K9 Cabana Dog Resort & Training Center

3949 Dick Pond Road, Myrtle Beach, SC, US, 29588
Mon-Fri 7:30AM - 6:00PM; Weekends / Holidays 8:00AM - 5:00PM; CLOSED DAILY 12PM-3PM

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Or call 843-748-0351 for more information.


K9 Cabana offers dog daycare, boarding, & grooming in a 5,000 square foot facility--a true dog's resort! Their facility is open boarding with no cages; however, if you prefer, they do offer private cabanas.


BringFido Traveler Rating

K9 Cabana Dog Resort & Training Center has received a rating of 4.3 out of 5 bones by 62 dog owners on BringFido.

  • More than one year ago.

    We vacationed to Myrtle Beach and left our dog in the care of K9 cabana. After we got home, we noticed that our poor dog was infested with fleas. We had to spend money on several flea treatments. She has never had fleas before!

  • More than one year ago.
    No Other Place!

    Absolutely wonderful! Our dog suffers from separation anxiety, and I assure you that she did not even notice that we were gone! Clean, safe, thorough, and friendly are just a few of many words that we have about K9 Cabana! Coming from 6 hours away, they made sure that all my questions were answered and all necessary items were completed prior to arriving. Our pit-mix normally shies away from unfamiliar places and people, but she went in willingly and came out with her tail still wagging! Great vacation for your furry friend while you are enjoying yours <3

  • More than one year ago.
    Didn't call to let me know my dog was having problems

    Every year we vacation in Myrtle Beach. Normally my dog/baby stays with me, but this trip I had to board him for a few days. K9 Cabana was clean and the staff seemed to be very nice to both myself and my dog. When I dropped him off, I advised the staff that he has NEVER boarded before and to call me if any problems come up. I also told them we were renting a condo that allowed dogs, so I could pick him up if necessary. (I opted to board since a friend that was staying with us is afraid of large dogs.) The staff assured me that they would call if anything happened, no matter what time. I left 4 different cell phone numbers, a number for a relative here in Indiana (she could track us down if an emergency came up and K9 Cabana couldn't immediately reach me) and the Condo phone number.

    Apparently my dog had "severe separation anxiety" while being boarded in a Cabana the first night. I was NEVER told of this until I stopped by (unannounced) to check on him around 10am the next day. K9 Cabana apparently has an add on option (for $10/night) which will allow your dog to sleep in the same room as the overnight attendant. Instead of calling and letting me know or just adding $10 to the bill and letting him sleep with a human, they opted to move my dog to a back playroom away from all other dogs and humans. Anyone that knows anything about dogs would know that would cause the separation anxiety to be WORSE. I would have gleefully paid the $10 for my baby to sleep (in the same room) with the attendant up front. I had NO idea that was even an option. If someone had called to let me know he was having separation anxiety, I would have picked him up. I was upset that no one had called to let me know what was going on and decided that he would not be boarding there again. I had pre-paid for his stay and requested a refund of the unused days. The staff was unable to refund because the manager wasn’t there, but assured me that it would be refunded once the manager returned. I had paid using a credit card, so it would be refunded on the card. I called for two days asking about the refund, and finally the manager called back to let me know that my dog had caused damage in the playroom and that I would not be getting a refund. This was the first I had heard about damage. I went to the facility to see this damage, but they had already “fixed” it. I told them I wanted to see pictures. They were unable to produce any. I ultimately dropped it and let them keep the money, but I have doubts that any damage ever occurred. I can’t understand why the damage wasn’t shown to me when I was withdrawing him from boarding or that the manager didn’t call me before “fixing” it. I completely agree that I am responsible for any damage my dog causes, but I should at least be shown the damage. I also feel they should have called to let me know that my dog was upset the night it happened and if nothing else they should have called in the morning. If I hadn’t decided to check in on my baby, I would NEVER have known. The “damage” could easily have been avoided if they had called.

