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Entry Requirements

Traveling with your pet to Barbados is an easy process. Below are the list of requirements.

  • Your pet must have a microchip. The implantation must be done before the rabies vaccination.

  • After your pet has been microchipped, it must be vaccinated against rabies. After your pet is vaccinated, you must wait 35 days before your trip to Barbados.

  • Your pet will need to be testedt for heartworm, leishmaniasis, nipah virus and/or hendra virus if present in your country. Your veterinarian can have these tests done and, once the results are negative, your pet is free to travel.

  • If your pet is a dog, it should be treated by for tapeworms and ticks by a veterinarian within 7 days of scheduled departure for Barbados.

Once you’ve completed the requirements, your pet will be issued with an Official Export Health Certificate which must be endorsed by an Official Government/Federal Veterinarian (USDA in USA).

  • Once your pet meets the conditions for import into Barbados, download and complete an application form (pdf below).

  • Submit the application form along with a BDS$25.00 to the Veterinary Services Department. Payment may be made by money order or certified bank draft only to The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture. The bank draft or money order must be in United States currency for the amount of US$15.00 (to cover all additional bank processing charges).

  • You must notify Veterinary Services at least three (3) business days notice in advance of your arrival date/time and flight information. You will also need to include your Import permit number, Name, local address and contact information, and name and contact information of the customs broker. If there are any changes, notify Veterinary Services as soon as possible.

  • Pets must travel as manifested cargo and can be received at the Animal Reception Centre.

A landing certificate is issued when the pet is cleared for entry into Barbados. Fees for dogs and cats are BDS $60.00 per animal. Fees are payable for Landing Certificates of ALL animals. They are due at the time of examination at the port of entry.

Customs duties are collected any non-livestock animals imported into Barbados. In order to facilitate the process, you will need to work with a customs broker. If you do not, it will cause serious delays in receiving your pet.

If your pet is only visiting and will be returning to its country of origin, customs duties may be refundable at the time of departure. Contact your customs broker for further information.

Upon receipt of the application and fee, a permit will be prepared and forwarded to you either by mail, fax or email. Animal import permits are valid for six (6) months from the date of issue. When the animal arrives in Barbados, it will be taken directly from the airline to the Animal Reception Centre where it will be inspected by a Veterinary Officer. As long as all terms of the import permit are met, the Veterinary inspection fee has been paid, and your pet is found healthy, the landing certificate fee will be issued. Keep in mind, overtime charges will apply if your pet arrives outside of standard government working hours (Monday to Friday 8:15am to 4:30pm), weekends and public holidays.

Quarantine Information

There is no information regarding quarantine in Barbados.

Download Entry Application

To download the application form required for entry into Barbados with a domestic pet, please click the .pdf icon below.

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