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Ott's Off-Leash Dog Sanctuary

Ott's Off-Leash Dog Sanctuary is a clean, roomy off-leash dog park that attracts a loyal crowd of regulars Thursdays through Sundays in Ruskin, FL. The park features a separate small dog area, shade, benches, swings and picnic tables. This sanctuary for dogs and pet parents is supported entirely through donations, including commemorative bricks and memorial trees. Visit Website

Or call (813) 298-6028 for more information.


BringFido Guest Rating

Ott's Off-Leash Dog Sanctuary has received a rating of 4.8 out of 5 bones by 16 canine critics on BringFido.

  • Michelle
    Nov 26, 2023
    Pawtastic park

    Great location. The park does need more responsible dog owners.

  • Melissa
    More than a year ago
    Best Option in the Area

    I'd like to give this park 5 bones, however other owners make that impossible. One must check their shoes before getting back in the car as many people don't pick up or pay attention to their dogs. Take an extra bag or two as you will probably find other dogs poop and picking up after other dogs is helpful. The park is lovely and includes a 1/4 mile track around the big dog side. There are also people that keep their dog on a leash and this is not good for an aggressive dog (it makes it more aggressive) nor for other dogs or people. My husband has been bitten by such a dog there. Occasionally there are many dogs that form a pack, running together and when trying to enter they run to the cage area, barking incessantly, which makes going in difficult. I always enter before my dogs to give them a safe entry, or go to the small dog park first and enter through the common gate into the big park as that gate is located away from the entry cage to the big park. Within the past six months, two different people have brought their female dogs while in heat. This caused one dog to get bitten when she mounted an older male who just wasn't having it. The other dog and owner I insisted leave when the he told me his large dog was in heat but she needed the exercise so he brought her there anyway (he hasn't been back to my knowledge). As with all dog parks, it's always a good idea to access the activity before entering and putting your pets in danger. For some reason this park seems to attract more owners who are irresponsible and clueless in dog behavior.

  • Bomx55
    More than a year ago
    My Chihuahua's Love this Park

    Since coming from CA, I found this park and didn't look for another, I was pleasantly surprised, good place for mine to socialize and have a run, they love the words "Road Trip" and know we are headed to this park. It is clean and lots for them to do and I bring them home safe from this park. Thank you!!

  • Betty
    More than a year ago
    Nice park but closed M,T,W

    This is a decent dog park with lots of room even in the small dog area. Out dog really enjoyed the park the 3 times we went there. Just FYI - imagine our disappointment when we went there on a Monday morning and found out it is only open Thursday. thru Sunday. Evidently the sign was on the open gate that led into the park and we didn't see it on our way in when we went before. Wasted a trip and our dog was very disappointed.

  • Larissa
    More than a year ago
    Great Park

    Honestly this place is a gem. I take my Pittie Puppy regularly and we love it. Not only is the park in itself huge with plenty of running space, there are a variety of spots within the gated area that appeal to the pups. The benches, pools, trees galore, house with a chicken coop on one side of the park, high grassy areas, low grassy areas, dirt, tennis balls, and more, all add to the doggie paradise atmosphere. Better yet, the Dr. Ott’s park is owner friendly and clean. Besides the plethora of benches and swings, there is even a trail that goes along the outer edge of the park to walk. There are poop bags placed strategically near the entrance of the park and near benches that allow owners to follow up on their dog’s “business,” as well. So far, Mocha and I have yet to have a bad encounter. The people and their pups we have come across have been responsible and friendly. Most keep a watchful eye on their pups and clean up after them. If you have a dog, I definitely recommend bringing him/her to Dr. Ott’s. I think you will find it easy to come back. :D

  • Bella Isabel
    More than a year ago
    Irresponsible Owners

    I used to take my husky here all the time because I'm a customer of DR.Ott. But recently my fiancee and I had an incident when we took our husky. It was about 5 p.m and we decided let's see whos at the park so she can play with someone else than our other dogs. So there was a couple there with two labs and I sensed something when only one lab came up to sniff my husky so my fiancee followed our husky around and we asked is the black lab aggressive they replied no, she's just very protective of us. I said okay that's fine but she kept growling at my husky and my husky is a little scaredy pants, very friendly then the lab lunged at my husky and started fighting the owners just said called the dogs name I said really? they seem like irresponsible people. Why would you not get up and get your dog? If you know the dog is aggressive and\or protective why bring it somewhere where other dogs will be? That's why I give it a three. Nice place, but never going back again. My fiancee and dog got bit and that is not acceptable.

