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US Airways Reservations
United States: 800-428-4322
International: see website
US Airways Pet Policy

Carry-On Pet Policy:

US Airways permits passengers to bring one small domestic dog, cat or bird in the cabin on most flights for a $125 fee (each way). Carry-on pets are not allowed on transatlantic flights or flights to and from Barbados and Hawaii. Only dogs and cats are allowed to and from Mexico and Costa Rica. Call the airline directly at 1-800-428-4322 for additional requirements for international travel. Pets must be at least eight weeks old and be small enough to fit comfortably in a carrier under the seat in front of you. Passengers traveling with pets must check in at the airline ticket counter. Curbside or self-service check-in is not available. Please allow extra time for the check-in process when traveling with your pet.

Checked Bagage/Cargo Policy:

US Airways does not accept any pets in cargo. As of March 1, 2012, US Airways Shuttle flights no longer accept pets in cargo.

Carrier Guidelines:

For pets traveling in the cabin, pet carriers may be either hard- or soft-sided and must be leak-proof and escape-proof. Carriers must be ventilated on at least two sides and must not allow any part of your pet to protrude outside of the container. Carriers must provide room for your pet to stand up and turn around. Dimensions of hard-sided carriers may not exceed 17" long x 16" wide x 8" tall; soft-sided carriers should not exceed 17" long X 16" wide X 10" tall. On US Airways Express flights, pet carriers must not be more than 15" long x 17" wide x 8" tall on CRJ aircraft, more than 16" long x 17" wide x 8" tall on DH3 aircraft or more than 15" long x 14" wide x 8" tall on BH1 aircraft.

Pet Reservations:

The number of pets that may be carried in each cabin is limited. Therefore, it is important that you contact US Airways as soon as possible after confirming your travel plans to reserve tickets for yourself and your pet. In order for your pet to travel with you, you must make your reservations on flights with cabin pet space available. Call 800-428-4322, and let the agent know that you are traveling with your pet.
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Operator puts pet welfare first
susan in Washington DC
I just called US Airways and reached Steve R5. I'm moving my mother and her cat and dog from AZ to NC, and Steve couldn't have tried harder to find the best route for us, minimizing layovers, avoiding smaller planes since she's moving to a small town, you name it. If he didn't have answers, he found someone who did. The whole experience reminded me of the good ole days when airlines cared about passengers and traveling wasn't so impersonal and dog-eat-dog, if you'll pardon the pun. If our flight is anything like what I experienced on the phone today, they should all get credit for what they're doing. Keep it up, US Airways and Steve R5! It makes a difference!
pet travel
Dee in charlotte
I recently purchased a toy poodle and the staff with us airways was great when it came to my pet i had never flown with a pet but they made my experience a great ine at first i had issues with getting her on board but they worked it out for me
What problems?
Jeff in Winston Salem
I JUST made my reservation to fly a new hunting pup home. I was greeted by a REALLY nice lady who gave me a confirmation code for my girl, 35 days in advance. We even went over some kennel questions, which set my mind at-ease. I'm not anticipating any issues on flight day.
Moving to FL
Jeannie in Philadelphia
I must admit that my nerves were shot prior to my two cats boarding their US Airways flight from PHL to PBI. Everything went smoothly even though my one cat is a big girl (14.7 lbs). Everyone at US Air was helpful and accommodating - I couldn't have asked for more. Two thumbs up for US Airways and their pet friendly policies... and their pet friendly staff.
Don't read the bad reviews
Jayson in Redlands
Please don't read the bad reviews, you will just stress yourself out and cause you and yourself needless anxiety. I read those one bone reviews and stressed out all week before traveling. I flew in cabin with my mixed breed, 9lb dog who is lean and kinda tall. I used one of the medium sized delta labeled Sherpa bags and it fit perfectly under the seat. The dimensions of the bag are slightly larger than the specs us air lists. The crew at check in and on the plane were all great and super nice. I did give my dog 1/2 a tranquilizer before we got to the airport. I'm glad I did. It helped him sleep throughout the flight and it wore off gradually and he is back to his feisty self. I know some people have awful experiences, but don't read about them cause you will needlessly stress yourself out like I did.
