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Auburn Leach K-9

As a dog professional, owner, and lover, Auburn knows that often dogs and owners require the assistance of more than books and videos--expert knowledge is required. Auburn has been a dog training professional since 1983. The limited enrollment program allows Auburn to work with his clients and their dogs on a personal level. Auburn guarantees an easy to handle, well behaved dog that you and your family can truly enjoy. Free pick up and delivery are offered to make this program as convenient for you as possible. Military discounts offered. Visit Website

Or call +1 877-593-9778 or email auburnsk9@yahoo.com for more information.


BringFido Guest Rating

Auburn Leach K-9 has received a rating of 4.2 out of 5 bones by 26 canine critics on BringFido.

  • Michael
    Dec. 1, 2018
    Amazing Trainer

    Has trained all of my dogs in obedience and protection. I now feel safer and have control over my dogs. Will never take them to any other trainer.

  • Harris
    Oct. 25, 2018
    Amazing Trainer

    Auburn trained my dog as a guard dog and did an amazing job with him!

  • Alex
    More than a year ago
    Great Dog Trainer and Person

    We wholeheartedly recommend Auburn Leach as a dog trainer. He has done a great job working with my dog Leo, who has significant aggression issues. As first time dog owners, my girlfriend and I were not prepared to properly handle our dog, an adopted middle-aged chow-shepard mix from the local animal shelter. With Auburn’s guidance, we have made a lot of progress in a short period of time. After taking Leo for a two week resident boot camp, Auburn continues to visit our house weekly to work with myself, my girlfriend and our dog. We are very satisfied with Auburn’s care and commitment for our situation and his continued efforts to help us train Leo.

  • Sally
    More than a year ago

    I too read the reviews from all the sites, and visited the facility. I spoke to a young man, and than left after I was told that Auburn Leach was not available for consultations. My "Angelina" will never step one paw near that premises. The young man could not look me in the face. Additionally, when I asked about the negative comments, he said the majority of them came from unhappy people, and you can't make everyone happy all the time. This was not the answer I was expecting. The premises was dirty and dismal. Thank you to all of you who spoke up about this business. My "Angelina" will now be safe.

  • Mindy Greenberg
    More than a year ago
    Rip Off Artist

    So, not only does this man NOT know how to train, but has raised his price from $1250 to $1450 for training. THIS AGENCY IS NOT REPUTABLE! YOU WILL NOT GET A WELL TRAINED DOG BACK! HE WILL KEEP YOUR DOG LONGER THAN ORIGINIALLY INTENDED! FOR THE LOVE OF YOUR PET, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

  • Jordan
    More than a year ago
    Very Unhappy

    I read the other bad reviews against this training company, and still decided to send our dog to auburn leach. He seemed like a nice guy when he came to meet us. But I do have problems with how my dog came back to me. I thought she would be gone for about two weeks, they ended up keeping her for three. They gave us a set time that she would be back, then the MORNING OF they called and said it would be a week later. I understand extenuating circumstances, but I find it highly unprofessional that they can't stick with what they told us.

    They ended up returning her the day later, and I was very upset to find that she was covered in cuts along her legs, neck, and face. Apparently she pooped in the cage she was kept in and tried to break out of it.

    She is a big, strong dog so I'm not sure why he kept her in a plastic cage to begin with. And she has NEVER ONCE pooped inside the house, or in her cage that we keep her in. So my guess is she was kept in there for entirely too long so she had no choice but to eliminate in her cage, then tried to escape to get away from it.

    Along with cuts and communication problems, it's obvious that they were feeding my dog entirely too much. We were working on getting a little more meat on her bones but after three weeks of overfeeding, she is now overweight and doesn't look healthy anymore.

    Now to the part we sent her there for in the first place, training:

    She has only been back for a day but for the cost of the training ($1300), I haven't seen improvement. I had a pretty well behaved dog in the first place, the only help she needed was with focus and listening a bit more. This was not taught to her. Auburn taught her a different method to walking on the lease, and that is it. So now I have a dog with cuts everywhere that need medical attention and that needs to be put on a diet.

    He did offer to reimburse us for the vet bill, which I appreciate.

    But if I'm entrusting you with my dog, you should treat her like your child. I would really like to see the conditions these dogs are being kept in and wish I had seen them before letting my dog go there.

    Overall I would say that this is a very unprofessional organization Auburn is running and would not recommend.

    You'd be better off doing a day class at a pet store or watching YouTube videos, it will be cheaper and more effective.

