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Mount Olive Dog Park

Mount Olive Dog Park is a nice, well-maintained dog recreation area located in Mount Olive, NJ. This fenced, off-leash dog park features a separate area for smaller dogs and double gated entry. All pups must be vaccinated and leashed until they are inside the dog park. There are no toys allowed to prevent dominance. Baggies are available for clean up and there is no water available, so bring your own! Visit Website

Or call (973) 691-0900 for more information.


BringFido Guest Rating

Mount Olive Dog Park has received a rating of 2.9 out of 5 bones by 14 canine critics on BringFido.

  • Emma
    Dec 16, 2022
    Great park. Great dogs. Great owners.

    This park is beautiful and huge! There always seem to be a lot of dogs for our boy to play with, and the owners seem friendly and chat with you while the fur babies play. I come here all the time when I’m home visiting family. There has only ever been 1 incident where someone brought their dog who wasn’t properly socialized, but the owner was responsive and got control of her dog before anything got too out of hand. The municipal staff who keep the grounds are really nice too— as long as you don’t act entitled.

  • Jess & sean
    Oct 4, 2020
    Hit or miss

    I see some really mixed reviews here, and in my experience many of the positives and negatives mentioned have at least a grain of truth to them. As we walked up on our last visit, we noticed a very crowded big dog park, no humans wearing masks, and a scuffle broke out among a group of dogs. We went to the small dog side with our 20lb pup. We were so pleased to see some great improvements since our last visit, esp. running water stations and special areas with agility equipment and newly mulched. There turned out to be a great group of small dogs for our girl to play with, but we saw two more fights break out on the big dog side. We also saw unaccompanied kids come into the park to play with the dogs. Glad we had a good time, but it's a mixed bag at this dog park bc of the varying levels of responsibility of the humans there.

  • Shannon
    Jul 3, 2019
    Awesome Park

    I love this park. This is usually my go to park for my dog. She loves it here and all the dogs ply together. I’ve yet to see any dog fight. They have water bowls for your water and there is a roof with chairs for shade and benches and tables throughout the park. I enjoy it very much

  • B
    More than a year ago
    Not bad

    I see a lot of negative reviews of this place, but I've been coming here off and on since it opened and have never had a real problem. Yes, occasionally you'll get a dog here that doesn't belong, but you'll find that at any park. I like how it has the separate area for small dogs. The township recently put up a shade structure with tables, and while the rest of the park is out in the open, its helps to keep it from getting muddy like some other parks. Its huge, with lots of room to run, and for people complaining about not having a water source...just bring your own! Yes, there are a lot of kids that come (mine included) and the worst I've seen is a kid or two get knocked down. I have never seen a parent over-react - we're all there knowing there could be some risks, and we weigh those risks. If you have a dog that shouldn't be around other dogs or kids, don't bring your dog! Simple as that. All in all, I think its a pretty good park.

  • Laverne
    More than a year ago
    a few bad apples

    While I only go to small dog side, the big dog side almost always looks busy. True, children in there who shouldn't be, no water, etc. We had gone a few times, and it was fine. Then a woman sitting at the table came in the small dog area with her pit bull, and refused to leave, even after 3 people asked her to. She insisted her dog could be there. I contacted the Mt Olive animal control officer, and he pretty much was on her side! Said the rules weren't really clear. So much for having a small dog area, why bother. We stopped going. Low rating is due to their own animal officer not wanting/caring about keeping small dogs safe. We now go to Greystone/Central Park. Always plenty of dogs there.

  • Barry
    More than a year ago
    Poor Management

    We went there and two Great Danes were attacking my dog. When I said something to the owners they said use the small dog area (my dog is 60 pounds, to big) and it was "aggressive play". I complained to the town and they didn't really want to do anything, they said "get their makes. like I'm A detective or something,

  • Wade
    More than a year ago
    park cosed

    Went there 1/10/2015 and sign said clised to dog bite. Any more details?