    I ultimately boarded my dog at another doggy daycare in Myrtle Beach and he did fine. No separation anxiety, no damage and he played well with the other dogs. He was also VERY excited to go back to the daycare on the days that I took him out on a “day pass”. Honestly I have NO idea what happened at K9 Cabana or why it happened but I would think twice before boarding your baby at K9 Cabana.

  • More than one year ago.

    If I could give them a worse rating, I would. The smell of the place made me want to vomit! They treated my dog so bad and I knew he had been abused when I got. I'm home.i have contacted the state of SC

  • More than one year ago.

    On our vacation to Myrtle Beach, I saw the ad for K9 Cabana and decided to go loo, at then place. I am not sure what the smell is when you walk in, but it is overwhelming. The gal that showed me around on Saturday was very nice and we discussed my one dog's separation anxiety. I said that I have all the dogs records with me, however they were adamant about calling my vet to get the same exact papers I had in my hand. I really don't like someone bothering the vet and that is why I carry the papers, however I gave in and filled out the vet information on their online form. This was a Saturday and the vet was not available, so I had to take pictures of the forms and email them to K9. I have not had this issue with any other doggie daycare facility.
    I dropped off the dogs on Monday morning and again, we discussed the anxiety of the 1 dog. As we were leaving the parking lot, my husband looked in his rearview mirror and saw tone of our dogs running towards our vehicle. The high anxiety dog was taken out back and she climbed the fence and ran into the parking lot. I understand this is not common, however nobody at K9 knew she had done this and they are on a very, very busy street. She could have run into traffic and been hit or killed.

  • More than one year ago.
    Kennel cough

    Took my 1 year old dog there for the first time for Doggie Day care all of her vaccines are up to date and 2 days after going to daycare she came down with Kennel cough.

  • More than one year ago.

    If you love your dog, please do not use K 9 Cabana. From their juvenile, arrogagant staff to the filthy building, I cannot understand how they are still in business. The owner is never in and she takes no responsibility for anything that happens. I understandtht they drug dogs when they are boarded. I hope the state shuts them down.

  • More than one year ago.
    Myrtle beach

    Great place. Well kept, friendly, supervised. The biggest part for me is there are always other dogs to play with. This helps with socialization. Releasing energy. And distracting from the fact that hes beeing dropped off. Despite peoples comments at the bottom of injuries, they must gorget that dogs play. Dogs play can get ruff but is closely monitered and handled apprpriarely begore anything turns aggressive. If you dont want your dogs to play font bring them. This is a great place and everyone i know loves it

  • More than one year ago.
    home away from home

    My dog is a bit neurotic, but loves the staff at k9 (esp. tracie). She gets so excited when we near the parking lot, which she never did at other boarding facilities. They write down every detail of feeding or medication needs. With K9 I don't feel I need to check in on her, I have every confidence in their abilies to keep her safe & happy. I love the fact that there is staff there 24/7, so she doesn't have to be in a cage allnight ,but can sleep on a couch :)

  • More than one year ago.

    First off they make it seem like they are better then other dog resorts because they have the plexi glass but it is the same as any other place, the staff is always disorganized and often lost our stuff or food would go missing. the owner is high on her horse and would not give me the time of day. i was alarmed when i stepped out back and saw all the poops that had obviously been there a while. This place is the last resort any time i have to board my dog

  • More than one year ago.
    In a League of Its Own

    I'm familiar with traditional kennels but never have I used such a fabulous place as K-9 Cabana. I started bringing my two dogs when K-9 first opened & my pets were just pups. Business took me away more than I was comfortable with but the entire staff at K-9 Cabana and the incredible facilities made everything doable. Once I saw how my dogs thrived at K-9, that was it: K-9 became their home away from home. I've watched it grown and the staff is just as dedicated as ever. Even when my dog was on medication & had to be watched carefully, my mind was at ease. Now they have the Cabana Cab, which makes my life even easier. The dogs are treated so well, K-9 Cabana is really like no other pet facility. It is in a league of its own!

