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Dog Park at William Davies Park

Bring Fido to play off-leash at the dog park in William Davies Park in Charlotte, NC. This recreation area provides plenty of space for your pup to play, romp and socialize without restraints. Amenities at this park include separate spaces for small and large dogs, seating areas, water spigots and trees for shade. Visit Website

Or call (704) 643-3405 or email ParkAndRec@MeckNC.gov for more information.


BringFido Guest Rating

Dog Park at William Davies Park has received a rating of 3.7 out of 5 bones by 29 canine critics on BringFido.

  • Jack’s Friend
    Aug 17, 2021
    So Glad This Park is Here

    My dog loves this dog park! From the parking lot, you can go down a short hiking path to the entrance between the big & small dog parks, or down a gravel road to the back entrance of the large dog side. The large dog side is shaded, has grass & trees, and a couple of wide spaces where the dogs gather & play. We’ve gone here regularly for 6 months now, and we’ve had only one issue with an aggressive dog, and that owner was amenable to leaving. I will say, we’ve rarely come on a weekend, maybe there are more neglectful owners here then. There has always been at least a couple other dogs for our dog to play with.

  • Carrie Lee
    Jun 12, 2021
    Massive wooded dog park

    This WDPark has the largest wooded dog park I have ever seen. The large dog park area is almost half a mile from the front entrance to the back gate. It is wooded, so there is tons of shade. As we walked the whole path, we kept thinking it then ended, and then we went through another gate to another section. There are three main sections, and each one has a water spout. At the entrance, they recommend you bring your bowl, but there are some there too, and in the back or middle area, there is even a kiddie pool. At first, there weren’t any other dogs there, and then we met a cute Aussie pup who is a regular and then a man with two little Pitts. They all had fun playing.

    I give some owners ZERO bones because there was a ton of dog crap all over, which should not be the case since the part has bags and trash cans. Come on

  • Danielle
    May 31, 2021
    Too many dogs attacked

    I am constantly hearing of dogs being attacked at this park, therefore we will not be returning. So sad.

  • Elijah
    May 16, 2020
    Great Park, Bad People

    The people who attend this park with their dogs have a stigma against pit bulls and pit bull mixes and will blame everything on you and you dog, otherwise it’s a great park

  • Tom
    Aug 23, 2019
    Best Dog Park

    This is the best dog park in the area. There is a separate area for small dogs, although most people bring the smaller dogs into the main area. The main part has 3 different sections - one grassy, one on a sunny hill that is mostly hard clay and gravel, and the middle one, which is heavily shaded, flat, and in a flood-plain, so it has nice sandy-silty soil that is easy on dog's paws. This is where most dogs congregate and where our Pitmatian (Pit Bull-Dalmatian mix) likes to play. We usually go on weekends, and there are typically 10-15 other dogs there. There is a central area with benches and a picnic table where most owners congregate, and everyone has been very friendly. It says children are not allowed (for insurance purposes), but I bring my 3 year old, and he loves it. Generally, if someone is bringing their dog to a dog park, it's not aggressive, but you never know. Obviously, keep your kid within arms reach just in case. But really, the dogs are having so much fun playing with each other that they largely ignore the humans. They do tend to run a lot, and he did get knocked down once, but it was just an accident.

    If you're inexperienced with dogs, please understand that dogs LIKE to chase each other around, wrestle, and play-fight. Unless you hear a "yelp", your dog is FINE. When we arrive, Pumbaa is typically chased around and jumped on by no less than 5 other dogs for the first ten minutes. It's how the "pack" evaluates a newcomer and determines where he/she fits in the hierarchy. If your dog is not socialized with other dogs and isn't used to dog behaviour, perhaps a smaller, calmer setting would be more appropriate for him/her.

    Pro Tip: The dog park is located in the back of the park. When you come in the main entrance off of 51, turn right and go to the end of the road. There are 2 entrances. Use the first one, immediately to your left as you enter the parking lot (not the one behind the volleyball court). It's a shorter walk, and this entrance has a water station right at the gate, so you can hose all the mud off your dog before they get back in your car. This is also where the entrance to the small dog area is.

