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Fox & Parrot Tavern

Fox & Parrot Tavern is a dog-friendly restaurant in Gatlinburg, TN, that serves traditional British pub fare like Bubble and Squeak, Welsh rabbit, and shepherd's pie. Fido is welcome to join you inside or at an outdoor table on the second-level porch. Visit Website

Or call (865) 436-0677 for more information.


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Fox & Parrot Tavern has received a rating of 4.7 out of 5 bones by 59 canine critics on BringFido and 4.0 out of 5 by 645 guests on TripAdvisor.

  • Bob
    Apr. 5, 2023
    So cozy!

    What a great out of the way place with truly home cook food with a unique menu! great staff and even better food! Is there any place more ideal to take a Pembroke Welsh Corgi then an English Pub?!?!

  • Mandi
    Apr. 3, 2023
    Great place away from the downtown

    I was surprised to see dogs were allowed in the dining area (totally great), but we chose to sit on the patio with our pup because it was a warm day. It was not busy, but there were signs everywhere saying to expect long wait times since food is made to order, so we didn't mind that service took a while. There are very few food options for gluten free people like me, which was kind of a bummer, but we made do (and we weren't there for a full meal, anyway). My husband loved the beer bread so much he asked the server if he could buy a loaf to go (and he did!) Highly recommend for a cold beverage on a nice day!

  • Alison
    Apr. 3, 2023

    Comfortable homey atmosphere. Cold beer! VERY dog friendly! Away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Gatlinburg.

  • Amy
    Apr. 1, 2023
    Nice pub

    Stopped for lunch and it was perfect for our golden retriever who has not been in many restaurants yet. Very low key. I wouldn’t say our waitress was dog friendly— more dog ambivalent — which was fine by me. Meant that he didn’t get overly excited. Food was unique.

  • Mary
    Mar. 19, 2023
    Well it’s different anyway

    Dinner at the Fox and Parrot in Gatlinburg, Arts and Crafts area. We weren’t too sure about eating here when we pulled up, but decided to try it anyway. Careful, you have to go up 2 flights of rickety wooden stairs! I had the Poachers Roll and Danny had fish and chips. Food was average, but the lady that served us was very, very nice and friendly. They allow dogs inside which was very much appreciated!

  • Erin
    Mar. 7, 2023
    Inside Pups!!

    I was shocked to learn of a bar and restaurant that allowed my pup inside. they were very accommodating and brought him water. The drink selection was great, but I wouldn’t recommend coming for the food. Very friendly place though and good for the pup!

  • Chris
    Mar. 6, 2023
    Definitely dog friendly

    this place was a bit out of Gatlinburg (which was fantastic). it was a second level bar definitely didn’t look dog friendly but Luna was allowed in the bar any seat we wanted! food was good, service was good, great people as well

  • Robyn
    Jan. 7, 2023

    Last year, when traveling with our Great Dane Piper we were fortunate to find The Fox & Parrot Tavern where we were able to not only bring her but sit INSIDE (novel, right?) with her, enjoy our lunch and feel welcome! This year, we've brought her back and included our recently rescued Boxer Nikki! The atmosphere is so warm and inviting, the décor is super interesting (coming from this Anglophile my eyes are all over the place looking at the cool stuff they have everywhere!), the food is traditional British fare and delicious AND, if you love British candy (who doesn't), you can even purchase some while you're there! We are from South Florida but have come to the area the last three winters and will continue to do so. You can BET we would not miss a trip to The Fox and Parrot Tavern every time we're here! PS: Today we're heading over to The Rampant Lion and we are certain it will be just as amazing! Thanks Brian for offering these options to us dog lovers! We really appreciate it!

  • Christine
    Nov. 8, 2022
    Great Food

    This location was a little off the beaten path, but worth the drive! Quaint, good food, and pet-friendly makes for a great combination! Bring your dogs water bowl, and they’ll fill with water, and even offer your pooch a treat! 5 bones!

