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Alton Baker Park Off-Leash Area

The Alton Baker Park Off-Leash Area has been an important addition to the Alton Baker Park, the largest park in Eugene, for more than a decade. The dog park has been so valuable to the area that a special team has formed to continue to grow this area with many great comforts in mind essential to you and your pooch. The Off-Leash Area is located off Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard on Leo Harris Parkway, behind Autzen Stadium. Park in lot 8. Visit Website

Or call (541) 682-4800 for more information.


BringFido Guest Rating

Alton Baker Park Off-Leash Area has received a rating of 4.0 out of 5 bones by 15 canine critics on BringFido.

  • Jake and gus
    Nov. 25, 2019
    Such A Relief To Stretch The Legs

    The boys were so so happy to arrive here and get a chance to run as fast as their legs can carry them . Lots of other dogs at entrance but it’s 4 acres and you really don’t need to be with the crowd and expose yourself or dogs to any of the unpleasantness in some of the other reviews. We loved it. Thank you @traveoregon for your great post based on our friend Daisy @doggonoregon’s many travels through Oregon. We knew if she loved it we would

  • Jill
    More than a year ago
    Huge, fenced—beware of foxtails

    Nice dog park. Very large and fully fenced. Plenty of shaded areas.

    Foxtails galore so be prepared to thoroughly go over your dogs to inspect and pull any of those nasty buggers.

    Also, every time we’ve gone there has been an issue with crappy dog owners. From aggressive dogs, to ones that are allowed to job all over you like maniacs (including children), to owners that are just clueless and simply can’t or won’t control their pooch. So that’s unfortunate. It really is a nice park though.

    Added bonus outside the fenced dog area there are trails and pathways to walk your dog as well.

  • Stacey
    More than a year ago
    beautiful park!

    I LOVE this dog park. I just moved here from Connecticut with my two dogs and this was one of the first places we came to. Everyone is so friendly and the park itself is beautiful and so big with a path to walk around within the park. Definitely our new favorite spot!

  • Victoria
    More than a year ago
    My Pet's first time to a dog park.

    Today was it's my first time ever at a dog park and also for my 14 month old baby. So all my fears disappeared within 5 minutes my little guy was running and chasing and playing with big big dogs and another little puppy overall was awesome day for both of us and I intend that this will be my only dog park. Picnic tables to bring lunches and just spend a great day with your dog meet other people and other dogs I loved it.

  • Chloe
    More than a year ago
    My fav dog park!

    This dog park is huge and there is two sides! (Not blocked off but a good way to separate dogs and play with other dogs.)

    There is two mini pools for the dogs to lay in and water buckets along with hoses to fill up the water. People from the community bring bags to clean up your dogs poop which is very nice but you should always bring your own just in case :)

    I've only had one bad time when my 1 year old was just a puppy and he showed fear and a dog started nipping at him and bullying him under the table but that isn't the dog parks fault! The people are always nice as well as their dogs! We have to remember dogs talk to each other so they will have issues no matter how trained our dog is.

    Rachel, it's unfortunate your small dog showed fear and it got picked on but I go almost everyday and I have two pitbulls and they play so well with the big AND little dogs. Every time there is at least a few smaller dogs, some even smaller than yours! Please do not blame the dog park for your dogs being scared and not being properly socialized after the event you first encountered!

    Anyway, love the dog park and I highly recommend it for anyone visiting or living here!! :)

  • Melanie
    More than a year ago
    MIxed Size/ versus separating

    The ONE time i took my dogs in there, one was attacked and her shoulder ripped open. The owner of the attacking dog did NOTHING to stop his dog. I realize it is the OWNER, not the DOG that causes problems like this. What i think would improve this park is to separate the big dogs from the small so there are not as many incidence. Also if your dog does attack another, that dog should no longer be allowed back to the park.

  • Joan
    More than a year ago
    Great space

    Visiting from out of town and brought our bored German Shepherd mix pup for a run, fetch and to play with others. She had a great time. Other dogs and owners were good. The only thing we missed was a toilet for the humans.

