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West Dog Park

West Dog Park, conveniently located near Tampa International Airport, is Hillsborough County's first dog park. The play area features 5 acres with a 6-foot galvanized chain link fence and double-gated entries with separate sections for large and small dogs. In addition, there are water fountains for people and pooches, picnic tables, shelters, dog washes, a hitching post, and doggie mitt receptacles. Visit Website

Or call (813) 744-5978 for more information.


BringFido Guest Rating

West Dog Park has received a rating of 4.5 out of 5 bones by 15 canine critics on BringFido.

  • Rachel
    Jan 28, 2019
    Huge fenced in dog park, love it!

    This is such a nice dog park with shade trees, open areas, and much more. My dog growls at other dogs because she is nervous and protective of me. Some people are uncomfortable with this behavior, so we just more to a new section. The park is that big. The gripes from people about aggressive dogs and owners that don''t clean up after their dogs is ridiculous. This is a dog park for the dogs - not hover mothers.

  • Heather
    More than a year ago
    Watch where you step

    This was my 12-pound dog's first visit to a dog park and he absolutely loved the small dog area! I did too until the end when I felt a sting on my ankle and looked down to see a fire ant. On our way out I noticed quite a few mounds of them which makes me hesitant to go back. Other than that, this park was great, the people were great and my dog had a blast.

  • Petr Floder
    More than a year ago
    beautiful park

    Huge and nice dog park

  • Kay
    More than a year ago
    Best Dog Park Around

    I have been bringing my dog to this park for over 6 years, almost every weekend, and it's been great. Most of the dogs (and owners) are well behaved. Once in a while there is a dog-argument, but I have found that at least on the small dog side, folks are very quick to correct their dog if it's displaying bad behavior, and no harm is done. Folks watch out for each others dogs too, and monitor those bad dog parents who are not paying attention when their dog has to be picked up after. You frequently hear "poop alert" being shouted out to whichever dog parent is not paying attention. Overall, it's been great, we've made great friends (both people and dogs) and we will continue to make this our weekend destination for many years to come.

  • Crystal
    More than a year ago
    Best Dog Park in Tampa

    We've been to many dog parks and this is by far the best dog park in Tampa. Lots of room for dogs to play on both the small and large dog areas. Great shading and benches for owners to relax in the shade while the dogs have fun playing. There is a nice hosing area with water tubs and my dog absolutely loves it. Everyone is so nice and for the most part, all the dogs get along.

  • Sam
    More than a year ago
    Great Park; Not-so-great People

    The title explains it all- the park is GREAT! It's huge, has tons of places for your dogs to explore, agility course, tons of places to sit, and a great watering area. Now to the crappy part (and the reason I will never go back to that park)- the people... Most people who take their dogs there are very responsible, friendly, and expect their dogs to act a certain way and will remove them if there are any issues. Now comes the exception- the handful of crappy people who come regularly enough to make it unpleasant for the rest of us.

    -Both of my (very submissive, friendly) dogs have each been attacked there; once by a pitbull whose owner wouldn't let the dog off the leash because "he's bad" (the owners words) and when he finally did let him off, he immediately attacked my male dog. What did the guy do? Just sat there and watched. Secondly, my female was attacked by another dog whose owner had a shock collar on her the entire time "because some dogs need that much force" (her words when I confronted her about bringing a dog that clearly does not listen to her hence the shock collar to the park) simply for my dog going up to her and sniffing her. When I tried to reason with the lady that her dog initiated the aggressive behavior, she told me that it was my fault because her dogs (4 of them) were just minding their own business and my dog came up and tried to smell her dog, to which I said, WE'RE IN A DOG PARK-THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS! She didn't get it. (This lady goes frequently and another park goer warned me about her and her dogs a couple weeks before I had any interaction with her.)

    Anyway, I tried to place a couple complaints and even called animal services, who told me the county parks management had to deal with it. Just wanted to post theses stories here so other dog owners can beware and keep an eye out for these people as they are regulars.

