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Partner Dog Park

Partner Dog Park is a lovely park featuring over two acres of fully-fenced off-leash play space along with pine trees, a doggie water fountain, waste bags, and benches.

Call (916) 277-6093 for more information.


BringFido Guest Rating

Partner Dog Park has received a rating of 3.6 out of 5 bones by 10 canine critics on BringFido.

  • Robert
    Jun. 5, 2021
    Could be so much better

    The park is large with lots of shade and benches. Unfortunately it is not well maintained. Mostly dead grass and very hard dirt. Higher than normal amount of dog owners do not clean up after their pets. The park also smells when it warms up. I really want to like this park but it’s just run down.

  • Tara
    More than a year ago
    clean & lots of room to play

    Granted we were there mid day and on a weekday, but en route home to BC, we stopped in here & we thought this park was great. Very close to the I-5 & decent parking for travelers. Lots of space for our fur baby to explore & the hills provide some natural separation from the other pooches, to play fetch if you're so inclined. For a park that size, with the longer grass, and all the hills, surprised how little poop there was. Seen much worse in smaller parks with full sight lines & no grass (Tucson). All the dogs (big & small) & people we came across were friendly.

  • David
    More than a year ago
    Nice for Big Dogs...not so nice for small dogs

    Lots of tree's and bench's...good water supply. It's a large park so dogs that need to run have the space. Downside...its a large park and the dogs do run...sometimes away from their humans. So dogs poop and some of the humans don't pick it up. Some of the large dogs fight and their humans aren't closely supervising them.
    Small dog owners beware. The fence is wrought iron, so smaller dogs can fit between the bars. Plus...some of the large dogs are bully's and their humans dont care. My little white dog was running around until a shepard mix started "hunting" her. The shepard bolted for my dog, who ducked under its jaws, then ran for me and jumped into my arms. The shepard started jumping up on me. Worse, the shepards humans were a woman busy on her cell phone and her 7 year old daughter who weighed less than her dog. I didn't want to hurt the shepard, it was poorly trained by the woman on the cell phone who was expecting her 50 lb daughter to control it. So it took me awhile to push him away. All the while the little girl watched...didn't get her mother or call her dog off me. Had I been a senior citizen, I likely would have gone down. It's not the only time I've seen such a thing happen. I've also seen humans swearing at and "gesturing" to each other after their dogs got into a fight. I haven't seen that at any other dog park (6 or 7) that I've been to.
    I give it three bones because it really is a nice park for large dogs...but that is balanced by the failing grade it get's for small dogs and some of the crummy humans who hang there.

  • Heather
    More than a year ago
    watch all dogs carefully

    I've taken my dog here several times and a few of them were good but there's a lot of poop and a lot of dirt. The majority of the dog owners are very nice but some but the dogs are allowed to do anything they want and some owners don't clean up after them. The small dog owners and puppy parents are very diligent so if you stick with them you'll have a good time. The last time I went there, a larger German Shepherd mix dog with a serious choke collar rushed and barked viciously at small child. This park is not safe enough to be less than 10 feet away from your dog.

  • Vi
    More than a year ago
    Great Layout!

    This park is close to my home.

    It has a freeform shape and hills. Although it means that a responsible pet owner has to move around more, it also allows you to move to a different area of the park if you don't care for some of the other dogs in the park. Especially nice for the puppies and oldsters when a bunch of frat boy dogs are playing!

    Many mature trees help shade the park. There are many chairs brought by patrons. But if you have an active dog, you cannot sit and keep tabs on you pooch!

    There are poop scoops and cans around the park. Plastic bags are donated by the patrons and left at the front gate.

    After work on weekdays and weekends are busiest.

    There are always owners who ignore their pets, don't pick up poop, let their dogs be aggressive. For the most part, this park attracts responsible owners who are just trying to let their dogs play.

    Rules for any dog park:
    1) Move with your dog and keep track of their activities.
    2) Pick up poop. (Poop Karma happens! I pick up what I see.)
    3) If your dog is too rough or aggressive, leave.

  • Luv my Pup
    More than a year ago
    Great Fun!

    My dog and I have been going almost every day for about three months now. For the most part all the dogs and owners are really friendly. There is some stray poo but what dog park doesn't have that problem? I always try to pick up two extra piles to leave the place a littler cleaner than I found it. Best dog park in Sacramento.

  • Alex
    More than a year ago
    Does your dog like hills?!

    No separate area for small dogs, tiny dogs can fit between the bars in the fence and escape. Besides that, this a great and unique park with big rolling hills for dogs to run up and down as you lose sight of them (so keep up!). Weekend mornings you can see a wild variety of breeds at this popular place. Unfortunately, with popularity comes an ever so slight increase in risk of an encounter with an owner who doesn't have proper control of their giant dog. Within the last year I've witnessed a couple dog incidents-only one of which that was serious enough for everyone to demand that the owner take their dog out immediately. It's still a great and interesting park with nice people--but be a good owner and stay alert.

  • Keepari
    More than a year ago
    best at midday

    We used to live closer to this park and went here all the time. Very nice, roomy and shaded park. The hills offer a lil break in noise but that also means people have to watch their pets a lil more closely.

  • Sascha
    More than a year ago
    beautiful park with friendly people

    This park is really beautiful! It is large with a lot of shady trees and hills. The people there are VERY friendly! My big and small dog both loved it!!

  • Cosimoso
    More than a year ago

    My puppy has been bitten and attacked here on more than one occasion. There are many dog owners there who let their dogs do whatever they want and most are dogs that should not be there. Most of the people shouldn't be there either. Sad I can't even exercise my puppy at a dog park down the street from my house. I recently submitted a safety concern to the Parks Department. That's how unsafe this place is.

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