  • Jen
    Sep. 25, 2022

    it may not be much to look at but the food is beyond outstanding and my little girl got to lounge on a sofa indoors!

  • Lindsey
    Jul. 13, 2022
    110% friendly

    They let us bring in our boxerdore and husky mix. They brought us water for the dogs. The food was amazing. Honestly the best.

  • Beverly
    May. 13, 2022
    They even let me bring my two Bassetts into the dining area!

    Super great British food! and lots of love and attention to my basket homes! Can’t go wrong here with your dogs with the awesome food they surf up!

  • Cynthia
    Apr. 23, 2022
    Surprised at excellent reviews

    I keep asking myself where are we at the right place? this establish Ment is on the second floor of a home and the steps to reach the restaurant are ridiculously steep and long. The food was simply mediocre at best. I had hoped for so much better quality food and atmosphere, but this place is so down home, it looked like it hadn’t had a good cleaning in a long time. The porch, which is on the second floor looks like it’s about to fall down. I don’t understand all the excellent reviews.

  • Lisa
    Mar. 9, 2022
    Love this place!!

    We were there a couple weeks ago and just loved it!! Food is EXCELLENT along with beer selection! We brought both our labs and the owner was so nice and brought them ice water. Can’t wait to go back.

  • Angel
    Jan. 26, 2022
    Feels like HOME

    this place was great! let us bring our Max inside. it was so cute she asked if he could have a T-R-E-A-T (she spelled it) she brought him a few. Food was delicious! if you want that “home” feeling away from home this is your spot! we took an Uber there but could t get one back to our cabin. Mrs Shannon brought us!!! so sweet! she didn’t have to and wouldn’t accept our money for the ride. felt like an aunt taking care it us! great find! off the beaten path!

  • Loren
    Jan. 3, 2022
    Great Little Pub!

    The Fox and Parrot is one of the most dog friendly places we been to! We were welcomed with open arms by guests and staff.... very warm environment and good food!

  • Samantha
    Nov. 27, 2021
    Most Pet-Friendly Place Ever!

    My husband and I spent Thanksgiving week near Gatlinburg with our two dogs. We ended up eating lunch here every day. They let our dogs inside with us and gave them water and treats. The food here is also very good. British pub fare all homemade. Great beer and cider selection as well!

  • Bill
    Oct. 6, 2021
    Great Pub

    We both had the fish and chips which were excellent. There is plenty of beer available to try and they gave us some free samples. The staff was friendly and the food came out very quickly. We had two small dogs and they invited us inside because it was raining outside they even asked everyone if they minded the dogs and everyone said no.

  • D
    Oct. 3, 2021
    Very pet friendly

    Great food and very welcoming to our Siberian Husky. Would definitely recommend!

  • Quinton
    Jul. 15, 2021
    Great dog-friendly place

    This will become a regular lunch spot for me. My dog was warmly greeted and really enjoyed the atmosphere. Service was good but a little slow but then again, it is a small staff operation. I was still in and out in less than hour. Food is made fresh on order. British pub food that is very good and reasonably priced. So many places in the area charge tourist prices. The fish and chips were delicious. I'm going back soon as several items on the small menu are very appealing. It is one of the best dog-friendly restaurants in Gatlinburg. Give it a try.

  • Brandi
    Jun. 28, 2021
    Great place to hang out with your pup.

    This out of the way place is welcoming for people and dogs. great beer selection and very tasty food. kid friendly with crayons and an area to play games as well. we’ve been twice when visiting Gatlinburg on two separate occasions and will go back whenever we’re in the area. my only warning is do not come here with the intent of a quick in and out. come when you plan to sit, drink, relax, and enjoy the atmosphere. the food is delicious but it does not come quickly so if the yummy drinks aren’t enough to keep you busy while they prep I suggest any of the chip selections. They are delicious!