  • More than one year ago.
    In A Class Of Its Own

    I'm familiar with traditional kennels but never have I used such a fabulous place as K-9 Cabana. I started bringing my two dogs when K-9 first opened & my pets were just pups. Business took me away more than I was comfortable with but the entire staff at K-9 Cabana and the incredible facilities made everything doable. Once I saw how my dogs thrived at K-9, that was it: K-9 became their home away from home. I've watched it grown and the staff is just as dedicated as ever. Even when my dog was on medication & had to be watched carefully, my mind was at ease. Now they have the Cabana Cab, which makes my life even easier. The dogs are treated so well, K-9 Cabana is really like no other pet facility. It is in a league of its own!

  • More than one year ago.
    Allie's Second Home

    Our girl Allie LOVES the cabana, and so do we! She goes weekly for daycare and has a blast! When we pull into the parking lot she goes crazy! The owners are awesome, so friendly, professional and caring. The same goes for the staff, especially "Aunt Tracie" :) we also take Allie for boarding when we go out of town. We have 100% peace of mind when she is there. The facility itself is ALWAYS clean and smells good, the poem cabana style is so calming, and the play areas are spacious. The outside area is so cute and fun too! Grooming is wonderful and prices are soooo affordable. Allie will never step paw in another daycare! Thanks for all you do K9 Cabana!

  • More than one year ago.
    Won't be back

    The building is WAY smaller than the photos make it look. The "backyard" play area is a small slab of cement that can't possibly allow enough room for the dogs to run and play.
    We only left our dog there for one night, but he will not be going back. After bringing him home we bathed him and did a head to paw inspection, and that was when we found 2 large gashes on his abdomen! His fur was covering the scabs. I was devastated. After a day or 2 of letting them heal themselves, the skin looks like it's about to fall off and it is breaking my heart. I understand we take our dogs at our own risk, but we also paid to have him watched. Clearly to have those kinds of injuries, he was not being watched. We will not be taking him back there again. Just beware.

  • More than one year ago.
    Pierre & Vegas

    we were pleased & our dogs were happy.the staff was helpful, kind and considerate. They made sure our dogs & us were calm and comfortable. We had no complaints.

  • More than one year ago.
    Mr Frank Bonora

    This doggy daycare center is the best. Nothing less then professional..caring staff. I have total peace of mind that my "daughter" is in good hands. Whatever needs my dog has they are more then willing to oblige. When I call to find out how Abigail is doing and they give a detailed account of her behavior. K9 Cabana has gone beyond my expectations.

  • More than one year ago.
    5 Star Treatment

    We travel on several week end get aways per year. That makes us VERY familiar with K-9 Cabana. They know our dogs by name (not ours....lol) and are happy to see them when we bring them in. The way the Staff treats them like their own is unmatched in any other facility we have ever used. We would NOT be frequent repeat customers UNLESS they were the best!

  • More than one year ago.

    Our Jrack Russell Terrier loved his time at K-9 Cabana. I liked that he was grouped with other dogs that were his size to play. He also stayed clean while there and came home each evening tired but content. He will be a regular guest anytime we are in Myrtle Beach!

  • More than one year ago.
    Black Jack & Patches

    We stayed overnight when Mom was in the hospital and had a great time. Now she is going on a trip and we will be coming back. Maybe Patches will be better behaved this time and can spend more time with his friends instead of being alone. We cannot wait for our return visit. Mom loves how she can leave us worry free at K9 Cabana.

  • More than one year ago.
    Lily & Tadpole

    We have had great experiences with K9 Cabana in the past but we just added a 3 month old Puppy (Lily) to our happy home and were concerned how she would adapt to being boarded. The staff was WONDERFUL in integrating her with some young dogs as well. She had a great time and didn't want to leave. We are very pleased with K9 Cabana. Normally we would be concerned with leaving our girls with someone, but they have really eased our minds. THANK YOU K9 Cabana!

  • More than one year ago.
    Our Dog Trooper

    Trooper, is a true rescue. At the age of 8 weeks old we found him on a highway. Needless to say, we needed a place for our baby while we were at work. Well, you guessed it, K9 Cabana has been "Our Rescue".
    Lorraine, and her staff, are very friendly, and professional . Trooper has become a part of their K9 family. He loves going there. We cannot ever say to him "Tooper do you want to go and see your friends?" He starts crying until we get trough the front dog of K9Cabana.
    My husband and I would again like to thank Lorraine, & her staff for being such Loving Caretakers. You are truly our Life Saver.