  • Respect
    More than a year ago
    Please follow the rules

    To the person who said go ahead and bring your unfixed dogs, this is Dr. Ott's Dog Park, and even if you don't like his rules, I think you should respect them. It's his park, and he has it to be kind. I happen to agree with his rules, but even if I didn't, I wouldn't break them or advise others to.

  • Mary
    More than a year ago
    Great Dog Park - so spay and neuter!

    This is a lovely dog park, and it is super kind of Dr. Ott to donate it. I am so glad he requires the pets to be spayed and neutered. This minimizes aggression, spraying, etc. Plus, if you REALLY love dogs then if you think about it, I think you'll agree that every time someone goes out and buys some designer dog or breeds their dog, they are costing the lives of other dogs at shelters who are in competition with the bred and bought dogs for adoption. Humans have manipulated breeding and made the pups dependent on us, but then we don't give all of them homes and food. Instead we just create more of them to fit our particular tastes. Shelter dogs rock, and they need us.

  • Cheeky
    More than a year ago
    Great park for dogs and people!

    Coming from New York City, this park was a huge treat! It's nice to find a space that both dogs and their people can enjoy. Huge large and small dog runs, with plenty of shade and seating. A great place to spend an afternoon with a four-legged friend.

  • lynn
    More than a year ago
    mommy of lovey and thurston howell the third..oh and owner of happy dog day care

    love love love this park! reccomend it to all our clients and actually sell a"dogs of happy dog' doggie calendar ,(im sure you all know the park went donation funded 'bout a year ago).the design work is all donated and except for printing EVERY penny goes straight to otts off leash park.
    last year we raised 400. for the park just selling them to our clients..just think what we do if we all work together! call to let me know if ya'll want one so ill order enough.c'mon ya'll dr otts done his part..lets step up to the plate and do ours813-412-0510
    this year is a midyear calendar -june2012 thru may2013(fiscal yaer) all they r 20$ just like last year
    all doggies are local, not models were used, its fun,its cool and as martha would say ..its a good thing

  • Tina
    More than a year ago
    love the park!

    We have a playful 6 year old boxer that loves the park!!! great fun! relaxing. Our 2 children also love playing with other dogs at the park!!!

  • Terri
    More than a year ago

    to everyone that thinks it's ok to bring unspayed/unnuetered dogs to the park......it causes males to fight and females....also statistically speaking it is healthier for dogs to be spayed and nuetered as it (the dog) carries a higher risk of cancer if it is not done ! generally the park has no problems ....I find for the most part the dogs are fine and the people.....

  • Allie
    More than a year ago
    Very nice place, Dr. Ott!

    There is grass, plenty of water, nice dogs and owners, and it's very clean! And the rules don't say they have to be spayed, it says the dog may not be in heat, and the neuter rule is a very good one considering that most dog fights break out from dominance over the males. two thumbs up, Dr. Ott! I hope this park is open for a long time!

  • Holly
    More than a year ago
    Thank You Dr. Ott!

    I've raised both of my 3 year old dogs at this lovely and friendly park. There have been the occassional bad dogs & owners but, overall they've been pretty few and far between. This is a wonderful place for dogs & humans (adults and kids alike) to socialize, have some fun and enjoy some time outdoors together!

  • Karin
    More than a year ago
    My dogs and I say thank you to Dr. Ott

    It is a wonderful park for the dogs to run and play with each other. It is also nice to come for the dog owners since the place is clean, benches are there and you get to meet other dog owners. And most important, dogs can be dogs there, off the leash and running around, playing with each other. Again, thank you for the dog park!

  • Sharon
    More than a year ago
    Thank you Dr. Ott

    This is perhaps the best dog park I have seen in a long time. The grounds are well maintained, tables and shade trees are well placed and the owners are all very conscious about picking up after their dogs. But more importantly, the dogs have a great place to run and play. Thank you Dr. Ott ! !

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