  • K
    More than a year ago

    Recently a family member used ALK9 for their puppy. the puppy was to be at camp for 10 to 20 days for training, she was supposed to graduate from the training course and be returned almost a month ago and she has not yet been returned home. there have been numerous calls for updates and to ask when the dog will be returned only to either not receive call back or to get the run around. when they finally did get ahold of someone the dog was to be returned yesterday on 7/8/2013. after a day of calling every 15 to 30 min about where the puppy was and when they would get her the owner finally called them and gave them yet more excuses as to why they still don't have their puppy back and that they would have to wait 3 more days to get her but that they would be very impressed... well impressed is not the wording that should be used.. this facility has not handles business very well and are not able to keep owners up to date on how there animal is doing and in fact make many excuses on why the owner of the dog cant have them back in a timely manner... and there is still the question of why the dog was suppose to graduate and be returned almost a month ago and still no dog? and will they keep their word this time and deliver the dog as promised?

  • Dwight
    More than a year ago

    Sending my puppy, Dallas (A Red Standard Poodle) to be trained by Auburn Leach K9 Academy was one of the BEST investments I've made in life. Before attending the Auburn Leach K9 Academy my (then 13 weeks old) puppy was a complete mess. He barked constantly, he wasn't housebroken, he had ZERO social skills and often had negative run ins with other dogs. His attention span and focus were both nonexistent. The day Dallas returned from his 14 day bootcamp, I felt as though I inherited the best dog in the world. Dallas is such a gentleman. He's calm yet playful. He knows how to sit, lay down, come when called and the most impressive is 'stay'. He walks like a pro on and off the leash. Dallas is now very polite around other dogs and is AMAZING with children. He is also 99.9% housebroken! I would recommend Auburn Leach K9 Academy to ANY AND EVERY dog owner out there. He turned my puppy into a lifetime companion. Auburn Leach K9 Academy are the REAL Dog Whisperers.

  • Perry
    More than a year ago
    Auburn is just fabulous

    We could not be happier with Auburn Leach K9 Academy and his work with our darling and immensely spoiled and ill-mannered springer, whom we called the best-looking bad dog in America, pre-Auburn. His communication, follow-through and post-grad visits are so helpful. His approach to training is kind, firm, and super-smart and intuitive. I would recommend him without reservation. Arlo came back to us after two weeks with all of his fun, love of life, and sweetness intact, with an extra measure of calm and discipline. It is telling that Arlo was sad to see Auburn go at the drop off, and so very happy to see him when he came by for the first tune-up. Auburn Leach is and always will be our guru for all things canine, and we are so glad to have found him. By the way, there are two negative reviews of his services, which he willingly and honestly addresses if asked about them. He is a good businessman, he has kind eyes, animals love him, and he is an excellent dog trainer. And his stellar reviews outweigh the others by a factor of ten.

  • Sonny and Jane
    More than a year ago
    Rev. & Mrs.

    We have known Auburn for many years. He has gotten us several dogs over that time and trained them for us. We would highly reccomend Auburn and his staff for training anyone's dogs. He and his staff are wonderful to the animals and are excellent trainers as well. They would never knowingly harm any aimals. They love all animals and really care about their well being. We would trust the care of our dog to Auburn and his staff anytime. He has his main training facility in a rural area, at this time, to have more room to train dogs. Auburn has even trained dogs for high-ranking military and also White House staff members. He has an excellent record and is well trusted.

  • . Sonny & Jane
    More than a year ago
    Rev. & Mrs.

    Auburn has been a wondeful friend for many years. He's trained several dogs for us over the years, and given us a couple. He is an excellent trainer and loves all animals, especially dogs. He would never hurt an animal on purpose. He does not drink or take drugs. He has tons of hospital bills due to the illness of his former wife, which are NOT his fault. His facility is in a rural area for more room to work the dogs. He and his staff take good care of them He keeps our dog whenever we need to go out of town and our dog loves him. We can only give the highest praise to Auburn and his staff. Accidents can happen to anyone. Auburn was sick with worry about the lost dog. The people responsible were fired. If you can't forgive, God can't forgive you. We are praying that you will forgive.

  • Seasar's Mom
    More than a year ago

    Our experience with Auburn and the team at the Auburn Leach K9 Academy has been wonderful! We entrusted our Doberman "Seasar" to them when he was seven months old. He was taking over the house and it was difficult to go outside without him jumping on you. Walks were always a struggle as he wanted to pull and be out in front. He has made a complete turnaround after his training. He now listens to his obedience commands and is a pleasure to be around. I really enjoy our walks now as he stays by my side and is no longer pulling when on the leash. They not only took lots of time with him but also with myself and my family. It is very important to them that we know how to work with him at home. They have done follow ups and continue to support us in any way possible. They are always there to answer our questions and help us through issues as they come up. Seasar always loves to go and see Auburn and his team. They provide him with lots of love and attention. He is always well cared for when he is with them. Sending Seasar to "Doggie Book Camp" was the best decision we have made for him. I only wish I had done it sooner. Seasar is a very loving and enjoyable member of our family. Thanks to Auburn and his team for all the wonderful training and support.

