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Rover Run

Rover Run is a dog park located at Veterans Community Park in Naples, FL. Fido can enjoy some off-leash exercise in this fenced area with separate sections for small and large dogs. The area is landscaped with shade trees, and there is a small parking lot adjacent to the park. Visit Website

Or call (239) 252-4682 for more information.


BringFido Guest Rating

Rover Run has received a rating of 3.2 out of 5 bones by 21 canine critics on BringFido.

Visitors generally praise the Rover Run dog park for its amenities, though some cite irresponsible pet owners who fail to supervise their dogs or clean up after them. They also note that the park can get overcrowded, leading to safety concerns for smaller dogs.

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  • Connie
    Oct 1, 2023
    Nice park; Irresponsible owners

    This lovely park is close to home so I’ve taken my two dogs a number of times. There is always one dog named Henry with a very irresponsible owner who just sits in his chair smoking while his dog kept grabbing my dogs scruff and trying to shake her. My husband and I kept intervening and the jerk sitting in his chair kept saying “they’re just playing”. My dog was not having a good time and it was not play and could easily and rapidly escalate. So because of ONE irresponsible owner, my friendly happy pups cannot enjoy the park. Could be great but for this one guy who is there every morning. Also since many owners don’t supervise their pups, there has been an increase in the amount of poop that’s not getting picked up.

  • Bria
    Jan 2, 2023
    Nice park, but irresponsible owners

    This place is well kept for the most part. There are lots of shaded seating areas, a separate large and small dog park, buckets to fill with drinking water, and even a kiddie pool if your fur baby likes to get wet. However, the irresponsible owners make this place unenjoyable. Too many people bring their poorly behaved dogs here and don’t watch them. There is nothing more infuriating than being a responsible dog parent and having to deal with others that do not return the courtesy. I try to go during off times to avoid others.

  • Julia
    Jan 28, 2022
    The Dogs loved it

    We were there late afternoon. We found the owners there friendly and helpful; they were all paying attention to their dogs (large dog side).
    We enjoyed the time there and the dogs were worn out when we left.
    We'll be back.

  • Tara
    Jan 6, 2020
    We Had Fun!

    Rookie enjoyed his time at River a run today! Friendly dogs and people, toys, sticks and water available!

  • Angelique
    Dec 30, 2017
    Better than most I have been at in FL

    Live in Florida and absolutely do not like one of my daughters to take her dog to Estero, that one is nasty. Been there and seen it. Not big on the dog beach either.
    Took my daughter's dog to Veterans Park today, much nicer. People mess it up for others and other people's dogs. Pets are like kids, you watch over them when at play time. Your kids needed you to clean up after them when younger, so do your animals. It's easy to complain, why don't everyone just do what you should do? If you live here then help, if you don't - don't complain and do what you are suppose to do as well.

  • Laura
    More than a year ago

    The dog park is it just Sickening nobody watches their dog at all nobody cleans up after their dog either you have to watch all dogs that want to play with your dog it's sad to see a dog park in Naples rundown

  • Susan
    More than a year ago
    awful for little dogs

    what were they thinking?! The already small side for little dogs has now been covered with heavy black vinyl blocking any view whatsoever..and restricting air flow as well! Just shameful for Naples! I will make the trip to Bonita rather than coming back to this one.

  • KC
    More than a year ago
    Not bad, but not our favorite in Naples

    We've been here several times. Compared to other dog parks, this is about average. Lots of shade, which is nice. Problem is that most owners tend to sit in the middle and talk and don't watch their pets. We often see dogs doing their business while owner doesn't (or pretends not to) notice. Lot's of piles go unscooped. Also, this park seems to get a lot of pretty rowdy dogs when it's busy. Our dog is too big for the small dog park but usually the smallest dog in the large dog park. We have often been concerned for his safety. We only go here during the time of day that we know it will not be overly crowded. It is a popular park and there's a place to wash Fido if he gets muddy or sandy. (Due to heavy usage and lots of trees, there are bare patches in some areas.)