  • Michelle
    Jun 3, 2018
    Not impressed

    Yes they have an area for large dogs and an area for small dogs but there are never any small dogs in the small dog area. All dogs are in the large dog area. Also, all dogs all aggressive with pet parents who don't seem to care so I'm not comfortable allowing my small dog to play with the large dogs. Last time I went the small dog area also hadn't been attended to recently with lots of broken glass all over the ground. Very disappointing.

  • Mackenzie
    More than a year ago
    Decent Park

    The park itself is set up well; great for walking with your dog. Overall the people and dogs there were nice, but there were a few unruly dogs with very hands off owners. One of the aggressive dogs started a fight with a group of dogs and had my guy pinned on the bottom. The owner did nothing to step in and break it up. Other than that, the park was decent, a little muddy, but not the worst park we've been to.

  • Brandon
    More than a year ago
    My dog attacked

    Been going to dog park everyday for 2 months. My lab mix puppy loved running and playing with the other dogs. Some played a little to aggressive but where easily stopped. My 6month old puppy who is 40 lbs is totally submissive to all dogs. Playing with a group of dogs today and all of the sudden a pit hound mix attacked her until she was yelping and crying. Staples and stiches after we left. A female dog owner with a Great Dane Pitbull mix and the other Pitbull hound mix was the owner. I didn't stay to get her info. Be very careful of these dogs because the owner has no clue how to read signs and train these dogs. This dog attacked another dog as I was leaving. I hope this owner gets what she deserves

  • Melly
    More than a year ago
    Another one w/mixed feelings

    I've had both good and bad experiences at this dog park. On the small dog side, all experiences have been great. My dog is 28lbs and I've taken her over to the large dog side of the park 3 times in total. The first time we went there, she had a great time. The remaining times, not so much. The 2nd time I brought her over there, she was chased by several large and energetic dogs in the middle section area who startled her. My dog is 2 years old and came from a pack of 14 dogs. She is a recent adoption and is socialized/gets along with other dogs. The last and final time I brought her over to the large dog side of the park was when the small dog side was completely vacant. We stayed there for 15 mins and no one showed up. After chatting up a mom w/kids + a small Bichon that were on the big dog side (they were leaving), I decided to take my dog (a medium sized Terrier) over because she told me that there were lots of medium sized dogs playing in there. As soon as we got in the gate, a very large German Shepherd with a black bone shaped name tag with "Karl" printed on it started chasing my dog and ultimately attacked her (and almost me when I was trying to save her). My dog was bit 4 times in total by Karl (skin was broken) and his owner was very flippant about what happened. She did nothing to stop the attack and after it was over, she talked smack about me and my dog to another dog owner (the only witness to attack) re: me taking my dog over into the large dog side. My dog is 28lbs and has every right to be over there. I will return to this dog park, but I will never take my dog over to the large side again.

  • R Miller
    More than a year ago

    This is a fantasticly large park, but the mud holes annoy me. Don't bring your dog here if they mildly enjoy water and you're not 100% prepared to give them a bath. I love taking my dogs here as just walking entrance to entrance is a work out for them, but if they stay for more than a few minutes one ends up covered in mud and the other gets dirty from other muddy dogs jumping on them. If you just have an outdoor dog, I'm sure they'll love it, but if you have an indoor clean retriever or some other water sports breed...just be weary.

  • SMG
    More than a year ago
    Don't bring your Children

    The rules clearly state NO CHILDREN under the age 12 or 14. The park is great in that it has two entrances with the double gate system. People don't pay attention and open the second gate before the first is secure. Children almost always do it. My Jack Russell is an escape artist and I bring him there to run off energy. He makes it to the back of the park before I can. He got out of the gate a child left open and it took me almost 5 days to get him back. Great park, most people are nice, but there are a few that think that they're there to find a date, not watch their dog. Also with all dogs wore their shot tags. It helps if there is someone who is bite.

