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Bow Wow Beach

Bow Wow Beach offers a 7.5-acre fenced dog park surrounding a 5-acre lake in Stow, OH. There are both beach and grassy areas, sunny spots and shade, as well as a small dog area. Pet waste stations are located throughout the park, as well as benches and a dog wash station. The park is open mid-March through December 1st each year, weather permitting. Visit Website

Or call (330) 689-5100 or email for more information.


BringFido Guest Rating
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Bow Wow Beach has received a rating of 4.2 out of 5 bones by 31 canine critics on BringFido and 5.0 out of 5 by 2 guests on TripAdvisor.

  • Reagan
    Nov 28, 2023
    Was not a fan

    It’s a nice park but some dogs however are not. We were there for 10 minutes and my dog was humped twice by a female dog and was almost attacked by someone’s Labrador. We tried to get to the other side because it was empty over there and the Labrador was making my dog uncomfortable but then all the other people followed us including the person with the lab which forced us to leave.

  • Michelle
    Jul 17, 2022
    Not bad

    Our dog enjoyed being able to walk around without a leash. However, we found out that he has 0% interest in swimming!! The buildings on the property definitely need improvements. Great place, though, for dogs.

  • Bethany
    Mar 17, 2022

    fun place

  • Craig
    Nov 7, 2021
    Best for water loving dogs

    My favorite in the area as it has a large lake lots of area to walk about and the dogs to swim or chase. Not really a trail type place just the circle around the lake but it is nice and big not a pond.

  • Nelly
    Aug 22, 2021
    Driving NH to Oregon and detoured for this park - totally worth it!!!

    perfect large fenced dog park with everything from water to parkour (agility stuff). shade/sun. good dogs. Callie the GSP loved it.

  • Kiersten
    Jun 24, 2021
    Ultimate dog park! (Just don't drink the water)

    Our dog, Lucy, just learned how to swim here today and practiced agility on the agility course. Many of the dog owners we met were super friendly and knowledgeable. Park was well maintained and there was even free dog shampoo at the showers for those who forgot there's. This is the ultimate dog park. The little dog area was great for her to start off in and then we moved her to the big dog area. Excellent agility course for dogs to start out (jumps were adjustable to very low and ramps weren't too extreme for early agility training). We must have about 30-40 dogs today and out of all of these only one was aggressive. Most dogs are very well trained here but other dog owners were understanding of our dog being a little misbehaving because she is only 1 and we are actively training her to be around other dogs still. My one note is just to not let dogs drink the water as it definitely has algae in it and could make your dog sick! Teaching "leave it" before coming here may be beneficial to prevent dogs from drinking from the lake.

  • Sybil
    Jun 12, 2021
    Fun for all

    My dog loves it here! He loves the water and loves to play with the other dogs. All the dogs we’ve met have been well-behaved. One thing that happened today: as we were driving in a car in front of us with multiple dogs had their windows down. One of the dogs leapt out the window and landed on his back. He got up, but may have been injured. Don’t drive with your windows down. Use your air conditioning. That dog could have been gravely injured if that happened on the main road.

  • Chrissy
    Apr 6, 2021
    A paradise for dog and master

    We drove from Dayton, Ohio with our three greyhounds to check out Bow Wow Beach. It was definitely worth it!! Lots of space to stretch your legs; a lake to swim in; picnic tables; small agility course. We found the place to be very well kept, except maybe the empty buildings that look like former concession-type stands. The one slightly negative thing I have to say is that I didn't see a place to get water for the dogs (I might have missed it, though...).

  • Andrea
    Sep 6, 2020

    We drove about 2 hours just to come here and it was worth it. The place is huge. And totally fenced in. Has a huge pond in the center the dogs loved. And some agility equipment off to one side behind some trees. A separate little fenced area. And dog “showers”. There were probably 100 dogs there today and I didn’t see one bit of dog poop. There were a couple spots where I noticed the fence rails at the bottom were a little high (we have a sneaky one who would have done through it) but then realized they have made sure the chain link covered below it. And another place it was broken but they have patched. Obviously well maintained. Also a huge children’s play ground just across a parking lot from it. We will make the 2 hour drive again to come back!

