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Bayview Dog Park and Beach

Bayview Dog Park and Beach is a pet-friendly park in Pensacola, FL. Fido can play in the sand and in the water off of the leash in this fenced area. The park also features picnic areas with grills, a boat launch, restrooms, a playground, walking paths, trails and more. Visit Website

Or call (850) 436-5552 for more information.


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Bayview Dog Park and Beach has received a rating of 3.7 out of 5 bones by 35 canine critics on BringFido and 4.0 out of 5 by 48 guests on TripAdvisor.

  • Stephanie
    May 24, 2024
    Off Lease Dog Beach

    My pups had a blast swimming and playing with new friends. I like that there is a shaded spot for pet parents and it has a washing station! Can’t wait to go back!

  • Shayna
    Oct 28, 2023

    Koe loved this park. He made lots of friends. He enjoyed running in the water and chasing tennis balls here. My favorite part of this park is the RINSE STATION! Absolutely awesome.

  • Deborah
    Mar 21, 2023
    Excellent dog Parks - Kids loved it !!!

    Three separate areas - beach, large and small. Went to the beach first and kids had a blast in and out of the water, over the dog ramp, lots of vegetation. The fence goes into the water a good 20" so going into the water isn't a problem.
    The separate large and small dog park has plenty of shade and sand. Lots of friendly dogs and plenty of room to run. The tiered landscape provided obstacles for the kids and a nice place to sit.

  • Barbara
    Oct 26, 2022
    Great Dog Park

    This should be on the list of dog beaches. My dog and I have spent nearly a year driving around the country and we stop at dog parks and dog beaches everywhere we go. (Thanks Bei g Fido!) This was our favorite - sand, swimming, even a platform with a hose to rinse your dog. There were a lit of other dogs there playing and swimming. We loved it!

  • Drew
    May 1, 2022
    Great location

    clean, nice dogs, fences go all the way into the water

  • Taylor
    Mar 14, 2022
    Best Dog Park Ever

    My dog had the absolute best time! I have never been to a dog park like it. The sand is soft and the fences even go into the water to keep the dogs enclosed. I would highly recommend!

  • Emma
    Feb 22, 2022
    Nice dog park but dirty

    very nice park if they would take care a little bit more of that. they need to clean after their digs and in general keep it more clean

  • Lacy
    Jan 6, 2022
    Dog approved!

    We went in September and it was very much open, despite what the description says. My dog had a great 10th birthday here and I may very well bring him all the way back to Pensacola from Tennessee just for this particular dog park. I never knew he loved the water this much but he made me throw tennis balls in it ALL day and cried an absolutely hissy fit when we left. Due to his tantrum, I had no choice but to bring him back again the next day.

  • Karen
    Oct 5, 2021
    Great place

    We took our 4 pups here for a run around off leash. They had a great time, splashing, running and chasing each other. we will definitely be returning

  • Maddy
    Aug 28, 2021
    Fun, fenced-in spot on the water

    My dogs had a great time at this little spot! It’s somewhat small but has a decent enough space for the pups to run around and swim in the water. We went around mid-day on a Saturday and there were about 10-12 dogs total so it wasn’t too crowded, which was great. As of the time of this review, the place was fully fenced-in.

  • Mary
    Jul 28, 2021
    Off leash water fun

    Great place to let your dog run and play in the water. We were frustrated having to keep our very active, very friendly dog on leash at the Pensacola Beach dog beaches. He had a great time here with friendly dogs and being able to playing in the water. There is a double gate, fresh water, benches. We went in the evening around 7:30 but I’m pretty sure I remember some shady areas. Small, but worth the 11 mile drive from the beaches for us!

  • Austin
    Jul 22, 2021
    Awesome spot

    if your dog loves water, you won’t be disappointed here! nice spot to enjoy some fetch and swimming without worrying about beach currents

  • Courtney
    Apr 29, 2021
    Fun spot

    A fun spot to take your dog was nervous about all the reviews written before. The place is a little run down but we had the water right there to play in. The rules say leash so I brought a long leash so she could swim and move around but it seems to be up to you and the other people there. I was the only one that had my dog on a leash so I eventually took her off. Overall great place to take your dog!

