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Tierra Buena Dog Park

Bring Fido to explore and socialize at the Tierra Buena Dog Park in El Paso, TX. This recreation space is three acres and features separate areas for small and large dogs with obstacle course structures. The park is fenced, ensuring Fido can play off leash safely. Amenities also include park benches for owners, trash receptacles and a few trees for shade. Visit Website

Or call (915) 212-0092 or email parksandrecreation@elpasotexas.gov for more information.


BringFido Guest Rating

Tierra Buena Dog Park has received a rating of 2.9 out of 5 bones by 21 canine critics on BringFido.

  • Lavon
    Oct 18, 2021
    Ehhh not bad...REALLY BIG THOUGH

    There is no water in the actual park. it is outside of the fence, complete design fail!!!!
    It is really big! lots of space!
    Not much seating available also.
    Overall, would go back. my dog enjoyed being able to run with nothing but space and opportunity.

  • Corina
    May 8, 2021
    No good experiences

    I've been there twice and never went back again. It's super dirty, poop everywhere! No grass and people are always so rude. There is many other parks in El Paso that have better vibes.

  • Mari
    More than a year ago

    Found out about this park and took my dog there .Yes there is a lot of poop and some dogs get into fights but it's good that they put this parks for ours pets I did enjoy taking my dog there just had to keep an eye when dogs tried to get rowdy around mine good thing my dog will only stay close to me I think l that the city should send some officers to monitor the not picking up after their dogs and cite them maybe they will learn to pick after their own. It's the first park I took my dog to and did like it so my review is good

  • Cassi
    More than a year ago
    Pick up poop!

    We go all the time to this park, so far the park has been good. There are a few people who do t look after there dogs and yes a lot of poop! The only negative to this park, is dog owners not picking up their dogs poop, and no shade! El Paso is so hot for so many months their should be shade. A added bonus would be a water play area for water loving dogs. Especially since lakes are so far away.

  • SHM
    More than a year ago

    I consider myself to be a very particular pet parent and am traveling with my dog this week, so we decided to check it out. We go to a dog park in ABQ all the time and love it, so I figured this would be the same.
    First of all, there is no water inside the fenced area for dogs, only before you walk in the gate (fortunately I had packed a bowl and water for her out of habit). There is also dog poop EVERYWHERE! You have to watch where you step because no one seems to pick up after their dogs. The few benches they have were taken up by about 10 dog park regulars and their additional lawn chairs. They were sitting in a circle not really paying close attention to their own dogs pooping which is pretty unfortunate.
    Needless to say, I will not be taking my pup back to that park-I'd rather take her on a long walk around Eastwood Park-it looked much cleaner!

  • Jackie
    More than a year ago
    Need a good dog park

    Hello, well I have not gone to any of the arts listed but looking for a park as well for my dog , looking for a playmate for my dog, but I'm going to try all these before I find a suitable place

  • Chuck
    More than a year ago
    Not Going

    Haven't been and was contemplating going but some of the ratings scare me a bit. With irresponsible owners, dog poop and no water fountains; think I will just wait!,

  • Danny Boy
    More than a year ago
    Nothing Negative

    This is an off leash park that is fenced in. It has a couple benches to relax while your dog plays. This park even has some obstacles your dog can train. In all the times I went, there has been a decent amount of well behaved dogs and responsible individuals who take responsibility of their pets actions and messes if any are to occur. This park could use a little more trees for shade and perhaps a water station for thirsty pets.

  • Hannah
    More than a year ago

    It's a decent park considering it's the only dog park on the East side and close to us. But like someone else said there's no shade and the water fountion is on the outside of the gate. I haven't seen poop anywhere so it's clean and there isn't much of an inclosed gated choice here so it's pretty decent.

  • Izzy
    More than a year ago

    My experience was so horrible I was only there for about 8 to 10 minutes tops if that. The dog owners that were there are not responsible at all. One of the dogs snapped at mine and the owner was looking at us the whole time and did nothing, did not even budge from his seat. And I saw another ladies dog go attack another dog and she reacted as if nothing bad happened. I decided my dog and I needed to leave before something happened to us and I would definitely not take it lightly. NEVER WILL I TAKE MY BABY THERE AGAIN!!!! I would definitely not recommend this park, owners here were not responsible at all.

