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Paws 2 Help

Paws2Help is a non-profit, low cost veterinary services for anyone who cannot otherwise afford proper care for their pets. There are no income requirements. Make appointments directly online at theirr website or Facebook page. Most prices are posted on the website. Visit Website

Or call 561-712-1911 or email clinic@paws2help.org for more information.


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Paws 2 Help has received a rating of 1.4 out of 5 bones by 9 canine critics on BringFido.

  • Jessica
    Mar. 7, 2021
    Go literally anywhere else

    I took my 7 month old golden retriever to the lake worth location for the first time (I normally take her to better, more legitimate vets and she is usually so happy and friendly and willing to go inside) since I was just trying to find somewhere that was open on a Sunday to get some simple antibiotic eye drops. After waiting 2 hours, they finally came out to get her and she was scared, the male assistant came out and just threw a noose-like leash on her and started pulling her to the point he was not pulling her neck, he was obstructing her airway and I heard her struggling. I yelled at him to loosen it and not choke her. She was not fighting or anything, she was simply scared so was hesitant to go inside. She just needed a second. Another assistant came out and picked her up instead and she was barely through the door when I demanded they bring her back out and I would find somewhere else to go. They clearly do not care about animals there and I will never go here again. I wish I knew his name so I could advise you all to steer clear but probably better to just take your pet literally anywhere else.

  • P
    Apr. 17, 2020
    You get what you pay for

    I've been very aggressively treating a stray cat with terrible skin issues for about 6 weeks and while the fleas appeared to be gone the skin condition persisted. The Vet at Paws2Help claimed that "she appeared to have flea issues and wasn't on a flea preventative". When I insisted she was I was told that "it apparently wasn't working". That was the end of it. They were no help at all. The vet didn't see any fleas but assumed that to be the case based on all the missing fur. She wouldn't consider the possibility that the poor cat was suffering from something else. It was a waste of time and money.

  • Farmer
    Mar. 9, 2020
    Paws 2 Kill

    STAY AWAY. They killed my dog and refuse to accept responsibility. They told me they could do the required surgery and then botched it completely. I had to go to a second vet, pay for a second surgery, and my dog still died. The 2nd vet said that the surgery done at Paws2Help "falls below any observed standard for surgical care and broaches the area of medical malpractice".


  • William
    Oct. 19, 2019
    okay just double check everything

    So my dog left healthy and happy first and foremost. I did wait for 2 whole hours in one of the rooms after they said they would be back in ten minutes. I would encourage everyone when being prescribed medication to price check it and see if you can get it up the road for half the price. I just paid 20 dollars for a 10 dollar ointment my dog doesn't even need and they wont give me my money back. They threaten to blacklist you if you try to do anything about it. It's an okay place at a fraction of the cost of other places but they will gauge and blackball you when they can.

  • Candace
    Aug. 29, 2019
    They murdered my fur baby- Dr Jeff, Rocky Mountain Vet they are not!

