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Herman Franks Dog Park

Herman Franks Dog Park is a popular, off-leash dog park in Salt Lake City, UT. It's fully fenced and includes agility obstacles, benches, a water fountain, and waste stations. Visit Website

Or call (801) 972-7800 or email publiclands@slcgov.com for more information.


BringFido Guest Rating

Herman Franks Dog Park has received a rating of 3.2 out of 5 bones by 19 canine critics on BringFido.

  • Maria
    Nov 16, 2022
    Fun… BUT!!

    I like the dog area
    - Good maintenance
    -Love grass and gravel areas
    -Same people so you see similar faces

    but I’ve had some issues like:
    - Car was broken into and stuff stolen
    -Some aggressive dogs
    -People don’t take care of their dogs 💩

  • Page
    Aug 10, 2019
    Good For People In The Neighborhood

    This is just an “ok” dog park. Just a small open area by the baseball fields by liberty park. It’s good if you need something close of you live in the neighborhood but Tanner Park and Memory Grove are way better.

  • Kim
    Jul 15, 2019

    Since most of the other reviews were written over a year ago, I will provide an update - not much has changed. There is a water fountain for dogs now and a new agility course, but it's hard to appreciate those things when you have to walk through piles of dog poop (including a lot of diarrhea) to get to them (also, I watched several dogs pee in the water bowl, so we didn't use that for our pup). I've witnessed numerous owners watch their dogs go and just ignore it. And yes, there are still aggressive dogs with irresponsible owners. I tried to love this park because there aren't a lot of fenced in dog parks in SLC, but it's not worth it. We won't be going back.

  • Bailey
    More than a year ago
    Dog park

    We have loved this dog park. Our dog has had fun running around playing and it has a little water spout that is nice for the dogs to get water !

  • Mo Sergent
    More than a year ago
    To much poop and sketchy people

    People take this as a Social Hour. Don't pick up the 💩 poop. They seem oblivious to what their dogs be are doing. Two years ago I had a child predator arrested, he used​ his dog to lure little girls, sex offender from Michigan. I will never go back also a lot of aggressive dogs who owners don't supervisor.

  • Erin
    More than a year ago

    Poop everywhere! It's a total mess, no matter the season. Aggressive dogs and owners who aren't vigilant. 7 mo old had tail fractured from being chased and slammed to the ground by an intact male.

    Wood chips are never raked, broken plastic from toys scattered everywhere. Water faucet is almost non functional and mucky. Despite the few who are good about pickup, it's virtually impossible to enjoy the dogs because of the smell.

    Sadly, the very worst dog park around!

  • Jack
    More than a year ago
    tons of dogs!

    nothing really to look at but this park had about a million dogs for my guy to play with on a random Tuesday afternoon. if yr pup needs other dogs to have a good time this is a great option!

  • KAT
    More than a year ago

    I've been taking my two dogs here for 18 mos. It used to be a great place, but is now frequented by owners with multiple dogs who pay no attention to the dogs. It is now covered In poop and aggressive dogs go unchecked. Out of poop bags more often than having them available. Can't we do SOMETHING to change it back?

  • Sarah
    More than a year ago
    Great Fun!

    I visit SLC a few times a year and love to stop by this park! In general owners are awesome and responsible and dogs have a great time. There's water, poop bags and usually a perfect amount of dogs!

  • Abbie
    More than a year ago
    community atmosphere

    My dog loves all the room to run, and all the dogs and people I have met here have been welcoming and friendly and it's a great community

  • Laura
    More than a year ago
    Hit or Miss

    Used to love bringing my dog here b/c it's convenient and my dog needs a fenced park. We've had several successful trips with nice dogs and attentive owners. However, more recently that hasn't been the case. My dog has been attacked the last two times at the park. The owners of the other dogs were very clearly aware of their pets' tendency to be aggressive but were not apologetic in the least.

  • Sarah S.
    More than a year ago
    Great Park!

