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Lloyd Park

Bring Fido to run around and blow off some steam at the pet-friendly Lloyd Park in Downingtown, PA. This 30-acre community recreation area features a space for your canine friend to run around off leash, but be careful as it is not entirely fenced. There are also walking trails, volleyball courts and a stream that runs through it. Visit Website

Or call (610) 384-0600 for more information.


BringFido Guest Rating

Lloyd Park has received a rating of 4.3 out of 5 bones by 32 canine critics on BringFido.

  • Nicole
    Jun 3, 2023
    Great park- no fence

    Wonderful spot with lots of dogs and beautiful scenery!

  • Juliet
    Jun 12, 2019
    Nice place, not the best owners

    The park is beautiful! My dog and kids love going here and usually enjoy ourselves! I’ve noticed some owners not being very attentive and keep a close eye on my kids and pup. However, this past Sunday a black lab was aggressive with my cavapoo and also viciously drug him through the water. Luckily I was close and was able to remove my dog quickly. The owners did not apologize or say a word to me- I was busy making sure my dog had no injuries. A friend I was with told me they admitted to her it was their dogs second aggressive act in the last week and they were leaving. The fact they still allowed their dog unleashed after a recent incident and also did not apologize or check in that my dog was okay was sickening. Otherwise a wonderful park - but stay aware and alert.

  • Jacqueline
    Apr 6, 2019
    Please Read

    So all the reviews are accurate. This park has a gate to get in, then natural borders only. No fence. The idea is the dogs will play with other dogs where their owners stand and won’t run off, but if your dog is not interested in other dogs or people don’t bring them here. It’s just a quick hop and jump into the creek and across the other side to not seeing them again. Also the owners seem to be very nonchalant about their dogs behavior here, maybe because it’s so big, I’m not sure. A larger dog was on top of my dog (4 mos old) who is deaf and the other dog was growling and pinning him down. The owner did absolutely nothing to call his dog off of my dog. Then he kept coming after my dog and again did nothing. I finally had to pick my pup up and move to the other side of the park hoping he didn’t follow us. Then there was a rude woman there who kept telling a puppy to “go home” because it kept running into the back of her legs while she had her hands full and was on the telephone and trying to go after her dog that took off . It made no sense. It’s definitely a great park if you are there on a day with responsible owners. There is a large swimming area for the dogs and of course it gets very muddy where they enter the water, but there is also a very large grassy area (acres). There is a rinse off water spigot when you exit the park but beware the water is freezing. There is also a playground, gazebo and other family oriented amenities here as well.

  • Patrick
    Jan 4, 2019
    Great Dog Park

    My dogs love this park, we are so lucky to have a place like this around. Sometimes the older people don't watch their dogs but most of the time I have a good experience. Dogs are dogs I don't expect everytime I go there to be 100% but it's almost always a great time and a lovely park.

  • Sarah
    More than a year ago
    not fenced in!

    The park used to be fenced in so you have to enter through a gate. However, once inside it is open to all the fields, woods and creek. It is a great park if you dog is a great listener, but if not it is not safe. The owners of other dogs there also do not watch them and there have been many incidents of dogs attacking one another to a point that there were serious injuries.

  • Joanne
    More than a year ago
    Great Park, Bad Owners (Sometimes)

    I had a terrible experience with an irresponsible dog owner at this park on Monday. Seriously if your dog attacks once and is forceful then you should remove them from the park. They obviously have no dog manners. I was knocked down by the owner's dog while I was walking in the park and my son was charged by the dog several times while the owner sat quietly by on her phone. She finally said that her dog was a pup and liked to play. I said that my dog was a pup and also liked to play, but not so roughly.

    I was also amazed that the 10 other adults in the park didn't even blink an eye when I was knocked over. I'm 60 and they were all in their 20's and 30's. They need not only dog manner training, but people manner training also.

