Bark Park is a beautiful fenced in area where dogs can play with each other and their owners. There are obstacles, toys, and picnic tables, a huge tree stump, and a lovely dog statue. The park is split into two sections, one for larger dogs, one for tiny pooches, and each feature a safety zone with double fence doors to protect dogs from taking off. There are trees scattered throughout, and it's far enough off the road to really feel like a secluded park. There's a nicely mulched walk from the ample parking area, and the township even supplies pick-up bags and poop scoopers, with trash cans they service daily. When the weather is nice you're sure to see a crowd!


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Montgomery Township Bark Park has received a rating of 3.2 out of 5 bones by 19 dog owners on BringFido.

  • Jul. 15, 2018
    Great but empty!

    This is a beautiful dog park, but got here on a sunny Sunday afternoon and there is no one here for my pup to play with! If I came at a peak time, I’m guessing this place is great. Poop bags provided. Hard to find - follow Rt. 63 past DeKalb pike until you spot Assi plaza - it’s not intuitive but worth the search!

  • More than one year ago.
    Great Park

    I love this dog park! The people who frequent the park tend to be dog people and are great. The dogs have a great time and leave exhausted. I have had great experiences each time I take my dog and she is on the bigger size and is vocal when she plays but we have never had a problem!

  • More than one year ago.
    Hard to Find

    The hardest part is finding this place. If you want to get there, don't use the address listed use - 1222 Welsh Rd, North Wales, PA 19454, which is for the koko Korean barbecue place in the Assi Plaza. You'll see signs in that parking lot that will direct you to the back corner of the parking lot. From the parking lot you can't see the park, but if you follow the wood chip trail off to the right of the parking lot its a 2 minute walk. The park itself has 2 sections with tables and benches. Unfortunately, the park doesn't have agility obstacles as show in the first picture - at least not yet. Curious to see how many dogs are there on a nice summer day. Hopefully the revised address will help more people find this place!

  • More than one year ago.
    oh well maybe next time

    It took us 20 minutes to find and then there were no dogs there. Bummer!

  • More than one year ago.
    Bark Park

    My daughter and I took my dog here the other day and it started out great. I have a small dog but he can hold his own. We were in the large area and he was having a great time with all the bigger dogs. The owners were friendly and we were having a great time. At one point a pit bull came in. Now I have nothing against pit bulls typically but this one was overly aggressive. He kept going after my dog. The other big dogs were actually trying to push it away. I picked up my dog and went to leave and this dog continually was jumping at me trying to get my dog and almost bit me a few times. I sent my daughter ahead to get her to a safe area but I was appalled that the owner was no where in site and if I just missed him, he did nothing to stop this. Maybe it was the same guy that M had a problem with. If this dog was not there the park is great otherwise.

  • More than one year ago.
    no complaints here

    The park is huge. There were only 3 other dogs when I visited on a weekday afternoon. The 3 dogs were very nice and well behaved, and the owners were nice as well. There was a smaller fenced in portion as well for smaller dogs, but small dogs were welcome in the large area as well.

  • More than one year ago.
    Aggressive Pits

    A young man and woman had two pit bulls in the park. My dog met them at the gate and they seemed okay. After a little while my dog started to run, that set off their prey drive and the attack was on. IMO this park should be closed and I will go to two. meeting to have it shut down. The owners did such a poor job of stopping their aggressive dogs. Me and my daughter were scared!!!! The sad thing I left. No one in the park helped. The owners of the Pitbulls should have left while I stayed….Oh well I am done….

  • More than one year ago.
    Great day at the park!!

    We visited Bark Park for the first time on Sunday, and it was great!! Really wasn't as hard to find as all the others have posted. If you go around the bank, just bear to your right and head towards the woods. There is a big blue and white sign with and arrow that says BARK PARK. There were at least 5-6 dogs consistently - coming and going- I have a 1yr old (we think-he's a rescue) Border Terrier mix, and he had a blast! I swear he was smiling every time he blazed by me at 100 miles an hour. It was a nice mix of dogs- from a 4mth old puppy to a much older dog. When you do go, make sure you bring your own water. Plenty of bowls to use, and lots of Dirty dirty toys- I'd suggest bringing your toys as well, though a few of the dogs were helping themselves to those that were brought. It is all mulch and dirt, so don't wear anything you don't want to get dirty, because you probably will.
    All dogs and their owners were very friendly and I can't wait to bring Max back to play!! Also a huge plus was that my children could be there. So many parks do not allow children under 14-16 yrs old. So having them be able to come and play with Max and all the other dogs was wonderful!!

