The Brook Run Dog Park is four acres, fully-wooded and fully-fenced. One loop around the park's fence line is 1/3 of a mile. There are multiple seating areas throughout as well as water stations and poop stations. This is a public park, so it's free. The dog park is open from sunrise til sunset. Large parking lot adjacent. There is NO separate section for small dogs yet, but four acres offers a lot of room to find a quiet spot. The park is maintained by a large, all-volunteer, non-profit organization that continually works to improve the facility, so please do your part to pick up after your dog. For more information, visit our website:, or visit us on Facebook.


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Brook Run Off-Leash Dog Park has received a rating of 4.2 out of 5 bones by 10 dog owners on BringFido.

  • More than one year ago.
    Like the park and small dog area

    I have taken my small dog here several times to walk and play in the small dog area. He has always enjoyed the interaction and been welcomed into the group. The people and dogs are friendly and everyone seems to care and be responsible dog owners. The area is mostly shaded and full of trees. I would prefer grassy areas or mulch but still the area seems clean. There are a few benches and water is available. The park also has sidewalks and a nice wide walking path that is paved for humans and their dogs. There is usually parking available near the dog park area or in nearby parking lots. The park can be very busy near the main entrance if there are events or other activities going in at the park.

  • More than one year ago.
    Prepare to feel unwelcome. The park is very nice. The people are not.

    "My Annoying Dog"
    In short - Prepare to feel unwelcome. The park is very nice. The people are not.

    If you have a quiet dog and don't mind being patrolled by the entitled 'volunteers' at the park there is a decent amount of space for your dog to run. Prepare to be interrupted, made to explain yourself, and experience inexplicable overblown panic if you have a dog that likes to bark. I was actually told my dog was annoying and other dogs were preferable as they barked and stopped and barked and stopped. And mine barked. At a dog park. Wow. Unbelievable.

    If you have a perfect quiet dog the clique at this park will politely ignore you. Anything less than that will receive disdain, disgust and the people will chase your dog, grab at the dog's collar and ignore you as an owner when you say he's fine and just likes chasing cars within the fence line and he's not harming a person or another animal. They will make up their own stories of how your dog is abandoned (although you're standing right there) and the real owner is in the car or left him and dumped him at the park. Even though you are standing.right.there.

    I brought my annoying dog to this park and sadly he interrupted sweet suburban serenity and spoiled nice iced lattes and witty millennial banter. He made the old guard at the park all twitchy as they lumbered around fussing needlessly with this and tinkering unnecessarily with that. Suburbia wrinkled its botoxed brow and pinched up its perfect little ski slope nose making it very clear that this dog park was for the good dogs. The dogs that make everyone comfortable with their pink bows and dashing scarves and that are quiet.

    Some dog-park goers were very nice and genuinely wanted to help if needed and for that we thank you. Some of you inserted yourself in the situation unnecessarily and imposed your own narrative, a completely incorrect narrative, onto my annoying dog and for this we do not thank you. He wasn't left at the park on his own, his owner isn't sitting in the parking lot and he isn't looking for someone who dumped him. He likes chasing the cars and barking at the fence line.

    I got a call about my annoying dog (the one you looked at with such utter disgust) in December of last year. He was an abandoned, unwanted, discarded piece of malnourished sporting equipment with no name and a broken leg. He needed surgery and a metal rod put in or he wouldn't walk again. You really can't tell that now because he runs like the wind but he was going to be put down.

    I know a thing or two about annoying throw away dogs. Sometimes they will refuse to eat the specially ordered dog food they would solely eat only weeks before; however, when you buy them new food they only want the old food. Sometimes they will only sleep in the closet and refuse to exit. They develop weird preferences and strange ticks about SUVs or your phone's ringtone or the TV. Sometimes they bark and chase cars. They suddenly fear the washing machine....and then...nothing. Fine. No worries. No rhyme. No reason. Just nothing. They are fine. There isn't a real demand for dogs that bark and howl and have lived in a pen outside for at least a year. Not much demand for annoying dogs, injured dogs, dogs who've never had vet care and sleep outside on a concrete slab. No one wants dogs that have never lived inside or were never walked on a leash and who need expensive surgery. People want out of the box 'adoptable' dogs. Good dogs. Quiet dogs. They want the kind of dogs the people at Brook Run Dog Park like.

    My dog doesn't always come when called and he likes to do what he was bred to do. Guard, chase, point, bark and of course howl. Right now he likes to chase cars and bark as they whiz by the fence at the dog park. He's not hurting anyone (or any dog) so I let him. It does put a crimp in the small batch bourbon talk though I do admit. He's not a quiet dog that's for sure. He really loves to howl and get out and run. If I have my way he'll howl at the ocean, howl on the beach, howl in the leaves in North Georgia, howl at the harvest moon and throw his head back and howl because he's alive and not on a concrete slab with no name a broken leg and no one to care.

    If I have my way he'll howl at the stars and howl at the heavens and when it's his time I'll hold him and he can howl his last howl with someone who knows the love of an annoying throw away dog. I'm lucky and thankful for my annoying dog that someone else threw away and Brook Run Dog park clearly finds unacceptable.

    Until then, he loves to do what he was bred and trained to do. So when he's running and howling and when I tell you that I'm his owner and not to chase my annoying dog, or grab at his collar, or panic that something is wrong, or wring that three carat diamond right off your pretty little finger - STOP. I know a thing or two about about annoying throwaway dogs and we'll be fine.