  • Tom
    Jun. 14, 2021
    Very Fun and Hearty Food

    Yum! British pub style menu and huge beer selection, and they allow the dogs INSIDE! Really enjoyed our dinner here with the pup.

  • Stefani
    Jun. 11, 2021
    Fun Spot

    Most original and down-to-earth spot we found in the area during our week-long stay. It was slow and there was a chance of rain, so the owner let us choose to go outside or stay inside - with our dogs! This included our Bluetick, who is a rescue and barks quite a bit. The other patrons were all very sweet about our mouthy girl (and somewhat distracted by her Frenchie brother). Fantastic beer selection, great food (chicken pie and fish n chips), and staff that made us feel at home. Thank you for letting our Mabel get this experience under her belt - every little bit helps :) I hope things get easier in the area with enough folks willing to work and get through and beyond the increasing amount of tourists! 🤞🏻

  • Crystal
    May. 3, 2021
    Hidden Gem!

    I am so happy to have found this amazing treasure in Gatlinburg. The staff and patrons were so nice to my pup, Holly and the best beer selection I have seen in the state. So many reasons to check out this place of your local!

  • Ashley
    May. 3, 2021
    Great little tavern - dog friendly

    Perfect little tavern. Huge beer selection

  • Joe
    Apr. 11, 2021
    Great place for a drink and conversation

    We had a great time enjoying a few drinks with amazing folks from around the world.
    The only way you could find this place unwelcoming is if you are already an unwelcoming individual like the socialist that posted back in January.
    We stop by every visit now and always look forward to the next one.

  • Lauren
    Jan. 17, 2021
    Do not go here...don’t waste your time doing there..

    I was disgusted with this place, we drove quite a ways to get there(not worth it) and when we walked I have never felt so uncomfortable in my life. The place was packed, we sat at the last table, everyone started at us as we walked in and continued to stare at us. Until I realized why... we were the only two people that were wearing by masks(and no one had food at their table). Multiple groups walked in after us with no masks and the group didn’t act the way they did when we walked in. Also, all eyes were glued onto the Fox News being broadcasted. We were going to try and stay for drinks but it took so long for the lady to come back and we already felt so exposed we had to walk out. Yes, you can bring your dog inside... but don’t go. Don’t do here. And someone needs to report them due to the lack of covid-19 precautions. I’m still in shock over this terrible experience!

  • Jennifer
    Nov. 28, 2020
    Thanksgiving Weekend

    we took our young pup 9 months old in and he was treated like a king. We sat inside . There weren’t very may customers at the time and the hostess sat and gave treats to our pup and gave us good advice to help avoid the crowds.

  • Tiffany
    Nov. 8, 2020
    2 hour wait for food at 3pm with only 13 customers in the entire establishment

    We walked in and there were 2 tables with customers inside and 1 outside. The table outside asked for their check when the waitress came to greet us. Both tables inside had 4 customers each. There were 2 customers at the bar drinking. Our son is a type 1 diabetic and his sugar was very low, it was down to 61. We asked if we could quickly get a Coke. The waitress was polite and immediately brought it to him. About 10 minutes later she came to our table to take our order. She was the only staff member besides the cook. We ordered our drinks and food. As soon as she left the table, I took some photos of the nice view and shared them on Facebook. About 20 minutes later we received our water.

    After 1.5 hours I realized no one else had gotten any food at any of the other tables and ours son's sugar was starting to get low again so I went in and asked how much longer it is going to be. We never saw the waitress between the time we received our water and the time I walked in to see how long it was going to be. She said it shouldn't be to much longer. She came out almost immediately to our table and refilled our water and apologized for the delay and explained the cook was in a bad mood. My husband asked does that mean she isn't cooking, half jokingly. She didn't respond and walked away. We were thankful for her apology but a cook being in a bad mood is not an acceptable answer for it taking 1 hour and 47 minutes for us to receive our lunch. I knew exactly how long because the photos I took were time stamped on Facebook.

