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Newport Dog Park

Newport Dog Park is a great place to bring Fido to play with his pet companions! This fenced-in recreation space in Newport, RI features half an acre of land for pups to explore and exercise off-leash. Visitors are encouraged to bring their own toys and water. Visit Website

Or call (401) 845-5300 for more information.


BringFido Guest Rating

Newport Dog Park has received a rating of 1.9 out of 5 bones by 17 canine critics on BringFido.

  • Azy
    Nov 20, 2021
    The saddest dog park.

    It's muddy, even though it hasn't rained. It's littered and has poop everywhere, even though is supposedly "maintained". There's no water. There's no seating. There's no shade.

    There's no way I'd come back!

  • Jared
    Aug 24, 2021
    Health and safety risk

    Not sure if this park is maintained by a private committee or the city… but my visit to this park was a huge disappointment!

    My chief complaint is in regards to the incompetent owners! I’d be fine if that was the only issue. However, the park is also very small, mostly filled with wood chips, muddy, no water supply, and has little to no shade.

    luckily for my pups, I was able to find another park in Portsmouth and is the opposite of everything mentioned above.

  • Laurene
    More than a year ago
    an embarrasment and dissapointment

    found glass, needles, those woodchips not healthy for dogs. You can tell Newport didn't want one.

  • Kim
    More than a year ago
    New Resident

    Worst ever. No water its mulch of which fleas and ticks love to bread, very small. Irresponsible owners. Common Newport this town is in need of an acre or 2. Grass, pea gravel water fountain

  • Chad
    More than a year ago
    Almost forgot

    Do not judge by picture shown above. It's many years old & quite deceiving. The green 'tent' no longer exist. Nor does the lush lawn that is shown. (I'd estimate only 5-10% of 'larger' park still has any grass & it's not maintained well)

    Very limited seating available, for humans. (1 'decent' bench - donated by users & a bunch of CHEAP plastic chairs - most of which are damaged & dangerous)

  • Chad
    More than a year ago
    Not worth the risk

    What a mess. No water source. Nasty bark mulch a foot deep covers most of park. (Often a mud-pit) Massive craters everywhere. (watch your ankles) Lots of poop not picked-up. (watch your step) Owners don't control their dogs. (stay alert at all times) Knee & hip injuries semi-common from un-controlled dogs knocking people down. (avoid bringing children under 10-12) Total chaos at entrance, EVERY time a new dog arrives. (be prepared for attacks) Dogs of several 'regular-users' attack innocent dogs when trying to peacefully play. (Owners show little to no concern) Health risk - beware kennel-cough, from shared drinking bowl. (why are 'sick' dogs allowed in?) Fence & gates lack full-security. (small dogs have escaped) No shaded areas for hot days. (except a small 6' x 6' awning, erected by visitors) Poorly maintained. (see for your-self...or rather - don't bother.

  • Barbara
    More than a year ago
    "poop factory"

    when this area first opened it was nice, clean-people were friendly, and the dogs were kept in check by their owners. NOW...the dogs gather at the one entrance mobbing the dog and owner trying to get in, aggressive dogs aren't controlled by their owners, owners turn a blind eye, or a cell phone eye to their dog's poop. THE owners' sit in their group totally unaware or uninterested in their dogs' actions. A few newcomers' actually engage in play with their dogs!!! Why would anyone bring their toddlers to a dog park with strange dogs off leashes is beyond me. Unless you are a lic animal professional DO NOT try to explain animal behavior to me. I am the one who knows my dogs, not you. Most of the owners excuse for their dogs actions is the old "dogs will be dogs" doesn't sit well with me. The sign on the gate states OWNERS are responsible for their dogs at all times. The small dog side is slightly better. The mulch is nasty, the holes are small craters. It's a sad excuse for a dog park, if this beats nothing...As Newport is known as a tourist site it needs to become more pet friendly as more and more people do bring their dogs with them on vac. As for the rating, off dog hours are the best, two bones, from 4pm to 6 pm, it doesn't rate the crumbs in the bottom of a milk bone box.