  • Leyna
    Dec 27, 2020
    Terrible Park, Terrible Owners, Terrible Dogs

    The beach is still available to dogs I guess. . . . apparently there was some hurricane damage so the fence is down and overall it’s very unkept.
    There is a fenced in dog area and the upper section of the parking lot. however my dog was greeted at the gate with excessive growling and bad dog manners. the worst part was none of the owners were getting involved to leash their dogs or help with the situation. as we were waiting in the entrance portion of the gate for the dogs to settle down another owner decided to come in to my section of the gate therefore rendering one of the gates open and potentially allowing my dog to escape and still none of the owners were appropriately getting involved with their angry sneering dogs. I have been to dog parks all over the country this is by far one of the worst I do not recommend it for anyone.

  • Kath
    Oct 25, 2020

    This beach is closed and seems to have been for awhile. Complete waste of a trip. Also looks dirty and unkempt.

  • Megan
    Aug 22, 2020
    Best dog Park In Pensacola

    We take our puppy here all the time and he loves it! it’s a perfect place to teach your dog how to swim and fetch.

  • Kelle
    Jul 26, 2019
    Great Park!

    I think this place is the perfect size - the two times we went this week there were only a handful of people and dogs, and everyone was very friendly

  • Debra
    Jun 21, 2019
    Nice Shady Spot

    The dog park was clean, had water, and a decent space for my dogs to roam.

  • Hannah
    Feb 10, 2019
    Love the park itself, dog park..eh

    I love the park itself, but the dog park isn't the greatest. The people aren't super friendly and they don't really watch their dog. We typically go to the dog park on airport, and the people are a lot more friendly and watch their dogs.

  • Leslie
    Oct 11, 2018
    Very disappointing

    I have to agree with everyone here. This was EXTREMELY disappointing. This is a very small area and only consisted of a few feet of waterfront. I would recommend heading to the Flora-bama Ole River grill or the Yacht Club. Their downstairs and beachfront is dog friendly

  • Kelly
    Apr 28, 2018
    Great time

    My 6 month old pup had a great time splashing and running around! This was our first trip to a dog park, so I have no comparison but there was more space than I was expecting. There were lots of dogs, big and small and their owners were very friendly and my pup quickly made friends and ran off having what looked like a blast! We were in the area vacationing, if I was local we'd go all the time!

  • Sheila
    Apr 2, 2018

    A very nasty, unkempt disgusting place. It is a shame that owners are not cleaning up after their pets. Don't even think about relaxing with your pet. A tiny space with large dogs knocking you over and dog mess everywhere. Never again will I ever take animal to this space.

  • Angela
    More than a year ago
    dogs love it and the fleas love your dog

    I've taken my pups here a few times now but I stopped because a few neighbors said the water there had lots of bacteria and you should be very careful. Nonetheless I took them anyways because my dogs hate water. This last time I took them though, even with a Seresto fleas and tick prevention collar, my pups came back with the worst case of fleas EVER!! That was ridiculous! Be careful. Even though they have a wash area for your dog, just be careful!

  • Eric
    More than a year ago
    Good Place for the Dogs and People for a meet and greet

    I have brought a number of dogs to this park over the past year ranging from 10 weeks to 2 years of age and it's always been a good experience. Like most parks, you hear about some dogs that are a bit aggressive, but that is a reflection of the owners rather than the animals. Pit Bulls tend to get the blame, because humans are more apprehensive about the breed. I find the nastiest dogs are the smaller terriers, but again, its ALL on the owners. Bring your your best friends to a place they can pal around with other dogs and have a good time.