    We never had a staff member come off and ask if everything was ok. I posted a review on Facebook shortly after we left and got a response from the owner this morning. "The service was slow because the Tavern was packed most of the day. You could have easily waited for two hours at one of the chain restaurants downtown just to get a seat. " I responded with the same details on here and he responded with even more excuses. We were in the area for 5 days and almost every established we visited was at capacity but we never had to wait 2 hours to receive our good after we ordered it. He continued to make excuse after excuse but never once apologized for our bad experience or mentioned he would have a talk with his com about the situation.

    I get it, staff is limited right now, but we received excellent service the rest of the week at every other established we visited. I am going to guess he has a hard time finding employees because he is terrible business owner. I have had my own business for 24 years and I know I will be working extra hours during my peak season. I would never leave my staff alone on a busy day during peak season. you must be responsible and take responsibility for your business knowing you are short staffed. Not only is that horrible business practice, it makes you a horrible boss. You are the owner of the establishment, it is your job to be there at 3:00 on a Saturday in your peak season.

    If the owner would have come forward and apologized and explained everything in a polite way, I would be a little more understanding and not sharing our horrible experience on every review site.

    For what it is worth, my husband said his fish was excellent. The chips were under cooked but nothing a little extra vinegar couldn't help. My chicken pie dough was a little undercooked but I could still eat it., and our son's meal was perfect and he said it was delicious.

  • Lynn
    Sep. 24, 2020

    we enjoyed our beers and food at the Fox and Tavern. The staff was wonderful! our dog was a little afraid of the armor man.....but everyone understood! lol!
    off the beaten track good time!

  • Angela
    Aug. 30, 2020
    nice Pub

    We went for lunch, had the chicken pie and brats, both very good. Very pet friendly sat inside with our dog. The server told us about their sister restaurant in the area - will try to go there before we head home.

  • Larry
    Aug. 22, 2020
    Great Place for you and your pet

    The food was different but great and our puppy was most welcome. There are not a lot of pet friendly restaurants in Gatlinburg so you will be pleased if you try this one. It is a little our of town in the Arts and Crafts Community but worth the short trip. Very rustic place, very casual.

  • Debbie
    Aug. 15, 2020
    Great Place To Relax

    they allow you to come inside with your dog! food was good English pub food. several other dogs were there too no barking from anyone, all well behaved pups. was nice to sit inside and eat. Good beer, played some darts! watched a bit of soccer.

  • Alexie
    Jul. 8, 2020
    I am in love!!

    I'm a proud Mama to 3 littles, 2 doxies and a sheprador. This place was amazing. Super friendly to us and my pups!! And they got to sit INSIDE!!! Amazing food and great beer!

  • Marla
    May. 15, 2020

    Our two hound puppies and one golden retriever were greeted with open arms. Food and beer was excellent. The location is a little off the beaten path in Gatlinburg which makes it absolutely perfect. Don’t miss it

  • Laveda
    Feb. 12, 2020
    Thor And Kenyan Approved..

    I just fell in love with this place and the people.. They will treat your dog like family..

  • Rebecca
    Jan. 2, 2020
    Great Restaurant!

    We brought our dogs into the restaurant and were welcomed there! The food was delicious and they have a great beer selection as well. We would definitely go back!

  • Hannah
    Jan. 2, 2020
    Great Spot!

    My husband and I stopped by for lunch and they were beyond welcoming and friendly. They immediately greeted our fur baby and brought out some water for her. They couldn't have been nicer and the food was delicious!

  • Magen
    Dec. 8, 2019
    Good food & super friendly staff

    This hole in the wall, away from the busy village is a delicious English style place to stop for a great meal with your pup. Staff is super friendly and spoiled our pup while we chowed down. We will certainly be back.

  • Patti
    Nov. 25, 2019
    Great restaurant!

