Picture of Washington Dog Park, a dog friendly attraction in Winston Salem, NC. Photo by @amylwagner.
Jessie after her day at park.....
Picture of Washington Dog Park, a dog friendly attraction in Winston Salem, NC. Photo by @amylwagner.


Pets love to play off-leash in the fenced dog run at this popular Winston-Salem public park.


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Washington Dog Park has received a rating of 2.5 out of 5 bones by 17 canine critics on BringFido.

  • More than a year ago

    I loved this park, but it's in the worst part of Winston. my car was broke into, and while I was sitting there with the cops, numerous people came up to say they had been broken into while here. it's such a lovely park, it's a shame.

  • More than a year ago
    Dangerous park!

    i have been to this park twice. The first time, there was no problem. The second time, a group of people came in with pit-Bulls (I have no problem with pit bulls, they can be very nice dogs if raised well, so don't say I am against the breed.) The dogs immediately started chasing the smaller dogs. One of them grabbed my 15 pound dog by the side and flung her back and forth like she was a stuffed animal, while she yelped in pain. The owners laughed. The dog finally let go to grab at another small dog running by, and I grabbed my dog and ran for the exit, along with all the other owners. I heard the owners laugh and say "We cleared the park out again!" Like they were proud of it. If you love your dog, stay away from this park! I have talked to so many people who have had similar experiences at this park. Tanglewood has a nice new dog park. Go there instead.

  • More than a year ago
    Stay away!

    This park was clean, spacious, and had separate areas for large and small dogs. It would have been a great park had it not been for awful dog owners. The dog owners don't pay any attention to their dogs, even if they become aggressive towards other dogs. During the 45 minutes I was there, I saw one particular dog cause three fights and injure one dog while the owner just sat in the picnic table area, laughed, and encouraged his dog's bad behavior. I will never be going back to this park because of owner's behavior, which is a shame because this is a nice park. Only go if you are prepared to break up a dog fight.

  • More than a year ago
    Too dangerous!

    We visited the park twice. The first time we had no problem. The second time my dog was attacked by a pack of 5 dogs as soon as we entered the park and before we could get his leash off. We had to kick away the other dogs and eventually a couple of other people helped us. I would never go there again.

  • More than a year ago
    Wish I could give it no bones!

    This dog park should be shut down!! This is the only dog park I have ever heard of that does not separate small dogs and big dogs. In other words, they let pitbulls run around and terrorize chihuahuas. Never go there unless you want your dog to die.

  • More than a year ago

    Overall this is an EXCELLENT park . It offers shade for the humans && the pups. It also had plenty of water for them. WE LOVE IT!! Sometimes there are IRRESPONSIBLE pet owners, but you will find that Anywhere....

  • More than a year ago
    Not great

    I have been to this dog park a few times, and I'm not impressed. It always seems kind of dirty and bare. Not much grass, just dirt and a few picnic tables. Also, no separate play area for small dogs or dogs that don't like to play as hard. This park tends to be very crowded, and I have noticed that a lot of owners don't watch their dogs or pay any attention whatsoever to what they're doing. The last time I was there, I saw a scuffle occur as a result of this, and then the humans got into it because the one dog's owner didn't seem to think he was responsible for his animal's behavior. That makes me really uncomfortable because as other reviewers have said this really is a park for the rough-housers.If your dog is not very social and not comfortable around big dogs that play hard, this will not be a good experience for you or your dog. People need to keep an eye on their dogs and step in when they misbehave, but unfortunately this does not always happen here.

  • More than a year ago
    Golden retriever

    This guy Erik seems like a wussy.

  • More than a year ago
    Good Park

    I think Erik Lekker doesn't know what he is talking about. Max is a great dog and even when my dog was only three months he played great with him. The park has just gotten some major mulching done and improved fencing in some areas. It is a good park and the only problems I have ever seen was from bad owners or little kids not being taught how to interact with dogs by their parents.

