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Hudson Dog Park

Fido is invited to play at the Hudson Dog Park in New Hampshire. You can find this off-leash area as soon as you enter Benson Park. Amenities include two separate sections and waste bags to clean up after your furry friend. Visit Website

Or call (603) 880-1600 for more information.


BringFido Guest Rating

Hudson Dog Park has received a rating of 3.1 out of 5 bones by 16 canine critics on BringFido.

  • Laura
    Mar 7, 2021
    First time visit , what to expect

    Big parking lot and lovely park for people and dogs on leash to walk around, playground for children and marked trails up in the woods. It is March so lots of ice on the trails, need spikes to walk it.

    The fenced in dog park is big enough to run and play with other dogs if that’s what you brought your dog there to do. Lots of dogs playing together on a Saturday morning, all the owners were watching and being attentive. The thing about dog parks is all the dogs want to greet your dog almost at the same time. Then some want to try and dominate by mounting your dog. Quickly your dog will let the others dogs know whether this will happen or not. When one dog doesn’t want to be dominated sometimes posturing will occur, Sounds like a fight with snarling and mouthing but no real contact made. My dog does not like to be mounted and quickly shrugs off any dog who tries. Nothing like this happened today, so it was a fine experience for us. I watched from the car first to see what kind of play was going on and if the owners were watching. My dog likes to play fetch with a flick it and ball. We were able to do this without incident just another dog wanted to play with the ball too and I expect that to happen. Know that dogs picking up the same toy and putting it in their mouths and drinking out of the same community bowls can pass kennel cough and other contagious diseases. It’s true the small pet area looks like a time out box for disobedient dogs. I don’t even know why they built that. I would not put a small dog in the big fenced in area, there is too much room for things to go wrong. The only thing my dog didn’t like was the rocky terrain. The entire area is just dirt and rocks and was hard on his paw pads. It’s still a good dog park as far as they go if you are bringing your dog to socialize with other dogs then that is what you can expect to happen.

  • Savannah
    Oct 8, 2019
    Main park > Dog park

    The main park is great with lots of trails and plenty of other people walking their dogs around. I'm personally not a fan of the dog park area because it's very dusty and dirty with there not being much grass or anything. Owners do not always clean up after their dogs and I notice dog fights tend to occur more frequently here than at other parks we will go to.

  • Carolyn
    More than a year ago
    Nice area for ball/fetch

    I usually play ball with my dog - when they are interested. I stay about an hour - I don't care about seating. I wish there was a water source and more grass, but it's better than other places. It's close and the people are responsible. I think it's a great resource.

  • Sam
    More than a year ago

    Lots of kind people who care about their dogs! We have had nothing but good experiences there.

  • Jen
    More than a year ago

    place is great for large dogs, huge fenced in area for them to run around in, but too many careless owners. and people need to understand NOT to bring their SMALL dogs into the LARGE DOG area. might as well call it free for all and defend at your own risk. better off just walking around it.

  • Jen
    More than a year ago
    Needs More Work

    The small dog area is too small and no grass (all dirt). The large dog area is a good size; however, again all dirt and no grass. There is also no shade and not very relaxing for pet owners. Hardly any benches and no water for a dog to go swimming. When I vist Benson's Park, I do not bring my dog in the dog park. I just walk around with my dog at the people park.

  • Nicole
    More than a year ago
    Careless Owners

    I used Hudson (at my own risk) when I thought it was the only offleash area around because my dog likes to run and is much faster than me. There are some friendly dogs there but there are also aggressive ones so there is a at least 1 fight each time unless you're lucky to go with just a handful of dogs when people are there primarily for their dogs than to socialize. I also find a lot of people don't watch their dogs which makes fights happen more often. Plus they never bring water! My water is almost always being used up within minutes there because so many dogs are going to it AND it is gross...they don't pick up after them either. There are many better places around for friendly dogs.

  • Cheryl
    More than a year ago
    Re woof

    Just be careful of other dogs because I seen unruly dogs and owners not stopping the behaviors . It's nice area but too many dogs in the dog area is too much . I would never put small dogs in large area , some dogs will see the small dog as prey or just don't like small dogs or vice versa . It's not for all dogs or people . All humans should learn body language of dogs .

  • Patricia
    More than a year ago
    Needs Better Clean Up Policy

    The park is very nice for your dog to play with others. The problem that I found was that owners although appear to watch their pups missed too many poops. I found myself not only cleaning up after my dog but also cleaning 6
    or more other missed deposits. Accidents happen & if u r alone with more than one dog it easy for them to go in different directions but then there should be a policy - you see it you pick it up. The trails at Benson Park are great and I do recommend them but be cautious at the dog park.

  • Beth
    More than a year ago
    Needs improvement

    Small dog are is useless. So large area must be utilized for both small and large dogs. So your dog has to play well with both sizes. On several occaisions, there has been a boxer (1) (not all) that has been instagating and jumping on smaller dogs. I hope they make the small dog area bigger!!! Its not all boxers, just the one I witnessed, with a young woman who just seems to laugh. Nice right? The rest of the park is beautiful.

  • Heather
    More than a year ago
    Great place to play!

    Our very friendly and well behaved BOXERS love this park! They get to play with all of there friends, most owners have been wonderful. The only problems have have seen are aggressive little dogs who's owners seem to think that because they are tiny it is OK for them to go after the big guys but get upset when the big guys have had enough. This has only happen twice though in all the time we have been going, and most of the time everybody is well behaved pups and parents!

  • Patti
    More than a year ago
    great park

    I live in Hudson and I bring my 2 boxers to Benson dog park all the time! The people that bring their dogs are always looking out for their dogs. I have not seen any dog fights or people arguing for that matter:) this is deff one of the cleanest parks!!

  • Olivia
    More than a year ago
    Awful honors

    The small dog area is too small, and the large area (which is for dogs of any size) is full of aggressive pets, with careless owners. There have been several accidents at this park by large breed dogs attacking small dogs. Their owners simply let it happen because its "at your own risk". I have heard of one guy who had to put his dog down after being attacked in there, and heard of animal control being called frequently due to issues.

  • Christine
    More than a year ago
    Hudson Dog Park

    Hi - I took my dog to play at the park on morning for the first time. I found the small dog area way to small. My dog was attacked by a dog aggressive boxer. Be careful if you see a boxer!

  • Deb
    More than a year ago
    W O W !!

    We thought Mine Falls in Nashua was a great find and it still is. B U T, Hudson Dog Park is a paradise for people AND their pets!! It is a gorgeous park lined with trails, ponds and flowers. So, happy we found this place!

  • Dee
    More than a year ago
    worth the drive

    Hi , love to go to new dog parks so i thought i would check out Hudson, nh new park . this was a very nice clean park. it has rules posted and everyone seemed very attentive on where there dog was and what she/he was doing. all the dogs played very nice, no big meanies. it has a great playground across the parking lot for the kids and i hear there is a really nice walking trail as well. it was worth the drive. they have done a really good job here. lots of bags (gladly accept donations) for poop pickup and everyone seemed right on top of it.

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