A Sit Stay from the Dog Haus! :)
The happiest place on earth for dogs of all ages!
Tired dogs make happy owners and they sure tucker themselves out play all day at The Dog Haus!
Both our dog indoor dog rooms have rubber flooring for safe play :)
A Sit Stay from the Dog Haus! :)
The happiest place on earth for dogs of all ages!


The Dog Haus is a place where dogs can be dogs! They are a 5,500+ sq ft cage-free indoor and outdoor dog daycare facility. At The Dog Haus, dogs will experience the benefits of socialization plus physical and mental stimulation. They provide a safe, clean and supervised environment staffed with well trained, certified dog experts. If you want a tired, happy dog bring them to The Dog Haus!


BringFido Traveler Rating

The Dog Haus has received a rating of 3.8 out of 5 bones by 13 dog owners on BringFido.

  • Apr. 08, 2019
    Thank you, The Dog Haus

    The Dog Haus has welcomed me and my dogs into their inclusive community of like minded dog lovers. We are grateful for the online and in person support they provide!

    The Dog Haus’s Training Essentials Course helped me to better understand my dogs and their needs. It taught me to be a strong, clam and assertive leader. The leadership skills I learned help to give my dogs more confidence in knowing they are doing what I want from them. By learning and understanding how to mentally and physically work them, I now have happier and fulfilled dogs. I understand what is best for my dogs and can help them in all situations with direction. I feel more confident as a leader and found the training easy to incorporate into everyday life.

    I love the support I get when sharing even the small wins my dogs and I have in our relationship and training. The Dog Haus staff and fellow members all want the best for you and your dog and show their support always!

    We've found great friends at The Dog Haus!

  • More than one year ago.
    Will refer other pooches :)

    More than half way through a 5 week training program with my pooch. We are pleasantly surprised with the progress we've made. Liz and Ashley have gone out of their way to be available to answer questions and problem solve. We are so appreciative for their guidance and expertise. We went into this process knowing that I am not a perfect dog owner, nor is my puppy perfect. Having an open heart to recommendations is key. There is no judgement, just a mutual goal of ensuring you have a happy, healthy and calm dog. A BIG thank you! xo Jules and Piper

  • More than one year ago.
    The BEST of the BEST!

    Liz and her staff are passionate and caring professionals and when it comes to socializing dogs they are unmatched. They care so much for my dogs and fill me in on what they do in a day and who they play with at pick up each visit. I LOVE that there are photos of the dogs each day! I have friends that have taken Dog Haus training and absolutely rave about it. Before joining the Dog Haus pack, I didn't know such a safe and loving community for dogs existed. They also do great events like free Meditation Walks and movies in the park with your dog. There is no one I would trust my dog with more than Liz, Ashley and the rest of the team. So glad I found this awesome daycare for my pups! I recommend them to everyone!

  • More than one year ago.

    Very unprofessional experience, would not reccommend.

  • More than one year ago.
    Changed me and my dogs

    Reading the old reviews, clearly people are not really in tune with their dog. I have two rescue dogs (Harvey & Rocco). Both are very sensitive and fearful boys, but since taking the training and having my one dog (Rocco is still learning to be calm at home) going consistently, we have seen huge improvements in Harvey's confidence and his ability to be more confident. These outdated, and in fact ill-thought out, comments should be taken with a grain of salt. If your dog isn't' it photos, calm down. There may be other opportunities. If you dog is aggressive at the dog haus, but isn't at home, clearly that dog needs to learn confidence and proper introductions in a pack. If you dog gets a cut once, it happens... kids fall at playgrounds and push other kids around. These things happen. Your dogs are not your "children", they are dogs with a different mentality and understanding of socialization. I've learned so much and honestly have become a more patient person and have seen my two very sensitive (and previously abused on the streets of the islands) rescue dogs flourish. 100% would recommend, but be prepared that to know your dog isn't perfect and that you are the one that will need to learn how to help you dog in various situations! I can tell you they are knowledgeable and can even recommend which day is best for your dog to come to the daycare given the set dogs that come on specific days.

  • More than one year ago.
    The best Dog day care

    Dog haus is the best day care for dogs because the people that works there are super friendly, they know what they are doing and i can tell that they love their jobs. i would recommend this place for anyone, you can just leave your dog with them and feel at ease because they know how to take care of dogs.

