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Dyker Beach Park Dog Run

Dyker Beach Park Dog Run includes a large, grassy dog run with a secure entrance where your pet can play off-leash. Visit Website

Or call (718) 259-4016 for more information.


BringFido Guest Rating

Dyker Beach Park Dog Run has received a rating of 2.9 out of 5 bones by 11 canine critics on BringFido.

  • Natalie
    More than a year ago
    Decent Park

    The park itself is pretty decent--lots of space for dogs to romp, a section for little dogs, and water. I wish there was more enrichment for the dogs (like agility equipment) but oh well. Unfortunately, there is a clique that goes in the afternoon almost every single day that really ruins the park. The ringleader, an older gentleman with a Doberman, is incredibly nasty. He verbally assaulted and cursed out a young woman with a German Shepherd all because her dog growled at a puppy (and it wasn't his dog, either) and he clearly thinks he is the king of the dog park. Who needs that sort of nonsense in their lives? If you do decide to go when this guy is there, PLEASE be wary of him and if he starts any kind of trouble, call 911 ASAP and film it too.

  • Sophie
    More than a year ago
    It's Okay

    For what it is, the park's okay. I'm not a huge fan of the gravel, but aside from that, it's decent. My pet peeve though is irresponsible owners taking their tiny dogs into the big dog section even though they added a small dog run when they renovated the park a few years ago. Just today I saw two vicious Dachshunds bite a Beagle mix and the dog walker ran off like her hair was on fire, even though the dog was bleeding profusely. I've seen those two dogs start trouble before, and it's frustrating because they'd clearly be better off in the small dog run. It's not fair to the bigger dogs to have to be attacked by little ones due to the owners and dog walkers being irresponsible.

  • Laurel
    More than a year ago
    It's Okay

    The park itself isn't bad--there's water for the dogs, but the gravel can be hard to wash out of your clothes. Most dogs and owners are nice, but there's a mean clique with very aggressive dogs who sit in the corner. The ringleader is an old man with a Doberman, and I saw him verbally harass a young woman and her boyfriend absolutely unprovoked today at 2:30 p.m. He called them foul slurs,mocked the young man for walking with a cane, and no one stepped in to stop it. I called the cops and reported him for harassment, but no one showed up. The Doberman also attacked two dogs today, so make sure you go later in the afternoon to avoid these mean people and dogs!

  • Dinah
    More than a year ago
    Gotta Watch Your Dog

    Park itself isn't bad. Lots of room for pups to run around, a few water fountains and even a section for smaller dogs, which is really nice. However, there is one bad apple. There's a very mean old man with an aggressive Doberman who is constantly going after other dogs while the owner harasses other patrons. I saw him verbally assault a young woman two days ago who couldn't be more than 18 years old. She looked close to tears and told me she wasn't going to come when he was there anymore. How is that okay? If you want to avoid this man, I was told he's there from 2:30-4:30pm every day. If he or his dog start trouble, I would call 911 because they are a danger.

  • Felicity
    More than a year ago
    Not Too Bad

    Dyker Beach Dog Park is a pretty good park. The gravel is a bit annoying, but there's lots of space for the dogs to run and there is water fountains, which are usually turned on in late spring. However, there's always a few bad apples in every bunch and as previous reviewers have stated, it's imperative that people avoid the old man with the aggressive Doberman. He will lash out for no reason and he is a very dangerous dog, so please be sure to keep your distance in order to keep your pup safe.

  • Wendy Robinson
    More than a year ago
    Too much dog poop!

    Saturday 10/31/15. 'm visiting from Massachusetts and this afternoon I checked out this park. It is well fenced, very large, part crushed clay gravel and part grass with a couple of benches and picnic tables and some shade. There were eight or nine dogs there, all pretty friendly with attentive enough owners. At first I thought it was fantastic, but walking around I discovered several piles of unpicked up dog poop. I picked up two or three but I only had a few bags with me and the bag dispenser was empty. It's not as if the place was covered with poop or anything, but my dog likes to snack on it occasionally (yuck!) and has already gotten sick from this charming habit a couple of times so for me that's a problem and the reason I'm giving it four bones. Without the poop it would be five. So bring extra bags and be a good samaritan and pick up some extra poop.

  • Dannie
    More than a year ago
    Gravel Nightmare

    I have 3 pups a 9 year old dal mix a 4 year old chihuahua mix a 10 month old pitty...my pittie loves to run laps around the park and have everyone chase him and he's torn up his feet each of the two times I've brought him here...I won't be coming back. The gravel is sharp and covers basically the entire park...not a practical bedding for running pups. I'm very disappointed with how they redid this park.

  • Nichole
    More than a year ago
    Love all Breeds

    I was so excited to find a dog park by my new home in Brooklyn. Im from an area of Westchester where dogs don't wear leashes. So it was nice to find a good place to exercise him. I have a pitt, sweet, dumb and doofy. He was beat up on two separate occasions. One where he received lacerations to his eye and face. Owner picked her dog up and ran. Second time he had teeth marks in his cheek that ran pretty deep, older pitt. I got an apology that time. The regular click at the park, rude and childish. They whisper about you and your dog on the way in and then seclude you and your dog. Never Again.

  • Noemi
    More than a year ago
    Love it

    I bring my border collie here once a week and we love it.

  • Cathy
    More than a year ago
    not at all my dogs to small

    i would like to say that this place is nice, but for small dogs it's to dangerous, Wish they had a place where small dogs can play and have fun, Many new owners are nervous, and would like to teach them but can't because of the big dogs especially the pit bulls

  • Walter
    More than a year ago
    Dyker Beach Park

    1st off this is not a beach location and is no where near a beach. It is an enclosed dog run with a secure entrance. No water source at location for dogs or humans. Large quantities of Large & medium sized dogs most of the time. Small dogs sometimes get overwhelmed. My last dog (prior to refurbishment by the Parks Dept) always came home sick. Won't take the chance with my new dog.

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