Thank you
Jennifer in Vancouver,WA
My daughter is moving cross country to transfer to Portland State. She has 2 cats. I was afraid she was going to have to leave one behind to be shipped later. I spoke with Clyde at US Airways who told me the specifications for shipping the cats in passenger country. The cats meet the specifications and we get to bring both back. Thank you so much! Clyde was most helpful and very kind. I appreciate the help!
We flew out of Milwaukee with our 2 Boston Terriers. Everyone was very polite. We bought our round trip tickets at MKE. Had no problems coming home. Both Girls flew 1st Class on the way home. Can not sit to gether in 1st Class but who cares. Coach was ok too. Less leg room for the humans with pets. That was not fun or fair that you pay $$$$ to have your leg room taken away. But overall it was nice to have them with. Thank you US Airways for making our flight coming and going a fun memory.
moving back home
toni wood in savannah ga
my husband and i were moving back home to az from savannah ga with us we had our 1 year old and our two dogs (yorki and rat terrier ) us airways were soo helpful in telling us what we needed and made sure we were able to take them with us would use us airways again if ever need to fly with pets again. ps this was firt time flying with pets so with there help it went very smoothly thx for all the help us airways
Moving across country
Leslie in Chesapeake VA
When moving across country, I had our dogs flown via US Air. These folks went out of their way to pull the dogs into their air conditioned staff lounge to get them out of the summer heat and put them back on at the last possible minute. Thank you to such caring employees for looking after them! We can never thank you enough!
Moving across country
Leslie in Chesapeake VA
When moving across country, I had our dogs flown via US Air. These folks went out of their way to pull the dogs into their air conditioned staff lounge to get them out of the summer heat and put them back on at the last possible minute. Thank you to such caring employees for looking after them! We can never thank you enough!
on the go
Linda in Phoeniz
I have been traveling with my Yorkshire Terrier for 12 years, and have never had a problem. I just booked round trip tickets for both of us, and the ladies could not have been any nicer..thank you US Airways!!
Christina in Silver Spring, MD
Reserved a spot for a puppy travelling to the Bahamas! The agent was fabulous and very helpful!
Tiny Dog
Diamond in Hawaii
I called to book reservations for my itty-bitty dog and the representatives were great in helping me find an available flight.
Relax…they work with you
Tim in San Francisco
After reading some reviews, I got a bit nervous. Have flown with pets before, on US Airways and other airlines. I have an existing flight booked to which I added a pet (small dog, puppy actually, 10 weeks) subsequently - today. The first agent I spoke with went over all the rules and regs and was polite, kind, efficient, what I am used to when dealing with US Airways. Then I read some more of the Traveler Reviews here and thought, wait, I'd better call back because I never got any actual confirmation that I have actually reserved one of the allotted spaces for pets; I suppose I would have felt like I have documentation had I been able to pay the $125 fee for the pet's travel (one-way), but US Airways doesn't handle it that way. Still, after the review reading sunk in, I thought I'd better call back to find out how - if possible - I could be guaranteed one of the cabin pet travel slots, since I know there is a maximum number of animals allowed on board. Sure enough, the 2nd agent I spoke with said that yes, there is a confirmation code for each pet, SO BE SURE TO ASK FOR THIS SO THAT YOU HAVE THAT PEACE OF MIND. Somewhere in these reviews I read that someone had been unfortunate enough to not have a confirmation code specifically for the pet, and was forced to hurriedly make other arrangements for leaving the pet behind. That would not work for me. Better safe than sorry - BE SURE TO GET THE PET TRAVEL CONFIRMATION CODE!
More than one pet...
Tom in Pittsburgh, PA
We have been flying our pet for years with USAirways and it has always been great... But when we got our second... trouble started... Don't book yourself in the exit row... They will kick you out with a pet, and off if the flight is full... Also, they will go ahead and book two pets in First over the phone, but when you get on the plane, it is hit or miss if they will let you have two pets in First... The reservation system needs fixed to track this requirement... Also, if someone else has already brought the pets on the plane and you are late, you might not be allowed to board... again, the reservation system can book more pets than the allowed requirement... don't get into an argument... it's the captains plane and if he is friends with the flight attendant, she'll go ask him to have you removed... almost happened to me... i ended up back in coach, with the pooch, after paying for a first class ticket... The holidays are always pet busy times....