    No water in the pipes in the winter but that's normal I think. Overall this park is awesome and lots of friendly dogs. Lots of space too so I didn't see any dogs fighting or feuding. The waterhole in the middle does look a little sketchy but keeping your dog away from it isn't hard. Fun park, nice woodchips throughout. Good, double fenced entrances and lots of tennis balls.

  • Justin
    More than a year ago
    My Dog Was Attacked Here

    12/15 Brought our two dogs here for the first time.
    Since it was raining it was very muddy there.

    There was a very aggressive dog that was apparently being fostered that kept going after other dogs. Ours are both smaller (french bulldog and toy american eskimo). Dog was snarling when he came in, he was a foster dog and out of control. We requested the owner keep the dog on a leash and she took the dog to the other side of the park after knocking our dogs over a few times. But the dog ran from across the park and ripped a tuft of hair out of our American Eskimo and she was light bleeding from the wound caused by the dog.

    There were a lot of dogs there. But most were bigger.

    Another owner said a similar dog had killed a smaller dog there last week and regretted coming back again.

    Won't go back. Not a good place for small dogs.

  • James
    More than a year ago

    Of course dogs will be yippy, and jump on you, they're dogs, get over it. Never seen an overly aggressive dog there, my dog's never gotten sick from the water. People are good about picking up after their dogs.

  • Andy
    More than a year ago

    This park is a good fenced of park. I have two dogs; one puppy and one older dog. They both have a great time at this park and so do I. Some people don't watch their dogs very well, but the dogs have never created problems. Water is provided, but must be turned on manually(not difficult to do). As mentioned before there is a "snack shack" over by the small diamonds that are open later weekdays and sometimes earlier on weekends. I have fund this convenient as bathrooms are found at the back of the shack. This park is filled with playful dogs and pups. Only once have I had a dog jump on me, but the owner was reported and the dogs behavior changed. Smaller shy dogs do draw attention though and if the owner is unaware that their dog is uncomfortable may lead to a yippie fit. Anyway, this is a good park.

  • Olivia
    More than a year ago
    I love it!

    I have never had a bad experience at this park and I have been here for over 70 hours since summer started. I found that if you go at the right time you can find kind dogs and owners. The water hole is sanitary and only creates a mess for untrained dogs. There is even a building over at the ballparks that can provide really good food at a good price. The fence is secure and I have never felt unsafe.One thing I do wish could be changed is the kids roaming in and out of the park from the playground. I feel it is unsafe because little kids and an unsure dog are not a good mix. I have never see this, but I don't want to. Overall this is the best park for me and a good place to train puppies.

  • Rich
    More than a year ago
    out of control

    Lots of very agressive dogs here, totally out of control. Yesterday I was there and a large dog attacked my dog twice. The woman who owned the dog was sitting in her car letting the dog run unsupervised. When there was snow there I saw two very large areas of blood, even pools of blood there. This park is full of questionable dogs with similiar owners!!! I will never go back here and I guarantee some day things will get so out of control here I predict a dog will be killed here by an aggressive out of control dog that isn't being watched by it's owner!!!!

  • Maureen
    More than a year ago

    I have been using this dog park for over 6mo. when weather permitted> I was up there Friday 10/11/2013, there were alot of dogs there and alot of their owners were not courteous enough to pick up after their dogs, even though bags are provided!!!! There was poop everywhere you walked. Not going back until it gets cleaned up!!! You also need alot more wood chips put down, and a "BIG SIGN" to remind owners to respect the other owners, that follow the rules. It was "DISGUSTING"!!!!

  • Grason
    More than a year ago
    Great, but the waterhole needs to go!

    This dog park is great! Lots of space and plenty of dogs there between 9am and 7pm in case you have a social dog. The problem with this park is there is a water hole that continues to get all the dogs sick! It's never cleaned and will guarantee that your dog will get wet and muddy, and possibly very sick. Once that situation gets resolved, we'll take our dog back there.

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