  • More than one year ago.
    Used to be great

    I used to love this park- we would come here 4 times a week. Twice I had an issue with a man and his pit bull. The first time the pit bull immediately was out to get my puppy- my dog was just entering and this happened- fortunately the owner was on top of things and left shortly after...but not the second time. He was there again and as soon as we entered he went after my dog again! I walked to the other side of the park with my dog only to turn around and see the pit bull charging for us. Well my dog got bit and the owner had no concern for us. Hopefully my dog will recover soon. I will never go here agin. Beware

  • More than one year ago.
    Bark Park

    This is an awesome dog park and large enough for the bigger dogs to exercise their energy away. I have 4 large dogs and a smaller 33 lb one. My small dog goes into the big dog area without any issues. All of my dogs love it and get super excited when we approach the parking lot. After every visit, they are exhausted from all the exercise and ready to go home and relax. I consider myself an expert on the surrounding area dog parks and have been to all of them. Bark Park is one of my favorites. At every single dog park I visit with my 5 dogs, there is always the occasional dog scuffle, especially when there are 20+ dogs running around at the same time. To those who gave it negative reviews and deemed Bark Park unsafe, here is what you need to consider. The reality is that if you want to be 100% sure that your dog is not going to get into a scuffle, then you should never take your dog to an off leash dog park. Dogs are animals, primal in their instincts, and unpredictable in any environment. There is no guarantee that an aggressive dog will not visit this or any other off leash dog park at any given time. It is the obvious chance you take when you go to an off leash dog park and the parks do have posted warnings.

  • More than one year ago.

    Tried to find this place on my way to a friends house from NJ and i could never for the life of me find this place! do your research and bring a gps

  • More than one year ago.
    aggressive dogs and peole

    I have been to this park maybe 6 times as it is close to my house. many of the people and dogs are very nice but I have seen many dogfights and owners not watching theirs agressive dogs or taking responsibility for their dogs. I almost got into a fist fight last visit with a "regular" over his dog being agressive with my 1 year old puppy. Keep a good eye on your dogs here.

  • More than one year ago.
    I love it

    I babysit dogs for a living and every time I go to Bark park we are greeted with welcoming faces and dogs. All of the dogs I have brought there have had wonderful times and play with every dog.

  • More than one year ago.

    I finally found this place and my dog was attacked by some sort of big Jack Russell mix the instant we entered. The dog did not bite mine but ran at him at full bore and attacked him twice while his elderly owner chatted with some woman. I grabbed my dog and ran. Maybe this is a park for aggressive dogs or something? I don't know but it was bizarre. The man did not apologize and his dog was standing on the picnic tables like some sort of sentry.

  • More than one year ago.

    The fenced area for smaller dogs looks like it is never used. The double gated entrance was completely filled with knee-high weeds and looked completely abandonded.

    There was a highly agressive dog in the large dog area that attacked two other dogs during my five minute visit. Both owners quickly left the park.

    The park is difficult to find, completely secluded, and unsafe for dogs and their owners.

  • More than one year ago.
    Finally Found It

    It's located on rte 63 behind the Korean Supermarket in the Assi Plaza. enter on the side of the Cleaner and Dentist.Pass soverign Bank.Follow parking lot behind korean store to the DEADEND.walk along side fence youll see the dog park

  • More than one year ago.

    I gave this park one bone bc, for the life of me, I could not find it. Very frustrating.

  • More than one year ago.
    bark park

    Nice, secure place to bring your pup to run off some energy, especially if you have a runner! Most people know not to bring aggressive dogs. (I say most because one guy let his husky attack my fox terrier. He wasn't seriously hurt, but because he was elderly I didn't want to risk him getting hurt, so I never went back. Other than this one incident, my dog really enjoyed going there, and loved the socialization, since he was an "only dog".

  • More than one year ago.
    How to find Bark Park

    From 202 and 63, you must travel West on 63 to the Assi Plaza Shopping Center and follow the parking lot all the way around the curve towards an abandoned house. You may see white letters on the drive that say "PA1" with an arrow. Go all the way to the farthest point in the parking lot behind the house. Look to your right to find the mulched trail.

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Hard to Find - Use Koko Korean BBQ Address
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