  • M
    More than a year ago
    bad dogs and owners

    took my older boxer and small boston terrier and before I could get to the bench to set first the boston then my boxer were attacked by the same pit bull. the owner did not even apologize for the bad and aggressive dog. I left and wont be back. love my dogs too much to take them to get beaten up.

  • Scott
    More than a year ago
    Dog beach is back open!

    I just got home from taking my dog here. The dog beach is back open! Apparently there was heavy rain and flooding that closed the beach temporarily, but now its back open. There's also another fenced in dog park on the same property that is not on the beach. There were probably ~20 dogs while we were there around 5-6PM. All the other dog owners were very friendly and responsible as well!

  • Ashley
    More than a year ago

    The dog beach is closed. Dogs are still welcome on a leash and they have a nice dog park. Just disappointed we couldn't visit the dog beach.

  • Amanda
    More than a year ago
    Nice little area

    When we found this beach, we thought it'd be like the dog beach in Fort De Soto. It is a lot smaller but nice to take your dog for a swim. It is very packed though do to it's small size. There is a nice walking trail to take your dogs on to let them dry off.

  • Rae
    More than a year ago
    Keep an eye on water reports

    I used to visit this park back when I was really little with our dogs... which was before there was even a dog park. This was back in 1995-1998 with our Collie part Chow. Lots of area to roam but we had to keep our dogs on a leash. We would play in the water and drink from the many fountains in the park until one day we walked over to the park restrooms and a printed out notice was posted over the water fountain. Apparently for the past two years the water was tested and harmful bacteria was present in the water supply and they advised that small children and animals don't go in the water or they might drink it accidentally. If you check the map this isn't the freshest of waters... it's near the mouth of Bayou Texar where a lot of wash off water is from local housing in either direction. So if you plan to go into the water keep on eye for posted notices or you might find out later then you wanted there was something in the water. Just a safety precaution, otherwise it should be safe enough.

  • Tom
    More than a year ago
    My dogs loved it!

    We drove down from KC to go to this beach and had a great time. Nice platforms to rinse the dogs off after playing in the sand. Then we would go to the dog park across the parking lot to play for a bit while they finished drying off. Top notch.

  • Lelanya
    More than a year ago
    Not safe for small dogs

    I no longer take my dogs to this park, my dog was viciously attacked by a pit bull. Noone even attempted to helpme as I was on the ground between my dachshund and this pit. Not until I screamed for someone to please help me. There are always several large dogs and you cannever predict what can happen. I would LOVE it if they would partition it where it would separate the big dogs from the small ones. The park is nice but not safe, there will always be idiots that dont watch their dogs and thats two bad.

  • Ken
    More than a year ago
    As good as it can get here

    Since dogs aren't allowed on regular beaches, it's nice to find someplace I can take my dog and he can swim and associate with other dogs off-leash. It's not the largest park but it is definitely the best one here in NW Florida.

  • Vicky
    More than a year ago
    Awesome Dog Beach

    Annie and Jasmine love going there and playing with all the other dogs!! The biggest problem that I see is the people who bring little kids and babies there. Rules state no kids under 15-16 cause kids and the parents don't watch what dog they run up to and they could get hurt and who would be at fault? Owner of the dog not the kids or parents. That's what a dog park/beach is for not people. But it's an awesome place and every dog seems to like being there and good dog parents watch their dogs and we all watch all the dogs should there be a problem and problem dog/dogs are put on leash or leave the park/beach.

  • Jane
    More than a year ago
    Enter at your own risk

    Great place to let your dog(s) enjoy the beach and play in the water. However, dog park rules are NOT enforced by the Pensacola Police Dept. (I called them about disruptive children in the park). Enter at your own risk. Aggressive dogs and dog owners are a threat.

  • Layla And PJ
    More than a year ago
    We Love To Go Swimming

    Our Humans Take us to Bayview to go swimming, my boy even goes into the water with me! The people are always nice and even through us a ball! all in all is a great place for us to have fun and we even get a nice bath from the wash station everytime we leave to go home!

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