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Satellite Beach Off-Leash Dog Park

Satellite Beach Off-Leash Dog Park is a fenced, off-leash dog park that includes separate small dog area, doggie water fountains and rinse station, agility equipment, and more. Admission fees apply. Visit Website

Or call (321) 777-8004 for more information.


BringFido Guest Rating

Satellite Beach Off-Leash Dog Park has received a rating of 2.8 out of 5 bones by 14 canine critics on BringFido.

  • Brian
    Mar. 18, 2022
    Great to have this resource

    After traveling all day, we showed up with our (2) dogs 5 minutes before closing. The young lady on duty let us know the rules and expedited the vaccination verification and paperwork for our puppies. We were able to get a much needed 5 minute run in. She even offered to stay open late for us, though we didn’t take advantage of her kindness. The park seems to be well set up with shady areas and access to water and toys. We will definitely be back often during our 2 weeks on the island.

  • Christy
    Aug. 29, 2018
    Grateful for a dog park

    I've read through the reviews and just had to chime in. I've spend most of my adult life in Brevard County. The county parks do not allow animals of any kind and many years ago a group formed (Brevard Animal Recreation Coalition BARC) to petition the county for access to land for an off-leash dog park. The process took a long time. So for those folks, particularly those from other states like California, the county is still a long way from becoming "dog friendly". This park is small, but we as residents are grateful to have an off-leash park to take our dogs. The county is slowly opening up portions of the beach for dogs (leashed)...I'm grateful that you're required to show proof of vaccinations and the membership helps pay for maintenance. If you aren't a fan of the park, please go elsewhere. But just know that dogs are no longer allowed on the ball fields at this recreation park. You will be hard-pressed to find an area where your dog can go and be off-leash.

  • C
    More than a year ago
    Unsafe & no rules enforced

    I am new to the area & decided to take my 2 small dogs to the "small dog area". I was very disappointed to see so many large dogs on the small dog side of the park. Especially since there wasn't any dogs in the large dog area. Even witnessed a larger dog snap/bite a smaller dog. Felt the environment was unsafe for my small dogs (both under 10 pounds) & left immediately. Rules need to be enforced. Owners need to act responsibly.

  • Ashley
    More than a year ago
    No Thanks

    I was in town on vacation with my dog. Evo and I found the sliver of grass in the back of a recreation area. The park was locked, "closed" I guess, and the sign said of hours, fees, and I had to show proof of my dogs immunizations. Evo had much for fun running on the soccer fields than he would have at the park. I won't return.

  • Bill
    More than a year ago
    never open

    I have tried to go to this park three times. Every time I go, it is never open. The sign says they open at 4 PM, today it's 420 and they're still not open. it looks like a decent park, too bad they're not open consistently. You are better off going to dog beach, that is always open.

  • Ken
    More than a year ago

    I love this dog park! Its the best there is. Great attendants, including Stephanie. My dogs love this park. I agree with rk in West Melbourne, if you don't like it, please stay away!!

  • Gerri
    More than a year ago

    This is THE BEST dog park! My two large dogs absolutely LOVE IT! The kiddie pools are great for the dogs to cool off; the water dishes are plentiful and the dog washing area is a plus! Nice people and dogs here! We go there every Saturday morning.

  • Nancy
    More than a year ago
    I miss "my" park

    I lived in Satellite Beach for 8 years before relocating to Seattle and started going to this park the week it opened. My dog was the unofficial Mayor of the park. I feel compelled to write a review due to the negative reviews received here. This is a great little park with friendly people and dogs. It is worth the annual fee to protect your beloved pet from the "riff raff" that often populates unattended dog parks. Ruffians are not tolerated here and the documentation required protects your dog from diseases carried by dogs with owners that don't vaccinate them. Most of the owners do pay close attention to their dogs. But sometimes happen. If your dog is timid then by all means go in the small dog side until you feel that your dog is comfortable in a new environment. And I had to laugh at the guy who wrote that the name is deceptive because it's not near water; it's a barrier island between the Indian River and the Atlantic and is a beach town. I guess going over a bridge didn't register with him