  • More than one year ago.
    Home Away From Away

    Daisy Mae had a great stay on her last visit.We needed to go away for the weekend and at the last minute were able to accomodate Daisy.The exit bath worked out great for us in saving time.She is looking forward to her next visit.

  • More than one year ago.
    Suzie Q's Home Away From Home

    Suzie Q has been going to K9 Cabana pretty much since they opened. As soon as we enter their driveway she is so excited to go in. The staff greets her so warmly and you can tell she's so happy to see them. I've found every staff member we've met to be friendly and professional as well as the owner. Suzie Q in addition to daycare has boarded up to 8 days and been well cared for. I am very comfortable in leaving her there and feel fortunate to have such caring, loving caretakers for her. I highly recommend them!

  • More than one year ago.
    Tucker & Sadie

    We just moved from PA and had to find a nice place for our labs to stay when we went away. These dogs are our kids and we are very protective and picky when it comes to where they stay. We left the dogs at K9 Cabana for an afternoon of daycare to see if they would like it and also if it would be a good
    fit for them. When we went to pick them up they didn't want to leave. They went back the following Sunday for an overnight stay and loved it. The place is clean and the staff are GREAT!!! I felt like the staff treated Tucker & Sadie as if it were their own. Also, they gave them baths and they looked great. It is very important to us that our dogs are taken care of. We recommend K9 Cabana.

  • More than one year ago.


  • More than one year ago.
    The Greatest

    I had to board my companion and friend for 10days in June and what a wonderful experience....Bella has been there 2x prior to this time and I can truly say it has been a welcome relief to know that she is loved and cared for as if she was with us...Bella is a bark park baby so she loves the companionship of other dogs and the playing she get to do almost all day....So if any one is wondering where to leave their best friend, I give a thumbs up to K9 Cabana...Thank you all so much for all you do for our loved one..John

  • More than one year ago.
    Great Facility and Staff

    We have used K9 Cabanna on a few occasions now. The staff is very carring and attentive. My husband and I just addopted a new puppy into the family and she will be boarded there as well. We travil sevel times a year and it is very comforting to know that our two "children" will be safe and well taken care of. The rates are reasonable and the facility is very nice and clean. We highly recommend K9 Cabanna if you are in the area!

  • More than one year ago.

    We love it and Maggie does too!!!!! Cant wait to go spend time with her friends.Every body has been great with Maggie

  • More than one year ago.

    My two pug dogs, Trixie and Fia love it at the K9 Cabana. I have been taking them there for a year and have always been pleased. They love going to day care where they play all day long in a supervised environment. I'm an overprotective mamma and and I always feel comfortable leaving my girls here when I'm out of town, even for long trips. The prices are really reasonable too! I tell everyone I know about K9 Cabana.

  • More than one year ago.

    K-9 Cabana is the most spectacular dog boarding, doggie daycare, and grooming facility that I have ever used or seen!
    My dog becomes ecstatic if I drive near there.
    Lorraine treats her customers VERY fairly; moreover, in the event of an emergency, she makes accommodations and DOES NOT take advantage as do many other facilities.
    The staff is adored and appreciated among the dog lovers of Myrtle Beach.
    I don't know how they do it, but the entire staff treats each dog according to its personality and individual needs.
    My favorite aspect of K9 Cabana is that my pooch is never alone.
    At my request. she is grouped during the day and even at night, according to her size and personality.
    On Sunday, July 31st, K-9 Cabana celebrated their 1 year anniversary with a fabulous doggy-party.
    My Charlie-Girl got all of her shots from a mobile vet, her portrait painted by a talented artist, and even got her nails clipped by the onsite groomer.
    Lorraine is famous for her dog parties.
    Prices are very reasonable and Lorraine offers daycare packages that lower the cost considerably.
    Should an emergency arise at night, there is ALWAYS a staff member that is working overnight.
    This is a fact!
    I canot say enough about K9-Cabana!
    Go to any online dog boarding review site and you'll see that everyone agrees that K-9 Cabana is without a doubt, the best dog boarding and doggie-daycare on The Grand Strand.

