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Prince William County Dog Park

Great new dog park in Woodbridge. Has a separate small dog area, benches, a picnic table, agility equipment, and poop-bags and trashcans. Located between Colby Dr. and Sturbridge Rd. Visit Website

Or call (703) 792-6000 for more information.


BringFido Guest Rating

Prince William County Dog Park has received a rating of 3.2 out of 5 bones by 13 canine critics on BringFido.

  • Jessica
    Jun. 6, 2021
    Free and fun!

    We have gone several times in the evening. Everytimeour pup has gotten out tons of energy. The people are always nice. Make sure you know your dog and their comfort level.

    Bags, trash cans, balls, bowls and tons of benches are there. The large are is very dusty and my pup had a great time. Make sure to bring water. The pups use communal water bowels and owners take turns filing up. Overall people arrived respectful and clean up after their pet.

  • Nat
    May. 17, 2021
    Horrible place! No management! People are rude!

    This was my first time bringing my daughter and puppy to the park. There was a sign that clearly says small dogs, and another says small/larger dogs. Not sure why the owners of a large Rottweiler and Pit Bull put them into the small side of the park. Needless to say, they had no control over their dogs. The dogs chased my 16-pound puppy and pinned him down. I yelled at the owners and asked them to get their dog, but they were more interested in cussing at me and my daughter! Unfortunately, there was no one there to help us, and no one to tell the owners to take their dogs to the right side of the park.

  • Suze
    More than a year ago
    Pick up after pet

    As another reviewer stated .. I watched one fellow less than 6 ft from his pup and not pu pup poo.. This is unacceptable !! Park is very dusty and grassy areas are littered w poo! No excuse! Park provides free bags and places to put the poo!! Pick up needs to be enforced ! I didn't say anything because he had bad tempered dog! His Dog in my face while I tried to put my pup on leash to leave . He never tried to get his dog away from me even though you could tell it was driving my dog nuts!! So sad .

  • Suze
    More than a year ago
    Minnieville did park

    I love taking my pup here but as was stated earlier some folks let their dogs be too aggressive. My pup just laying down .. Not intrested in newcomer and newcomer jumped on him!! Owner very nice pulled his pup off of mine but I took my pup and left.. On way out I heard another ruckus I assumed was the new dog w other pups in the park! Until the new pup showed up all was good! Has happened more than once! With other dogs as well. My pup plays well w others but prefers to just chase his ball.. New dog was so into my purse
    I had to hang it on fence. Owner was really nice and pulled his bigger dog off mine . Just be careful taking your pups there, keep sharp eye on them.. I admit I was on cell phone when pup was jumped on! However, I don't think that would have changed things. New dog was just aggressive

  • Kurt
    More than a year ago
    Bad Owners = Bad Dog Park

    I've been to several dog parks and I agree with posts I've seen on this one regarding the aggressiveness of the dogs and the rudeness of the people at the Prince William Minnieville location. I've taken our 11mo old large dog (80lbs "puppy") to this park probably 30 times and many times it's been good with good owners and good dogs. Too often though large dogs are overly and persistently aggressive. They are loud and extremely dominant to a dog when they enter the park, and the aggressive ones gang up on new dogs. This is a typical dog-pack "hello" to the new-guy and they move on, but many times the larger and aggressive dogs don't let up, and they fuel the others' aggression, and their stupid owners don't ever do anything no matter how long it goes for. For some reason here there seem to regularly be other dogs that follow this around and bite at the back legs (one time actually holding on at the ankle and pulling my dog's back leg backward while he's dealing with the other aggressive dogs) or biting at the back of the neck hard enough to change the direction of the dog already dealing with several other overly-aggressive dogs ganging up on him (although no blood). When you ask who these dogs belong to and ask the owners that they control their dog or get them to stop, they get defensive and treat you like you are the problem. Not sure how I can be the problem when my dog is ganged up on by several aggressive dogs at one time for 10-15 min without a break. Regulars stand around talking to each other not watching their dogs. To be clear I am not in any way an overly-protective dog owner and have owned 6 wonderful dogs previously - I understand interaction, dominance, submissiveness, "playground-dynamics" and that dogs, especially large ones, aggressively play and it gets rough sometimes while they figure the other out. But many dogs at this park and their owners go far beyond that. This isn't appropriate behavior by the dogs or their owners and I would hate to have their bad dog-ownership and bad dog behavior teach my extremely well behaved dog to act like them. He could easily become aggressive as a large rescued dog with a lab/rott/pit/chow mix in him and we have worked hard to train him and be a well-behaved family dog, which he is. It is very disappointing that these conditions exist at this park especially since we helped to fund its creation, and it is sad to give it a 1star rating. I am now reluctant every time we take our dog there. When the park works it's great exercise for the dogs and lots of ball chasing and wrestling, but too many times the handful of horrible owners and their subsequently horrible dogs make it an unpleasant experience and ruin it for everyone else, and they are oblivious to their role. And unfortunately it isn't like there is an authority at the park so the only recourse becomes putting up with the rude people and their dogs or leaving. After another bad experience (hence the post) where two large dogs were relentlessly aggressive with mine, a particularly ripe and unpleasant woman aggressively (coincidence?) approached me and said to not touch her dog, but I just separated her dog from mine after 15 minutes of watching her do nothing and he was near me trying to get away from her dog, again which I wouldn't have to do if she was paying attention or cared what her dog was doing. She asked me if I knew anything about dogs and said I must not and I am a problem because of how I clearly behaved with her dog, and while leashing up my dog said she was happy I was leaving. I was too. Ripe, rude and wacko trash, and I was with my daughter. The rating of 1 star isn't for the park, it's for the nasty and neglectful people that go there. No zero-star rating available. The unfortunate side of this is that good dogs and their owners will stop going to the park, leaving it ultimately only for the bad dogs and the bad owners, and they don't deserve i