  • K
    More than a year ago
    Huge Park

    This dog park is very large...several acres long with three "sections" open to each other for large dogs and a separate section for dogs under 20 pounds. Two different water stations with kiddie pools and buckets for drinking. Park benches in a variety of places for dog owners. One sunny section, one almost completely shaded section, one partially shaded section. The shaded section is mostly dirt, but the sunny section has grass. The whole dog area is completely surrounded by woods so you cannot see the parking lot. I would not come to the park alone unless several other cards were in the parking lot. There are two secure entrances at either end of the large dog park, but only one entrance that I know of for the small dog park (haven't been inside that area.) To access the small dog area, you DO NOT need to walk through the large dog area! Simply follow the signs in the parking lot down the well marked gravel path near the beginning of the dog park parking lot.
    As for dog safety, it is like a playground of kids...some kids play well, some don't. Some parents supervise well, some don't. I only go on weekdays because I have heard that so many dogs come on weekends it can be crazy. When there are more than 5-10 dogs in an area problems seem to arise as a few of them try to dominate. Thankfully there is plenty of space so if we find a dominant dog or two in the mix, we simply walk to another section of the park. This dog behavior is true in almost any dog park, but especially one large enough to draw more than a handful of dogs at one time. Also, I have heard several people speak of their puppies being targeted. I would suggest holding off on coming here with a puppy until they are full grown even if they are a large breed since dominant dogs seem to know they are immature. Or, consider coming at quiet times, like weekday mornings or Sunday evenings just before closing time. Truly, the facility is the best and largest I have seen.

  • Brandon
    More than a year ago
    Love This Park!

    This is undoubtedly the best dog park I've ever been to.

    I try to take my dog out there a few times a month.

  • Jenn
    More than a year ago
    No Bad Dogs, Only Bad Owners

    Great park with lots of space and places to sit, or walk, or roam. Center acreage is typically the busiest with the most people and dogs in the summer months. It is shaded and cool but bring bug spray. People need to remember that DOGS do not think and act like humans, they do however, feed off of human emotions and are looking towards you to for leadership. If you walk into the park nervous and scared, or with a bat, not only your dog but the other dogs are going to feed off of that body language and it can change the whole emotional dynamic within the park for humans and animals. I've seen plenty of Pitbull mixes that have been very well behaved and seen many a mutt mix that has been very alpha or vocal. I've seen dogs scream just because another came over to sniff its butt. When we throw dogs into an open area their instincts are going to take over and as pack animals they are going to be searching / vying for hierarchy and leadership. It has nothing to do with bullying and everything to do with an ingrained natural order. That is why we call it 'socializing our animals' Some dogs will continually test the order to see if they can move up a notch. In my opinion owners who don't truly understand dogs and behavior are the ones who should not bring their pups into the playground. If you have a young pup it is your responsibility to watch more closely since any older dog is automatically going to take an alpha stance with it. It isn't any different than you taking a toddler to a park...you wouldn't throw them onto the basketball court with a group a teenagers, would you?

  • Fred
    More than a year ago
    had a good time

    Max my Great Dane puppy and I just got back. he had a blast but luckily there weren't any overly aggressive dogs there. the park was much bigger than I expected but the mosquitos were a real problem. next time i'll definitely bring bug spray. and maybe a bat as well. you just never know

  • Linda
    More than a year ago
    Dog parks are only as successful as the owners of the dogs!

    I adopted my large, mixed breed, neutered male from the Humane Society in January. I've been visiting this park regularly since that time and read the reviews. I don't think it fair to base the rating on a few visits. I've been there on wonderful days and not so wonderful days. I doubt that many dog parks have supervision, as one reviewer complained. The rules are clearly posted on the entrances - front and rear. I've seen several infractions of those rules - folks bringing in strollers or infants when children under 12 are NOT permitted. Some people bring in food and eat at the picnic tables, complaining when dogs come up to them at the table. NO OUTSIDE FOOD IS PERMITTED. Some owners don't pick up after their dogs, which makes it messy. I've seen dogs in heat brought in, which is definitely not acceptable. I've talked to people whose dogs were attacked brutally, needing surgery. I've seen dogs biting at other dogs, not in a playful manner, their owners doing nothing about it. I've seen tiny dogs brought into the large dog area - some getting along with other dogs, some not. The bottom line is - dog owners need to be responsible, follow the rules and be aware of their pets' behaviors at ALL times in ANY dog park. My dog LOVES going to the park and interacting with other dogs. However, I follow the rules, watch my dog constantly and remove him if I think the mix of canines isn't a good one. He is a newly registered Therapy Dog, and has never exhibited aggressive behavior. While most visits to Davies Park have been pleasant, some have not and I take that into my stride, leave early on occasion and come back another day to try again. Weekdays and evenings have been some of the best times. Just use common sense and be watchful of your dog at all times. The park experience can be rewarding for both you and your dog. But if your dog is often aggressive or doesn't enjoy the company of other dogs, please stay away!!!

