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This dog park is central to residents in the Honolulu and Leeward areas. It's minutes from the windward side of Oahu. It offers lots of running space for dogs and picnic tables for their owners. There is access to fresh water on site and several trash receptacles. The park is clean, cool and very well manicured. It is a great place for dogs to socialize as well as their owners. This park is 2 thumbs up!


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Moanalua Dog Park has received a rating of 4.1 out of 5 bones by 21 canine critics on BringFido.

  • More than a year ago
    Bring Fly Swatter

    First time visiting and on a Monday the park was empty. Score! Shaded parking, big trees so I was excited. Upon entering the park, we got mobbed by biting flies. We moved to the back of the park and closer to the empty fountain but the flies were relentless and overwhelming. My dog ran back to the gate pawing to be let out as his back side was getting eaten alive. Spent less than 5 minutes here. So disappointed.

  • More than a year ago
    Volunteers are happy to have police support

    I am a volunteer at the park. We have been instructed by HPD to call them whenever we have a person that does not follow the rules. We don't make the rules but as a community our goal is to spread awareness and ask people to please respect the rules. Our local Community police program has been very helpful ! We have had officers go to some repeat rule violator's homes to speak with them.

  • More than a year ago
    Follow the rules !

    It is pretty easy to read and follow the rules here. As long as you do that everything should be fine ! There is a big blue sign at the gate and flyers that explain the rules on the bulletin board ( provided by the volunteer group ).

    I am happy to read that some people that don't follow the rules won't be coming back. The park is maintained by the city and the volunteer group and is much cleaner and safer than it used to be !

    It is a real shame that some people just don't get it.

  • More than a year ago
    Inconsiderate Woman Kristin B not following the rules.

    I was at the park the other day when the volunteer spoke with Kristin B. I also witnessed her not being able to find her dog's poop. She did not bring in any poop bags and went straight for the green dispenser that usually has bags that are paid for by the volunteer group.

    After the helpful volunteer found her dog's poop and pointed it out to her she claimed that it was not her dog's poop.

    You are required by law to bring in your own equipment for feces removal and disposal ( rule #10 posted at the gate ).

    If Kristin took the time to read the rules she would have known to bring in her own bags. There are many signs reminding BYOB ( bring your own bags ).

    It is a simple thing to do !

  • More than a year ago
    Kristin B review is not accurate

    Kristin B's review is not accurate. I was at the park and witnessed the interaction between her and the Volunteer. Kristin B. failed to mention that she was searching for her dog's feces and having trouble finding it. The watchful volunteer saw where her dog left feces and observed her taking a bag from the green dispenser ( #3 below ) and approached her when she appeared to be done searching for her dog's feces. She was not carrying any litter bags ( breaking rule # 10 ) and said that she had some in her car.

    The reason she could not find her dog's feces was that she was not watching her dog closely. The volunteer that was observing her and her dogs found her dog's feces for her. She claimed that it was not her dog's feces. The volunteer tried to explain the bag rule and the meaning of kokua ( helping out ) but she decided not to listen and leave.

    We are happy for her to find another place to go with her dogs ! One less rule breaker leaving their dog's feces in the park.

    If you carry litter bags and you are watching your dog (s) you will be able to see the feces , pick it up and dispose of it right away. If you are not carrying litter bags and your dog(s) leave feces , people may step in it. Other dogs may roll in it or step in it.

    If you come to this off leash park you must follow the rules posted at the gate. Unlike other parks ~ there is a volunteer presence here all the time. The Volunteers work very hard and are doing a great job keeping the park clean and safe. They take pride in the park and don't appreciate people breaking the rules.

    1 ~ BRING IN YOUR OWN BAGS. ( Rule # 10 - Handlers must carry equipment for the removal and disposal of dog feces )

    2 ~ If you forget your litter bags you can check to see if there any in the PVC tubes ( near the trash cans ) that some park users donate and the volunteer group buys. No guarantee that there will be bags.

    3 ~ There is a green dispenser ( that sometimes has more expensive bags that the volunteers also buy ). No guarantee that there will be bags. If your dog leaves feces and you go straight for this dispenser the volunteers that are observing you will know that you are not carrying bags ( rule #10 ). They will approach you and ( depending on your attitude ) offer you a flyer that explains the bag system.

  • More than a year ago
    Overzealous Male Volunteer

    Be very aware of the rules here if you visit with your dogs. You have to have a bag for poop on you at all times, even if your dogs have already gone. Over looked the fact that I only had one bag for dog poo with me, and when I took one from the park's supply got lectured by a volunteer. Had intentions of replacing it with some I had in my car, but not after the volunteer threatened to call the police and then told me not to come back after I said I would leave. I even picked up someone else's dog poop at his insistence. It's just an okay park and is close to my house. I had been several times before, but won't be back now. If you survive on donations, that is not the way to treat people who would donate to your cause.

  • More than a year ago
    Rule violators

    UPDATE !

    Yesterday ~ October 18, 2017 A rule violator had their picture taken breaking the rules and was turned into HPD. HPD officer went to violators home and spoke to them.

    The violator was given 3 choices:

    1~ Follow the rules

    2~ Break the rules again and be given a citation ( or 2 ) and be given a court date to go in front of a judge.

    3 ~ Break the rules again and be banned from the park.


  • More than a year ago
    Love Moanalua Dog Park

    As a volunteer meeting and speaking to many people bringing their dogs in we hear and see everything.

    The rules are very simple and straight foward and 95 % of the people are cool .

    There are always a few that don't read or follow the rules and they will always have problems if they come to the park.

    We have had some people argue about the rules and have been instructed by the city to just call HPD.

    We are always at the park and will take pictures and videos of any rule breakers and have HPD give them citations.

