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Freedom Barks Dog Park

The huge, 20-acre Freedom Barks Dog Park is a great place for your pet to get off-leash exercise in Medford, NJ. This pup recreation area has benches, parking and a creek for pets to splash in. Just keep in mind that the park is not fully fenced. Visit Website

Or call (609) 654-2512 or email for more information.


BringFido Guest Rating

Freedom Barks Dog Park has received a rating of 4.4 out of 5 bones by 20 canine critics on BringFido.

  • Ilissa
    Aug 5, 2020
    First Time Here

    We really enjoyed this park with our 10 month old puppy. She had a great time exploring and we got in several miles of exercising walking alongside her. Any people and dogs we encountered were personable and friendly. Only issue was finding the place. If you are navigating here you will get lost !

  • Tones
    Dec 29, 2018
    Good if not for the bad dog every now and then

    I do love this park. Unfortunately I’ve encountered really bad dogs twice. Once I had to actually call the police because a really aggressive German Shepherd was hunting down my dog, no kidding. The owner was clueless. My second encounter with a bad dog I saw from afar and quickly called my dog over and left. The owner was again clueless. I don’t know if these were rare instances or not but I live in Philly and go to parks daily without encountering this crap. Seriously detest dog owners that bring their untrained obviously aggressive dogs. If it wasn’t for these type of people that come here, this would be a stellar dog park.

  • Brian
    Jul 11, 2018
    Lots of Room and a creek!

    Great place but no fencing

  • Sarah
    More than a year ago
    Would have given 5 stars

    I always loved Freedom Park, but a little while ago my day was attacked by a dog who (along with others) was brought there by people who were trying to find homes for the dogs. They presented themselves as a rescue group but they had no clue as to the socialization level of the dogs. My dog never says a word when tough playing but she was crying and yipping in pain. When I tried to block the other dog the human grabbed my arm and screamed at me accusing me of kicking his dog. This is not a venue for rejoining dogs.

  • Eliza
    More than a year ago
    Best Dog Park in NJ

    For anyone who has trained their dog to understand and follow basic skills, you're already qualified to enter this park and enjoy the everlasting list of cons.

    There's acres of field for you and your dog to enjoy. You can hike through short wooded paths near a creek, and even chill near the creek and let 'em take a swim. This place has countless perks.

    The best way to enter this park is off of Gill Rd - Medford NJ. You park back near two soccer fields - The entrance to the Dog Park is clearly parked - You'll see it when you park the car. At the Gill Rd Entrance to the Dog Park is also a NEW water station (for humans and dog).

    Go check it out. Don't take my word on it.

  • Jenna
    More than a year ago
    Huge Park

    I took my dog for the first time today! Cons- hard to find at first since it is in the back of the park & no pathways to walk around the fields so you just have to walk through grass until you get into the woods; pros- SO MUCH ROOM to run and play, the creek was clean and fresh looking

    More than a year ago
    One of the Hugest off leash dog park in NJ

    Not fully fenced but as long as dogs follow the voice commands, there won't be no problem. The park has several trails with small streams, so my dogs can enjoy hiking during the summer. Since there always are muddy places, I only visit here before giving a bath :)

  • Jill
    More than a year ago
    Its huge.

    It is huge, but be warned, it is NOT totally fenced in. Some trails around the fields which is nice. The big issue with this park is it is so big that if your dog runs and another dog goes into "prey" mode you may end up being too far away to do anything to protect your dog. I drove an hour to this place on the advice of some other people and with in a few minutes a dog got aggressive with mine. I thank God I was close enough to intervene, if they were on the other side of the field it may have gone badly. Get with it people,. not all agressive behavior is PLAY some times its AGGRESSION! and your dog doesnt belong off leash with other dogs!!!

  • Emily
    More than a year ago
    Great, but...