  • Still a bit stunned
    More than a year ago
    Mixed feelings

    Well we went with our three year old black lab as well as our 4 month old black lab. Both our girls are shy. Our dog trainer suggested we socialize them with other dogs & visit this dog park. We have never been to a dog park. We were impressed by the largeness of the fenced in area. All was great until we got to the middle. There were tons of dogs. Our little one was cornered by about 8 dogs that she couldn't get away from. She finally backed out of the pack. She ran scared out of her mind as they all chased her. She was crying and honestly we were scared for her. No one helped us get her. Instead thought it was a riot. They were cracking hurtful remarks and laughing. I was heartbroken. Thankfully she wasn't hurt but there goes any trust we were trying to build in her with other dogs.

  • Paula
    More than a year ago
    dangerous trritory

    My 6 month old golden retriever was savagely attacked by a boxer. My youngster is completely non-aggressive toward other dogs of both sexes. A woman, no doubt, the owner of the other dog, sat on a bench & watched the massacre without any attempt to intervene. The park was relatively very empty at the time of this incidence, but the blood-curdling shrieks of my puppy brought a few men to the rescue. They were FINALLY able to pull the attacker away at which time the owner grabbed the collar & ran at full speed from the park. My puppy sustained 3 puncture wounds - one just missing a lung, another his jugular vein & the 3rd his heart. In addition to these life threatening wounds, the vet told us (& repeated 3 times) "don't underestimate the emotional trauma you dog has suffered". This park has NO requirements for entry other than an honor system & NO supervision. Several helpful bystanders told us that the attacker dog had been seen numerous times before & "has been a problem with other dogs before". Dogs are placed constant in jeopardy. There will NEVER be another visit to this lethal park.

  • Cindy
    More than a year ago
    Really enjoyable!

    i have the sweetest black lab that just loves it there! No dogs are aggressive and the owners are either having a conversation with one another or playing with their dogs. I don't know what that other lady was saying with the pit mix and everything because I could never see that happening there. It is secure on all sides and even has a spot to leash and unleash the dogs. My dog and I will always enjoy coming to William R Davies Park!!!!!

  • Cher
    More than a year ago
    Amazing Place!

    I must admit I was very apprehensive at first.... bu there was no need to worry! It was amazing and fun! My boy Duke, my German Shepherd, had a great time! He played with the dogs and they were all well behaved. All the other owners were keeping close eye on the other dogs as well. We will always come to Davies Park!

  • Maggie's friend
    More than a year ago
    Best Time Ever!

    I have a four year old Golden Retriever that I have never taken to a dog park with. I was very nervous about her safety with the other dogs and the chances of her being able to escape. But I was worried for nothing! The dogs there were very well behaved and fun. It was fenced in and even had a small spot in the beginning to leash and unleash the dogs! And it was huge! Just when my dad and I thought that it was the end there was more! Directions to get there were great and I felt completely at ease there. We are going to make this happen every Saturday!!!! I love, love, loved it! And so did my dog. She played with the other dogs and none of them were aggressive. We will always come to William Davies Park!