  • Mrs. T
    More than a year ago

    All those chewing & rough behavior problems that our Golden Retriever showed have now been cured.

  • E.D.
    More than a year ago
    Best protection

    Our three year old German Shepherd now is more than a good companion. He's our best family and home protection, too.

  • Doc
    More than a year ago
    Totally obedient

    Our Doberman is now not only a good companion, but totally obedient in all circumstances, even far from home.

  • Clarence
    More than a year ago
    Dog she was meant to be

    When I first met Belle she was not yet the dog she was meant to be. Her training four years later at the K-9 Academy would lead to that.

    Belle and I met at opposite ends of our age spectrums. I had just entered the classification of “senior citizen”, declining in energy, and she entered life as a puppy skyrocketing into her energy phase. However, she was so sweet and irresistible as she kissed me on the lips I knew I had to adopt her.

    We met on September 8, 2007. My wife and I were looking at rescue dogs on display at PetSmart. In particular, I wanted to see a four month old puppy named “Miss Belle”. Miss Belle was in a kennel with a larger, more aggressive dog, so she hung back at the rear of the cage. After a while, I was able to coax her outside. She ran up to me and gave me a surprise kiss on the lips. It was love at first kiss. I told my wife “Now we have to take her”.

    Five days later she was delivered to our house and our life together began. Belle’s first vet visit was with the Humane Society and her weight was 19 pounds. We didn’t anticipate that this puppy would become an exceptionally strong 70 pound adult. She was extremely loveable but had a mind of her own. She wasn’t exactly the type of dog that a senior citizen should pick out to spend the next dozen years together. We were on two separate paths of life. My wife and I were beginning the “senior” years where life needs to be simplified and strength starts to wane. Belle was on a path of puppyhood that would blossom into exuberance and boundless energy, and she burst into sudden actions that taxed an older person. And Belle was extremely affectionate. The two paths were going to cross and reach a decision point.

    Walks were a venture as she constantly tugged on her leash. She had to be leashed before going out the door. She would lunge through the door and had to be restrained with great effort. If Belle were to get loose outdoors, it could take a lot of time to pursue her through the neighborhood while she explored, found other dogs, and made sure that she would stay just far enough away from us to elude capture. Finally, she would tire and return home.

    Our daughter, who lived in Stuarts Draft, was well acquainted with the K-9 Academy. She tried to persuade me to enroll Belle, but we lived 220 miles away in North Carolina and I resisted her persuasions. Finally, as Belle’s physical strength was becoming too much to control, I acquiesced and enrolled Bell at the academy. I was impressed that the training used approval and love to change a dog’s behavior. We previously had the experience that rewarding her with treats did not work to our satisfaction.

    So, Belle went through the training program. The result: Belle had become the obedient dog that we wanted, and this enhanced her warm and loveable nature. She would “sit” on command while waiting to go out the door. Then she would come through the door when told. She would “heel” while walking instead of trying to drag me around. Outdoors she would “come” even if off leash instead of running away through the neighborhood. And she learned the command “stay” and would wait for me to approach her.

    That was a big change from the Belle that I had adopted. She had become the dog that she was meant to be thanks to Auburn and the K9 Academy.

  • Hadley
    More than a year ago
    Training saved our lives

    I just wanted to write a quick thank you and testimonial. Today I was biking up a rural mountain with Ollie and we turned a corner and came across a black bear cub the size of a large dog. Ollie ran right up to it and started to follow/chase when it turned towards the woods. I heard a huge crashing as the mother bear came flying out of the woods. I biked as fast as I could away from the two bears and yelled for Ollie to come. He came running up behind me and stuck by my side the rest of our way back to the car, even though I was sprinting the whole way. So thank you for training Ollie well enough that he knew to come when in an emergency situation. I really think his training saved his life, and maybe mine today! Thanks so much!

  • Greg
    More than a year ago
    Doing great on walks

    Thanks Auburn, Maddie is doing great! It is a pleasure now to walk her and interact with her. You have made her into a great pup!