    Beverly Watrous & Charlie-Girl

  • More than one year ago.
    Georgs mom

    i would highly recommend K9 Cabana. They treated George like a ROCK STAR. He really needed a place like this, he hasn't socialize since he recovered from a stroke in Fla. When i went to pick him up, i
    peeked in the window...He was running around playing. He looked so happy. Thank you K9!!

  • More than one year ago.
    Enter at your own risk..

    The place is very clean, and the staff is very caring. However, when I brough my dog there for grooming, and a half day of daycare, he came out with an injury to his eye and was limping. I had to bring the dog to the vet, and was told that he suffered a trauma to the eye. Jake's left eye was further up into the upper eyelid, and the bottom lid was bloodshot. It looks like he has a cateract covering the eye. I have to give him medication 5 times a day, and possibly have to take him to an eye specialist if it doesn't get better in another week. I had made several calls to K9, asking for a refund, as the injury was a result of his stay there. The owner finally called me, and did not want to assume any responsibility for the injury. He was arrogant, and rude, and told me not to call the Cabana any more, that he doesn't want or need my business. He even cc'd me on an email he sent to his attorney, instructing me to speak to his attorney going forward. Any reputable business owner would have assumed responsibility for the care of my dog, but not this guy..so ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK, You just never know what can happen at this place.

  • More than one year ago.

    We've boarded our dog Starbuck at least twice at K9. Both occasions she received outstanding care. We are planning another trip in the near future and without any hesitation we will use K9. We are extremely picky concerning where Starbuck stays, but we have complete confidence that the staff will take excellent care of her. I've looked around a great deal trying to find an appropriate kennel and I'm sold on K9, and you will too be.

  • More than one year ago.

    USE CAUTION! Our dog was seriously injured while in the care of K9 cabana. The owner was extremely nasty and took no responsibility. My dog hasn't been the same since he came home and it looks like he has permamant damage to a body part. We are devestated for our dog.

  • More than one year ago.

    My dog was the first guest at the K9 Cabana and the owner went above and beyond any pet boarding experience I've had. The facility is very nice and my dog enjoys going. I never worry about her after I leave because I know she's in good hands.

  • More than one year ago.
    Kaila & Jessie

    We are two wee Scottish Terrier girls and we love our buddies at K9 Cabana. Everyone takes really good care of us wheather we're just there for the day or sometimes for a sleep over too. We love playing wiith all the other doggies, and we really crash when we get home. Come play with us sometime - you'll love it too.

  • More than one year ago.

    K9 Cabana is an amazing place to take your dog, whether it is just for a few hours or for a whole week. They do an amazing job of keeping your dog happy and active, and learning the needs of each dog. Their prices are good to begin with, but they also offer specials that can help you save even more money. Kahli loves going to the K9 Cabana and always comes home happy. I definitely recommend them as a great place to leave your best friend.

  • More than one year ago.
    Home Away from Home

    We love to vacation but do not like leaving our toy poodle, Brooklyn, just anywhere. So, we shopped around for a boarding kennel that was MORE than just a kennel. We found all the qualities we were looking for at the K-9 Cabana. This place is a beach inspired resort for dogs. The staff is wonderful. Brooklyn loves spending time at K-9 because they treat him like family. It's been a relief knowing that we can go on vacation and not have to worry about Brooklyn's care. We especially like the fact that small dogs are kept in different areas than the larger breeds. It's a safety feature that we are very concerned about. We highly recommend their "spa." You couldn't ask for better care.

  • More than one year ago.
    Love this place!

    My English Mastiff Moose LOVES this place. He can be a challenge, but the staff is wonderful! He goes there everyday for daycare and often has a sleep over (they also do grooming). They have great staff, very clean, open concept with privtae cabnans or large rooms for the social butterflies, flexible hours. They have even taken on unexpected pooches from tourists who's hotels were not pet friendly. Wonderful place!