  • More than a year ago
    Btten While There

    I was at the dog park on the day you have mentioned. A good bit of us witnessed your encounter. Just a couple of questions if you don't mind. The dog park is a no leash park, while did you not take your dog off the leash? Dogs feel threatened when they are left on the leash and other dogs approach. You were also noticed to be pointing in the direction of the group of dogs and people that you have accused of this encounter. Then your companion left. What was that about? The Newfoundland in question is there quite frequently and has not been known to attack anyone. It will like any other dog defend itself but has never been the one to start of fight. The Doberman in question was not even over there when the encounter happened, but my biggest question is why did you stay so long after the encounter? If you supposed bite was so bad that you have to state that you needed to go to the drugstore and let us all know you don't have insurance why did you stay for so long? It would seem to me and its just my opinion that you would have needed to leave right away. Just a few things I and others observed. You also stated it look like security dog training in the dog park. Why did you enter if you felt it wasn't a good fit for you and your dog? It is a dog park. You have to remember that. Dogs wrestle and bite at one another and that's just how they play. I have small dogs and they play that way as well. I guess I feel the need to post this because we as the regulars don't have any of the problems you have put on here. It is mostly a good park to go to. Don't get my wrong, some dogs don't get along but none of them have bitten anyone. When we decide to enter the parks as humans we know that there is always a possibility not matter how small that someone or a dog could be bitten. THEY ARE DOGS. That is why the rules say no leashes and no children. It is for safety.

  • More than a year ago
    Bitten while there

    Well fenced and equipped with tables, shade, and poop bags / disposal. Water is readily available. I had read in other reviews that the only problem at Washington was the presence of large aggressive dogs. I found that to be true. When I arrived it looked like a canine training school for secuirity dogs.

    It did not end well. I left the park bitten by a large black dog (Newfoundland / Chow Chow mix?) which approached and nipped my leashed dog. In an effort to acclimate my dog to the park, I walked the circumference with him on the leash first but did not make it around. At one point, as the large black dog approached, I held my dog by the collar to control the meeting. The large unleashed black dog nipped my dog in the thigh. A large Doberman joined in. I held mine by the collar and tried to protect him from both dogs who were now attacking him. The large black dog then went for my dog's throat and got my hand. No stitches as as I have no insurance and could not afford urgent care. Ran to the drug store, bought band-aids, gauze, and ointment. Stopped the bleeding the best I could and washed and dressed it in in their washroom. Not a good day in the park at all.

    While there is always a risk in socializing dogs, my retriever mix has not had problems in the past. Other owners need to be responsible also. Without any park supervision there, I will have to make a report. Return? No way. Too far to go to find out large and aggressive breeds are there.

  • More than a year ago
    Good group of people and dogs

    It is nice to have the big and small dogs all together. People there are nice. THe dogs tend to play with their own size. Bad apples must have rotted because we have been there a dozen times without incident.

  • More than a year ago
    Not as bad as it seems

    I have taken my dogs here on several occasions, and yes the whole area could use some work, but its a nice area for the dogs to run and play. There also seems to be a very nice group of owners that frequent the park. Your always going to have a few bad apples anywhere you go.

  • More than a year ago
    Give the park a chance!

    This dog park is not as bad as the reviews make it sound! If it has been rainy there are usually a few muddy spots but they are easy to avoid. There are usually more big dogs than small dogs, so be prepared if you don't like your dog to play rough. There is a great group of people who frequent this park, they seem to be true dog lovers!

  • More than a year ago
    Washington Pak

    It's not the best dog park around but the only one close. It's very muddy and few areas actually have grass. My dog doesn't run around as much here because of all the little pine cone things on the ground. It needs improvement. Plus every time I'm there, there is some sort of dog fight.

  • More than a year ago

    The entire park needs to be improved. grassy area reseeded, the holes where water collects filled in etc. quite a mess when a rainy day.

  • More than a year ago
    violent dogs loose

    A few owners let their dogs terrorize all the other dogs. One german shepherd(Max) and one rhodesian(Thor) are continually injuring and dragging other dogs around by their throats.Only a few dogs a big enough to defend themselves. I'm glad mine are big enough to hold off the constant violence.
    Stay away unless you want to pry their fangs out of your dogs neck.

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