  • Jen
    More than a year ago

    This was a horrible experience for my dog, he was just playing with some other dogs who weren't being watched by their owners and some alpha/bully decided to chomp on his ear and puncture it. $300 later we won't be returned to Rover Run. Watch your dogs people, its not that difficult.

  • Steve
    More than a year ago
    Not bad

    Not too bad at all. My dog has a blast here and there is some good people to talk to.

    Problems start when one guy brings his huskies. He doesn't stop his larger one from attacking other dogs. And when the Mexicans come with their Pitt bulls they don't stop them from attacking either.

  • Sue
    More than a year ago

    When Lugnut was killed money was raised to renovate the dog park. Does anyone know if this is happening?

  • Kristy
    More than a year ago
    Great place for my big dog

    My dog loves coming to this park :) It is nicer and more spacious now that they trimmed up the trees and bushes. I wish there was more grass, but its still a great place to take your dog. I've never had a problem bringing my dog here.

  • Jim
    More than a year ago
    It's a great place as of OCT 2012

    Just moved to Naples from Colorado, and I'm appauled by the negative reviews? I have a pitbull and french bull dog, who absolutely love this park. Of course there is sand and trees and under growth, it's a dog park. My dogs don't care about mud, sand, or getting dirty. They actually don't notice anything except for the company of their fellow K9 friends. I've met incredible people at this park. The park relies on the clean it up yourself model, so help each other out. It has a lot of room, shade, and a clean water source and small kiddie pools for the pups. I have several hundred pictures of multiple dogs interacting, of all breeds and sizes for a reference if anyone disagrees. To all the people bashing this place, what do you expect for dogs? Gold bowls, Perrier water, and red carpet? My dogs have a grass yard to play in, they want sand to dig or roll around in, basically they want to be a dog.

  • Lyn
    More than a year ago
    proud citizen

    Don't know what's happened but the lack of maintenance is alarming. The trees and undergrowth need trimming, the lawns mowing and resodding and the entire park needs to have some TLC. Can't imagine how or why this has occurred. Certainly hope someone in authority will see that the situation is funded properly so these delinquencies can be amended promptly. Many of us in Naples do care.

  • Carmen
    More than a year ago

    This park is extremely sandy, dirty, and very small. It is also not safe, we had our car broken in to when we came on a Saturday afternoon. The new dog park close to downtown is a much more pleasant experience.

  • Carol
    More than a year ago
    Nice park

    Very nice park, dogs love it and so do we!

  • Dan
    More than a year ago
    gone to the dogs, its a good thing

    I spend winters in Naples and bring my 2 dogs to Rover Run and THEY always have a good time.Its a great plavce for dogs to socialize as well as their owners.Remeber the place is taken care of by volunteers so instead of griping, pitch in and help

  • Bill
    More than a year ago
    Check it out

    New landscaping, grass, etc. make this a great place for dogs to have fun and socialize (and their owners too).

  • Marianna
    More than a year ago
    Fabulous Dog Park

    We just went to Rover Run for the first time and it was amazing...beautiful landscaping and grass... the small dog area they just put in more grass so there isn't as much dirt...but I am in the big dog side and it's fantastic...def wear your bug spray...but the dogs loved it! So many areas to investigate with all the palm trees... I think, people need to give this dog park a higher rating...far better than what we had up North! Love Rover Run!!!!!

  • Kim
    More than a year ago
    Not a dog friendly town!

    Why is Naples such a NOT dog friendly town? What is the problem? Maybe people would be nicer, kinder and more compassionate if they learned to love dogs the way they should be loved

  • Joe
    More than a year ago

    God, there are so many grouchy old people here. It's just a park. These old farts are more worried that the dirt may track back into thier Mercedes. A dog doesn't care if he's running on grass or dirt. If it's such a problem, do something about it! I then,agree there should be more places for dog owners to take thier dogs in Naples. My suggestion is to take your dog to the politicians homes and let your dog crap on thier lawn. Just kidding.

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