  • Allen
    Dec 30, 2019
    Great Lake Fun! Free park!

    Since both of my dogs enjoy the water, the BringFido lake description peaked my interest so on my trip to Maryland, I traveled a little out of my way to give them an hour break there. I took water to rinse them off but didn’t need it. The beach sand was not muddy and the lake water fairly clear so they may have come out cleaner than when they went in! I plan to stop there for a break again on my next trip.

  • Teresa
    Jul 10, 2019
    Best dog park ever

    My pup played with all the other dogs and loved all of them. She loved chasing toys in the water and swimming. The worst part was that she did not want to love. Her new friends didn't want to her to leave either. I can't believe it was free. But I loved that they had a donation box so we could leave a little money to show our appreciation. If your ever in the area with your dog you should definitely stop here.

  • Valerie
    Jun 16, 2019
    Great spot!

    Wonderful, huge park surrounding a lake.. We stopped here while on a road trip. Many places in the surrounding area had mixed reviews. I am really glad we chose this spot. The dogs had a blast and the regular dogs and people were very friendly.

  • Regan
    More than a year ago
    amazing dog park

    My fiancé and I recently moved here to stow and adopted a wonderful 4 year old dog, Jack. This dog park is about a 15 min walk down the hike and bike trial for us, so it’s super convenient. The park has a double set of gates to make sure dogs don’t get out. Open entering there is a pavilion with multiple dog bowls filled with water and some picnic tables. The lake is huge!!! It’s surrounded by a sandy beach, then grassy areas. The grass wraps around the whole lake. In the back of the park, there are multiple obstacles for your pup to work on. Jack absolutely loves this park. He loves to jump in the water and play with his basketball. The regulars there are also very friendly.

  • Laure
    More than a year ago
    Overall a wonderful place!

    I have been going to Bow Wow beach regularly for 9 years with my small dogs, even venturing into the large dog / lake access area occasionally. I've never had any terrible dog interactions, but I have had to physically separate a large dog from bothering mine a few times. Usually I start out in the small dog area and survey the large dogs - typically if one has behavior problems, it will be fussy with the other large dogs. Spring, when the weather first turns nice, is usually the worst for dogs with behavior issues since they have a lot of energy to expend after not as much time outdoors over winter and the introduction of new young dogs to the park around a lot of other dogs for the first time potentially. But I am mainly posting this review since a friend's dog got very ill and almost died from drinking too much of the lake water according to two veterinary hospitals this past weekend - please be advised that the lake water is a potential source of serious health problems! Everyone please try to be a good steward to novice dog park goers and have fun!

  • James
    More than a year ago
    Still a great park

    Alrighty, I wanted to write this review because of a few other comments already made. I can not negate the experience of others, however it's been my experience that "irresponsible owners" tend to hit every dog park around....sooner or later. Dog fights, humping, owners that just can't drag themselves away from the cell phones or their texting, etc...I've seen this at Lakewood, Avon Lake, Akron Dog Park, Wingfoot (my family has 3 dogs, so we go to A LOT of dog parks!), etc.. Hang around ANY dog park long enough, and YES, you will get irresponsible owners! Yes, there ARE people who truly believe that "humping" is acceptable someone once said, "you just can't fix stupid". With that said, I honestly don't believe that such issues can be blamed on "the park", as such problems are generally the results of a very select few.

    With this in mind, the solution of course is vigilance! A trip to a dog park...ANY dog park...does require you to monitor your own animals closely...and yes, you do need to monitor the behavior of others as well. Think of it much the way you might with children in your own residential neighborhood or even a typical "city park" where one might take their children to play...generally speaking, ALL the parents tend to watch out for ALL the kids. If and when a problem occurs, GET INVOLVED! If the "play ground bully" is beating on your kid, you break up the fight and address such behavior to the kids parents. Politely REMIND them of the park rules - every dog park I've ever been to (again, many) usually has a list of rules on a sign at the gate...sometimes you just need to lead people there and make sure they read and understand them...and if that proves to be insufficient, then you call the local authorities if need be (sometimes whipping out your cell phone alone is enough to scare such people right out of the park).