    I was at the park over the weekend and everyone there was great and very watchful of their dogs and respectful of others. One of the gentlemen did mention that during the week things can get a little crazy. I'll make sure I come earlier and watch out for the dog that wiped me ou.

  • Jean
    More than a year ago
    Great Park needs fence

    The park was great but it does need some more wire fencing on the right of the Entrance. (Be Careful)

  • Liz
    More than a year ago
    Caution Park is NOT fenced in

    I am VERY glad that I did not let my Siberian Husky off the leash after going thru the double gate area into the park! I did not have to go very far to see that the post chicken wire on the post and rail fence only went so far... The park was beautiful, people and dogs were nice. And for most dogs and breeds, the fencing is adequate. However, for Siberians, Beagles, and other breeds that are escape artists, letting them run free in the park is not worth the risk.

    I am a Graphic Artist and would be VERY interested in asking about getting the park TRULY Fenced in - OR - help organize a campaign to get it fenced.

    I plan on calling the number listed for the park to get the "fenced" wording clarified.

    Happy Trails & Tails,

  • Shawn
    More than a year ago
    Nice Place

    My German Shepherd had a great time. Watch out for dog poo. Wish folks would pick up after their dog's mess more often. In addition, if you have a large dog, then watch out for the folks with little dogs because some of them are fearful that their little one will be eaten by the large dog. Apparently they do not know the social interaction of animals. My dog, though large, never barked...just ran around on the leash and off the leash, sometimes minding her own business and other times playing with the other dogs off the leash. She loves to play and is extremely friendly. Maybe a little too friendly because a pet owner of a little dog freaked out when they saw my dog running around wanting to play with their dog. There was no aggression, no hairs standing, no growls from either dog; however, the pet owner of the other dog immediately picked up her little dog and yelped. Really? You are at a dog park. Expect all sizes, not just small dogs roaming around. Plus, what are you teaching your dog? And, what are you teaching your little girl that you brought with you? To be scared of large dogs?

  • Alex
    More than a year ago
    Not great

    First off it should be stated clearly that this area is NOT FENCED. I brought my 4 month old puppy there instead of the park 5 minutes from me because I saw such great reviews and saw that it was a fenced area because she cannot be off the leash yet.. We got there and there was NO fence, there was a snake about to bite my dog and a dog who was aggressive towards mine and the owner did nothing about it...will never take my dog there again!

  • Danielle
    More than a year ago
    Irresponsible Owners

    We had a terrible experience with an irresponsible dog owner at this park. Seriously if your dog attacks once and is forceful then you should remove them from the park. They obviously have no dog manners. I was knocked down by the owner's dog trying to protect my dog from it. We left after that. As I was pulling out of the parking lot I saw the dog dragging the owner across the parking lot. We won't be back anytime soon because of irresponsible dog owners.

  • Steve
    More than a year ago
    First Timer

    First time with our Dobie. We were reluctant to take him off the leash at first as he is a rescue and needs to be socialized. Other owners encouraged us to let him off the leash. We did and he had a great time. We saw another first timer and encouraged them to do the same with similar results. Responsible and courteous owners make this a great park. Will be back.

  • Jen
    More than a year ago
    amazing place

    we recently found this park, its about 15-20 minutes from us. we have one much closer but nowhere near as great. this park is huge. tons of running space, a stream that's accessible for doggie swims, and the people are all great. the dogs play well, and the owners are all conscientious of cleaning up after their dogs. we have 2 small dogs, (under 30#) and one is a senior and we have yet to have a problem with rude or pushy or rough dogs. we take them for an hour or two and they sleep for a day straight!

  • Bill
    More than a year ago
    Beautiful Park

    I went to Lloyd Park for the first time today, and was very impressed. Prior to today, I used to take my Lab up to Susquehanna. That park is nice, but Lloyd is so sprawling and scenic, I will probably make it my first choice. My only concern is that my dog is a very gentle 6-year-old, and was not used to having large dogs charge at him. They meant no harm, but owners should be a little more involved in supervising their pets.