  • More than one year ago.
    Great Place!

    We decided to check out K-9 Cabana as it was near our house. We are very particular where we leave our dog, Tadpole. I formally managed a couple Humane Society shelters so I know what to look for when assessing a boarding facility. My wife and I visited them to see what they were all about. We came away very impressed with the facilities and the staff. The first thing I looked for was the cleanliness. An unclean environment can be indicators of a place to avoid. I was VERY happy with their routines in that area. I was confidant that Tadpole would not come home with any negative health effects from boarding. The staff was very attentive to the animals in there care. It was easy to see that the staff CARED about what went on there. The facilities themselves were very nice as well. From the outside of the building you would never guess how large a building it is. They have many, many pens or arenas where they segregate dogs of different size as well as temperament. Tadpole is about 13 years old now so it was important that she be able to be with some slower, lower energy company. As a previous professional in the industry, I am more than happy with the operation that K-9 Cabana is running. Tadpole had a great experience on her initial overnight experience and we are now comfortable with leaving her in their competent care when we go on a longer vacation later this year. I highly recommend them!

  • More than one year ago.
    Tucker and Lilly

    We love the k9 cabana !!We have two scotties pup's one 3 months (lilly) and one 4 months (Tucker) they are our babies so it was hard for us to leave them somewhere for a couple days!!We took them to doggie daycare on terrific Tuesday the week before to see how they would like it.When we got there they were having so much fun they didnt want to leave.We have another trip coming up and feel very comfortable knowing they will be in loving hands!!Thank you everyone at the K9 cabana for taking GREAT care of our babies!!

  • More than one year ago.

    I have always kept my pets at home and had someone privately take care of them. Sadie is the first one I tried doggy day care with. My neighbors bragged on the facility and staff. As I found out they were right to do so. From my first day bringing her in Tracey and Barb were our first introduction and I couldn't have asked for more loving and caring attention that was given to my pet. I knew then this was a good place for her. Sadie has done awesome with the other pets there and the staff couldn't be more accomodatiing. Thanks for all you do!!!

  • More than one year ago.
    Hamish's Dad

    I have searched many places but K9Cabana is by far the top of the list. Hamish gets excited & barks & howles before I get there . He loves to go to Doggie Daycare. He loves the staff and has spent alot of nights there when we are out of town. We even do his groomimg there and have always been satisfied. We recommend K9 Cabana to all of our friens and neighbors.

  • More than one year ago.
    Samara's mom

    We left our boxer puppy Samara at K9 Cabana a few weekends ago when we had to go out of town and they were great with her. Since then she has gone to daycare a couple times and she loves it. I love that we have a place close by that we can take her for the day where she can play and they don't just keep her locked up in a pin. They keep the place very clean and the staff is always nice and great with the dogs. I recommend K9 Cabana to anyone looking for pet care for the day or for the week.

  • More than one year ago.
    Nahla's Mom

    This place is wonderful! I have a large rescue dog and I am always worried taking her to new places due to her fear of new people and new places. They were AMAZING at the K9 cabana!! I explained her fears/quirks due to her background and how to acquaint themselves with her and understand her. All of the workers were so patient, gentle and kind. She took up with all of them. I had been boarding her elsewhere before the cabana opened and she would be so scared and shaking. It would break my heart. Not now, we arrive and she jumps right out. She runs in and wants everyone in there to pet her and notice her. I pick her up and she is so happy, playful and loving!(when I get her home, she is exhausted! ) It is such a relief to my heart to see her happy! I would recommend the cabana to anyone who loves their pet. Everyone on the staff is wonderful and they genuinely love dogs, it isn't just a job to them, it is a passion! Fantastic place!!!

  • More than one year ago.
    Finchy's Mama

    I am very grateful to have a place like K9 Cabana nearby my home! I love that they are on location 24 hours a day. I always know that my dog, Finch will have a great time romping with all the other dogs, and that his mind will be on fun instead of the fact that I'm out of town! I plan to take advantage of one of the day boarding packages so that my boyfriend can drop him off before work and still spend evenings with him while I'm away in Boston!!

