Spring Canyon Dog Park includes play structures such as cement tubes and a large pond as well as a dedicated small dog area. The surface is mainly dirt and gravel. There are picnic tables and benches and human and doggie water fountains and waste stations. The busy times are 8:00 am-10:00 am and 5:00 pm to close.


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Spring Canyon Dog Park has received a rating of 3.7 out of 5 bones by 7 dog owners on BringFido.

  • Oct. 23, 2018
    Great Dog Park

    Very large fenced in area with a couple obstacles for dogs to run through or climb on. Has been clean every time we were there and our dogs have a blast. There’s a separate area for “shy” dogs and another area that has water for them to play in if you allow. Only suggestion I have is a couple more shaded benches for the humans in the larger park. Other than that it’s wonderful!

  • More than one year ago.
    too much poop #2

    I was at the park in January and agree with Caitlin. There is too much dog poop. This is a large park with a lot of dogs but there is no excuse for owners not picking up at the entry gate area. Our Lab also smelled terrible. Wished we could have hosed him off before getting in the car.

  • More than one year ago.
    too much poop!

    I have been meaning to visit this dog park for a long time but haven't because I live across town. I finally made the trek today and I have to be honest- I wish I hadn't. Yes this park is well crafted with smart details like double gates and a leash hook by the entrance but that can't make up for the poop. OH THE POOP! I understand that everybody poops, I have no problem with poop. I take my dogs to all sorts of parks including our neighborhood one that is much smaller (and has no pond sadly) and has an occasional rogue poop that I am happy to pick up. Unfortunately I could have literally (as in truly- no hyperbole here) filled a 5 gallon bucket with all the dog poop on the ground. We stayed and played anyway (pups didn't care about the poop) until a couple showed up with a male that wasn't neutered (not cool) so we left. Such a disappointment in a community like Fort Collins.
    p.s. My dogs smelled so terrible I had to bathe them when we got home.

  • More than one year ago.
    Some Education for Lexi

    @Lexicon in Seattle
    Let me get this straight: Your dog runs straight into the faces of 2 dogs that are being treated for behavior problems while they are restrained on a leash, the lady informs you that you need to keep your dog away from hers, you fail to control and contain your pet despite the woman telling you to do so (because apparently it’s only a understandable accident when your dog runs away from you); and this is some how all her fault? I’m sorry, but it sounds like you weren’t entirely innocent in this whole ordeal either. If your dog doesn’t have decent recall and isn’t able to come back to you when you are aware of dangerous situations, you need to retain control of your pet until you are in a secure area (outside the dog park doesn’t count). Chasing after your dog and screaming their name in futility isn’t really the way to handle that situation, ESPECIALLY when you’re running towards two tense dogs whole don’t know you, your dog, or why you’re screaming.

    Do I think the woman with the two un-socialized dogs chose a terrible place to work on her pets’ behavioral problems? Absolutely! Do I think she should have consulted a trained professional to assist her with the training? You betcha! However, do I also think you were partially responsible for the events that took place that day? Well, it certainly sounds like it to me…
    Besides the occasional self-righteous and faultless dog owner you’ll run into (which is at any dog park), I really like this place. It has a very generous area for the dogs to run in, and my 6 month old Pyrador pup loves to romp through the man-made lake. I also like that the area is surrounded by walking trails; this allows me to do a training session with my dog, then immediately reward her with a play session in the dog park! A++++

  • More than one year ago.
    injury incident

    Dog Owners Beware:

    There is a woman (approx 60 yo, shoulder length light brown/graying hair) with 2 unsocialized, aggressive bear-hunting dogs from Alaska who is trying to socialize her dogs by hanging out with them on extension leashes at the gate entrance to the dog park. One dog is large and black, the other medium sized and a warm brown. For anyone who witnessed this, the woman was wearing a blue button up long-sleeved flannel type shirt and black pants.

    My dog ran up to greet them and they attacked her (she was on leash but had darted out of the car when I was getting my child out of her car seat so I lost my grip on her leash. I called and chased my dog knowing she would go directly to the gate entrance and wait). The dog owner owner stood by doing nothing except yelling that her dogs are unsocliaized as they both got my dog's neck and head in a jaw grip. I had to get in the middle of the fight to pull my dog out.

    I see lots of dogs walking without a leash from the car to the entrance gate and if they are at all friendly and want to greet them, any of these dogs are at risk of being attacked by these 2 dogs on leashes as the owner cannot control her dogs even when they are ON leashes.

    Afterwards, on my vet's advice whom I had called on the phone immediately, I tried to get the owner's info but the owner refused and left the area.

    My 3 year old daughter was also standing right there outside the gate to the dog park. Those dogs should not be anywhere near where they can physically contact other dogs or kids until they are professionally socialized away from aggression inducing environments like being on-leash or at fence/boundary areas.

    My dog suffered 3 deep tooth puncture wounds and is on antibiotics and pain killers. The police would not even release enough info about the owner to my vet to verify that the attack dogs are vaccinated/licensed etc.

    Please beware of this woman and her dogs, and protect your dogs and kids from a possible encounter with them. Educate her on effective and safe socializing methods if possible.

  • More than one year ago.
    Lots of fun, lots of dogs

    This park has a lot of fun stuff for the dogs. It's large enough to avoid the dogs that get rowdy and large enough for Chuck-It games. It does not drain well when the snow melts. There can be an almost overwhelming amount of dogs in the fenced area and I would not take a small dog into the main section. Fortunately there are numerous trails for people who might want to avoid the large numbers of dogs. It is right by the mountains so the view is beautiful.

  • More than one year ago.
    Awesome dog park!

    My husband and I vacationed with our two dogs in Colorado and found this dog park in Ft. Collins. Plenty of space to run - three different fenced areas and a pond for them to play in! A great place to let them run free!

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