  • More than one year ago.
    The Dog Haus

    Firstly, the staff at The Dog Haus are extremely friendly and always on top of their game. They are well informed of their duty there at The Dog Haus. My experience at The Dog Haus was incredible and I would love to recommend this place to family and friends. Thank you for your great service!

  • More than one year ago.
    LOVE The Dog Haus

    Vega has been going to The Dog Haus once a week for nearly a year now and we can't say enough good things about their friendly staff & all the wonderful dogs at The Dog Haus!!! The staff feels like family and I have 100% trust & the utmost confidence in them to take impeccable care of my fur baby. Vega always comes homes on days that she goes to The Dog Haus so tired & so happy! I also love that they organize special events outside of the regular daycare hours such as Meditation Walks or Pack Walks that while I can't always attend I know I am always invited & always welcome and always have a great time at if Vega & I do go. Definitely the best dog daycare in KW!!!

  • More than one year ago.
    Best dog daycare in kw!

    Amazing customer service with friendly and trustworthily staff and my dog always come home happy and tired :) I recommend them to everyone!

  • More than one year ago.

    I have had a very positive experience at the The Dog Haus.
    They have taught my 9 year old rescue to socialize properly. I find them all very respectful, kind and honest. I am not one of those Moms that thinks my kids could do no wrong and it was always the teachers fault. I appreciate the truth so I can work on myself and my dog. My boy loves the staff and all his new friends. I also love all the extras that they offer with the free group walks and other events posted on the Facebook page.

  • More than one year ago.
    DONE with the Dog Haus!

    Gus had SO much fun at his first doggy day care visit last week at The Dog Haus which is why we were completely surprised to get an email this afternoon (a few hours after dropping him off for his second visit) stating that he was showing some “fear aggression.” This was confusing because Gus has always been a very playful pup and loves other dogs and people, especially kids! We went to get him and the staff explained that Gus “tried to bite BOTH of them out of nowhere.” I expressed my concerns that the ONLY time Gus has ever shown any aggression is if he was being threatened or manhandled, so this made me question what was going on. The staff assured me that none of that had happened and I was not blaming anyone as I know there are many possible explanations for Gus’s abnormal behaviour today. However, after paying we were about to leave the office when the staff member I had been speaking to started SWEARING about me. My boyfriend politely let her know that the door was still open, at which point she came over and said “well I’m sorry but I think you’re being rude”...I tried to explain again that as a loving “pet mom” I was simply concerned about what had happened to make Gus go from loving the Dog Haus last week to being clearly stressed/upset this week. She didn't give any input or insight and just kept repeating that I was being "rude." When I told her that I would be letting people know how she treats customers, including swearing about/at them, she said “GOOD!” ....so here you go!

  • More than one year ago.
    Great! At first. . .

    We started taking our dog to The Dog Haus once a week last fall. He loved it at first and would get so excited whenever we told him we were going to doggie day care. As the months wore on I noticed that he did not seem as excited about it. Around the same time I noticed that he did not appear in many of the photos posted on their Facebook page. When he did he always seemed to be in the background or in another section of the yard. I also noticed that the staff were not as friendly to me or my dog on pick up and drop off. I’m not sure if there were issues with his behavior that they did not share, or if we were not preferred customers because we only went once a week and did not go to their special events, or if it was just my imagination. Regardless, I stopped feeling comfortable taking him there and have started using a dog walker instead. I should also say that even when my dog loved going to The Dog Haus I thought the price was a little steep. They charge $10 more than other local day cares do.

  • More than one year ago.
    We won't be back

    UnfoRtunately we had a terrible experience here. Our dog (who is a rescue dog, and does get defensive when another dog tries to hump her) first nipped another dog, and then she was bit on the shoulder by another dog all in the first two hours of her first visit. This cost us a trip to the vet, a scared dog, and $500 in bills for stiches, antibiotics, etc. our dog has been going to the other doggie day care in town for over two years now, and nothing ever happend. I honestly think the people at the Dog Haus do not have enough experience to prevent this thing from happening, and reading the dogs signs. Terribly disappointing.

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