  • More than one year ago.
    Bella's Mom

    Love it!!As pet lovers you understand that we treat our little girl Bella exactly like our child. We have stressed always when she had to leave her, WELL not anymore. K9 Cabana is a God send. Bella is a 2 1/2 yr old Double Doodlle(golden, labador retriver and poodle) very active" and always on the go, so when we happened onto K9 Cabana with all the freedom and interaction with staff we were delighted. She spent Christmas with them and came home absolutely exhausted, which is definetly the very 1st time that has happened. The staff and the facility is one of the very best, would never take bella any other place. Thanks you for all the hard work you put into taking care of others. Good job guys!!!

  • More than one year ago.
    Bella's Mom

    Love it!!As pet lovers you understand that we treat our little girl Bella exactly like our child. We have stressed always when she had to leave her, WELL not anymore. K9 Cabana is a God send. Bella is a 2 1/2 yr old Double Doodlle(golden, labador retriver and poodle) very active" and always on the go, so when we happened onto K9 Cabana with all the freedom and interaction with staff we were delighted. She spent Christmas with them and came home absolutely exhausted, which is definetly the very 1st time that has happened. The staff and the facility is one of the very best, would never take bella any other place. Thanks you for all the hard work you put into taking care of others. Good job guys!!!

  • More than one year ago.

    Bandits mom
    I've been bringing my new puppy, Bandit to K9 Cabana for the last two months. She has been going to daycare every week, and love's it. She can't get out of the car and into K9 Cabana fast enough. She comes home tired after a great day of play/ Since I know how much she loves it there and how well she's cared for, that I did not worry at all when I boarded her there for a week. I love the fact that there is someone there 24 hours a day, and the way the kennels are set up. The staff is great with the dogs. I'm so glad I found it.

  • More than one year ago.
    Nahlahs Mom

    I am so thankful that this place is here, i needed a place where i could take my St Bernard during the day to get her energy out and let her go inside and outside as she pleased. They are so nice to me and her there and they let me go in the back with her sometimes, so i know they don't have nothing to hide. The place is very clean, every time i go in there they are cleaning up.

  • More than one year ago.
    Buckshot's Mom

    Absolutely hands down the best place in Myrtle Beach (and probably the continental US!!) to take your dog! I am a local here, work in the healthcare field & K9 Cabana has been very flexible with my work schedule. The staff graciously get up each weekday morning to welcome Buckshot to early drop-off daycare. Not once has Buckshot ever turned back at drop-off or come home unhappy. He does however come home a happy, tired, and sometimes wet puppy from playing in the poo! The staff are really tuned into Buckshot & every dog's needs, placing dogs into "play groups" according to personalities and carefully monitoring them while they play. The staff are dedicated to tailoring an environment to your dog's personality. I have no doubts leaving Buckshot every day, he is in good hands! As my fiancee is in Afghanistan, K9 Cabana has been a life saver to help me feel like Buckshot is at his home away from home when the work hours are long!

  • More than one year ago.

    Choubeys home away from home. K9 Cabana has been a lifesaver. I never thought that I would ever have to take a dog to daycare. But this has really worked out for me and I feel really comfortable with leaving her here. She has a great time and when I pick her up shes like a baby, she has dinner, wind down time and straight to bed. Wonderful, I would recommend to anyone. Great place friendly staff.

  • More than one year ago.
    Best doggie daycare in area

    My wife and I love K9Cabana. We searched all over the area for dog boarding and couldn't find what we were looking for, until K9Cabana opened in our area. Patches, our Jack Russel, loves it as well. When we ask her if she wants to go see her friends, she gets very excited, jumping and spinning around and yipping. Everyone there is so helpful and courteous. We couldn't ask for any better treatment for ourselves or Patches. We highly recommend K9Cabana to anyone who needs doggie daycare or just to visit with friends!

  • More than one year ago.
    Happy Dogs at K9 Cabana!