    With this all said and out of the way, Bow Wow Beach is STILL the "Cedar Point" of dog parks in the area. It's quite large, the lake is WONDERFUL for dogs and there's PLENTY of room to walk, run and swim...if someone's dog is bothering yours, it's not THAT hard to simply move to the other side of the park! I've also found the washing/rinsing stations at the exit to be a real benefit....many (if not most) other dog parks tend to become "mud pits" during heavy rains and my own kids have frequently ended up coming home totally covered in mud (as actor Lee Marvin once sang, "The best things in life are dirty!" LOL)...if nothing else, the washing stations get that "lake smell" off the kids before you load them back into the car!

    If I really have ANY complaint about Bow Wow Beach, it's simply that I would like to see more benches/picnic tables (for the humans). As the description says, this is a 7 1/2 acre park and the walk around that lake can get rather long and tiresome for some of us "older humans" would be nice if they had a few more places to stop and rest while you watch your dog(s) romp and play.

    So with all that said, seriously, turn off your cell phones (or leave them in the car), leave the YOUNG children at home (there's a sign in front of the park with a height scale...FOLLOW IT), use common sense and if/when necessary, remind others of the rules clearly printed at the gate...and you and your dog(s) should have a wonderful time...Bow Wow Beach is STILL the biggest and best around!

  • Tom
    More than a year ago
    Not the same

    Years ago this was quite the place to bring your dog who likes nothing more than to run, swim, and play with like minded dogs and owners. However, lately the place seems to be a haven for idiot dog owners and their untrained, un socialized dogs. Imagine when your female dog is getting "humped" by one of these types the owner has the gall to say "it's a dog park, what do you expect?" And does nothing!! It was a great place to go but far too often you end up dealing with these "feeble brained" owners. It's not worth the trip.

  • Dolores
    More than a year ago
    Love this place

    My husband and I were staying nearby at our favorite dog friendly place the Aurora Inn. Our daughter is soon to be attending Kent state University. We were looking good for things to do while we were there and the receptionist told me about the park. My girls had a blast! I'm so happy I found it and look forward to our next trip out in August. Wish I had a place like that for them to play closers to home.

  • Mitch Quinn
    More than a year ago
    Too many dumb owners ruined this place

    I used to take my dog here every weekend when it first opened. Now that it is popular there are so many irresponsible owners who don't watch or pick up after their dogs. It is a very large enclosing so it's very easy to be distanced from your dog. If you want to have a good experience I suggest going early in the morning before all the local and out of town idiots show up.

  • Abby
    More than a year ago
    Once upon a time this was a great place

    I used to go here all the time. 2 or 3 times a week I would take multiple dogs there. The last couple times I went my dog was attacked each time. Too many irresponsible dog owners with mean, un socialized, or un trained dogs go there. I had to physically pull another woman's dog off my dog's throat because she didn't know what to do. It should be a great park for you and your dog, but it's not the safest place to take your dog. If you choose to take your dog here couple things, don't bring children, be prepared to have to break up a dog fight, be prepared to have to pull a dog off your own. If your dog is aggressive, overly dominant, or mean do not bring it here. It's really a shame that irresponsible people ruined this place.

  • Kaytee
    More than a year ago
    Northman and I love Bow Wow Beach

    On Tuesday 9/9 was the first time I had taken Northman to a dog park... We have been back everyday since. I am so happy that I found this place. Northman is an Australian Cattle dog/Norwegian Elkhound mix, as a working/hunting breed I felt I wasn't giving him enough exercise just by walks alone as he would come back home and still be full of energy until we came here! Walking distance around the swimming hole is about 1/2 a mile, there are many shady spots to sit as well as grassy areas to run and play fetch. I would recommend this park to anyone with a dog. You get 5 bones Bow Wow Beach!

  • Cody
    More than a year ago
    Good for Furfamilies!