  • Me
    More than a year ago

    This dog park is a joke! More often then not there are no clean-up bags, & there is one whole garbage can for disposable of the bags. God forbid that Mt. Olive or it's DPW should spend any time working on the place. They're too busy wasting all their time and money on upgrading the sports fields for a bunch whiny spoiled ten year olds who despite their parents beliefs will NEVER be Derek Jeter, Payton Manning, or Mia Hamm. Keep living out your shattered dreams through your children! The park itself is mostly rocks, there is little shade for the dogs or for people, and there is no water for the dogs. But somehow there is water available for the moronic memorial rock right outside the parks fence! They don't do anything about the overgrowth around the fences, and they don't spray for ticks. I know of so many dogs that picked up ticks at this park. As for the morons who frequent this park, I would say they should read the rules, but I'm relatively certain the bulk of them can't read anyway. Little children are allowed to run ramped through the park, they leave the gates open (as do many of the idiot adults), and they grab the dogs. Far too many people who have absolutely no clue about dog behavior or how to control their dogs, and then they have tantrums when a dog protects itself from their dog. If you don't want your dog to play with other dogs don't go to a dog park. Also understand that dogs do not play with X-boxes or the like, the wrestle with each other, they chase each other and yes they nip at each other. Also it's a DOG PARK, and dogs communicate by barking, if this bothers you stay the hell home. In conclusion, take the extra time to go the Dog Park at Greystone in Morris Plains and or the Wantage Dog Park.

  • RESPONSIBLE dog owner
    More than a year ago

    The rules need to be clearly posted, people don't read signs and ones that are unreadable or posted a mile away are useless. There needs to be more ACO supervision after hours, hire a PT person, there are so many nice folks that go and then a few RUDE IGNORANT and STUPID people who ignore the rules and act SHOCKED when something happens with THEIR dog- there is no smoking allowed, there should not be small kids running with soccer balls around INSIDE there is a soccer field right next to it, kids go there not in a dog area. Unaltered dogs should not be allowed especially males who can be aggressive. SMALL DOGS should NOT BE IN THE LARGE DOG area- PERIOD. Always a few jerks to ruin it for the rest of us trying to exercise our dogs.

  • Carla
    More than a year ago
    Not pleased

    I am only giving the dog park 2 bones because some people were very nice and they had nice dogs. I actually had to leave the park recently because another persons dog attacked mine. Even when he knew the dog was trying to fight my dog, he kept letting him loose. People were actually coming over to console my dog because they knew he was scared and could not enjoy his experience. This was the first time we ever went to a dog park and my dog will probably not be going to this park again. Sad because my dog is very nice.

  • Val
    More than a year ago
    Enjoyable Experiences!

    We have been going to this park for about a year now and we have had wonderful experiences there! There is usually a common crowd of individuals and my little pit bull is known there by name! :) Every family that we have met there has been noting but wonderful and most of the dogs that we play with very well behaved. Owners also tend to be very responsible and watch their dogs closely. Given that, dogs will be dogs and some scuffles have occurred during the time we have been visiting the park. But owners are quick to intervene and are watchful.

    Overall, even though some of the other reviews point out some faults (such as lack of poop baggies, owners bringing toys, and children in the park) the dog park is wonderful!

  • Dog Pack
    More than a year ago
    Accident Waiting to Happen

    I have been do this dog park a few times and have ALWAYS had to leave due to someone else's obnoxious dog. There is no supervision of the dogs, adults, or children. And MANY times there are dogs present that have no business being in an off lead situation. Most of the dogs are NOT voice controlled by their owners. Children run amuck and go up to any dog and many of them just grab ahold of the dog in a big hug. VERY dangerous and an accident waiting to happen in the form of a bite. And who will pay?? The unfortunate dog. There are also dogs there that will hump anything from the other dogs to people. Another accident waiting to happen as many dogs do NOT appreciate that gesture. I have even had one of my dogs and myself URINATED ON by another dog. There is really no shade. There is no water source. There are almost no places for owners to sit. And the doggie waste bags are sometimes nonexistant and the doggie waste receptacles are more often than not too full to add anymore so used bags are strewn next to it, or worse yet, folks don't even clean up after their dogs.

  • Birddog
    More than a year ago

    It's all too common to see little kids unsupervised by their parents. It's just a matter of time for a tragedy to take place. Very good people and well behaved dogs with the usual percentage of ignorant idiots.

  • Annoymous
    More than a year ago
    Have had good and bad experiences here

    This dog park is okay, not great and not horrible but just okay. There is almost NO shade except one little tree. No water available so make sure to bring your own water and bowls. The fence is high and grounds *usually in good condition. The dog park is in Turkey Brook Park and hard to find if you don't know where you're going. It's not too big but big enough and the small dog area is exactly what it says, SMALL. The dog park is closed in the summer when the carnival is in Turkey Brook Park and during the 4th of July fireworks. The township uses the Dog Park to launch their fireworks and last year DID NOT clean up the garbage from the fireworks and dogs were eating firecrackers.

    THIS IS A TOY-FREE DOG PARK, DO NOT BRING TOYS! Your dog may be fine with toys in the park but that doesn't mean that every other dog is. FOLLOW the POSTED rules!

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