    We are on vacation and take our doxie to a nearby daycare. It was a very rainy evening. We figured we’d be eating dinner in the car. But we checked with this restaurant, and we were thrilled she was allowed inside. Warm and dry, nice atmosphere, friendly people and great food too. It was a little tricky carrying her stroller to second floor though. Even so, we highly recommend. We will be back.

  • Allison
    Jul. 9, 2019

    I don’t really review places much on here, but this pub captured my heart. The owner was so kind, and the food was some of the more authentic British pub food I’ve had here in the U.S. We brought our corgi-husky pup along and he was completely welcomed INSIDE the pub (no you aren’t forced to sit on a patio or pub, pups are actually allowed in! And on the couches in the little sitting area!) and offered a water bowl while we enjoyed our dinner.

    On top of that, it’s so tucked away from the touristy vibe of Gatlinburg that it’s INCREDIBLY refreshing. Do yourself a favor and take the short drive out here with your pup, you won’t regret it!

  • Isabel
    Jul. 4, 2019
    Only Non Tourist Teal In That Town

    This place makes you feel right at home. From the wood burning stove, to the couch and shelf of Books and Games you can use. The food was amazing and authentic, we didn’t want to leave. Probably the only place on the trip that didn’t feel like a tourist trap in that area.

  • Mary
    Jun. 22, 2019
    Great Pet Friendly Place

    We sat out on the outdoor patio with our little dachshund and had a great meal. They are very pet friendly.

  • Shelly
    Mar. 21, 2019
    Great place for the pups!

    Called ahead to make sure my pup was allowed, the owner was the one who answered and acted shocked that I had to ask. It's a rainy afternoon, so we really had to hunt for a place where she could go. They allow pups inside the tavern and it's a very cool place. You have to walk upstairs to get to the tavern. Clearly a hole in the wall with a chill atmosphere. They even brought my girl a bowl of water.

  • Kenneth
    Oct. 30, 2018
    Dog Friendly Pub

    Was very impressed with this pub. It had a local feel. They were the most dog friendly restaurant we visited on our vacation in the area. the were two other dogs there during our visit.
    My wife and I love to give our business to dog friendly businesses like this. They had a good beer and food selection for us humans.

  • Jd
    Oct. 28, 2018
    True pub

    Great fish and chips and the climb up 2 flights of stairs will make you hungry. If it weren’t a warm day I would not recommend sitting on the patio.

  • Dawn
    More than a year ago
    On a Rainy Summer Night

    As we pulled into the driveway a summer storm just popped up. Wet pup here we come... Not at Fox and Parrot! We were welcomed in with open arms! Food was great! Would recommend going with or without your pup!

  • Sarah
    More than a year ago

    A true British pub atmosphere! I chose this place for the porch where our dog (a good-sized shepherd) could be with us. To our delight, when we asked to walk her through the main dining area to the porch, the owner said, “Sure! She can sit inside if you want, as long as she’s well behaved.” The weather was turning bad, so we took him up on that offer. It was so nice. The food is really very good and made to order, so if you’re in a hurry, this isn’t your spot. But it’s very much worth the wait. The beer and cider list is long and varied also. Highly recommend!

  • Lisa
    More than a year ago
    Dog friendly

    The best dog friendly place we have ever found!! And the food, drinks and people were amazing! Yuki approved!!

  • Lab lover
    More than a year ago
    Best ever beer and food

    This is a must if you like beer and fish and chips. We will definitely go back every time in Gatlinburg. Brian has the most fun laid back style and the patrons are all fun loving and easy to talk to. We met so many people during our visit and the food was out of this world. Brian does everything to please his customers including fixing me a delicious salad upon request.
    It's a very dog friendly place; when we walked in the door they had biscuits in hand. Also, Brian provided easy access for one of my dogs that could go up the steps we simply drove around to the back and walked into the restaurant through the back door. Don't miss this gem of a friendly and delicious place to go when in Gatlinburg.

