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Big Walnut Dog Park

Big Walnut Dog Park in Columbus, OH is a fenced park featuring a side for small dogs and one for large dogs. Other amenities include parking, a portable restroom and picnic tables. The dog park does not have water access, so be sure to pack some water for Fido. Park rules are posted at the entrance. Visit Website

Or call (614) 645-3300 for more information.


BringFido Guest Rating

Big Walnut Dog Park has received a rating of 2.6 out of 5 bones by 19 canine critics on BringFido.

  • Jessica
    May 18, 2022
    No More Pond Access

    Very sad that they took about pond access, it was a great place for the pups to swim.

  • Claire
    Jul 19, 2021
    No pond

    there is no pond access like the photo makes it look like. very disappointed.

  • Eric
    Aug 20, 2019
    Great Spot

    Large fenced in grassy area with big trees for shade, picnic benches, and plenty of room for activities.

  • Martha
    Nov 4, 2018
    Not Sure About Safety

    Reading the reviews and a lot of Pitidiot excuses about their breed, refusing to accept genetics play a role in dog behavior, not just environment, especially when your dog is a pit rescue, you are in denial. I went by with my dogs and saw too many unfriendly dogs in the area off leash with owners yelling after them attempting to control to let my sweet bassets in there.

  • Alicia
    More than a year ago
    Used to be awesome

    Used to come here a lot. Lost my GSD to cancer and didn't come for 6months then got a puppy and brought her at the age of 5months.

    A lot of judge rude people. Lady called the cops on me because my husband's corgi mixed came over to her and her dog. Our corgi bowed and play growled and that is why she called the cops..

  • Rick
    More than a year ago
    Only for big dogs

    I used to take my 2 small dogs there. Now there is no separate areas for large and small dogs. There are always large dog in the small dog area. What's wrong with you, Whitehall that you can't fix this? So many ignorant people!

  • Argent
    More than a year ago
    Just Terrible

    The place is a mess. They removed the pond and the owners and their dogs get worse by the week. Many refuse to clean up after their dog and too many aggressive dogs (and owners). A majority of the unsocial dogs are pits. (Yes not every pit is aggressive, but the majority of aggressive dogs here are pits).

  • Lisa
    More than a year ago
    MANY ignorant Dog Owners !

    I agree the pond was the BEST thing about this park. As for the ignorant comments concerning pit bulls really shows mentality of uninformed individuals. There is MANY bad owners that own vicious dogs and its not conraibed to 1 bred. Statistics tell you that the bred that bite the MOST is chihuahua but because they cause little damage seldom is reported. Where because of pit bulls jaw strength unfortunately when they go bad the amount of damage they can cause is bad. Get informed people before choosing to cast the whole bred out. I've been an owner of several whom have showed to be VERY loving attentive liyal family dogs who wasn't penned up for company and was social around all ages never showing any aggressive behavior except for situations where they felt a family member was in harms way. I think most that try giving them a bad rap is their appearance. A strong muscular physique. What a shame to loose out a most loving bred.

  • Angie
    More than a year ago
    good so far

    I took my dog for first time this past week. It had very nice grassy areas for dogs to run and play. My girl loved the little pond. I sat and chatted with very nice people and we did not encounter any aggressive dogs. I plan on going again.

  • Rebecca
    More than a year ago
    People are more rude than pitbulls

    I love this park. Me and my pitbull come here often. After reading these reviews, I am a little disappointed. My pitbull is never a problem at any dog park, but there are many aggressive, loud dogs that will be aggressive with my dog. It is rude to solely single out pitbull a for their aggressive behavior when I have met many other breeds at this park that have been more of a problem. It does not matter what breed your dog is, if they do not socialize well with other dogs, do not bring them.

  • B
    More than a year ago
    No longer has contained swimming area

    The Recreation & Parks Dept of Columbus decided to get rid of the dog swimming area at this park. Frankly, that was the best thing the park had. They claimed it was too difficult to keep dogs contained, though numerous solutions had been made & ignored.

  • Gable
    More than a year ago
    Pit Lover

    I'm so tired of people stereo-typing whole breeds as bad. It's prejudicial. Dogs, like people should be judged as individuals. I have weim-pit mix and he is the most affectionate submissive dog I've ever known.

  • Aubrey
    More than a year ago
    Aggressive Dogs

    My Lab and I use to love this park because of the pond. Recently there have been many aggressive dogs and my dog was attacked by a small mixed breed dog. The owner kept holding the dog every time a dog kept walking by, my dog had her back turned and she ran towards her and leaped on her back. I will not be back, besides the pond being closed for unk reasons the majority of dog owners are not responsible.

  • Vee
    More than a year ago
    Pit :)

    Me& my pit come here almost everyday and I never had a problem with anyone because he's well behaved. Not all puts are bad, it's the ones who raised them.

    More than a year ago


  • Susan
    More than a year ago
    people problems

    This is a very nice dog park. However, every time I go I notice that people are not cleaning up after their dog. Unfortunately, this gives the dog park a bad reputation when it is people that ruin it for every one else. Also I notice a fair amount of un neutered dogs and yes, people bringing pitties ( un neutered ) and not monitoring their behavior. I love pit bulls and know many wonderful ones. But when you go to a dog park, you have to be able to control your dog. There are some dogs that are not socialized appropriately and should not be at the dog park.

  • Kelley
    More than a year ago

    I agree with DeeDee. Maybe there was just a misunderstanding between your dog and the pitbull. Most dogs do have theose moments of "i just dont like you" I dont think its fair of you to single out pit bulls. Iv seen more Yourkies be vicious to other dogs than i have pitbulls. Just making a point of its not just pitbulls.

  • DeeDee
    More than a year ago

    Not every pitbull is mean. I've known lots of well mannered pitbulls that just want love and affection like any other dog.

  • Josey
    More than a year ago

    This park use to be a very nice location to take your dog. But some owners of pitbulls have made it very unsafe to take your furry friend there to play with others! Please be very careful!

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