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Wrightsville Beach

Leashed pets are welcome on Wrightsville Beach during the off-season (October 1 to March 31) at this beautiful, clean beach. Dogs are not allowed on the beach from April 1 to September 30. Please note: Leash laws are strictly enforced and fines are $250. Visit Website

Or call (910) 256-7937 for more information.


BringFido Guest Rating

Wrightsville Beach has received a rating of 2.2 out of 5 bones by 18 canine critics on BringFido.

  • Volha
    May. 17, 2022
    Not a dog-friendly from April 1 to September 30

    It’s definitely a not dog-friendly place.
    From April 1 you don’t have to walk with a dog… That beach even hasn’t special area for dog owners. Big disappointment

  • Annette
    Jun. 22, 2021
    Came in the off season and think they are money hungry

    This area is 100% not dog-friendly in my opinion. I specifically came here for the natural beaches and so my dog could play in the evenings. I had my dog on the end of the beach with nobody around and a ranger drove up in his big pickup truck and asked for my identification. He said there was signs everywhere that no dogs were allowed on the beach. I have been here for 3 days and haven’t seen them. He asked if I was from out of town and told me he HAD to give me a citation. $250 is quite excessive. On the way out I looked everywhere for no dog signs. I did not see a single one. Finally, on a sign that listed 20 other rules in small print there was a rule for no dogs except October ……. Yes, I was in the wrong. However, I would not have taken my dog on the beach if there were signs everywhere like the ranger stated. Not a tourist-friendly beach in any way, with or without dogs.

  • Lele
    Sep. 7, 2020
    No dogs period.

    Shucks. Not from Wilmington and went to the beach on Labor Day, with no warning, got a $250 fine. My pup was on a leash and we were right next to the sand duns. Promise we didn’t see a sign as we walked up from a private entrance. The ranger told me it was to protect the turtles. I already don’t use straws and drink out of a hydro flask! Jk but I really do. I hope that 250 is actually going to the turtles and not somewhere else. Just a little salty as we had just arrived and other couples had their pups off leashes. No other cops spoke to us either. We were being peaceful and polite. If I could give this beach 0 bones, I would. WB has nothing to offer but fines, rules, and hefty parking fees. I believe there’s one public restroom and literally no parking spaces. There’s nothing special about this beach. If they truly cared about the environment, they wouldn’t be patrolling the beaches with trucks and SUVs 24/7 back to back.. How about walk or ride a bike. A written warning would’ve been nice especially on a holiday.. Had 2 out of 3 hours left on my meter.. oh well. Park and rivers it is for my fur baby.

  • Taylor
    Sep. 1, 2020
    Good Beach

    I live here and sure it sucks that they can’t go during the peak season but it’s for conservation reasons and tourism which is how the city gets a lot of it’s money and for someone who lives here.... trust me the city could use it. as far as allowing dogs off leash I don’t think they should at all. sure some people know their dogs limits and will only let their dog off the leash if it’s reasonable but not all owners are like that. my dog was rescued from a very bad situation and he’s not dog aggressive but does not like to be caught off guard so even a dog just running up to him to play could be a bad situation. if you want your dogs to run loose and run up to any dog around take them to a dog park. my dog shouldn’t have to be stuck inside because people can’t keep theirs on a leash. if you want them to have more room to run get a longer leash. moral of the story is the beach isn’t bad because it has rules. it’s a good beach you just need to know what your looking for.

  • Kimberly
    Oct. 26, 2019
    Not Really Dog Friendly

    I’d call this beach “selectively dog friendly.” I’m pretty sure some of the unsupervised kids there do more damage for the animals and whatnot, than a dog on a leash could do.....at least Topsail Beach lets you have your dog on leash during peak season.

  • Stacey
    May. 24, 2019
    One bone is too much

    With limited parking and a parking increase, plus lack of facilities, decent places to eat and lack of dog friendly beaches... let's just say you're better off going to Topsail. Parking is free, decent food options and dog friendly. It's amazing how delusional the people of Wrightsville are. Jacking up parking prices without many parking options and having sub-par entertainment or food options... money can't buy class or a brain.

  • Adam
    Dec. 19, 2018
    Off seasons are great!

    The off season for taking my dog, Pongo is great! We've gone twice this year so far and are going back tomorrow! Keep them on a leash, but if you get a 30ft leash for $10 on amazon, they can still run around to get out some energy while also having control!

  • Cassandra
    Mar. 24, 2018
    Perfect Off-Season

    I love bringing my dog to Wrightsville Beach during the off-season! Dogs must be leashed but can still have fun! It’s beautiful all year round. Dogs are not allowed from April-September to protect our endangerd nesting birds and sea turtles. If the birds see a dog, they will fly away from their nest and the sun or a gull will kill the babies. Off-leash dogs can also dig up a turtle or bird nest. Please follow the rules on the beach to protect ALL of our animals!

  • Carla
    More than a year ago
    Tourist Unattraction

    Took my dog six years ago to this beach and was politely asked to remove her, so sad to see that WB hasn't evolved with the times. My dog is not a dog but my "fur baby" and as such goes everywhere with me and this beach will not be in our travel plans this year. Way to go Wilmington NC!!

  • Allison
    More than a year ago
    Not dog friendly

    I agree with the others this is not a dog friendly beach. Dogs should be allowed (on leash) during peak season. Guess I will be going to a real PET Friendly beach this weekend.

  • Nick
    More than a year ago
    this beach can go to hell

    Not friendly for dogs with the off season only. Stupid dog haters, fluffed up snot nosed jerks don't like dogs having fun during the best time of summer

  • Mary Claire
    More than a year ago

    They are not dog friendly at all at Wrightsville Beach. I have a Golden and in true retriever form he loves to swim and chase a tennis ball. He pays no mind to anyone else on the beach and people love watching him crash through the waves. I was cited $250 for having him off a leash while he was in the water! Not cool.

  • Marc
    More than a year ago
    I wouls NOT call this dog friendly

    Absolutely no dogs from May-Oct 1, even in the early morning. Off season, as others mentioned, they will levy high fines for any dog off leash. Do your dogs a favor and go somewhere else!!!

  • Rick
    More than a year ago
    Dog friendly my a**

    No dogs in September?? On a leash at all times?? $250 fine for first occurance?? You call this dog friendly?? I'll never go back to Wrightsville Beach.

  • Brick
    More than a year ago
    I dig Wrightsville Beach

    Extremely clean beach. Happy place to be during the off season with my pup. Even happier when no one is around and I accidently (wink) dropped her leash so she could run full throttle. Masonboro Inlet area is a great place for diggin' in the sand. Let's keep it clean people. Maybe WB will consider year round acceptance. I'd be willing to get certified as a responsible owner to be able to take my girl to this beach year round. Here's to wishful thinking.

  • Justin
    More than a year ago
    Off Season Delight

    Dogs are allowed all day during the off season. As with any beach or park, when there's no one around... It's off leash to me!

  • Gary
    More than a year ago
    Dog lov

    At the rate everything is going people won't even be allowed on the beach! Just go to topsail beach and enjoy yourself and your dog but they are serious about the leash law.

  • James
    More than a year ago
    no police or fire dept

    tried calling wpd an wbfd they dont pick up on the week ends unless u call 911. wanted to know if i could take fido on the beach. thanks again wb for your help.

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