Dog Friendly Hiking Trails in Croatia

If your dog likes to ruff it, bring Fido hiking in Croatia. Our dog friendly hiking section includes everything from easy one-hour walks to fantastic overnight trips in Croatia that won’t be soon forgotten. Seriously, go take a hike!

Pet Friendly Krka National Park
Krka National Park Krka National Park is dog-friendly! Leashed pets are allowed to explore the area, which is a vast and primarily unaltered landscape, including one or more preserved ecosystems. It features a series of seven waterfalls, the Krka River, the Oziđana cave, a fifteenth-century Franciscan Monastery and more. Pets must have on a muzzle during transport (bus and boat). They are not allowed on Visovac Island. They are allowed to explore the wider area of the Krka Monastery, but they are not permitted to enter the monastery. Entrance fees vary seasonally, so dog owners should check out its official website before planning their outing. See Details