  • RG
    More than a year ago

    Are there any enforcement officers that check dogs health status like rabies. A recent radio ad stated that many dogs may not have rabies shots. I often pass by the park and see cars parked past 9 pm.

  • Mary
    More than a year ago
    Good Park

    I live near to and visit the dog park regularly. I always go to the small dog side. I like that it is grass and high fenced. I like that poo pick up bags are provided altho I still bring my own as sometimes they are out there. I would love to see more trees or a shade there cuz its really hot. But all in all, Im very happy to have a dog park near my home!

  • Mundo
    More than a year ago

    i have been to 2 dog parks in el paso on high ridge and pebble hill was very disappointed in condition of both, i have 3 large 3 small dogs so i take them all in the large dog pens which some people dont seem to care if their dog makes your little dog a bite toy . i also agree with others on feces left behind and why would tthey even make a dog park with out water available to your pet in the play area where its playing with no shade. the idiot who designed these parks has no compassion for for pets . sad thing for there are so many pet owners here.

  • Irma
    More than a year ago
    Convenient but dirty

    I live really close to this park and enjoy it early in the morning when there aren't a lot of people. However, every time I go in the afternoon there are a lot of people and every time it seems that the same group of owners gathers at the bench and just talk while their dogs poop all over the place and their owners don't notice. Therefore there is ALOT of poop left behind, at least way more than I have seen in a dog park before. This makes things unpleasant because I like to walk around with my dogs and I shouldn't be watching my step the whole time to make sure I don't step in their dogs poop. Besides that I think it's ok. Also it is not always convenient when you have 2 different size dogs. I should not be afraid to take my small dog to the big dog area as well. If you're not sure your dog won't bite another dog, DO NOT take them to the park. I've been going to this park for over a year and nothing has ever happened however, my small dog recently got bit by another dog and left him 2 bite marks on his back after he flung him around a few times. I was so scared and angry I left to the vet without speaking to the other owner because he was NOWERE near! Sad to say I will not be returning, and it's a shame because they used to love it and there are no other parks near :(

  • Lily
    More than a year ago
    Good Park

    It's a big space for them to run around in and my beagles loved the freedom. There were some benches but it couldn't hurt to add some shade. Overall I would go again. Just please remember dog owners. Clean up after your dog. We didn't have much of a problem with that when we went but it still happens.

  • Megan
    More than a year ago
    Great experience

    I will spare you the details in everybody elses reviews. We made our first visit with our foster puppy today and both Charlie, and the three humans loved it. The people were very friendly, the dogs were happy and the weather was beautiful. Thanks El Paso for this wonderful experience

  • CK
    More than a year ago
    Typical "health hazard"

    Park: need more pick up bags, shade and water access.

    People: Don't seem to think they should pick up their own dog's feces. Unfortunately, this in the case a most East side dog parks.

  • Rich
    More than a year ago
    best dog park on the east side

    We took our dog this past weekend and it was great it does need benches or some sort of shade. I also agree that owners need to pay more attention to their dogs and pick up the poo, other than that we thought it was great and will take our dog there every weekend.

  • Judy
    More than a year ago
    no shade

    hey we liked the park,but today was 92 when e arrived,and by the 16 min mark both dogs were worn,we took our own water,but maybe a place for owners to sit as the dogs play,with shade,and a few little trees with shade so if fido wants to sit and relax he could outta sun.AND NUMBER #!1 quirk of mine,,,,,if i have to pick up after our babies why dont others,there were alot of piles of poo,......but other than that was kool.just shade,and inforce the poop pick up,another thing put up a tarp for them to rest under,thank you

  • Jessica
    More than a year ago
    Love it!

    I loved taking my dog to a park that was designed with a dog in mind. However I would love to see some shade put in like trees or an actual shade simply because they are running around and the sun gets too hot. Also a water faucet would be nice so that pet owners can fill a bowls for their dogs. Over all I love it and I really like the obstacle course that was put in.

  • GC-ELP
    More than a year ago
    Tierra Este Dog Park

    The park is nice & fairly new.
    The one down side is that too many owners don't clean up after their dogs there. That seems to be an El Paso problem and is very unpleasant. However, the city did a good job with this park.

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