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Riverside Dog Park

Dogs love socializing and playing off-leash at the Riverside Dog Park in Fayetteville, NC. This recreation area offers two fenced-in spaces, one for small dogs under 25 lbs and one for pups larger than 25 lbs. All dogs must be legally licensed and have current vaccinations (tags must be securely attached to the dog’s collar) to play at the park. Visit Website

Or call (910) 433-1547 for more information.


BringFido Guest Rating

Riverside Dog Park has received a rating of 3.7 out of 5 bones by 27 canine critics on BringFido.

  • Morgan
    Jul 18, 2019
    Great Park

    For the Fayetteville area this is a pretty decent park. The big dog area is huge so there’s lots of running room. There’s always poop bags available around the fences, a couple benches, and fresh water.
    Only downside is don’t come here right after it has rained

  • Lana
    More than a year ago
    good fun

    I read a lot of reviews before heading to this park and was not sure what to expect.

    This was a large park separated into an area for large dogs and small dogs. Lots of room to roam. Didn’t notice the smell referred to in other reviews. Lots of friendly dogs there when we went.

  • Rachel
    More than a year ago
    Best not to take your dogs

    Being that this is really the only free dog park in Fayetteville you would think they would take better care of it.
    This park is also adjacent to the water treatment facility so you will also smell the water treatment plant.
    Puddles of muddy, standing water ALL the time, hardly anyone cleans after their dogs, people bring their small children in, small dogs on the big dog side, aggressive dogs, puppies with no vaccines and down right rude people each time I would bring my dogs.
    The fence, especially at the gate areas really need attention and when brought up to the city, nothing was done to fix it.
    I started going during the week during work/school hours just so my dogs could have some playtime. But each time we would go they would be filthy because of the muddy water and the last straw was when my dogs got coccidia from being there and I had to treat not just my dogs but also my foster dogs.
    I didn’t take my dogs often maybe once every other month sometimes a couple times a month at first.
    We are from the north where we are used to our area dog parks being cared for not just by the citizens but also by the city that owned them.
    When I called the city about it the guy, I’m sorry forget his name, was also rude and asking me what I think they should do, that they can’t do really anything since it is a city park. (I did give a few suggestions, but he just continued to be disrespectful)
    That they cannot have somebody standing guard all the time checking for these issues. We stop going altogether I will not take my dog somewhere to be sick into a place where people just do not care. I now drive my dogs two hours to go to a dog park that we love.

    The one star rating I gave it only because you have to also but they do have a walking trail that you can walk your dogs. But keep in mind it is by a water treatment center so you will smell that stitch but it is a good trail to walk them.

  • Libby
    Jun 24, 2018
    Pleasant dog park

    It's not a particularly remarkable dog park, but it serves its purpose. There are large and small dog areas. The large dog area is big enough to get a good run. It is next to a sewage treatment plant which is a bit smelly. Perhaps for dogs that's a feature. We went after a very heavy overnight rain and did not notice the puddles another writer reported, so perhaps they've addressed the drainage issues or perhaps it takes more rain to create that problem. We went early and were the only ones there.

  • Claire
    More than a year ago

    Lots of intact animals at this park and owners who do not step in when their dogs are being aggressive. Will not go back.

  • Sally
    More than a year ago
    great dog park

    Stopped here to break up an 8 hour car ride with dogs. It is a great park for dogs to run off leash

  • Alyson
    More than a year ago

    It is a pure shame parents continue to bring infants and children into the dog park. It's a further shame, that the city allows it to continue, especially after complaints have been made I guess it will take a pretty large law suit, and stupid parents for this to stop. It is not a place for children UNDER 12, which the sign clearly states.

  • Rileys
    More than a year ago

    Sooooooooooooo disappointed. Drove 25 minutes to get there only to find what resembled SWAMPLAND. Huge puddles and mud everywhere, only the inside perimeter was dry; however, the gates that connect the small dog area to the large dog area have gaps big enough that my Chihuahua could have easily squeezed through. The large dogs run right over to the adjoining fence and angrily growled at my dog through the fence while their owners chatted together in a group, pretending not to notice. Also, there is absolutely NOTHING for the dogs to play with or on. I saw one waterspout, but is was a chilly day and there was already PLENTY of water everywhere.??
    I see now why it is "free" entrance.