Last minute reservation
Ann in Vermont
I planned on leaving my dog in a kennel, but decided at the last minute (2 days before departure) that I wanted to bring her along. Not only did I get through to a real person within seconds of calling the US Airways 800 number, but she was extremely professional, efficient, and friendly. All in all the interaction took less than 3 minutes, and it was entirely pleasurable. Kudos to US Airways for excellent service! I only wish it was less expensive than $100 each way.
Russ in Calgary
I just booked myself and my dog from Calgary, to Guadalajara back to Phoenix and then over to Palm springs. The agent was GREAT! He made it easy, and had everything in order - including seperate confimration number for the dog!
Pet Policy is not customer friendly
Robert in Santa Ana
I understand the need for rules related to pets traveling on airlines, but I don't understand boarding agents who berate passengers who travel, and that is exactly what happened to my wife while traveling with our pet on a recent flight from Phoenix to Orange County. Because my wife had an empty beach style bag/purse along with her pet carryone and a roll on she was confronted by the boarding agent slamming the boarding door to the ramp and being berated at the top of the agents voice in front of dozens of departing passengers. Then lecturing on US airways two bag policy and why this empty, flat, non-bulky bag is a carryon, and that she would have to check her roll on before she could board. You pay $125 each way for your pet and are treated like a low class bum by the agents. They should be doing everything possible to enhance your travel experience and work with you to make it pleasant and help you manage the burden of taking your pet when you pay them the exhorbitant fee's. Basically don't show up at the airport with a pet carryon, a briefcase or roll on and a purse. You will be treated like your trying to scam the airlines...instead they check your luggage and get another $25 from you...Its all about the money not customer service, courtesy, respect, and being helpful to the traveling public.
Aircraft designations
Scott in Harrisburg
It doesn't help the average flyer much when USAirways refers to a "DH3" aircraft for enhanced baggage size restrictions while USAirs flight reservation system designates the aircraft as a "Dash-8". How is the average flyer supposed to know that a DeHavilland Dash-8-300 is the same aircraft as a DH3? The only reason I found out is that I did some extra digging because US Airways phone reps were clueless. Be consistent US Air!
Tiffany in Harrisburg Or
I called to make a reservation for my pet the people were so rude and were not willing to try and work with me. I was so frustrated by the conversation with the representative I ended up changing my ticket with a different airline that was more pet friendly
Almost turned away
Erin in San Francisco
We were traveling from SF to Philadelphia with our 18 lb puppy, we had no problems leaving from SF in fact they were great to us. Our dog didn't make a peep on the flight and it was great. Our return experience was not so great. The 3 women checking in at the desk were so difficult, they made me pull my dog in and out multiple times and then when she didn't want to go back in the crate after 3-4 times, they told me that the crate was too small. The hassled me for over 30 min in front of my 2 sons who were in tears, afraid we would have to leave our new puppy. Finally a sensible manager came out and told the women to let me go thru with the dog, they had let me fly to Phila from SF in the first place. It was a terrible experience, i will avoid flying US air/AA at all cost.
Discrimination by a Flight Attendant
Ginger in California
Went on my first vacation with my service dog. I made sure that I carried all necessary paperwork (ever more so than needed for a service dog); checked in at the ticket counter and boarding counter ... and STILL had this flight attendant verbally attack me about my service dog as we were taxiing for takeoff. My poor 7.5# medical alert service animal was lying perfectly silent underneath the seat in front of me thought she had done something wrong! Luckily I didn't get sick and we took off. I called the following day to complain, but it took me making a formal complaint and sending the letter via certified mail to the customer service, ceo, coo and dot before I got a call a week later. HORRIBLE. If price weren't a factor for me when traveling, I would NEVER choose to fly on AA/US Airways again.
International Flight with Pet
William in Bangor Maine
The info provided is useless, says no pets in cabin, so go to cargo ? No. No pets in cargo area. so only place left is the cockpit Can't call "all representatives are currently busy helping other customers, call back later"
No birds allowed!
