Miscellaneous Pet Services in Sacramento, CA

Need to find a pooper scooper, animal communicator, or other pet professional in Sacramento? You’ll find information on all of our recommended pet businesses in Sacramento below. Coming from out of town? Get a discounted rate on pet friendly hotels in Sacramento.

Pet Friendly Doody Guy
Doody Guy Doody Guy's #1 priority is keeping your yard free of messy and unwanted dog doody. They will scoop anytime you need it! You can count on Doody Guy anywhere, anytime. See Details
Pet Friendly Happy Tails Pet Massage
Happy Tails Pet Massage Acupressure and Animal Massage Therapy I am a Certified Animal Massage Therapist. Your dog and cat can greatly benefit from having a massage therapy session, and regular massage sessions to maintain the health, well-being and happiness of your animal companion. The many benefits include: Improves blood circulation; Relieves muscular tension and stiffness; Relaxes muscles and loosens muscle knots and spasms; Reduces pain and can temporarily block pain; Facilitates the flow of nutrients in their system; Increases flexibility and joint mobility; Improves digestion and promotes rapid removal of toxins; Alleviates issues related to arthritis and osteoarthritis; Promotes relaxation and calmness. IT FEELS GOOD AND MAKES YOUR PET HAPPY See Details
Toller Tours Toller Tours provides dog friendly trip planning services and dog friendly guided trips in Northern California. At Toller Tours, they believe a life experienced outdoors with dogs, brings out the best in everyone. It’s these adventures that help people to live well balanced lives so they can grow personally, ultimately enabling them to exceed professionally. See Details
Kay's Dog Training and Socialization Group IMPERFECT DOGS WELCOME! We provide free large pack walks for you to join to socialize your dog in a controlled and positive environment as well as many other events! See Details
Doo Doo Squad Doo Doo Squad is a full service waste removal company in Roseville, CA. They offer the service of keeping your yard clean of pet waste, freeing your yard from hazardous material that pollutes and spreads disease. Weekly service rates start as low as $12! Reach out out to Doo Doo Squad today. See Details
Nails & Puppy Dog Tails Nails & Puppy Dog Tails cares for pets in Roseville, CA, and beyond. Drop-in visits and overnight stays can be scheduled for dogs, cats, horses, etc. You can also have Fido's nails trimmed in the comfort of your own home to reduce stress for both of you. See Details