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Buddy4Life offers group and private dog training for all breeds, sizes and ages.

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Buddy4Life has received a rating of 5.0 out of 5 bones by 13 canine critics on BringFido.

Visitors highly recommend Buddy4Life's dog trainer Jorge, praising his expertise, patience, and ability to train both dogs and their owners. They describe him as a "dog whisperer" who has successfully trained a wide range of breeds, including rescues with behavioral issues, and helped owners develop strong bonds with their pets.

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  • Debbi
    Oct 15, 2019
    Jorge is amazing!

    We adopted an 8 week old rescue (mostly German Shepard, part rottweiler/mix) with incredible amounts of energy. Knowing what we know from our previous dog (who we adopted at 6th months and came with major anxiety issues) we knew we needed to start socialization and training early with our new girl. A friend recommended Jorge and after our first phone conversation we knew he was the right trainer for us. Jorge’s initial focus was as a dog behaviorist and he helped us work on building our puppy’s confidence and breaking bad habits she had already picked up (resource guarding, digging, etc.). We met once per week for 6 weeks in and around our home helping our puppy get used to the world around her (confidence around bikes, skateboards, loud noises, high surfaces, etc.), and Jorge incorporated very basic manners/commands. Once our puppy received all of her shots we started attending Jorge’s socializations trainings on Saturdays at a nearby park (which he throws in for free while you are in training). After the initial puppy sessions we moved into basic obedience training (long stay, heel, recall, etc., and even some cute tricks). We have since graduated from basic obedience and we are planning to start intermediate training soon with Jorge. We continue to attend the Saturday sessions (for a small fee since we’re no longer in a current training program) and Jorge is always willing to help us with the newest issue or behavior questions that come up as our puppy moves through her “teenage years”. As with many trainers, Jorge focuses on training the owners as much as the dog but the very best thing about Jorge is the emphasis he places on helping you and your dog become a strong team through good communication and trust. Jorge has years of experience and unlimited patience and love for all dogs and it shows in every interaction.

  • Paul
    Oct 12, 2019
    Jorge DeCastro -- Best Dog Behaviorist/Trainer

    Last year when we adopted a rescue dog (2-year old female Dachshund-Spaniel mix), we immediately recognized she had some major behavioral issues (e.g., aggression, anxiety, over-reactive, etc) most likely associated with some emotional trauma in her past. We tried to self-educate ourselves on techniques to combat these issues, but our attempts to "train" her ourselves were unsuccessful. It became apparent that we needed professional help if we wanted to give our dog the best chance to adapt to and thrive in her new living conditions.

    Our neighbors have two dogs and we came to learn that they were using someone to help train them -- a professional dog behaviorist and trainer, Jorge DeCastro. We approached Jorge and explained the situation with our dog. After a brief introduction about his services, Jorge spent about 30 minutes with our dog walking her around our neighborhood to get an initial idea of her behavior. He then scheduled a complimentary, no-obligation 1-hour evaluation session as a basis for recommending a program for our dog. Given our dog's specific needs, Jorge recommended a 2-part program: Part 1 was six 1-hour private sessions for behavior adjustment training; Part 2 was six 1-hour private sessions for basic obedience training. Included in this program was a weekly 1-hour group socialization session at an area park. During the private sessions, Jorge worked with us in our home and in the local neighborhood on socialization and behavior modification training. He was always available for advice when we needed it, and he customized his approach based on the specific needs of our dog and our family.

    Jorge is extremely knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate about his work with dogs, and he is particularly skillful on assessing each dog's unique personality and behavioral issues. He is a gifted and engaging teacher, trainer and canine behavioralist. His philosophy is about teamwork, communication and reliability between owner and dog, not just on how to "control" the dog.

    Beyond his exceptional knowledge and expertise, and his instinctual gift with animals, there was also his incredible enthusiasm. In the group socialization and reliability training sessions, he was thoroughly acquainted with each dog and its owner(s), following their progress with sincere interest and insight. Jorge was always able to spot a problem and address it in such a way that it became instructive for the entire class. Everyone in the group class felt that Jorge genuinely cared for each dog as an individual - that his concern went well beyond that of a mere teacher/trainer. Jorge is truly an expert -- fully knowledgeable about all breeds, training techniques, problem solving, and he is genuinely gifted in his interactions with both people and animals.

  • Kevin
    Oct 6, 2019
    Great Dog Owner Trainer!!

    We have trained 3 Golden Retrievers without much difficulty and when we recently brought in a Cavapoo into our family we were amazed at how different he was!! Stubborn, easily distracted and barely trainable --"You talking to me!?" Enter Jorge: Private training sessions are incredibly valuable for owners and the dog alike.
    He is extremely knowledgeable, dedicated to his work and can read each dog and its owner's unique personalities and challenges. He then recommends trainings and repetitive drills that will have the greatest effect.

    The group class during Saturdays are a nice way to review behavior trainings and group socializations with your pet.
    We recommend Jorge (and his daughter) without reservation!!! No dog is untrainable when you have Jorge in your camp.

  • Betty
    Oct 1, 2019
    Jorge is THE ONE. Look no further!