Maureen in DC
US Airways has dropped to the lowest of airlines, in my most recent experience. This current website (Bring Fido) does not have the rather recently updated policy of US Airways which, like American, DOES NOT ALLOW BIRDS! Their website on pets is very ambiguous and in fact - after spending almost $700 to book my ticket electronically and then calling the next day to book my bird, I was provided the "on hold" US Airways info-mercial that discussed preparations for "traveling with your dog, cat or BIRD". Apparently US Airways incorporated this change late October 2014...but has failed to update their voice recordings and much of their info on the web site. No one at the airlines seems to know WHY pet birds have been singled out. I was offered a refund and then rebooked on UNITED - which does accept pet birds in the cabin. US Airways has lost me as a customer. I'd give them the zero bones they deserve - if I could.
No Carry-on ?
Loretta in Troy, Me
After buying my ticket, I called to reserve space for my 11 lb malti-poo dog. I was told I would lose my carry-on benefit ! I have to pay $125 ea way for him to fly on the floor plus I will have to pay $35 for an extra bag !! That seems so unfair to me ! It will actually cost me $160.00 for my dog to fly with me. This is air way robbery !
So Frustrating!
Elizabeth in Cabot, Arkansas
My husband and I have been overseas due to military assignment for a full year. Now we are trying to bring our two cats with us. Hubby and I will be flying separately, as sometimes the military does that, and I was required to buy my own ticket. Now, I'm finding out that the pet regulations will be a problem, even when it seems that airlines would be a bit more lenient with military families or dependents traveling on orders. First, we are in a foreign country and don't have access to the same types of kennels easily located in the states. So a soft-carrier that is flexible may be allowed or may be denied, which basically depends on the opinion or personal feelings of the person at the airport terminal the day of travel. Secondly, the approved types and sizes of kennels are not located in every airport or pet store, so I will most likely be denied entry at this point because I won't have time to go on a shopping spree between my connecting flights coming in from a foreign country and having no personal vehicle or knowledge of local pet stores. If airlines are going to require specific types or sizes of kennels, they should make them amply available at airport shops that will be open 24-7 for passengers who require them to make their flight. Additionally, when I called the customer service # to ask about pet reservations, they want me to just show up on the day of my flight and hope that I can board at that time if they haven't already exceeded their pet boarding capacity (6 total). At that point, I will have to pay for a second seat, for which the price will be determined on the day and at the time of the flight. I only have so much money in my savings account, but I could end up paying anywhere from $500-$1000 extra the day of travel because the price of tickets/seats varies so much. I'm sorry, but we don't have that type of cash just floating around. It looks like I will be out my $400 non-refundable ticket and will end up having to get a rental car and drive the 20-hour trip back to our home state. At this point, it will be cheaper to do this, despite the rental car fee and the additional hotel fees. On a good note, Paulastine, the customer service lady I talked with at US Airways was very nice, but perhaps it was because she was a former veteran and understood our plight a bit better. It would be nice if all the information was clear, direct, and up-front; however, there are too many variables that could result in me and my two pets being denied flight access at the last minute and costing me more money in the long run to schedule last-minute arrangements. Too many unpredictable variables make this airline too much of a risky loose cannon when traveling with pets. I will stick to Delta in the future with pets.
Don't go to MCI
DC in LV
I've been flying with my dog for 6 months now. He fits comfortably in his airline approved carrier and sleeps through the flights. Never once have I had a problem, even with the ticketing agents inspecting him. While at MCI the ticketing agent tried to refuse toer me pay for my dog, told me it was cruel for him to sit in his carrier for the 2 hour flight back to my destination and that she would call PETA on me. I told her that I follow all the rules and regs and that we are frequent customers on this airline. She tried telling me that the regs were the dog had to be able to stand up, move around, and lie back down. I told her that is not the policy on the website, at which point she became more upset with me and told me she would flag me (which she did). Always make sure you know the regulations (which I did) because she couldn't argue against the rules stated on the website.
Turned Away at Check In
Kate in Los Angeles
My dog is an 18 lb Frenchie, so granted I know she is not the smallest dog to have ever traveled the skies, but we have flown on Alaska and Delta with no problems many times. First the US Airways agents made us weigh her, then they measured the carrier size, then they didn't believe us that she could stand and turn around. So we took her out put her in and she turned around, but even after she did that they still said she was too big and couldn't stand up fully and that she had to be shorter than the carrier when she is standing next to it, including her head which is not actually policy at all. They were really rude and suggested that we were terrible people for using an inhumane sized dog carrier. Fortunately for us a friend lived near LAX and was able to come get her and watch her over the holiday last minute, but the whole experience has turned me off US Airways, and I will never try to fly with our dog on that airline again, and will try to avoid traveling with them at all in the future.