  • L. Haynes
    More than a year ago
    park pareon

    1. This is a great asset to Fayetteville . Dogs can enjoy their time in this great place.However, I have2 complaints. 1. Parents bring small children, even newborns, into the big dog area of the park, often holding them in their arms. There is a sign on the front of the park clearly stating that this area is off limit to less than 12 years old. If an accident happen, I am sure the unfortunate owner othe dog will be punished and that the parent of the child will avoid punishment and maybe the park will close. How can you enforce this clearly stated rule?

    2. Many dog owners don't pick up after their dog poop as stated in the regulations. How can you enforce this rule?

    More than a year ago

    Great place to take our husky on early days off from work or on short weekends to socialize, there are three different areas, one for small dogs two for larger dogs, and one of them has a gate to close it off if you want one on one time with fido.

    In my opinion city did a amazing job here and I am happy with it, only down side as always is other dogs that dont play nice, but dogs wil be dogs so overall great dogy days!

  • Kent E Russell
    More than a year ago
    Riverside Dog Park not pet friendly

    I don't know who developed this dog park, it was a grand idea but as for t6he location and surrounding's a very bad choice. The park is located near a transformer stations and wastewater treatment plant. The air is stagnant and obvious signs of wastewater overflow were evident along the manhole accesses to the incoming wasterwater lines to the plant. It is apparent the access points to the lines overflow during excessive rainstorms. Contaminated water puddles along the trail and DO NOT leave the paved trail to avoid unnecessary contamination. Personally, I will not be back I value the rapport that Hunter and I have, if you care about your dog I wouldn't advise taking your pet to Riverside Dog Park.

  • Kent E Russell
    More than a year ago
    Riverside Dog Park 555 N Eastern Blvd Fayetteville, NC, US 28302

    I was at the Riverside dog park in Fayetteville NC, on Monday 16 Mar and Wednesday 18 Mar 2015. PWC or there contractor was spraying unknown chemicals on the outside of the fence, from 11:00 am until 1:30 pm the unknown chemicals were airborne blowing into the fenced in dog park. Upon leaving the park my Labrador retriever was fine when I arrived home, I had to lift Hunter out of my truck and he was limping. I checked the pads of his paws and some of the skin is missing and appears to be burned or cut. I contacted the City of Fayetteville NC., and PWC. There were several dogs at the park, and if they were experiencing the same symptoms as Hunter? I contacted Hunter’s Vet and am waiting for a second call back, I was told to keep the pads clean and dry and if bleeding starts by all means bring him in. I would appreciate it if anyone else that was at the dog park yesterday from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm would post a message your dog is having any of the same symptoms.

    Thank you
    Kent E Russell

  • Megan
    More than a year ago

    This past weekend a woman's dog was attacked and killed by another dog. Unprovoked, just an aggressive dog. The woman did nothing about it and skipped out on meeting the family at the emergency vet. WIll not be bringîng my dogs back.

  • Elizabeth Carpenter
    More than a year ago
    My dog got attacked here.

    There was a large roving group of dogs, and one white one ran up to our English setter, and bit her, not breaking the skin. The owner was obviously a local, and offered only a cursory apology. It is a big space, but I will not be going back. The dogs are kind of wild.

  • Chris
    More than a year ago
    needs water attraction

    Unfortunately my dog was hurt on Jan 27 2014' 3 bites wounds needed minor surgery. Deep into tissue and muscle. No blame little scufffle. Point is this. Always take to the vet, fur was hiding real damage part of is his skin will remain dead and NOT recover. Again no blame just advice. I was surprised by injuries as not ATTACKED ! Unfortunate incident. Still love the park, dogs, and people.

  • Beverly
    More than a year ago
    I'm loving it

    I have taken my dogs to this park many times The oldest (16 years) is getting too old to ruff house ;because of her Heart mummer and arthritis She is just 25 pounds so I am going to try to take her to the smaller dog portion My youngest (15 months) loves it. I took her on Mothers Day and there was a dog there that was rather mean to her He kept knocking her down and jumping on her Her yelping told me he was hurting her I couldnt get her owner to control his dog so I just packed up and left. not worth my dog getting hurt That has never happened before I love taking her to the park and watching her play with the other dogs
    And when she realizes where we are going she gets all excited and about pulls me through the gate in such a hurry I love it and so does she

  • Allison
    More than a year ago
    GREAT Park!

