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Pawtucket Dog Park at Slater Memorial Park

Bring Fido to play and explore off leash at the Pawtucket Dog Park at Slater Memorial Park in Pawtucket, RI. This recreation space is located behind the Looff Carousel across from the duck pond. The dog park features enclosed areas for small and large pups, plus has running water. The grassy field was formerly home to the Slater Park Lawn Bowling Club. Visit Website

Or call (401) 952-7768 or email pawtdogpark@gmail.com for more information.


BringFido Guest Rating

Pawtucket Dog Park at Slater Memorial Park has received a rating of 3.2 out of 5 bones by 14 canine critics on BringFido.

  • Molly
    Mar 8, 2020

    Lots and lots of land, dog park is clean and the locals friendly. They have a side for big dogs, and another side for small dogs. We will go back!

  • Jacqueline
    Jan 6, 2019
    Love This Park

    I moved away to mass and have to say this is still one of my favorite parks. I brought my puppy to other parks and she has been picked on. At Pawtucket owners watch and will stop their dogs it’s so nice when you happy a puppy knowing owners care.

  • Jenny
    More than a year ago

    The park itself is decent. There's fresh water and bowls. The "regulars" are an abomination to nature. Their dogs are aggressive, ill tempered and have no discipline. Their owners do absolutely nothing when their dogs are attacking...yes, attacking another dog. They just sit there and say their dog must "be in a bad mood today"

    Danny is the worst, he attacks everything and it's always random. The old lady that brings him has no manners, always blames it on your dog and doesn't leave after you've had to rip her greyhound off your dog.

    AVOID THE NIGHT REGULARS if you go to this park. They go against all that is natural in humanity.

  • Debi
    More than a year ago
    Great Park!

    We have been going on and off with my little dog for a few years but we just recently adopted a 5 month old lab mix puppy and so we have started going every day. The park is dusty but everytime I go there is plenty of shade (at least 3 benches in each side are shady) The water is on so no issue with that! My dog loves it there. She is just about 30 lbs and goes on both the big dog and small dog sides. We have met ALOT of wonderful people. Just like every place though there is good with bad. I have been there when a dog fight broke out and the owner didn't take the aggressive dog out. The dog is known to be aggressive and still the owner brings her. Sometimes there are ignorant people who don't want to follow the rules (I have seen 2 year olds in there and many children younger than 9). The NO PIT is because Pawtucket has a law that you can not have a pit in the city so why would they allow them in the dog park! All and all we have had a GREAT experience and will continue to go!

  • Betty
    More than a year ago
    not happy

    Didn't have a chance to go in, my dog is mix breed with pitbull. I drove all the way over and found out because she is pit mix we couldn't go in. She is only 11 months and loves everyone she meets, and wants to be friends with all the dogs she meets. She is hyper (she still a puppy)but not aggressive. Bad rule to say no pitbulls, should say no aggressive dogs.

  • SubyGirl
    More than a year ago
    Pawtucket Dog Park

    I've been visiting this park for the first time and the heat nock me out! This dog park need to plant some trees, grass, water pump and funn toys ! Dogs are kids tooo !
    My Rating for this location visiting April 12.2014 is Bone1 ;-(

  • Abby
    More than a year ago
    The best around

    I've visited several other dog parks close to me and this one is by far my favorite.
    Pros: There are water pumps (unfortunately not always working), people are always bringing water and have no issues filling up the communal bowls. There are benches to sit at, there is a tunnel and used to be a ramp for obstacle fun. Most of the people who go there are really quite nice. There are no toys and treats allowed which I consider a benefit seeing as there are so many dogs with aggression issues over such things. People have donated solar lights to try and provide more lighting after dark. There are always spare bags if you need a poo bag. I have literally seen people get peed on by dogs and not get mad because, hey you're at a dog park. If you go regularly people really remember each others dogs and can greet them by name. Also, no children under the age of 9 are allowed which I appreciate for everyone's safety. There is a nice tall fence that separates the small and large dog sections and that surround the whole park area.
    Cons: It's mostly dusty dirt so your dog will most likely be messy afterwards. The water pumps don't consistently work, it's a good size but the park in Warwick is so much bigger so when there are a lot of people at the busy times it feels a little crowded. Be advised that the evening crew regulars can be a little like high school cliques. I've had a few comments or unwarranted reactions from people because my boxer/bulldog mix dog looks like he could have some pit in him, but the majority of people are very accepting of all breeds of dogs. The biggest issue I have with this dog park is in the winter, drainage isn't great there so it can turn into a giant icy rink or small lake depending on how close the temps are to freezing and the amount of precipitation we've had.

  • Whitney
    More than a year ago
    Thank you!

    I want to thank the frequent patrons who welcomed Copper and I with open arms today. It was our very first time at a dog park, and everyone was awesome. They were very understanding and instead of being snippy, they gave me the low down on dog park etiquette in a very polite way. It was a little dusty, but there was shade and running water, and Copper had a blast. The people are the reason I'll be going back. You guys are great.

  • Joe
    More than a year ago
    nice place

    I took my 13wk old dog there today was a nice place it had place for smaller dogs it had water for the dog's and benches to sit was alittle dusty but over all was nice, shes loved was running around playing wth the other dogs it tired her right out so it did its job lol ....

  • Greg
    More than a year ago
    All the Amenities

    Yes the park is dusty but with brand new fences, places to sit, shade in the afternoon, two separate sections for big and small dogs, and running water spigots Pawtucket is a very good park.

  • Tom Silva
    More than a year ago
    Another dust bowl w/ no water

    Nice little place. Met some really nice people there who really know/care about dogs. I especially liked the fact that because my dog is still a puppy, she runs up on little kids and basically tackles them, the parents did not freak out and said, "that's okay, she's just a puppy" BRAVO! See, someone who realizes that if they bring their kid to a dog park, they're gonna get bumped around. THANK YOU!
    Pros: I like the fact that they separate the little dogs from the big dogs. Some of those little dog owners need to lighten up. I also liked the fact that there are no toys allowed. I've seen this too many times when dogs get toy aggressive and a little scuffle breaks out. Best to leave them out. It's a decent size pen w/ a few benches to sit.
    Cons: It's like a dust bowl in there! I don't know how they could combat this, but it's bad. I'd watch your dog for overheating because there's really no shade and there is no water. There are faucets, but they're not turned on.
    Personal note. If you know your dog is aggressive, don't take it to a dog park. But if you do, keep a close eye on it and correct it for being too aggressive. That's the only way they're gonna learn. The "no pit bull" thing is because Pawtucket no longer allows pits in the city limits.

  • Ryan
    More than a year ago
    We had fun...

    I brought my 2 dogs there the other day and they had a blast playing with all the other dogs dispute the lack of grass. The only negatives...it's racists. No pit bulls! :-( judge the dog and owner! And the site says there is running water but it was turned off!

    Other than that good times :-)

  • Michelle
    More than a year ago
    Dog park? Yeah right

    so i went here with my dogs and was told to leave by the dog pound officer because someone said that my dogs were threatening. I was so upset and angry that someone would ever say that since my dogs have never bit anyone, they are very friendly lovable dogs. Worst dog park in my opinion and i couldnt understand why no toys are aloud, it is a dog park correct? I would rather go to the one in Warwick where my dogs can actually be dogs and be around nice people. People their were ignorant and rude.

  • Mollie
    More than a year ago
    Clean and Pretty

    I had a great time at this new park this morning. It's clean, plenty of grass, running water available, and biodegradable poop bags too! Separate large and small dog ares are great! Everyone was very very nice!

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Pawtucket Dog Park at Slater Memorial Park