Dog Friendly Activities in Africa & the Middle East

Don’t leave Fido in the hotel room when you’re on vacation. Get out and play! No matter where you’re headed in Africa & the Middle East, we can point you towards the nearest off-leash dog park, the most popular dog beach, a really great hiking trail, and lots of other places to play with Fido.

Pet Friendly De Waal Park
De Waal Park De Waal Park is a community park situated in the heart of the City Bowl, Cape Town, South Africa. Originally noted for the wide variety of trees in the park, it is now known for the social interaction of dogs, owners and children. A cool retreat in summer, the dogs delight in the pond around the Victorian fountain whilst the children play on swings and round-abouts. Adults meet, exercise and socialize in this very special green space. Visit our website to meet us vitually... Dogs must be under control of the owner - that is how we have retained our priviledge of running free. see you soon. See Details
Pet Friendly Evergreen Park
Evergreen Park The Evergreen Park has a small lake for fishing and is on the way to Kiambu. It has open grounds and is very pet friendly! See Details
Shongweni Farmer's market Farmer's market, crafts, food etc. Dogs on leashed are welcome. See Details
Green Point Urban Park Dogs are welcome and must all times be leashed. Owners are required to pick up and dispose of dog excrement. Dogs are however prohibited from the Biodiversity Garden See Details
Gishora Drum Sanctuary In 'The Heart of Africa' history and culture are literally integrated, closely guarded and easily passed to each generation. One of the most celebrated cultures is the playing of historical drums. Traditionally, as sacred objects, the drums were much more than simple musical instruments; they were used at special events. Major events for the ancient kings were announced through the drums, such a royal birth, wedding, coronation and funeral. As part of keeping their culture alive, locals play the drums at major modern day events particularly during national and international events. Burundian drummers are worldly known for their spectacular performances and unique chance to participate in the dances is offered at the Gishora Drum Sanctuary. Also lying in the Burundian legendary hills is the amazing secrets of the ancient kingdoms; Kiganda, a small town in Muramvya Commune which is home to historical and colonial grounds. Inaugurations of all the ancient kings were done on these grounds. Touring these sites is an incredible chance for one to enjoy the Burundian history and cultural heritage from its roots. See Details
Henties Bay Leashed dogs are permitted on Henties Bay beaches within designated areas on the beach away from residential areas. Please follow posted signs. Open daily. Please see website for additional details. See Details
Walkhaven Dog Park Walkhaven Dog Park is a private recreation space for pups in Johannesburg. This idyllic outdoor hangout is the go-to place for dogs and their owners to meet and play. Take a walk on the trails through green fields adjacent to the park’s sparkling lake. Day passes are R40 (less than $3) and annual passes are also available. Hungry hounds can pay a visit to the Dog Box Grill and Pizza Mutt for a slice of pie. Walkhaven Dog Park is open every day of the week from 7:00am to 6:30pm. See Details