  • Larry
    More than a year ago
    Great Park

    This is a great park. Large open area, baggies that people actually use, and nice creek with 3 different access areas (including a steep bank dogs like to jump). There's also a short trail along the back if you want to get away from others. Nice dogs and owners--both very well behaved as a rule. Given human and canine natures, there can be exceptions, but they're far less than I've seen elsewhere. I've only experienced a serious situation once. A pair of pitt mixes were harassing other dogs, they were "playing," but much too aggressively. Then they took an interest in my Newf and kept running around her and at her even though we walked away. They wouldn't back off (lucky for them she's very gentle). I had to shout and give one several kicks when it started to snarl and snap. The owners were young and clueless, but were apologetic and took their dogs home immediately afterward. I haven't seen them since. Again, this was a one-time event; bad behavior is not tolerated by the regulars. I for one will speak up if a dog is an obvious problem. If your dog isn't socialized don't bring them here. Otherwise, you should come and enjoy this hidden gem of a dog park.

  • Mel
    More than a year ago
    Best doggy place on earth

    Out dog LOVES this park. We come from the city and he is well and tired after. From running the trails to playing with his friends to chasing balls in the water. This place could not be better. As every dog park we have ever been to once in a while we see an irresponsible owner, however I have seen it less here than the parks in center city and havertown that we also frequent. Wish they had something like this with water closer to the city! But for now well keep making the drive!!

  • AT
    More than a year ago
    Great Times

    Look,...if your dog likes to run,.....likes other people or dogs,....likes a trail...........likes water............likes a HUGE run area........and you like dog people.........just come on down......we are there most days

  • Matthew
    More than a year ago
    Both great and terrible

    I have taken my English bulldog here quite often. Sometimes its like a piece of heaven. Every dog is playful and just wrestles or chases each other, my dog splashed around the creek while I meet nice responsible owners. Other times, however, there are irresponsible owners or owners who should not have the dogs they do (sorry, but if you're a 110 lb female you should not be bringing rotties and pits to a park). I can't tell you how many times I've seen a dog attack another one here. It's sad. It's really quite an amazing place and if it were governed in anyway it would be the best park around. Unfortunately more often than not lately dogs get attacked and their irresponsible owners who are too busy chain smoking ruin a good time.

  • WE loved it!
    More than a year ago
    Will go there regularly.

    We have been to this park for 1st time on 8/28/14. Noticed that dogs are well behaved and their owners were right there to help out, if needed. Friendly and free atmosphere. The lawn is pretty clean, too. However, it is possible sometimes to miss things when dogs is out of site in this huge running area. We'll plan to go there regularly and bring more doggy friends.

  • BP4
    More than a year ago
    Dogs BEST PARK

    Just go,....take your dog and go.

  • Liz
    More than a year ago

    We took our dog to this park for several months and our dog loved playing in the creek and with the other dogs. Unfortunately, there are many people that bring their dogs to this park who should not. My dog got attacked by an overly aggressive large dog whose owners stood by and watched. If my husband hadn't been there to pick up my dog, he would have been seriously injured or even killed. Afterwards, we learned that the dog that attacked had done it before to other dogs and the owners even carried around a muzzle "just in case." Owners should know their pets and if their pets are not friendly towards other animals, they should stay away from dog parks. Unfortunately, we will not be bringing our dog back to this park because of irresponsible owners like those.

  • Vicky
    More than a year ago
    nice park

    owners who watch the dog whisperer and then think they are Ceaser Millan and have no problem with their dogs "nipping" other dogs because thats how the "pack" works. they are too busy socializing to pay attention to what their dogs are doing.Owners of overly dominant dogs always make excuses for their behavior. other than that, its a nice park.

  • Amanda
    More than a year ago

    My dogs love going to this park to see their friends, play, and swim! Be warned you will probably never leave clean between all the wet and muddy dogs. For the most part pet owners are responsible and I don't see much dog waste, but you should be aware it's a dog park.. It happens!