    Please don't use this clinic except for the very basic services, not for ill or aged pets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!      I took my aging dog with heart issues to Paws2help  for blood work, before I moved to NC in 2012. The vet told me his white blood cell count was off, but that the machine needed "recalibration". I accepted this and moved to NC, and my dog started to age before my eyes in very short order. He ultimately died within that year of either cancer or kidney failure, but I always felt the blood work done at Paws2Help before the move was probably accurate, and that the machine calibration excuse was probably a lie,  and the vet was not being honest and didn't want to deal with my aging dog.I suspect my aging dog was in beginning stages of kidney failure then, and that information would have been vitally important to know.           Flash forward to 8/ 25/ 19. I moved back to WPB, and had my "grandpuppy" Charlie, a Shih Tzu, who I'd loved since birth and have been his full time owner/caretaker for the past 5 years. He was 4 months shy of being 14, but had shown no real signs of aging. He was vibrant, walked up and down the steps from my 2'nd floor condo, loved the dog park, and was a good and happy boy.  I took him to the dog park on Friday evening and sensed he over heated from running so much. However, he still ate his dinner when we got home, went potty and drank water.         The next morning, Saturday, he was vomiting his dinner and couldn't keep anything down all day. I thought he'd probably caught a doggy flu bug at the dog park, and it would run it's course. By Saturday afternoon I decided to take him to Paws2Help, but they were closing so I took him the next morning.  Charlie had stopped drinking water and hadn't peed since the night before, which I told Paws2Help staff as I checked him in.  Someone at the check in desk and took his temp, and it was only 94 degrees. I think it was obvious that an aged dog with a 94 degree temp (normal is 101) is in an emergency distress state, but even so, they told me they wouldn't deem him an emergency and basically said that if I didn't like it I could take him to the vet hospital. I told them that if I had the money I would have gone there in the first place. I'm a 67 year old semi retired,  single woman, and only get a limited amount of social security.         So I sat in the large waiting room with Charlie, who was going down hill in my lap. After 2 hours of sitting there,  the "male supervisor" came out and said because his temperature was so low they would now put us in a "room"-something they should have done  at check in, as nothing had changed in the two hours I'd been sitting there but his condition. When we got in the room he got a heating pad for Charlie to warm him and basically started quoting prices for different procedures. I said just get the blood work done and we'll go from there. After what seemed like forever, a vet named Maria Sierra came in and took Charlie into a large room where they did their medical procedures and drew blood, commenting as she left the room that it was 2:30 already and she hadn't had lunch. All the while Charlie seemed to be getting worse and worse, he was becoming unresponsive and beginning to twitch.  After being in that clinic for almost 3 hours he was now virtually comatose and beginning to have seizures.       After another long wait the vet/lady came back in and showed me the blood report, said his kidneys and liver were shutting down, and advised to put him to sleep. But if I didn't want to do that, for between $400-$500 more she could give him IV's and try and bring him back, but couldn't guarantee it, and at his age, who knows how effective it would be for how long, and since they don't keep pets overnight, I'd have to bring him in for 9 hours each day and pick him up at night. It was obvious she didn't want to mess with it and just wanted me to kill him and be done with it-probably so she could eat her lunch. A tuna sandwich more important than Charlie's life.       I was pointing out the obvious to whoever was around that he was starting to twitch and seize, and they all acted nonchalant, like "yeah, that's what happens when the kidneys are shutting down". They showed no real concern and seemed like they couldn't care less.It was like being in a bad dream.        I told her I'd do the treatment, just desperately wanting them to make it stop and do SOMETHING FOR MY CHARLIE, but instead of FINALLY scooping him up and taking him into the medical room where they treat the pets, and getting an IV into him and hydrating him WHICH IS WHAT THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE THE MINUTE I CHECKED IN 3 HOURS BEFORE, she left the room again! Then I heard her tell the workers in the medical room: "She said she'd do it".  As if: it looks like we'll be here longer today...or maybe they had a betting pool going as to whether I would or not, who knows.          I sat there getting frantic, because Charlie was starting to have seizures, and I opened the door and called to them to just come and put him to sleep. It had to stop, and frankly,  I did not trust them to try to revive him anyway. I couldn't take his suffering any longer. During this time she asked me why I didn't take him to a normal vet office. Like what, she wasn't a "normal" vet? Like what, my dog had to die because I brought him to Paws2Help??? In my moment of grief, I looked at her incredulous, and told her I'm on social security and can't afford it. And, I DID take him to a vet, THEM!  What kind of world are we living in when me, a woman who appears educated and decently groomed is held suspect because she uses a low cost vet clinic?!  Did my fur baby have to die because they resented a woman who looks like she can afford a normal vet office, but came to them instead?! There is a large segment of single baby boomer women who will age with a substandard amount of social security to survive on, because we stayed home and raised families during our peak earning years.      On top of all of that, because the male supervisor didn't put Charlies's weight right on his chart. I think he put something like 12 pounds-and I know he was closer to 20 pounds, she didn't give him enough meds to put him to sleep and I had to watch him gasp for air while she left the room twice to reload her killer drug.      It has been 4 days since this nightmare, and I'm still traumatized, have a huge hole in my heart, and am feeling guilty for not taking Charlie a day earlier while he was vomiting, because then he had the 3 hours to waste in their  mis-managed, poor excuse for a caring vet clinic. Obviously, if I'd known it was kidney failure and a not doggy flu virus that would pass, I would have. Obviously if I'd known they were going to stall around until he was almost dead  before treating him I would have. Obviously if they'd taken him right in and got him on IV's and hydrated him and tended to him, he'd still be alive. He spent his last hours in a cold, impersonal clinic, just wanting to be helped. When I walked through their door I expected them to help my dog, not set me up to kill him. I expected to take him home, not drive home with tears streaming down my face.         Now I live with the guilt that I couldn't get him quality help and save his life. Because he wasn't ready to die.  I don't expect to get over this for a long, long, long time.    In closing, I think this clinic should be investigated and put on some sort of probation until their staff is retrained, monitored and held accountable for their lack of duty to animals, and owners who are in fragile states when they come in with an ill pets-dependent on them for proper concern and care.