  • Matthew
    More than a year ago
    Exactly What I Wanted

    I Took a last minute camping trip to the Smoky Mountains with my 8 year old rescue black. I got to the campground kinda late and after setting up I didn't feel like cooking. I found the Fox & Parrot online and decided to give it a try. It is tucked back it the mountains with a great view and a slow atmosphere. Exactly what I wanted. The staff and local patrons were extremely friendly and the food was great!

  • Dave
    More than a year ago
    best place in town to enjoy with doggy

    We stopped by because of other reviews here. Loved the place - great atmosphere, staff was very friendly - great beer selection and good English bar food. We sat on deck with our doggy and really loved to view off the deck. As one other review reported the deck was a tad run down with the chairs but heck, it added to the character !!

  • Arielle
    More than a year ago
    Smalltown Love

    My family and I came to Gatlinburg for the first time this year and brought our 9 month old golden (so high energy). The owner shut the doors and allowed our dog and another to run free and play on a Monday night! The atmosphere is relaxed and great. We had a wonderful time and will absolutely be back. It captures the slow, chill laid back pub style I love.

  • Olivia
    More than a year ago
    Good food; friendly people

    Great British menu; treated our Cavalier like royalty.

  • Lexi
    More than a year ago
    Great food & staff, not very clean

    After being incredibly disappointed with the mediocre food that Gatlinburg had to offer on our vacation, we were very pleased with the food at fox and the parrot! The food was absolutely wonderful! The staff was great, very friendly. They welcomed our dog and everyone had to stop and pet her. I had the chicken pot pie and it was very tasty, flakey homemade crust. Now for the bad, the outdoor seating area was very dirty. All of the chairs and table tops had standing water in them, the last rain was over 24 hours prior to our visit. The chairs were very dirty and didn't look like they'd been wiped down in quite some time. There was food in the ground that looked like it had been there awhile. The waitress said we could eat inside if we'd like and even said the dog could come inside, but I didn't feel like we should eat with the dog indoors incase that may offend other customers. If you can get past some of the unclean conditions, this place really does have great food!

  • Jeff
    More than a year ago
    Great food Hard to Get Up!

    My wife and I decided to try this place. We had a dog with us and we love fish and chips. So this place was for us. We got there and found out it was on the top floor. I have trouble with my back and legs. It was hard to climb the steps. When we got up there. We had to go through the restaurant to get to the porch. When we got to the porch it was not clean. The chairs and table were dirty and wet from where it rained. It was also buggy too. The people were friendly and the food was great. Would go back if there was another way up. Not sure if I would take the dog again.

  • Travis
    More than a year ago
    Great Time

    We visited, because of the reviews here on BringFido.com. We were so glad we did. Our kids and dogs played with the resident dog greeter. The food was excellent and we all highly recommend the pretzels and cheese, but do not let them take the plate. You will want the leftover cheese for your fries. This is a " must visit", even if your dog is not with you.

  • Terry, Jo & Cujo
    More than a year ago
    The Three Of Us

    We found this on this website and went there Sept 28, 2013. We absolutly loved it. The food was great and so much for the money we had to get a to go box. They were all so friendly to our four legged child, Cujo our daschund. LaSonda was our waitress and went over and beyound to make our first time there a pleasurable one and helped us with info about the area. Looking forward to coming back on our next trip to the area. Also the cook (I think) came out and spoke to us and Cujo and checked on us and was super nice. Highly recommend

  • Dorothy and Jim and Dixie
    More than a year ago
    The traveling Foggs

    Totally awesome, our little Dixie was served a fresh bowl of water and made very welcome. The sign at the entrance states"children and pets welcome". A lovely deck for dining with beautiful woodland around. The food and service were beyond excellent. Friendly staff, great cook who has mastered the preparation of Authentic British food. The owner, staff and cook were very accomodating and cordial. It's the kind of place if you lived in the area you would absolutely spend a lot of time there. The prices and portions were incredible. Can't wait to get back there...we travel a lot and this by far has been our favorite place to visit.

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