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Chaparral Dog Park

Chapparral Dog Park is an enclosed space for dogs to run, play and socialize with other pups in Scottsdale, AZ. The park features three acres of grass, benches, agility tunnels, and dog water fountains. It's divided into three areas, two of which are open most of the time, one for active dogs and the other for passive pups. The third space is available on rotation. Maintenance is scheduled every Tuesday and Friday from 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM. Visit Website

Or call (480) 312-2353 or email parks&rec@scottsdaleaz.gov for more information.


BringFido Guest Rating

Chaparral Dog Park has received a rating of 3.9 out of 5 bones by 17 canine critics on BringFido.

Visitors find the Chaparral Dog Park to be a large, well-maintained, and pet-friendly space with designated areas for active and passive dogs. They generally praise the park's cleanliness, responsible owners, and abundance of amenities, though some note issues with aggressive dogs or lack of a dedicated small dog area.

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  • Julia
    Oct 24, 2023
    The best Dog Park!!

    We love this park because of the large grassy areas and all the dogs and owners are very friendly! Super well lit up at night and overall very clean.

  • Inde
    Sep 19, 2022
    Beautiful-Big-Lots of grass

    What a beautiful, big, grassy park. The nicest dog park I have been to. Fully fenced with separate areas for shy dogs and high energy companions. Lots of dogs there to run and play with.

  • Gary
    Apr 20, 2022
    Not Safe!

    The park is no longer safe. We have been coming to this park for over 7 years and there have been many incidents with aggressive dogs on the active side, so people are bringing their large active dogs to the passive side. There were 2 large dogs chasing each other at full speed and they body slammed my wife and knocked her down. The dogs fractured her knee and she was in a wheelchair for 2 months. Both dog owners admitted they used to bring their dogs to the active side but were scared at the dog fighting.

  • Chantel
    Aug 11, 2021
    I love this park

    I love going here. The people control there dogs good and its huge for all types of dogs

  • Brian
    Mar 18, 2020
    Best Dog Park I've Been To

    I use to live right next to Chaparral Park, so I took my German Shepherd to its dog park more times than I can count. It is by far the best dog park I have been to. It has 3 large lawns (although 1 is usually closed to let the grass grow back in) for both active and passive dogs. There are always a lot of dogs there and it is very well lit at night! Chaparral Park also offers several other amenities and has a great walking path for you and your pooch. I'd recommend downloading the app, Avem, to see what other Chaparral Park amenities interest you.

  • Lisa bishoff
    Jan 17, 2019

    Great on all accounts! Ultra responsible owners, big area, lots of water, clean...plus a wonderful park adjacent where you can go for a walk after.

  • Darcy
    More than a year ago
    Best AZ Dog Park

    I always take my dogs to this specific dog park. It is a bit of a drive for me but I find it is always worth it. There are two different areas. I love the fact that there is always plenty of dogs and people at this park no mater what time of day it seems to be. Its very clean and it rotates between fields every so often to make sure the grass is well kept. The dogs at this park are the most social and friendly ive come across in Az so far.

  • Tom
    More than a year ago
    Is it off leash?

    I just took my 2 labs hoping I finally found a big grassy area for my dogs to run. All I saw was sign after sign of "Dogs Must be on a Leash", goose poop everywhere. Am I missing something?

  • John
    More than a year ago
    A favorite!

    Our two dogs love this dog park and so do we. Clean park and very responsible pet owners. We are snowbirds and found this to be a favorite!

  • Jill
    More than a year ago
    great park

    Lovely park, separate areas for active and passive dogs. More than an adequate number of bags to pick up after the dog. Several water stations and play areas for the dogs. I would have given this 4 bones, but because owners don't appear to clean up after their dogs, there is A lot of waste all over the park. Shame on the owners

  • Adrix
    More than a year ago
    no small dogs area

    They only have passive and active area. People brings their big dogs into the passive area and they want to play with the small dogs which is not a good idea. They should have an area for only small dogs. It always clean