  • Ben
    More than a year ago
    Awesome Park!

    This place is amazing and worth the nearly hour drive from center city. It is huge with a clear stream running through it. Our dog had a blast for hours chasing other dogs through the field, mud and stream. Will be back soon.

  • Kate
    More than a year ago
    Best park I've been to in PA

    This is huge! My dog loves the water and playing with other dogs so this a great place for her! They have a spigot at the entrance too so you can even rinse off when you're done getting good and muddy! If you haven't been you have to check it out.

  • Liz
    More than a year ago
    lady's favorite

    This is the best in dog parks .I feel bad about the negative review because I feel it was their dogs that were not balanced and the "pack " felt that energy . Some dogs do not belong at a park off leash but with the right owners and if you know what to expect it is great .

  • John
    More than a year ago
    Great Park

    Our family discovered this park several months ago and we could not be happier. It is a huge open space and perfect for high energy dogs that need to let off steam. I rarely write reviews for anything, but I had to respond to Sandy's review re "Poor Owners". I have observed that most experienced owners let their dogs be dogs, which means they will bark, playfully nip (each other, not people), knock each other over and show each other who is "top dog" without being aggressive. After 20 or so visits, I have seen one dog exhibit aggressive behavior that was not immediately addressed by an owner, and we simply avoided that dog. I think it is a shame that someone would give a disparaging review of a fantastic park based on their own personal discomfort with how dogs are programed to behave and socialize.

  • Jordan
    More than a year ago
    wet and wild!

    This is a great park for dogs and owners a like. I always bring my little lady to the park for a good SAFE run and fun. We always enjoy our time at Lloyd. The creek that runs through the acres upon acres of the park is amazing. My pup loves it and always gets nice and worn out from playing with all her puppy pals. Its a must visit for non aggressive dog fun!

  • Sandy
    More than a year ago
    Poor Owners

    Lovely park with a stream. Plenty of space to run. Would be a fantastic park if the owners were more responsible. Been there three different times, always a lot of dog waste to watch out for and every time there are dogs not under control of their owners. My guys have been chased or attacked every time. From now on we will stick to trails with 6' leash requirements.

  • Cris
    More than a year ago
    Doggy heaven

    I have been taking my Labradors to this park for four years at least two times a week. This park is in a fantastic location plenty of room for dogs of all sizes to run. If I feel like letting my dogs be social, I can take them into a group, but if I want them to get some exercise with a ball, there is also plenty of room that we can go off on our own.
    Also nice that there are some small trails around that you can walk your dog if you choose.
    If you don't want your dog to or yourself to get wet and muddy, probably not thel place to go! I promise you that it will not be nearly as fun though!

  • Rose
    More than a year ago
    Dog Disneyland

    This is the dog park to end all dog parks. The creek is wonderful and wrapping around with dogs zooming in and out of one portion to jump into yet another portion, with their doggy friends by their side. It's amazing, and filled with lovable pooches and nice owners! There is even a bench by the creek in the shade, so you can sit back and watch the pupextravaganza! All I have to say is wow, my dog (A pooch of 7 months) was so thrilled at the sweet playmates and creek, and ran in the field. One of the owners said we didn't come near seeing the entire park, that it goes way back. This is a must do. So well maintained as well. Better than taking them to the beach... wuffity wow wow wow and ten woofs for this place!

  • Deb
    More than a year ago
    Awesome Dog Park!

    My dog just loves this place and I do too! Very large field for the dogs to run in. Stream by the side of the property for the dogs to swim in. Be aware that this is not a totally fenced in property, so you must have verbal control over your dog. The creek has some steep banks with mud, so be warned that your dog will get wet and muddy. There is one area that the creek is lined with gravel/sand, so if my dog gets muddy, I'm sure to take him to that spot before going home. Baggies provided to clean up doggie waste. There is a port o potty for the humans near the entrance. We spend a lot of time each visit. Lots of fun. Highly recommended.

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