    My husband & I recently moved to Stow & decided adopting a dog the first thing we had to do! We got a two year old Corgi/Jack Russel mix who just loves to play & run. We live in an apartment so she needed someone to go and play. We went here our first time after we got her and she LOVED every second! She plays in the small dog area, where she likes to "herd" the other dogs. She has gone in the lake and swam before and will on hot days, but mostly doesn't like getting water in her mouth so avoids it. We have meet some great local dog parents too! We go once or twice a week now and she knows where we are when we start to get close. Everyone there loves to watch the dogs run & play. Everyone also brings water/treats and shares with all the dogs! It's a nice evening for us & her.
    They also keep the park very nice. It's always mowed, beach is always clean, & potty stations are always well stocked!
    We love this park for our furbaby!

  • Martha
    More than a year ago
    Our Border Collie, Shadow, loved this park.

    Recently while at a dog park near our home a couple visiting our dog park at Brady's Run mentioned Bow Wow Park. It sounded nice so I decided to take Shadow there. Even though there were at least 60 dogs there while we were there it did not seem like it. All the dogs loved running around the lake, swimming in the water and playing with each other. Bow Wow Beach is worth going to. If it was closer to our home I would be there daily. It is worth the trip to see the happiness and joy it brings to all of the dogs and their owners. While there one of the dogs was blind and it was interesting to watch it go around the park. You would think it could see and the other dogs were thoughtful and loving towards it.

  • Amelia
    More than a year ago
    I had such a great time

    There was so much room to play so mommy let me go to where the big dogs were playing. I had so much fun playing in the sand that i didn't even notice that there were spaces under the fence. I wanted to stay but when mom says time to go its time to go!

  • Birdie
    More than a year ago
    Happy Puppy!

    We decided to treat our dog for her 1st birthday with a trip to the beach. She loved it! She has been to the dog parks in our area many times but she has never played so hard as she did at bow wow beach! She absolutely LOVED every minute of our time there! I would have given 5 bones but I was unhappy with some of the man had 2 dogs with him. They both ran into the grassy area at the same time and pooped. He knew they did that and he could have cared less...he should not be allowed back in. If you can't see how much of a gem this place is then you shouldn't be allowed to use it! Just sayin'!

  • Kathy
    More than a year ago
    Dogs loved it!

    This park is worth the drive! The water is great for dogs who like to swim, and for dogs not so fond of water, the vast space to run and play is perfect. The facilities for washing the dogs before leaving is a wonderful feature. We've had nothing but positive experiences at this park.

  • Steve
    More than a year ago
    Was good, not anymore

    It appears that the City of Stow is letting it go to the There are no more volunteers, events or rules. There have been dog attacks on people and the City does nothing. Dog on dog attacks continue and the offendors get to keep coming. No improvements or fixing of last years problems. A real shame for a gem to go down hill.

  • Mary
    More than a year ago
    It's okay, although....

    The beach is a nice size, water is fairly decent. The fence bordering the people beach from bow wow beach is mangled and a small to medium size dog can easily go in & out either side. If wearing a collar, they can easily get it stuck on the fence & potentially injure your dog.

  • Mai Tai
    More than a year ago
    Water Logged

    When we started going in 2011 my small dog had hardly been around other dogs. Come to find out, although he is all of 10 pounds, he loves big dogs and is not a fan of small. However, we loved the obstacle course and learned how to swim at Bow Wow Beach (Can't keep him out of the water now) We've since moved back to Ashland, about an hour away. But, it'll be well worth the drive a few times this year!!! (Although I'm sure he;d like to go a few times a week like we use to! )

  • Bailey
    More than a year ago

    What a great time I had. I played and ran and swam, than ran some more. Every time I turned around another pooch wanted to play with me and boy was I happy to play with them. I did feel bad when I saw some mom and dads keeping small dogs on leashes, it just made them bark and feel sad. There is a small dog area made just for them.

  • Chris
    More than a year ago
    Smiling Dog

    My dog was smiling from the moment we opened the gates until we returned to my car! This park is wonderful. My dog ran the whole time we were there and the "Dog People" there were friendly.

  • Belle
    More than a year ago
    I couldn't stop swimming!!!!

    This was my first time with my mommy and daddy - I swam for 2 1/2 hrs - across the lake and back!! I'm a 3 yr old Golden Retriever/Lab mix so this is what I love to do (along with chasing birdies) - I will be going back (again and again and again). Check it out - you'll have a blast!!

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