  • Steven Harp
    More than a year ago
    No Attendent

    I have been a Satellite beach resident for 30 years. 2 years ago we joined the dog park with our two Whippets. One of my Whippets is a rescue that is submissive to a fault. She was frightened within the 1st month by a Besenge who had three complaints before our incident.
    We elected not to go at 4:00 anymore to avoid the animal. Now a year later, and we have only been about a dozen times, my Whippet is bit by an Australian Shepard. A witness stated "it was no ones fault". It happen in a split second when I turned to hang the leash on the fence as required. So I did not see it. i only know what I heard and my dog came out with a severe dog bite. $300 for the vet bill did not upset me. What upset me was the owner would not volunteer to do the right thing and the recreation department did not have the park attended. Not that the attendant could have prevented anything but they could have interviewed everyone there to determine what happened. I will take the advice of the Animal Control Bite investigator and never again take my dog to a dog park. Oh yeah, they have kiddie swimming pools for the fury dogs and if your dog drinks out of it they could get "hook worm" mine did. I was in the habit of dumping them upon entry so my dogs would not be able to get it again. It's not a safe environment. Even and especially if your dog is well trained and no-aggressive.

  • Maryann
    More than a year ago
    Best dog park in THIS area

    We belong to this dog park. It is very clean, and the other dog owners are always friendly and responsible. This is because it is run by the TOWN of Satellite Beach - not Brevard COUNTY (though it's listed on the Brevard County website, for information purposes I guess). I wish it were free, but having tried a couple of free, county dog parks prior to this park, we were fine paying for this one since we often use it. The other dog parks have no one to check that the dogs going there are up to date on immunizations or are licensed dogs. We joined this dog park after our dog came home with fleas, or was randomly terrorized by scary dogs whose owners sit down to look at their smartphone the entire time rather than watch their unruly, unsocialized dog. And BTW, this park is not at the beach. The name of the town is Satellite Beach, but there is no pond/lake either. They do have benches, drinking water, some toys and balls around the grounds (used), a hose, and some dog shampoo and random towels left by others if you want to wash your dog afterwards as it is kind of a sandy/grassy area. There is also a separate area for small dogs. If you're passing through and want a free, but take-the-risk-into-your-own-hands experience, go to the Wickham Park dog park in Melbourne or one of the other dog parks.

  • Rk
    More than a year ago
    I like the fact they check things out, so stay at home

    I appreciate the fact they check for your dog being up to date on their shots and if they have fleas and the whole 9 yards. If you don't like that please just stay away. Those of us who really don't mind rules know they are there to protect ourselves and our dogs. It makes sense.

  • M
    More than a year ago
    Not Dog Friendly

    We travel everywhere with our two Shar-peis. This time we were traveling through the Brevard County, FL. As always we researched it and the Brevard Co Parks page gave us what I thought we needed. OUr dogs are registered an we always carry documentation. Once inside the gates of the park a woman approaches, very rudely and asks if we are in their computer. We tell he we are not from the area and meet the Brevard co req for using the park. She then turns to a guy who is cutting the grass and says, make sure they are gone before you leave (pointing to us). I immediately packed up our girls. She hands me a membership package requiring more information than is req by my Vet. Fees, rudeness...unreal. This woman Stepanie Andrews, did herself and the park a dis-service. I might have been willing to pay a small fee to keep the park in order, but she approached it as if my dogs were not worthy of being in her neighborhood. This is a public park that a group of locals have forcefully made private. I would guess what they are doing is illegal. Only a public official (law enforcement or other) can ask me to provide documents. When I left I was sure that I had just interacted with a CAT person.

  • Chilly
    More than a year ago
    They Charge?!?!?

    This place is horrible! The lady working the front desk was so rude. Plus, what dog park has a front desk??? I just moved here from California and went to this dog park not realizing they had a front desk where they check shot records and charge. They are charging you for a little sliver of grass! Coming from California where they charge for everything EXCEPT dog parks, who would've thought this little piece of crap would charge $180 for an annual pass, what is this Disney World! Needless to say the Satellite Beach dog park is a major rip off, especially in this economy!

  • Bruno
    More than a year ago
    The wonder dog

    Important note: dogs must wear current county license tags and new visitors must show documentation of current rabies and distemper shots to enter this small dog park. As we were traveling and did not have such, we were unable to enter the park. The whole Satellite Beach thing is deceptive as it is not near any water. The park is located at the back of the parking lot -- it looked nice and the gatekeeper was friendly enough should you have your necessary papers and cash.

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