the combined pet/crate weight do not exceed 100 lbs I just looked at their website (today is 8/10/2011)
Debra in Minneapolis
Just made a reservation. The price to bring pet on board has increased to $125.00 payable at time of reservation. If pet ends up not traveling with you after all, they will give you a travel voucher for $!00.
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