  • Dexters Mom
    More than a year ago
    Great Fun

    I took my lab to the park for the first time and was truly impressed. The park was larger than I had expected. Fully contained so there were no issues of him getting out. Lots of dogs playing and having fun. All the owners were watching, some visiting with others some just enjoying the day. But... all owners were watching, this was great no issues of dogs getting out of control. I would warn you to bring a big towel. There is a great chance of your pet getting wet and muddy. My lab is drawn to water so he was a muddy mess when we left and so were we. Make sure to go prepared to get dirty not only from your pet but from the friendly pets who want to say hello. Lots of fresh water is provide and areas to dispense your "waste". I would say overall it is a great place to let your pet run and have fun.

  • Melody
    More than a year ago
    Great Dog Park.....BUT....

    This dog park is great, but the park itself isn't safe! I had my car window broken and my purse stolen from under the front seat. The police said it happens all the time and that women especially are targeted if they don't take a bag out of the car with them. If you go to this park, don't leave anything to steal in your car, even if it's locked and items are out of sight.

  • Santana
    More than a year ago
    better at home

    We took our chihuahua here. it was confusing to even find the small dog section and we had to ask for help. We walked through the large dog section and it was ok, but the little dog section was terrible. there is no grass, just dirt and mud! and the "toys" was 2 worn out tennis balls that were too big for my dog to use. Ive had more fun with her in the lawn at the apartment

  • Cider's mom
    More than a year ago
    Great for first 5 minutes...

    My boyfriend and I brought our goldendoodle to this park. We had heard from a friend that she loves bringing her pups there. Cider is a little over 4 months but he's almost 40lbs so we went to the 20# over section. It was great the first 5 minutes, he and several other dogs sniffed eachother. We felt good about it so we let him off the leash. He started to run and stopped to make sure it was ok with us. Our dog is not aggressive. He does not bark at other dogs or people. He typically sits and observes and allows other dogs to approach him. He found a couple dogs his size and they began running around. All of a sudden we heard a yelp when he came around a tree and was running to us. He's growing so fast and is clumsy so he stumbled and when he did, 6 dogs started attacking him and had him pinned. My boyfriend started pulling the dogs off and I picked cider up to pull him to safety. In particular, a pit mix had ahold of my dog and when my boyfriend grabbed the dogs collar, it came off because it wasn't on properly. He had to "fish hook" the pit to get him off our dog. The same pit mix came back at me, jumped up and got Cider in the rear (I'm short and Cider is heavy, I couldn't lift him out of their reach). Meanwhile, NO ONE came to our assistance. The pit mix owner did NOTHING, she had NO control over that dog let alone any idea of how to control a dog. I was absolutely stunned at the lack of action on the other dog owners part. This was our first experience and it has been ruined. I don't blame the woman who brings a bat to protect herself and dogs from the pits because what we experience was truly horrific. I know the park is not at fault, it's the type of people who were there the day we went. Just unfortunate and has really jaded me. Thankfully everyone is alright.

  • M.
    More than a year ago
    Park is great, people could use some work

    The park set up and arrangement is really very nice. A huge area for the big dogs, with three sort of play "yards" that dogs seem to divide into. My dog loves to go and run around and sniff, and there's a huge amount of space here to do so.

    I've run into a few bad people though, who don't watch their dogs, and let them pester others. And one lady with two white Labs is carrying a metal bat to "protect" herself from "pit bulls" -- reported her but don't think the park did anything about it.

  • Janet
    More than a year ago
    Great place!

    My dog (and I) love this place, it is large, she gets to play with lots of new friends her own size and has a blast. An hour out here and she is exhausted which is saying something as she is mainly Jack Russell and they don't wear down easily. Love this place!

  • Leresa
    More than a year ago
    Fun and safe place for dogs

    My husband and I are new to the area and did not know where to go. We traveled 45 min. to get to the park and it was worth it. The property is nice and there is a seperate area for the smaller dogs from the bigger dogs. There was plenty of room to run around and lots of friends for them to play with! There was also water for them to drink. We will definatly be back!

  • Abbey Road's mom
    More than a year ago
    great place for off-leash fun

    Abbey Road loves to visit the Davey Dog Park. There is plenty of fenced in area, water bowls, pools to cool down in, and usually lots of friendly dogs to play with. With benches & tables for pet parents to sit and talk, this is a great place for an afternoon.

    **NOTE** No children under the age of 12 are allowed in the dog area.

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