  • Orla
    More than a year ago
    I hate this park

    this is the crappiest dog park in RI It is disgusting. its all muddy and there's not enough room. Some mean dogs too. Crappy dog park.

  • Beckah
    More than a year ago
    irresponsible owners

    We are new to the area and decided to take our pets to let them run off some energy. The park was pretty busy but all of the dogs seemed to be friendly enough. Two of the smaller dog were having a grappling match and knocked over my toddler daughter. I didn't really think or say anything about it, she's a tough kid and its the dogs play place so I'm a considerate person in that respect. Once the dogs came back though and rammed into my leg hyperextending my knee and causing me to hit the ground I was pretty ready to leave. My husband grabbed one of the plastic chairs for me to sit in while loaded the dogs and kid up in the car and in the mean time the dogs are still wrestling under my chair! I'm in so much pain I'm sobing and the dogs are rolling around under my chair knocking into my injured leg. Where the owners were I have no clue. No one bothered to come grab the dogs and settle them down or separate them for a few minutes or even apologize for knocking me to the ground (p.s. I'm 30 weeks pregnant, an apology would have been nice). So after an afternoon in the emergency room getting X-rays my recommendation is, if your going to come here do so when it's not busy! The space is big and the dogs have tons of room to run but non of the owners seem to watch their pets.

  • Amy
    More than a year ago
    Dog Owners Have Wrong Attitude

    Well, apparently i should have waited on my earlier post. We went back to the park for a second time, as a local we talked to said Saturday mornings were a time with a better (more careful) crowd. The people were nice, but clueless. A man brought a larger lab, and she bit my puppy. The man explained that she gets territorial when playing with a certain toy. Well, why on earth would you bring that certain toy to a dog park?!!! Absolutely clueless and unapologetic. I certainly see what others were talking about now. I don't recommend. We have many dog parks in my area, and they are much much nicer, and the people govern themselves properly. Strange...you would think somewhere like Newport would be nicer than Detroit, but not the case.

  • Amy
    More than a year ago

    The okay was okay. The people and dogs we ran into were nice and played well with our dog. Water was lacking, but I've always heard you shouldn't let your dog drink from shared dishes, so I'm always prepared with my own. The fence seemed in place in all areas. The park in general didn't seem well cared for, although it wasn't awful. Overall, good place to let your dog run around while on vacation, but I wouldn't be a regular if I lived here.

  • PuppyCaregiver
    More than a year ago

    DO NOT BRING YOUR DOG TO THIS PARK. You can expect your dog to be attacked upon entry every single day. You can expect that more often than not, there are dogs there that are more territorial than the “average” and will attack for no other reason than your dog is in the vicinity. My dog was attacked and the owner had the gall to say that it was normal for the park, and that even his dog had been bitten twice. If someone’s dog is being aggressive with your dog, apparently YOU are the one who should leave (this happened more than one for us). If you have a sweet, friendly dog that is happy fetching a ball and running around with a few other playful dogs…then this is NOT the park for you.

  • NEDN
    More than a year ago

    The dog park, while easily accessible off of 138 seems to leave patron's wanting a little bit more. A lot of space is provided for larger dogs with grass and mulch while the smaller dog section has less space and only grass.

  • Newport RI Dog Park
    More than a year ago
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    Newport RI Dog Park

  • Susan
    More than a year ago
    We make it a great park

    Our Dog Park is the 1st in the state of RI, the city will mow the grass, mulch, poop bags, but most of the dog owners will bring water, extra chairs to sit, put up a cabana for the summer. We are thank full to have one in our area.

  • Michelle
    More than a year ago
    So much FUN!

    I have 2 large dogs and there have been so many improvements made for the dogs. Many people bring and leave extra water, there is shade proved, everyone always brings extra treats to share, my dogs love this park. 4pm is the best time to go.

  • Pauline Burgess
    More than a year ago
    Water and better fencing

    My first complaint is that there is no water facility for our pets. Hence, there are lots of debris (plastic water bottles stacked up against the fence). Also, my Yorkie can successfully escape both the large dog yard and the small dog yard by opening large enough under the fences. This should be addressed for the safety of small animals.

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