Horrible experience
Kendra in DC
Most recently I tried flying with my 8lb Yorkie, and the ticketing agents out of Baltimore were absolutely terrible. Not only were the people overly pushy at the beginning of my check-in, but they also refused to let me fly with my dog, claiming that he was too large for the carrier because he could not turn around without touching the sides. Mind you, he could turn around, stand, sit and lay down comfortably. I had to cancel my flight, return home, find a dog sitter and rebook my flight with an extra $200 rebooking fee, plus the difference in cost. Contacting the airline for some sort of compensation has been no more helpful. I flew with US airways before, with the same dog (same size), carrier etc... It seems like they need to modify the policy to reduce ambiguity or ensure all of their ticketing agents understand the spirit of their policy.
Josie in Redding, California
I was just checking on line to see what the pet policy was when I ran across these reviews. I am so freaked out now! Some of us do not have the cash or credit cards to make a change of plans at the drop of a dime. The restrictions are listed and as a customer with a ticket and reservation for myself and my pet we should be allowed to board the plane. There should not be any change of rules or restrictions when you arrive at the airport. I understand that some Airport people do get tired of having to deal with customers that are rude but they should not take it out on everyone after all we are all humans that love our pets. I am so scared now of making a reservation with US airways for myself and pet.
Kathleen in Saint Augustine
Yesterday I flew from PHL to JAX and there was a cat onboard. Everyone thought that was great. Except for me. I have serious asthma, and cats are one of my worst probs. WHY have animals onboard? Please, this is a health threat to people with allergies, and we don't have other options - but pet owners do have other alternatives. Pls be considerate. An asthma attack is life threatening, do you realize this?
Crazy Policy
Tammy in Dayton
US Air policy states that you need to call and let the agent know that you will be traveling with a pet. But when you call the designated number they tell you that you can not make or pay for a pet reservation. You can not find out whether your pet can go with you until show up for the flight, then if your pet is not permitted to go you are left with the decision -- what to do with the pet and whether or not to go without your pet. This verbal policy ( confirmed by several agents) is contrary to US Air's written policy on their website. Can a passenger believe or trust anything on US Air's website?What a great way to anger customers and cause avoidable consternation.
Not flying US Air
Missy in Raleigh, NC
I tried to make a reservation to fly with my dog in a few weeks and was told that only one animal was allowed per plane and that it would be "first come first serve" when checking in at the ticket counter. I asked what would happen to my ticket (refund, reschedule, my loss?) if someone with a pet got there before me and was told that there was no official policy and I'd just have to take my chances. I did not buy a ticket.
Bad Pet Reviews are steering me away from USAirways.
C. Hill in Washington DC
I only traveled once with my 11lb canine companion and Southwest made it a very pleasant expeience. In addition to checking Southwest's fares for further travel plans, I thought I'd check USAirways, which I used to fly often before I got my dog 6 years ago. Well, the older reviews are so frightening that I think it would be best if I don't fly on USAIRWays for now. What they did to the customers stressed me out by just reading them. I hope the staff become more pet friendly and they reduce their pet fares.
Never again
Lindsey in Vermont
I have traveled with my one cat more times than I can count and never had a problem. I usually fly spirit, but because of the time of the year I could not get a flight into plattsburgh. I have to go to albany which is ok since we have done it before. I got a kitten not too long ago thats just under a year. My way home I fly United I called and paid over the phone for my 2 pets (was told to put them in 1 carrier and I will be fine) and they were great! My way back I travel US AIr so I called them next to book my pets, the woman was so rude! She first told me that as long as one of the cats is under a year old Its fine and asked their weights, (I said 12lbs and 7lbs and she said that was ok) Then she told me I couldn't make a reservation and pay for them over the phone I would have to show up at the airport and pretty much hope they will let me take them home.... That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard!! especially when it says on the site to call and make reservations!? When I told her that she then told me very rudely that both cats have to be from the same mom?!?!? Where did this come from? I'm sure no one that has traveled with two pets before were from the same litter! I'm about to waste $600 and change my ticket to something more pet friendly and NEVER TRAVEL US AIR AGAIN!!! good job US Air, I work with a travel company that's located all down the eastern coast and will make sure people hear about this.