    My dogs, Husband, and I love this park! there is so much room for them to roam and play, and benches for you to relax on or read a book. I am kind of glad young kids are not allowed, I dont want to worry about my big dog knocking someone kid down and the parents going all nuts.. its a dog park not a playground lol.
    We also really enjoy the paved trail, it has some really beautiful views and the trail is very long (good exercise)

  • D
    More than a year ago
    Great, but kids under 12 not allowed =(

    We drove a long way to get there with two large dogs, then the sign said children under 12 not allowed.

  • Stacey
    More than a year ago
    Great Park with a Couple Cons

    I have two 80lb dogs that enjoyed this parkk very much. The large dog area is huge, and has good grass. Near entrance is patchy grass but there is a sawdusty type of filler/sod laid down so it's not a mudpit when it rains. Water source is great, poo bags are located at a dispenser on the trash can. There was minimal poo there leftover from other dogs when we arrived. A paved trail was next to the park and went back in the woods - great for walking the dogs or even riding bikes.

    Negative: The park is located near a transformer stations and wastewater treatment plant. The air was a little smelly along the trail next to the park, and signs of wastewater overflow were evident along the manhole accesses to the incoming wasterwater lines to the plant. There was a heavy storm/rain the day before I came to the park, so I feel I can assume that perhaps the access points to the lines overflow during excessive rainstorms. Don't let your pooch drink from any puddles along the trail and consider NOT straying from the paved trail to avoid unnecessary contamination. Also, near the transformer station which is located directly beside the dog park parking lot, cell phone reception is patchy at best. I have an "EMF" (electromagnetic field) sensor and the reading near the station in the parking lot was about 5.0. A normal safe zone reading for EMF is 0.00 to 2.00. Inside the dog parks, the EMF levels went down considerably within the normal safe levels.

    I will definitely return to this park. Personally, I will probably NOT come the day after a bad storm. Also, I will minimize my time spent in the parking lot to avoid being exposed to the high EMF levels. The park is fabulous enough that the cons (high parking lot EMF and occasional wasterwater overflow on along trail) are not bad enough to keep me away. I will deal. :)

  • Sandy
    More than a year ago
    Great Place

    The city got it right. A great place for dogs. I have found great dog people using it.

  • LIL Man
    More than a year ago
    loved it

    Today was ourt first visit, and I'm sure not our last...

  • Marlen
    More than a year ago
    Someone else's big backyard

    This place is located at the end of a dead end street (across the street from the Botanical Garden). It has plenty of seats and shade so you can let your dog roam without a leash is this huge fenched area, one for small dogs and a bigger area for large dogs. They have water and poop bags. It was clean and not crowded on Saturday 11am when we went.

    More than a year ago
    let the dogs play!

    My dogs and I go to the park about 6 days a week. We have met some really good people and dogs. The dog walk by the river is being worked on to be more inviting. It won`t be long that will be the trail that meets up with downtown. It does take a few trips for most dogs to become 100 % comfortable with such a new experience. But so worth it to keep coming back.

  • Gayle
    More than a year ago
    Great Park

    We just made our first visit to the dog park and thought it was a wonderful facility. Water for dogs was provided with buckets and dishes to fill and I loved to water spray to either cool or wash your dog when he's done having fun. Separate runs for large and small dogs, double gated to help prevent escapes! And I loved that there were benches for the humans to use while their dogs play.

  • Carleton
    More than a year ago
    Good park, bad location

    The last time I visited this park it was not such a pleasant experience. Our dog is a bit skittish of loud noises, especially the Fayetteville PD firing range. It's fine when no one is firing, but the moment they start the park is no longer fun, tail between the legs, running for the gate.

    I know this is just one dog and one persons issue but it would be nice to find out if they are firing, before driving all the way out to the park.

  • Anne
    More than a year ago
    Abundant of Space

    I have a highly active shepard mix, and the Fayetteville dog park provides him with a wide open space to run out his energy without shortly being stopped by a fence. This park is very well maintained, complete with dog toys and water bowls. There was even a kiddy pool out for the larger dogs the last time we were there. All in all, the best place for your pooch in Fayetteville!

  • Diane Wood
    More than a year ago
    Dog Owner

    This facility is well maintained by the Parks and Recreation Department. There are 4 large chain link areas (2 for small dogs/2 for large dogs). We have 2 standard poodles that enjoy the park regularly. There is plenty of shade with large oaks and park benches for humans. The dogs have fresh water and a shower. There are usually toys and balls around the area. Doggie bags are provided with ample trash cans. We have always found the facility neat, clean and well groomed. The dogs LOVE it!

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