  • SK
    More than a year ago
    No PIt Bulls or Mixes

    After being attacked by a dog not held back on a leash on the street, I thought I would try the dog park. I took my 6 month beagle puppy to the park for the first time. Things were great and my puppy was the most social dog in the passive area. She was the rabbit the other dogs would chase. Then I happened to notice a young woman brought in her young pit bull into the passive side. I started to run towards my overly friendly puppy that was being chased through the cement tunnels. Others had the same thought I did. I caught up to my puppy the same time the pit bull did. As I reached down to pick my girl up the pit bull pounced on her. I re-grabbed my puppy and pulled her to my chest with the pit bull trying to pull he our of my arms. The pit bull then knocked me down into the sand as I help on to my puppy. By that time others rallied around to help me up. The pit bull owner grabbed her dog and kept saying she was sorry. Most everybody except the pit bull and owner left. The next time we went back to the dog park, my puppy again was the rabbit the other dogs chased in the passive side. I kept my eyes out for large dogs and pit bulls. A little bit later there was a HUGE, HUGE dog fight in the active side. There were about 6-8 pit bulls/mixes that turned on a large Lab. There were all sorts of people screaming so loud and pulling dogs out of the pile by their legs. That was enough for me. Pit Bulls, Chows and Rots should be banned or have their own park area. I would recommend carrying a taser in that part!

  • Greg
    More than a year ago
    Great Park!!!

    Love this park. Two areas. One for passive dogs and one for aggressive dogs.

    NOTE -the term "Passive" does not refer to dogs that aren't interactive and playing, it is for dogs that need a little reassurance to get going. If your dog freaks around other dogs that sniff his/her butt, thats not passive. That's anti-social. Not in a bad way, but I bring it up because some owners bring their dogs to the park and then expect the other dogs to leave them alone or respect their space. If thats the case, then the dog park isn't for you. This dog park is a very social spot to meet and greet people and dogs.

    Facilities are very well maintained and very nice.

  • Susan
    More than a year ago
    Good Park

    The park is well maintained, well lit for night time, and people are friendly. Two separate Passive / Active dog areas (not divided by size). On occasion we have found that some clueless owner will have a large VERY active dog in the "passive" side, but for the most part people are intelligent and responsible. Nice facility.

  • Amanda
    More than a year ago
    favorite park

    I love this park! I have a hyper 5 month old, and I have yet to worry about her in the active side. My pup loves coming here and socializing with dogs big and small- all ages too. I love the park because it is so well maintained. A few times I have seen poop left behind, but I just pick it up. All the owners I have met are young professionals or family oriented. Bottom line-everyone is friendly. A few times various owners will come with tons of tennis balls & large water bowls for everyone to enjoy. While it is big, it offers enough space for dogs who don't click to avoid each other. I like that the park is separated into active/passive dog areas, even though it ends up being small/big dog areas. It's a unique way of doing it. There really is no perfect way of dividing dogs. Even if there was a small dog area, who decided what is small? A 5 lbs dog vs a 30 lbs dog, which by general standards, is still considered small is still not a fair fight.

    Bottom line- this is a GREAT park.

    Less crowded before 7. After that, there tends to be a lot of dogs.

  • Teri
    More than a year ago

    This website states there is a "small dog" area, that is not true at all. They have a passive dog area and an active dog area. There are very large dogs in the passive dog area that should be in the active dog area, went on Saturday morning with our little 4.6 pound Chorkie, we could not even put him down on the ground due to a hyper lab that wanted to play, but when a 80 pound dog tries to play with a 4.6 pound dog it can be really bad news for the little dog, we left the dog park, will not return until they have a true small dog area. Very disappointed.

  • Kasie
    More than a year ago
    Great park, but BIG!

    This park is VERY well maintained. There are 3 seporate areas for the dogs, one of which is closed to the public to allow the grass to grow and be maintained, and parks are rotated accordingly, which keeps them all in great shape. The main complaint I have is that the park is so overly huge that on any given weekend night, there can be upwards of a hundred and fifty dogs there. The first time I went was a little overwhelming. My dog is very well behaved, but in that many dogs, I can't be certain that everyone else is watching their dogs to make sure they aren't doing anything. Great park, well maintained, lit well at night, plenty of seating!

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