  • Gayl
    More than a year ago
    Dog Owner

    I had the best walk with Kimba Lou today. She did everything she was suppose to do!! Thank you Auburn for helping Kimba be all she can be! :)

  • Mindy
    More than a year ago
    Horrible Facility

    This facility is a nightmare. Do not take, or let your dog be taken to the Auburn Leach K9 Academy in Stuarts Draft Virginia. I made the horrible mistake of letting Mr. Leach and his assistant (nephew) Josh, take my dog Gizmo. They picked Gizmo up on Friday and I received a call on Tuesday, that he was lost during a thunderstorm. Mr. Leach was not on the premises at this time. He told me he was in Boston, Mass to attend to a family issue. Mr. Leach left a 17 year old minor in charge of some twenty dogs. Mr. Leach also stated this employee was terminated after this event. We do not believe based on information we received that this is true. Mr. Leach waited two (2) days to call me regarding Gizmo being lost. He was made aware of the situation immediately after the event occurred. We immediately went to Stuarts Draft (about an hour and a half from my home) and saw the horrible conditions that Gizmo was taken to. This facility backs up to the Shenandoah Forest and is very rural. In my honest opinion, this facility is not equipped for humans nor animals. The shed (wood and no insulation) where the dogs are housed is not temperature controlled, no ceiling for sunlight, and very dirty. The property is 15.5 acres, however there are no bathroom facilities for humans or the animals on the entire property. Additionally, there are two (2) horses on the facility without proper housing. There is no lean to or a stable (VA Law) for the horses during inclement weather. Mr. Leach took Gizmo in good faith, emphatically stating that he would love my dog, as much as I do. This should have been a RED FLAG to me. In addition to supposedly training Gizmo, we do not have any evidence of training taking place. Gizmo has the same characteristics that he was sent there for. Mr. Leach does not own the property that the facility sits on. In fact, he doesn't own any property in Virginia. He has numerous judgments and felonies against his name. (Ours is one of them). He did not help us locate Gizmo. He merely printed flyers with Gizmo's pictures and gave them to us for the first few days we were there to distribute. A couple members of his staff, did help us look for Gizmo for the first two days he was lost. Gizmo was lost for six days total. If not for our diligence and dedication to find him, he would not have been found. Also Mr. Leach NEVER communicated with us from Saturday evening . He never called to find out if we have found Gizmo, instead relying on his associate Lynette Rambo who called us, three days after Gizmo was found. She stated that she heard from neighbors that he was found. Auburn Leach showed up drunk where we were congregating to form a search and rescue group for Gizmo. He fell on the ground, in front of numerous neighbors and asked my fiancée to drive him to his car which was located approximately 100 feet from where we were standing. In addition, he told us that he would pay us back for our expenses that we incurred for looking for Gizmo. (Hence the judgment). Because of the incredible neighbors of Stuarts Draft Virginia, who stopped their daily lives to take to the streets to find Gizmo, offer us housing and food, and went to Church to pray that we would find him, we were lucky to find Gizmo. We are eternally grateful to the Stuarts Draft community for helping us during this emotional time. I would strongly recommend, do not use Auburn Leach K9 Academy. I am trying desperately to save another family from going through the initial heartbreak, drama and lies that we experienced for six (6) days. Auburn Leach is a liar, felon, and does not care about the animals he takes into his care or has or the property. Please DO NOT use this FACILITY!

  • Anonymous
    More than a year ago

    A job well done!! Didn't think my dog could be straightened out, but boy was I wrong. Now I swear I have a different dog that just looks the same as my old mutt. Auburn looked after my dog great.

  • Larry
    More than a year ago
    We have a totally different dog

    We have a German Shepherd-Black Lab mix who was out of control. She's very smart and did great at "Boot Camp." It's been 4 months since she finished her training at Auburn's and she continues to improve. We had lost hope that we'd ever have a dog who would actually come when called and obey the commands we gave her. We really appreciate the work Auburn and Wayne and the staff did for our girl.

  • Susan
    More than a year ago
    The Best

    My dog is now house trained, can walk on a leash, understands and responds to basic sit and stay commands, doesn’t walk on furniture anymore, and has more focus on me as his owner responding to the limits and boundaries I set for him. This was made possible by Auburn and his committed K-9 training team. Through praise, consistency and patience Auburn and his trainers have transformed my jungle boy into a well-behaved household pet.

    With his expertise and knowledge in animal behavior, professionalism and passion for dogs, Auburn is unequivocally the best.

  • Anonymous
    More than a year ago
    Top Notch

    Auburn's training is top notch. He truly worked wonders on our two year German Shepherd and two year old Belgian Mali. They are much more calm and focused now. They do what they are told because they want to please us and not for treats or toys. I cannot say enough great things about Auburn and his right hand man Wayne. Auburn goes the extra mile, he returned both of our dogs groomed and really follows up with you on training. I will go back to him for all of my K9 training needs!

  • Karen
    More than a year ago
    You Guys Rock

    Hey Auburn and Wayne, My Mom came to visit this evening and Grace was wonderful. No jumping, down stay. OMG the perfect dog. Thank you for your dedication to our family and our dog . We are getting there. You guys rock.

  • Sally
    More than a year ago
    school teacher

    I thought that there was no hope for our doberman to stay in our home and be a part of the family but after sending her to auburn leach she has become a very well behaved delightful addition to our home thank you auburn and his staff

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