    We feel incredibly lucky to have found Jorge. Jorge is very professional and knowledgeable. He led all training with great passion and patience. Like all the other previous reviews, he is a real Dog Whisperer! Our dog has problem with pulling and barking excessively at other dogs on leash. However, he is quiet as a mouse when Jorge is around. We don't only see Jorge as our dog trainer, we see him as our friend.
    We highly recommend Jorge to anyone who is looking for a dog trainer. We would give him 6 Bones if we could.!! Woof! :)

  • Alvina
    Sep 24, 2019
    Awesome Dog Trainer!

    Jorge DeCastro is our dog trainer for our little Luna (german shepherd). He is such an amazing person and does an excellent job with training all different types of dogs! We are in his intermediate class at the moment, however the beginner classes along with the home visits were very helpful in training our dog! He is very patient and has taught us so many tips/tricks on how to train her and build a positive relationship with her. My fiance and I love his passion for his job and every time we are training with him our confidence builds! He is highly skilled and we would recommend him to everyone!!

  • Gavin
    Sep 24, 2019

    Jorge was a pleasure to work with. Without question he helped our puppy dog find her groove. I can’t say enough about this kind, gentle man Jorge. Not only is he a great trainer but a great person as well. You get what you pay for! THANKS again Jorge!!

  • Raymond
    Sep 23, 2019
    If you are a first time dog owner...Jorge is your man!

    We are first time dog owners. We love big dogs, so we decided acquired ourselves a male German Shepherd Dog...not knowing what we are getting ourselves into.
    Thank goodness we found Jorge! He is AMAZING!
    Jorge started helping train our GSD, Hugo, when he was about five months old. From the very start, we knew we found our guy.
    Jorge is more than just a "trainer". He is a teacher, a coach, and a mentor. He taught me and my family (wife & daughter), a great many things, about taking care of GSD's.
    We continuously apply Jorge's teachings on Hugo, whenever and wherever.
    We really love that Jorge makes house calls. it is very helpful, when we have to go to work during the day. And, his Saturday socialization gatherings are great for Hugo to meet other dogs and humans. And, learn to behave properly in busy environments.
    We highly recommend Jorge to owners of all types of dog...especially, if you are first time owners.

  • Inna
    Sep 22, 2019
    Great Trainer And Person

    This review is long over due
    I have been working with Jorge the trainer through puppy basic training class with my high energetic pup.
    Jorge is very knowledgeable, dedicated to his work and attending to each dogs and owner unique personality and challenges.

    We had private lessons which are much easier in terms of schedule, effective yet affordable.
    The group class during Sat weekend are nice way to review and socialize
    I have been recommending Jorge to my clients and new ( as well as not so new ) pet owners.

  • Doron
    Nov 22, 2018
    Dog Magician

    Highly recommended in so many way;
    Firstly - his system works!
    He is dedicated to the dogs with a very holistic approach to train dogs and families together.
    He took our shepherd from an unsecured, nervous and unpredictable dog to a well behaved and much happier active family dog.

  • Candi
    Nov 7, 2018
    Parent and Dog Training

    Mom and Dad needed training as much as our rescued border collie, Bailey, did. We had a great experience with Jorge on all counts......we got training, Bailey got training, and we now have a tool kit to continue our work at home. We appreciated Jorge's calm demeanor and approach, and Bailey was always happy to get to work with him !! Our Bailey is a highly reactive dog, and always trusted and relaxed when Jorge was around. Also, the group classes were amazing for our dog, and many participants had tears in their eyes as their dogs responded to the group class !!

  • Danielle
    Jun 4, 2018
    Northern California's Dog Whisperer

    I don't know where to begin because there are so many wonderful things to say about Jorge. He is an amazing teacher, trainer, behavioralist and person. He is incredibly passionate, gifted and a true dog whisperer. His philosophy is about team work and reliability, not control.
    Last year we adopted a loving 2 year old female pittie who had experienced trauma in her past. The scars on her neck indicated that she had been bitten before which left her extremely reactive to other dogs. A friend had recommended Jorge to me and shared a story of how he had rehabilitated a pittie that was rescued from abuse and fighting. When I heard this I knew that I had to work with Jorge.
    It’s now been 3 months of both private and group training and I am in awe of the progress we have made so far. My sweet little Lucy made a huge breakthrough at week 10 by frolicking in a pack with 3 other dogs, her tail was even wagging. I’ve included pictures to show you her progress (she is the white dog with brown spots). Lucy is now able to walk by, sit and lie down next to the other dogs in group training without growling and lunging. She has even instigated playing with some of the dogs. There is still more training and socialization to do but I never thought I would see the day that she could enjoy the company of other dogs. Jorge has given us the knowledge, tools and confidence to get to this point and we are looking forward to continuing this remarkable journey with him. Thank you Jorge, you are the best!!!

  • Julie
    Jun 3, 2018
    Helped us with our rescue dog

    Last year we adopted an adorable terrier with some behavior issues. Jorge helped us from the beginning, in our home and local neighborhood on socialization and behavior modification for our pup. He has always been available for advice when we needed it and customized his approach for our dog and our family. Now we are on to intermediate training with our dog. Jorge has been patient and knowledgeable and has really supported our family throughout this process. Highly recommend his private sessions and his group classes.

  • Patricia
    May 31, 2018
    Great dog trainer!

    Jorge DeCastro is an amazing dog trainer! He customizes the training for each dog and their owner. Jorge trains the dog and owner as a team, building confidence in both the dog and the owner. Bailey and I have learned so much in our beginner, intermediate and socialization classes ! I highly recommend Jorge DeCastro.

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