Other Dog Activities in Brazil

Tired of watching Fido run laps in the dog park? We've got the scoop on lots of other dog friendly attractions in Brazil too. You’ll find information on all of the dog friendly wineries, boat rentals, botanical gardens, drive-ins, and other offbeat animal attractions in Brazil here.

Pet Friendly Boardwalk Urbanoide: Food trucks
Boardwalk Urbanoide: Food trucks Boardwalk Urbanide is pet-friendly. This food park is located on Augusta Street and is known to be a place that unites art, gastronomy and people from all tribes! With trailers, food trucks and food stalls, the venue is a great choice for Saturday lunch or the weekday happy hour, which is livened up by DJs. Your pet is welcome to hang out between the tables. See Details
Pet Friendly Esmalteria Nacional da Heitor Penteado
Esmalteria Nacional da Heitor Penteado Esmalteria Nacional da Heitor Penteado is pet-friendly. People getting their nails done are able to bring their pups with them for support. Relax with a nice pedicure, while your pup chills by your side. Esmalteria Nacional da Heitor Penteado is open Monday from 9:30am to 7:00pm and Tuesday through Saturday from 8:30am to 8:30pm. See Details
Lagoa da Pampulha Dogs are welcome at Lagoa da Pampulha. This pet-friendly park welcomes you and your dog to go for a walk together surrounded by nature. The centerpiece of the park is an artificial lake, Lake Pampulha. Check out the paved trail that winds around the lake and have a picnic on the grassy area with your pooch. The park is always open. See Details
Matilha Cultural Matilha Cultural is a pet-friendly cultural center in Sao Paolo. They welcome you and your dog to enjoy a movie together, watch a concert, or take part in one of the other activities they host throughout the year. They accept donations of food to help feed the community and even host adoption drives for local dogs looking for their forever homes. Matilha Cultural is open Tuesday through Saturday from 12pm to 8pm and Sunday from 10am to 8pm. See Details
Studio Kangoo 3 Figueiras Studio Kangoo 3 Figueiras is pet-friendly. This fitness studio is a great place to hang out with your pooch, and get fit at the same time. Dogs are welcome throughout the facility, as long as they are well-behaved and don't interrupt the other class members. Hooks can be found on the walls to leash your dog during the more intense activity. Studio Kangoo 3 Figueiras is open weekdays from 8am until 10pm. See Details
Ca'dore - Food Uncomplicated Ca'dore - Food Uncomplicated is pet-friendly. The gastronomic center is located in Bacacheri also and allows pets to join in the fun. There are 41 dining options, including dessert, omelets, sandwiches, Mexican, Greek, Peruvian and other options. This food hub is open Tuesday through Friday from 6:00pm to 11:00pm, Saturday from 12:30pm to 11:00pm, and Sunday from 12:30pm to 10:00pm. See Details
Esplanada do Mineirao Esplanada do Mineirao is a pet-friendly soccer stadium in Belo Horizonte. Cruzeiro, the team who play their games in the stadium, are one of the biggest multisport clubs in the country. They run a project called arcaobancada where they allow pets to watch a game with their owners. Check their website for game times and upcoming schedules. See Details