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It was fun!

Knoebels Amusement Resort

We just went on a Saturday in September. The waits were long. We only actually went on one ride, the train “Olé Smokey” mainly because we had spent the day hiking and were tired. It’s perfect because you don’t pay to enter only to ride. First time we took the dog there. It’s only for well behaved dogs as there are way too many people to take a crazy dog there. Only gave them four bones because no one knew which rides accepted animals and it was kind of annoying. There are definitely more rides they could ride but don’t allow. I suggest they have a dog only day!

Sep. 08, 2019

Love This Place

Struble Trail

Great trail but gets super busy on weekends so a dog who doesn’t heel well will have to be careful around runners and bikers. There is a couple areas where you can let your dog run and jump in the water. This is off of the Norwood parking area. Overall great paved trail.

Apr. 06, 2019

Please Read

Lloyd Park

So all the reviews are accurate. This park has a gate to get in, then natural borders only. No fence. The idea is the dogs will play with other dogs where their owners stand and won’t run off, but if your dog is not interested in other dogs or people don’t bring them here. It’s just a quick hop and jump into the creek and across the other side to not seeing them again. Also the owners seem to be very nonchalant about their dogs behavior here, maybe because it’s so big, I’m not sure. A larger dog was on top of my dog (4 mos old) who is deaf and the other dog was growling and pinning him down. The owner did absolutely nothing to call his dog off of my dog. Then he kept coming after my dog and again did nothing. I finally had to pick my pup up and move to the other side of the park hoping he didn’t follow us. Then there was a rude woman there who kept telling a puppy to “go home” because it kept running into the back of her legs while she had her hands full and was on the telephone and trying to go after her dog that took off . It made no sense. It’s definitely a great park if you are there on a day with responsible owners. There is a large swimming area for the dogs and of course it gets very muddy where they enter the water, but there is also a very large grassy area (acres). There is a rinse off water spigot when you exit the park but beware the water is freezing. There is also a playground, gazebo and other family oriented amenities here as well.

Apr. 06, 2019

No longer five bones:(

Roonie's Canine Corner at Robert Lambert Park

The picture shows lush green grass at this park, however over the years it has turned to a dusty, dirty, dog park. I have a white dog. We went there once and will not be going back and unfortunately it’s right down the street from me. When he’s playing with other dogs and they get rolling on the ground he gets covered in dirt and their slobber turns it to mud . There is no more grass here. If you don’t mind that then it’s fine. Fenced in, always water. Lots of dogs. Also the park is closed M-Th 10:30-11:30. Ifbyou don’t mind driving, the best dog park is in Philly at the end of Fitler Square where the schuyllkill river is. Artificial turf and pavers make for a lovely experience and there are two sides. One for small dogs one for larger dogs.

Apr. 05, 2019

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Waiting Patiently
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