  • More than one year ago.
    Great Park and atmosphere but bad owners

    We like this park due to the atmosphere, great ability to run and jump and play and also for the owners to have space to walk as well. Our one complaint here is the owners every time we've gone have tend to be the same stereotypical owner who thinks it's funny or cute when their dog is getting an aggressive bark or dominates other dogs making them unable to socialize. We have also seen numerous times owners with dogs that hump other dogs and do nothing to stop it despite other owners trying to break it up. We love this place and will keep going but it's the one down side that it seems to not have all of the same courtesy rules other parks abide by.

  • More than one year ago.
    my dog loves it - that's good enough for me!

    He knows when we're near the park -- he starts barking as we approach the turn at Tilly Mill, and doesn't stop whining until I turn off the engine. This park has a hard-working group of volunteers who tidy up the park monthly, and neighborhood school and Scout troops have taken on aspects of upkeep such as installing erosion control, spreading mulch, etc. There are several areas where owners can rest -- but the park is pretty big, and owners are encouraged not to allow their dogs to be left unattended. There are several waste bag stations, as well as extras helpfully tied onto the fence periodically by volunteers -- honestly, you have little excuse not to pick up your dog's waste. There are four double-gated entrances, and the entire park is tree-filled, which is wonderfully shady in the hot Georgia weather (but the leaves in the fall can make searches for dog poop a challenge, sometimes!) The volunteer association raises funds for park fixtures by selling memorial plaques, so as you are walking around the gravel path, you'll see many wooden plaques "In memory of" and "In honor of" many dogs who have enjoyed this park over the years. One poster said that the park lacked an open field to run in, but my dog has never let that stop him from racing around the park full tilt when the mood hits him.

  • More than one year ago.
    A biased opinion

    As president of the Brook Run Dog Park Association, my opinion is totally biased, but this is just about the best dog park in greater Atlanta. The fact that we are located in a heavily wooded area means that the dog park is shaded, which is a BIG DEAL in the heat of a Georgia summer. In the five years the park has been open, we have found that the visitors are good dog people who control their dogs, pick up after them, and enjoy each other's company. The park is maintained by volunteers who truly care about the condition of the park and the safety and well-being of all the furry visitors. The BRDPA sends out a monthly newsletter about the dog park. More information is available at our website:

  • More than one year ago.
    Brook Run Dog Park

    Double fenced entrances so dogs don't escape. All dogs are friendly. Great way to spend the day with your dog. It will never disapoint your best friend.

  • More than one year ago.
    Best Dog Park in Atlanta

    We use dog parks several times a week and have traveled to several off leash dog parks in Atlanta--Piedmont Park Dog Park and Ronald Reagan Dog Park. Brook Run is the best. The trees provide shade in the heat of the summer. The park stays fairly dry after it rains and the volunteers fill in muddy spots with gravel fairly quickly. Most of the owners are well-mannered, control their dogs, and pick up their dog's waste, and there is always a playmate for out dogs or a friendly person to chat with. There are warning signs for snakes, but have not seen any in the 2 years that we've used this park and the parking was expanded in the fall of 2011, so there now is a lot of parking. If you have kids, there is a skate park and a kids playground right up the road within the main park complex itself. This is a great park.

  • More than one year ago.
    Park is OK.

    This is a large and shaded dog park. There's a lot of logs and multi-level areas in the park so if you have a dog that likes to run in wide open spaces, this park isn't ideal. There's also snakes in this park, and a few have had their dogs bitten. DEFINITELY need to keep an eye on your dog in this park because it's easy for the dogs to go out of sight or get into things. I would only recommend this if you can't get to some of the parks in the other areas, like Decatur.

  • More than one year ago.
    best dog park so far

    We have been to several dog parks in different states and this beats them all! Our dog loves this park and soon we'll bring our newly adopted dog with her to have fun. The park is a huge fenced wooded area but there is more beyond the back gate (not fenced though) which our dog specially loves as there is a brook where she can cool off. The first time we went to this park, a bunch of dogs went to this part of the park and were running up and down the brook chasing each other. The second time we went to the park, my dog kept nudging the back gate to get back out there. This is one stop we always make when we are in ATL.

  • More than one year ago.
    Doggy Mommy Blogger

    There is really only one word that can even come close to describing this park, and that is ohmygoshthisisthegreatestparkwehaveeverbeento! We finally had a sunny day this weekend, which was a nice break from the rainy weekends we’ve been having for the last month or two. I couldn’t let it go to waste, I had to get out to the park with Autumn. She was starting to get stir crazy and took a liking to destroying household things.

    My boyfriend and I decided to we really wanted to check out Brook Run since it’s super close to his house and it was absolutely the best part of our weekend. The park itself is super easy to find, the dog park is hidden way in the back, beyond the skate park. We felt like we kept driving and driving and driving, and when we finally decided we must have passed it, there it was! Settled off to the right in the woods, very easy to miss. Best advice I can give you, just keep driving until you see a whole bunch of dogs. If you feel like you’ve been driving for miles and miles, you’re probably almost there. You can find driving directions on the site.

    Once we got there and parked (limited parking available on a sunny day it seems) we let Autumn off the leash and she went nuts! Half of the fun for us was trying to find her in the park, which is gigantic. The entire park is about three heavily wooded acres (might want to bring bug spray in the warmer months) with seating for humans scattered throughout. I noticed two entrances when we walked around the perimeter of the park, which is roughly a half mile walk. It’s actually a very pleasant walk with paved paths throughout, it makes it easy to safely walk through the woods. However, if you step off the path, be prepared to trip over logs, sticks, and stumps.

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