Know US Airways all too well
Sandi in Charlotte
I am a frequent flyer with US Airways, however, so disappointed with them overall that I am considering a shift to Delta although I am now living in US Airways hub, Charlotte, NC. I am buying my husband a puppy while he rides out his temporary assignment in Pittsburgh. I had considered trying US Airways for his flight with the new puppy but, unfortunately, my experience with US Airways is so negative that I will likely contact Delta instead. US Airways - you really need to pull it together.
not from orlando
pete in melbourne fl
my girlfrind need to fly to philly with her 20 lb shitzu we called the us airways 800 number while at the pet store and they advised us on what size soft sided carrier to get. bought her a non refundable ticket but at the airport the ticket counter refused the dog becasue he could not stand up in the carrier. ran all over the airport looking for another carrier even tried to buy one at the delta counter. delta said the dog would be no problem on their flight but we couldne change the ticket over. she dident take the flight so lost out on the $300 non refundable ticket so we are driving instead. rude rude rude at the counter will never fly us airways again
Alexis in Phoenix
I have just called the Pet Reservation service line 11 times in a row, each time only allowing me to speak for a few seconds before the call is dropped. I leave in the morning and have no one to help me.
Kasey in Syracuse NY
I waited on the phone for a hour with the airport for some guy to answer and tell me they can't help me over the phone. I told him that the US AIRWAYS said to call and make a reservation for pets. He answered again "We can't help you over the phone" he was very frustrating and of no help! I asked him what steps I needed to take to insure that my pet would be able to fly. He shortly replied just come in, I asked him When, how far in advance, who do I need to speak to. He was the biggest asshole I've encountered in a long time.
New Fee & Res Policies
Tom in Philadelphia
Reservations made after 11/11 the fee is $125. Also the number of pets is the cabin is determined on the day of the flight - in other words, if a number of pets have checked in on the day of the flight and the max number is met and you come along to check in (with your paid ticket) they can deny your pet! Last 2 time I have flown with our pet out of Phila the ticketing gave me such a hard time about my approved carrier. Bottom line... USAIR is not really pet friendly.
No Reservations
Elaine in New York
Though it states on this site that you should call USairways to reserve a ticket for your pet, this is no longer the case. I have flown USairways with my 7 pound dog many times and you always reserved a place. Now, you must go to the airport and hope too many people aren't also planning to take pets. I asked the US Airways agent last night what do I do if too many dogs were already booked and he suggested I leave the dog and if I couldn't just not take the flight. The other suggestion was that I buy another seat for the pet. I reminded the agent that it was against his company's policy for the animal to be on the seat. I've taken my pet on United and Continental this past month. They do allow reservations so there is no guesswork on whether you will be able to take a flight. I like USAirways and always found them great int he past. Wish they still allowed for reservations for pets.
Carol in Orlando
I will never fly on USAIRWAYS AGAIN! Eventhough my dog was in an approved size carrier, and I had my health certificate from my vet, along with my entry permit from the Bermuda government to bring my dog back into Bermuda (where my dog was born), my husband and I were told we would not be allowed to fly with our dog. We were treated horribly by these agents who didn't even bother to look at any of my paperwork. After all the fiasco, we walked down to the Delta counter and got tickets to fly to Bermuda WITH THE DOG IN THE CABIN, the very next day! But, they cost us over an additional $200 each! Please, please, if you are trying to fly from Orlando with a pet, DON'T FLY ON USAIRWAYS!
Scared to Death
Sheila in Burlington, NJ
Have been reading through these mixed reviews and now I'm scared to death about my up coming flight. Well it's really the return flight I'm worried about...I already have a reservation made to return home from Fl. with 2 under 3lb. pups and the rep on the phone told me that given they are sooo small and 8wks they can be placed in the same carrier (which I had to order special to meet size guidelines). Now reading all of these different stories I'm not sure if I should believe her or if I should get the second carrier just in case so my son could board with the 2nd pup. You should see just how small a 15x10x8 really is...can anyone give me any advise? e-mail please [email protected] thank-you
My Experience with US Airways!