    So, this park is stunning - gorgeous fields for dogs to run in until they can't run anymore. But, I think people really need to be aware that this park is NOT FENCED IN AT ALL. I have never seen a dog park like this before. It's more a set of fields than a "park". I was terrified the entire time that my dog would run off and end up lost or in a road, thus it was more of a stressful outing than a fun one.

  • Eliza
    More than a year ago
    One Happy Dog

    I've been taking my chocolate lab there since he was allowed at dog parks (4 months old). He loves nothing more than to run free and into water. The creek there is awesome, especially in the summer time.The open field is another benefit to this dog park. There are plenty of trees on the perimeter, which pretty much act as a fence. I love this park and can only speak good things. Take your BF there!

  • Evan
    More than a year ago
    Huge and Awesome

    Best dog park I've ever been to. We have two small dogs and they love it, there is enough space so that they don't get trampled by the big dogs but they can still socialize and play. No other dog park is nearly as big with so many trails and things to do off leash.

  • Brian
    More than a year ago
    Great with only one exeption

    I am a new dog owner. I have been to this park a few times and it has been great. My only complaint is the swimming area in which has a lot of roots. i have spoken to others who have had their dogs get hurt on the roots that stick out.

  • Patrice
    More than a year ago
    Great! Great! Great!

    Took our 6 month lab here today for the first time and it was great! She ran, played and swam and didn't have a single problem. Looking forward to our next visit.

  • Gary
    More than a year ago
    Dog Disneyland

    This dog park is by far the best in the area. We take our dog every weekend. She loves to play in the water, romp through the woods, and play & run with all the other dogs. We've never had a serious problem with any other dogs and all the owners we've met are nice dog knowledgeable. I can't say enough good things about this park. Thank you Medford.

  • Lauren
    More than a year ago
    be careful here

    Loved this park at first, because we needed a place close by to let our dog run because we don't have a fence yet. This park was great until we realized it is not fully fenced. There are heavy woods near the entrance, but not all fence. Our dog quickly discovered this and ran through, leaving us trying to get him back for about 3 hours. He now knows he can get through so we cannot go back to this park, if you have a smart exploring dog this place may not be the best for you, because there are many areas where the dogs can get out.

  • H.H.
    More than a year ago
    Watch the Joy Spread

    Woods to explore, fields to run, water to splash in and plenty of pooches to sniff and romp. A little hard to find since it's tucked way back, but boy -oh-boy is your dog going to love it! Bring doggie drinking water and plenty of towels for the car ride home since it can get muddy and very sloppy with dogs who like to whoop it up in the creek. Owners hearts can swell by the pleasure this park brings to their dogs. If your dog isn't friendly, won't share, gets nervous when approached by excited dogs, or is not up to date with shots, please stay home.

  • Chuck
    More than a year ago
    Best Dog Park

    I have been going to this dog park since it first opened. There is no place like it . My dogs look for ward to going for a run every weekend.

  • Eric
    More than a year ago
    One of my favorite parks

    The dog run of this park is just huge. You also get to walk through woods into the creek area where your dogs can play and swim in the water. The water is a little filthy since it's not freah water. Also It gets a little muddy and slippery at a few spots by the creek. But it's a great place for dogs. I just wish that some of the dog owners will do a better job at supervising their dogs. I see dogs run freely and charge at people sometimes with no owners around.

  • Stephanie
    More than a year ago
    This place is great!

    We have 2 dogs and have been to Freedom Park twice, and it will soon be a weekly occurance. It is such a beautiful and well maintained park. It is off leash which I think is wonderful and plently of open space for the dogs to run, play, and socialize. The creek is also amazing. It's a flowing creek with many areas for the dogs to get down to the water and swim around. My dogs love it, and all the people and dogs that we met there were great. I would highly reccomend this park!

  • Laura
    More than a year ago
    the best!

    just like the description says 20 acres!!! it is amazing. my dog loves this park. it is a little bit of a walk but well worth it! there is a creek that many dogs swim in and the people mostly are well behaved. i have never had a problem with dogs at this park

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Freedom Barks Dog Park