  • Kristiina
    More than a year ago
    Too many aggressive dogs

    I stopped taking my then puppy due him being attacked two separate times. Goes without saying that owners of these dogs are also irresponsible. I have spoken to at least 10 dog owners in my neighborhood, and they all complained about the same problem.

  • Lee
    More than a year ago

    Got ringworm from this dog park because no one picks up after their dogs.

    There are also insane owners with aggressive dogs who rationalize their babies as "just not liking puppies" or something.

  • Janis Jackson
    More than a year ago
    K9 Gunner Memorial Dog Park

    This dog park has a new "official name" as seen in the Title of this post. I know this because I helped build the dog park, from its conception until completion, 3 years later. This dog park is large, and has two separate areas, one for dogs 25 lbs or less and the other side is for dogs of all size. It doesn't have water, so bring your own. What I like about this dog park is that its the only one around for miles and is utilized to capacity at times! I love that dogs are off leash and showing off their skills whether it be ball chasing, sniffing butts, or just being friendly. There is a strict "no aggression" policy at this dog park! At FIRST sign of aggression your must leash and rem,ove your dog from the dog park.

  • Belinda
    More than a year ago
    Dog Lover

    We have 4 small dogs ranging from 3 Scotties and 1 Cairn. If there is no one is the small side we take them to the big one. I agree with the person that said it seems some people don't know how to clean up after themselves. We take our 4 and run them till they are tired then they come home and crash out! :)

  • Kris
    More than a year ago
    Large Dog Park

    I've been to this dog park a lot. My dog loves it and law at gets a Goidelic workout. Back towards the trees is where thers a lot of poop where owners ignored picking it up, otherwise it's a big area, friendly people for the most part. I noticed at my last visit there were about 20 tennis balls just laying around. If owners bring them, take them home! Some are dirty and there are so many it would take 40 minutes to find and throw them away. The dogs are too busy playing and chasing each other and don't care about the clutter of tennis balls. I do love the exercise my dog gets at the park and glad it's there.

  • William
    More than a year ago
    nice dog park

    Today was my first time at this dog park with my dogs and they love it. It is a very nice size and fenced in, so can let your dog of the leash. Although they have two sides one for big dogs and for small dog I was in the big dog size. Is nice to see the dogs run around playing catch or chasing each other burning steam, everyone there was very friendly and everyone cleaned up after their dog I will definitely go back and I know my dog will be happy too

  • Eric
    More than a year ago
    Amazing Park

    I really like this park because it's spilt up into two sections. For small dogs and for normal dogs. Other than that, the park is really clean and friendly. There are many dogs and very welcoming. I can't wait to take my doggy there more often.

  • Kat
    More than a year ago
    Great Park!

    This is a great park, there are trees around so there's usually always some shade. Very well maintained. People are generally really responsible about picking up after their pets and taking care of any fights. There is the occasional person who keeps their dog there even after it starts a few fights (fights usually only break out when people bring their un-neutered males), but most people are smart about it and if their dog can't behave they leave.

    Also, the group running the park is very responsible and pro-active and regularly holds meetings (which anyone can attend!) where you can give recommendations about any issues that may arise.

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