Jennifer in Charlotte
I have written about my latest experience on my blog http://myawesomemaltese.blogspot.com/2011/03/traveling-on-us-airways-with-pet.html If I could give them zero bones I would!
Lynn in Moore
It is pretty miserable for those of us who are allergic to dogs and cats. Miserable flight and several days afterward to recover from the allergic reaction.
Disgusting attitudes
Anne in Pittsburgh PA
Flew out of Pits., bad winter weather. Old man in front of me had to catch domestic flight to connect w/ Internat'l flight - ticket people talked to him horribly - was appalled at their indifference to his plight. I got to counter, agents were agitated, nasty, chunky black female supvsr, tried to say my pet carrier on wheels was a problem, told me I had to buy another carrier. My carrier is standard $100. wheeled model, designed/bought specifically to travel. I knew they were just being jerks. Supvsr. then told me to go to airport store & buy new carrier, made me wait, said she was calling them. Came back out from door - announced store was closed, however black female supvsr. said she would allow me to board this time, BUT they were entering info in computer to "tag" me for future flights. WHAT? I knew they were full of baloney-I was doing nothing wrong-my pet carrier was airline regulated. It was a power trip for supervisor-wagging her finger, telling me "notes" would be put in computer against my name - like I was a child. I boarded plane, shaking - knew entire verbage was sham. Meant to write to US Air to report lady, but forgot. All over a 2 lb dog & container - I have US Air credit card, usually ONLY fly US Air due to regular routes. HATE the way they make me feel - hate power trippers.
No baggage just 8 wk puppy
Shelley in Charlotte, NC
US Airways sticks it to you whatever way they can. Was heading up to TN from Charlotte just to pick up mini dashund and no luggage at all, not even a purse and they want to charge $100 extra each way! Unbelievable. Would rather drive than pay them.
Kira in San Francisco
I booked a redeye flight from SF to Philly with my dog (18lb boston terrier) using my award miles and when i got to the airport, the agent would not let my dog on the plane. i had already pre-paid for his ticket. she made me take him out and she weighed him and the carrier which and asked to see my papers (which were current). he fits into the medium sherpa carrier... (i also brought the large one with me in case the space below the seat was larger than what was on the website, that i could transfer him to that one inside the plane)... i have flown US airways twice before with my dog and never had a problem - then the supervisor came out and he said absolutely not, that i was a "cruel person" for putting him in the carrier since he thought he was too big - that i should put him in cargo instead. i said that it's much crueler to put an animal in cargo than to have it in the cabin by my side... so ridiculous. mind you, this was the LAST FLIGHT of the night (was after 10pm) and they made me miss my flight... they put me on a 6am flight out (without my dog), which ended up costing me about $500 extra to board him for my trip... US Airways was NOT flexible at all - people travel with their pets everyday, why they targeted me, on the last flight of the night is beyond me... the flight was not even sold out! They obviously have some customer service issues and aren't training their people right... I WILL NEVER FLY WITH THEM AGAIN.
Shorty in Arizona
Julie in Gainesville, FL
I would be happy to comply with the size requirements of the pet carrier. However, I have been searching for weeks for one that meets these specs. None are eight inches high or 15 inches long. Few animals could stand comfortably in this small space providedI must decide. Is this inconvenience and discomfort to an animal worth i$100? Or should I drive again?
Worst Experience!!!!
Michele in Charlottesville
I had flown with my 13 pound Westie many times, from a few different airports, two different airlines and both cross country and shorter flights. when I checked in at 6am in Charlottesville, Va they would absolutely not let my dog on. Sae case, dog has not gained weight and is almost 6 years old, so she hasn't grown recently. Am wriing customer service, but it really was an inexplainable MESS!!!!!
Jonathan in Mountain View, CA
I am a big guy, and we were going to bring our two toy poodles on a flight to Kansas City, so I bought tickets in first class. Apparently USAir has a policy (not published -anywhere-) that they only allow one pet -total- in first class, and two -total- in coach. So the rep suggested I pick one, in the most crass way possible. I am so offended that I am looking for different arrangements.
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