  • Jesse
    More than a year ago
    Bad dog owners

    I been to this dog park a lot of times and had no problems. But I went today with my kids because the are allowed and a Pointer dog came over and knocked down my 3yr and would let him up until I pick him up then it went for my 6 yr and tried to knock him down then the owner came by and said it was ok and the dog went for my 7 yr. I told him to control his dog and he refused so as we were leaving the dog kept trying to jump on my kids as we were leaving so I kick the dog to keep it away. When I got my family out these people with other dogs came by and said it was my fault because kids are not allowed here and they didn't even ask if my kids were ok. So I called non emergency and told them what happen . I got a call back for animal control and they said they tried to get but were busy so he said to write down what happen and they have been reports more then just this happening and they might closed the park down. He said people don't follow park rules so it might have to be closed.

  • Cher
    More than a year ago

    Rachel, you can't blame the park and rate it low cause of ONE bad incident. Not ALL dogs are like that there. Yes.....I have pitbulls, but in no way would my dogs behave that way. I also have a Timber Wolf/Husky who would ALSO not act that way. Unfortunately you had a bad experience and now blame the park and all big dogs. That would be like me stating cause I had one bad incidence in Westland, that ALL people in Westland are like that. (Not true, I lived in Westland for a very long time til I moved here. Hopefully Shack town burned down.) Anyway, the park is awesome. It gives my dogs play time, run time and fun time, which is hard to do at home cause unfortunately, for some reason, Eugene feels that if you have more than two sneezes of land they MUST put as many houses on it as possible, thereby allowing you to hear the neighbors during whoopie time. But I digress. I haven't found a better place for my dogs and am very glad it's available for them.

  • Rhelda
    More than a year ago
    Large dogs

    I haven't been to this park with my dog but plan on going. My dog is 49 lbs and needs to run, he gets bored a lot.

  • Sherry
    More than a year ago
    Be careful of weirdos

    Be careful. There were two younger people (guy and a girl) walking through the dog park yesterday on 3/4/2013 scoping out the little dogs that were off leash and attempting to pick them up if they were far from their owner. They did not have a dog with them and were acting as if they were wanting to take a dog that someone wasn't intensely watching. Overall a great park but just be careful. There are a lot of entrances (which I do not like) which make it difficult as not everyone is "funneled" through a single entrance.

  • Melanie for Hamza
    More than a year ago
    Alton Baker Park

    Our favorite dog park. Fully fenced and LARGE. It's a nice walk all the way around the place. Trees and picnic tables too. Located next to a few attractions - Autzin Stadium and Cuthbert Ampetheater so it could be crowded at certain times.

  • Matthew
    More than a year ago
    Fun times

    I have a Siberian Husky that has been dying to stretch her legs out off leash and I have finally found a great place to let her play with dogs her own size. All the dogs were great fun and a few even loved a good game of chase.

    The park is a little muddy after the heavy rains here, but is very nice altogether, large enough dog run to really get her moving!

    There were mostly medium to large sized breeds, so the smaller puppies are typically at a size disadvantage, although I don't see how they would have been worse off given the crowd that was there today, everyone's dog was well behaved.

  • Melissa
    More than a year ago
    Great park!

    Alton Baker is the best park I've been to - roomy, in a beautiful area, & relaxed, knowledgeable dog owners with sweet, playful dogs. There's a lot of puppies (usually 1-2 years) in attendance, so it's great for my 1-yr-old. Most owners seem to know dog psychology, so their dogs (and mine) are free to run, rough-house, and play with minimal interference. Lots of brave folks willing to suffer the mud and rain for the sake of their dog's sanity! I do see more large dog breeds than small and feel for Teddy and his owner, but dogs will be dogs and domestication breeds imbalance - if you're going to go to any dog park, you have to be ok with taking the risk that your dog is going to encounter an unbalanced dog - or even that yours is one. Love Alton Baker and its great crowd!

  • Gail
    More than a year ago
    Park 5, Traffic 3

    The park is great...lots of room for running and people are very friendly. Just don't go on a game day. Traffic is a bear on those days, you can't get in or out.

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