    K9 Cabana is a clean, friendly place that I feel safe leaving my dog to board. She always comes home tired, but happy - not anxious like from other places. I know she is well cared for an exercised here. The staff know her on arrival, and treat each dog as an individual, putting their best interests first. Our dog also loves to splash in the pool when it's warm- an added bonus! K9 Cabana is a great place that caters to to the dogs and satisfies the owners - a place you can turn to for all your doggie daycare, boarding, and grooming needs!

  • More than one year ago.
    Great Staff, Great Place

    Our two labs love K9Cabana! We'll be leaving them for 4 days @ Easter and the staff is excited that they are coming! They've been groomed @ K9Cabana several times and every time we enter the place, the staff makes a big fuss over them. My girls love the place, even though Emma is a recent rescue and very shy. Lots of patience, lots of clean space, fun play areas and a very cute outdoor pool area. I have already recommended K9Cabana to several friends. A great place for doggies!

  • More than one year ago.
    Pickles LOVES k9 cabana

    Our dog Pickles has been going to K9 Cabana (mostly for doggie daycare) since they opened last summer. She loves it there and gets so excited when I even mention 'doggie daycare!' She's an australian shephard and needs a lot of energy release....K9 Cabana provides her with a perfect outlet for her energy! I love when they run specials on packages and offer special deals on boarding and daycare! I'm anxious for them to begin to offer a special for educators who need early drop off!

  • More than one year ago.
    Franky Chihuahua/Rat Terrier mix

    Excellent service; great pick-up times available; wonderful staff; ease of knowing your pet is well taken care of while you are away; nothing but great praise for this business

  • More than one year ago.
    A Part of the Family

    K9 Cabana is my dog’s home away from home! The staff makes my dog feel a part of an extended family, and they are just as excited to see my dog as he is to see them. We use the daycare services and the boarding services and have never had such a positive experience. I am usually apprehensive about leaving a pet at a kennel, but I know that my dog gets the attention and love he would get from his own family. This is the best place in Myrtle Beach to board your dog!

  • More than one year ago.
    Fido will be chillin at K9

    Our precious pooch has stayed multiple times at K9 for both boarding and daycare and each time she has come home happy, clean and exhausted! She gets excited every time she reaches the door! The employees are loving and attentive to her and the other pooches! We have dealt with several other daycare/boarding facilities and K9 is by far our favorite, K9 offers overnight care and no cages or kennels for doggies to be locked in, this is such a relief when traveling. Thank you to all the sweet puppy loving folks at K9 for taking care of our baby! Spread the word and check it out, we would highly recommend it!!

  • More than one year ago.
    Happy Little Shih Tzu

    I frequently travel to MB and was looking to bring my small shih tzu along. After touring the facility and meeting with the owner I decided to bring my dog along for my next visit to MB. My dog is 5 and has never stayed in a kennel. I was extremely confident leaving my pooch at K9 knowing that she would have 24 hour supervision and not be locked up in a scary cage. The staff is professional and caring. I highly recommend K9!!!!

  • More than one year ago.
    Peace of Mind

    I researched several boarding services along the Grand Strand and chose K9 Cabana on Hwy. 544 in Myrtle Beach. After speaking with the owner, touring the facility and filling out customary forms, my dog was ready for boarding. Knowing my dog would not be spending his visit in a kennel-run, made me very happy. My dog was able to run around like a nut and play with other dogs all day. Indoor play areas are safe, clean and temperature controllled. The outdoor area is safe, clean and made available to your pet several times a day for play and potty. Day/evening/overnight staff provide boaders with 24hr care and companionship. To my dog, K9 Cabana is like a "24/7 Bark Park"!!! For me, K9 Cabana is "Peace of Mind" when I need quality care for my canine companion!

  • More than one year ago.
    at your own risk

    You sign a waiver when you leave your dog here not thinking anything will really happen.It also states the owner is responsable for damages that their dogs cause.They have only been in buss. a short time and the owners dog hurt my dog badly.my dog has drains and stitches.the buss. or owner has not offered to pay or take respsponsibility.just a warning

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