  • More than a year ago
    Nice dog park

    I am a regular at the park and am also a volunteer. It seems like the only complaints come from a select few who are busted breaking the rules or don't think that the rules apply to them for whatever reason. As long as people read and obey the simple rules before coming into the park it's all good !

  • More than a year ago

    I was at the park last week when Tammie ( it could be another lady ) was approached by one of the volunteers. One of the volunteers observed her on her phone not watchng her dog. Her dog pooped and she got off her phone a started to leave without picking up the poop. The voluteer pointed out her dogs poop and she didn't have her own poop bags ( which is a rule ) Then the volunteer gave her a bag and she picked up her dogs poop. She seemed upset and left in a hurry. The volunteer offered her a flyer that explains the rules . Some of the rules are bring your own bags and watch your dog(s) at all times.

  • More than a year ago
    Helpful and friendly volunteer coordinator and group

    The Volunteer coordinator and his group are always very friendly and helpful. They provide flyers ( out of their own $ ) for everyone to share. They assist the City and County of Honolulu in maintaining the park and do their best to keep it a safe and clean place. Their mission is to create awareness of the importance of respecting the park and the rules that are posted.

    If you take the time to look into the history you will find that the park is a sacred place. The volunteer coordinator and his group want to keep it that way !! The volunteers spend countless hours to keep the park safe and clean out of the love for the dogs. They are always very respectful and are full of Aloha !!

    They encourage everyone to Kokua ( help out ) .

    Malama Aina !

  • More than a year ago
    SAD day at the dog park...

    Volunteers can be a little too aggressive. Sad when you don't feel welcomed. I am a rule follower and am very respectful so, I was very surprised when I am was asked if I needed a copy of the rules just mere minutes after walking into the park.

    Where was the ALOHA SPIRIT...?....I usually love it there...

  • More than a year ago
    Great dog park

    This park is well maintained and the volunteers do a great job. We visit the park regularly and appreciate the people that come and respect the rules posted !!

  • More than a year ago
    Grateful for A Volunteer's Dedication

    Been a regular for 3 years and seen the transformation through the efforts of one man and now his many supporters. It was muddy, dirty, broken trash cans, tons of flies, people bringing in food (this is NOT a people park), rule breakers----but worse, irresponsible owners who don't pick up poop and those with aggressive dogs. My dog was hurt once, almost hurt twice by dogs that shouldn't have been there (owners said "he's only playing"....that "play" turns into an aggressive fight if you're aware of the signs). What a change once the park was adopted by one man, who inspired many other regulars! We stand solidly behind him to keep our beloved dog park safe for our dogs, and pleasant for us. In this society of indifference, we need people to care enough to act. That is what we teach our children.

  • More than a year ago
    Great dog park

    We enjoy the park with our dogs 3 - 4 times a week and have been going there for many years. Since the park was recently adopted it has become a much better place in many ways. The volunteer manager and the group of volunteers have really made a difference. New trash cans , mulch that covers the dirt ( that used to be mud ) a litter bag system and new flyers that explain the rules and have many helpful suggestions. I have noticed that many of the people that used to break the rules don't come to the park anymore. We are greatful for the new leadership and appreciate the volunteer coordinator and the group of volunteers !!

  • More than a year ago

    I am a volunteer at Moanalua Dog park. I would like to clarify and correct some false statements made on a few recent reviews here.

    Our volunteer coordinator has signed a legal contract to adopt the park with the city of Honolulu and does NOT make his own rules. The volunteers remind people to please respect and obey the rules that are posted. The city is in the process of making new signs and are aware of the reminders that are posted around the park.

    The 2 times that the police called to the park in the last year have been for people breaking the park rules posted. I was there both times and the police spoke to the people that were violating the posted park rules in front of me and the volunteer coordinator. The police clarified the rules posted that were broken to the people violating them. Both incidents were first time park users.

    There are flyers that explain the park rules available on the bulletin board for all park users.

    If anyone wants to become a volunteer thay can email

  • More than a year ago

    We love Moanalua dog park. When we used to go many years ago it was very muddy and there were a ton of flies and broken trash cans. In the past year there have been many improvements.

    The man that is there almost every day adopted the park through the City and County of Honolulu's Adopt a Park program. He and the volunteers he coordinates are responsible for the current nice condition of the dog park. He is very friendly and helps the city and the police enforce the rules that are posted.

    My wife , dogs and kids feel safe when we go there because of his presence. All of the signs posted in the park are valid and should be respected. There are other dogs parks on Oahu that are less safe and dirty.

  • More than a year ago

    The man that Paige and Holly are talking about is a very nice man that is the volunteer coordinator with the city. He is responsible for many improvements that have happened at the park during the last year and a half. The park is a safer and cleaner place due the the efforts of him and the volunteers.

  • More than a year ago
    Rude Man

    Same rude man mentioned in other post was there again, claiming he worked for the Parks Department. I am very tolerant of other people, but we didn't even stay for 2 minutes. Park looked nice though. I will be calling the Parks Department.

  • More than a year ago
    Ok park

    The park is nice because it is shaded and the water fountain actually works. However they recently put new wood chips down to cover the dirt and they are really sharp! When walking I had one go through the bottom of my tennis shoes. My dog has also come home with a few cuts from them on his paws. They have gotten better as they are more worn down but was still a bad decision to put them. There is also a very bossy man there who claims to be "the mayor" of the park and if you don't agree with rules he has made up and posted his own homemade signs for he will call the police on you. I have seen the police tell him that the people aren't doing anything wrong. He spends a lot of time at the park but we try to go when he isn't there so we don't have to deal with his drama even though it has never been with us or our dog. He just makes an uncomfortable situation for everyone when he starts going on.

  • More than a year ago
    great dog park

    Nice size with a big hill in the back to run around. I also like the water fountain with the bowl for the dogs.

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