  • Amy
    More than a year ago
    Best in Tampa

    After venturing to Al Lopez and Davis Island, I have decided that this has to be the best dog park in Tampa. Theres plenty of shade. There is a place where your dog can hop in the bathing area. There's even a hose to spray down your dog! I never had a problem with any of the dogs there. Everyone seems to mind their own business!

  • Terri Evers
    More than a year ago
    West Dog Park - Great Place for Pups to Play!

    This is a really fun park to take the dogs to. It has lots of room, water and trees. There are a few people who are lazy about cleaning up after their dogs, but overall most of the people and dogs are well-behaved. The area is industrial as indicated in some posts, but is no more un-safe than any other area. To my knowledge there hasn't been any trouble at the park. Some unruly dogs, but you get that at any park. I think this park is one of the best in Tampa. :-)

  • L
    More than a year ago
    Best Park EVER!

    I love this park! A lot of old folk cracking jokes in the morning and early afternoon. Hilarious. A lot of regulars makes for a very nice community. Lots of shade. It's like "Cheers" sans the alcohol.

  • AFC
    More than a year ago
    Pleasantly surprised!

    WOW, was not sure what to expect, had a backup plan to go to Davis Islands park if this was bad. Ended up spending an hour with our 2 dogs. Dogs in park were well behaved, as were the owners :) Neighborhood is a little suspect but the city is taking great care of the park. Plenty of water, shade, open space, tables and even an agility area, fantastic!

  • Bev
    More than a year ago

    Nice big park. Lots of shade and lots of dogs. The only real issue is snakes. The trapper was there to catch a 5 foot rattle snake that was spotted a few times in the park on the same day but the snake got away before the trapper arrived. I love it there, but use caution and keep an eye on your dog around the woods.

  • B Weezy
    More than a year ago
    Dog on the loose

    Everyone there is really cool. But apparently there's a latina woman who thinks her dog "Rodeo" is allowed to rape your dog, but you aren't allowed to pull her dog off. After a heated exchange it was thus decided it's my problem that my dog gets mounted repeatedly by her dog that's off a leash. Not that any other dogs tried it, or her dog was ever in danger, otherwise by her logic, that would be her problem. If you see her give her my best. Enjoy.

  • Ric
    More than a year ago
    AWESOME place to be a dog!

    My German Short-hair Pointer loves this park. We make it there on Saturday mornings and maybe once more during the week, in the afternoons. I would say that 99% of the dogs that come here are super friendly but there is an occasional fighter (not necessarily aggressive) that stirs things up. More recently, I have noticed that few owners are ignoring their duty of cleaning up their dog's poop. Same people every week. They do clean up when someone mentions it but otherwise pretend to be in conversation or on the phone. Come on, you know your dog is going to go within the first few minutes so clean it up!!!

  • Liz
    More than a year ago
    Great Place to bring your dog!

    They have 2 parks...One for smaller dogs, and one for larger dogs. The dog park is huge with room to run and play. Every Wednesday the park is closed so that volunteers can clean and treat the grass for fleas and ticks. I also found that pet owners are really responsible with their pets. From talking to someone who was at the park, it sounds like you can make some new friends easily there because the same group of owners come regularly during the week...I highly recommend this place. It offers water fountains, places for you dog to get dirty in the muck and mud, water baths so your dog can cool himself off, and picnic areas. The park also is very shady with tons of trees, and is located next to a ball park so on nights that you are there you might actually be able to catch a game. In addition, there is also a playground for kids located right outside the dog park. I am really impressed. Make sure you have proof of your dogs rabies shots because I hear that they do check for that there however i have not been approached to provide proof yet. I think you will be highly impressed when you go there. Its a great park and i think your dog will be extremely happy.

  • Ryan
    More than a year ago
    Nice and Shady and Large

    Nice big open park, very nice. The area for the larger dogs is pretty spacious, one side is open feild, the other has many large trees that have lots of shade. Theres also a track the goes around the perimiter so you can walk too. Only thing I saw that could make the place better would be to add more tables and gazeboes. Other than that its alright.

    I went during the middle of the week, in the morning and it was empty, maybe 3 dogs. Weekends are very busy.

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