  • Deanna
    More than a year ago
    they killed my dog

    On August 24th 2016 around 2:45pm and 3:00 pm I took my dog Raja into the vet( Paws 2 Help) chief compliant Raja wasn't eating and had been vomiting with diarrhea. Raja threw up in the waiting room a little bile Vet assistant said it bile probably because she hasn't eaten, they then immediately took Raja in the back. 2 hours went by a vet tech came out to let me know the they are working on my dog now and wanted to know if they could take x-rays for $89.00 I said that's fine the tech also stated she may need blood work I told the tech to do the works money was not an issue. After and hour to an hour in 15 min went by they bought me a room with my dog were Dr. Chaitanya Paturi( license number VM11154 )went over the finding she said Raja had a stomach infection Probably cause from getting into the trash can or eating a lizard. Dr. Paturi said she wanted to give Raja a few shots and IV because she was a little dehydrated but it was normal in sick dogs to be dehydrated, Dr. Paturi stated all lab work came back fine that x-rays showed no foreign objects, Dr. Paturi said that if raja throws up within 24 hours that she would recommend a ultra sound I ask Dr. Paturi can we just do it now to ensure everything was of she stated " it is to late we are already closing it is not necessary only if she throws up within the next 24 hour", I then ask if she would be going home with any meds Dr. also stated that was unnecessary the only recommendation she gave is to buy pedialyte and drop Raja off tomorrow for full day observation I then asked the Doctor why don't you guys just keep her today and ill pick her up tomorrow August 24, 2016 before 6pm She then stated O no we can't keep her because there no one here over night and she ensure me Raja would be fine and most likely back to herself by tomorrow but it would be very important even if she is back to normal still bring her for one day monitoring just to ensure everything has took its course. 30- 45 minutes later the Vet tech/ assistant came in gave my dog shots and a IV she said she would only be giving her Iv solution until it got to 3 ( the 3 was on the Iv pack) it took in all about 10-15 minutes and then they dismissal us. After walking out the vet my dog seemed fine being home for about an hour I noticed my dog with a drunk affair so I called Paws 2 help to see if that was normal they were closed with NO emergency line or pager, or cell number for after hours emergency for pets of records. In the process of looking for an emergency vet to call my dog passed. The next day August 24, 2016 I called to vet at 9:30am, 9:45am, 9:53am and 10:09am no answer so I drove to Paws 2 help with I asked for a copy of Raja bill, test results, Doctor notes and Doctor license number Caroline (cashier/ check-out) was very rude to me refuse to provide me with Dr Paturi license number in the process of trying to obtain I saw Dr. Paturi she remember me and asked why I didn't drop my dog at 9:30 am I told her my dog had passed and I was there to obtain her license number she also refused to give it she as me to walk with her and have a seat she would be right back, she never returned after 10-15 min I asked a nurse where she was she stated see custumer and she wont be ables to see me so I left.. Demand an investigation and response

  • Debbie
    More than a year ago
    misdiagnosed. my dog

    Marley walked in on all 4legs and after xrays had no use of her 2back legs.. it was told to me that it was a pinched nerve.. she was sent home in alot of pain, with no meds to keep her comfortable

  • Dawn
    More than a year ago
    lack of social skills and customer service

    As a first time walk in i was told the wait could be 2hrs +...no problem can i make an appointment. I ask. Receptionist started to make a appointment when an OBNOXIOUS old white haired lady started screaming at her employee and telling me to go home a schedule. My own appointment on line. Needless to say i took my dog to ACC and only had to wait 30min and the rabies shot was $5 cheaper.

  • James
    More than a year ago

    I recently participated in the "Adoption Day". You can see these people really care about the animals. I take my dog to their clinic, and the care is efficient and professional.

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